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  1. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    This may have been already posted in this 301 page thread, so if it has, I apologize in advance. Here's Walt Frazier as a Cleveland Cavalier at the end of his career.
  2. MLB uni changes for '07

    Same here!! Those Yankees road sleeve bands REALLY need to go, and I agree that they also need to follow the Dodgers lead and just go with navy letters, no white. To me, the white outline and armbands on the Yankees roads are the equivalent of what Steinbrenner did to Yankee Stadium in 1976 - taking something classic and bastardizing it in the name of making it modern. Hasn't that been the design for the Yankee road unies for 30-some years? Not exactly a modern interpretation. I've always liked the road unies, outlines and all. To me if you just had New York on the front without outlines and arm bands, it would be too plain. Same with the old Red Sox road unies with plain block BOSTON on the fronts. And I get the same feeling with the new Dodgers' road unies. Plain and drab, nothing special, and probably an overall downgrade from last year's uni.
  3. Cardinals in red on the road

    I don't know why, but the red hats/grey jerseys look much better than the blue road cap, and there's no need to mention the alternative cap. That alternative cap is one of the ugliest in baseball. Agreed on the red hats, but I do like the blue hats because of history. They've worn blue caps for longer in their history than the red. It might be close now, but up until the 60s they were in primarily blue. disagreed on the alts. Its a sharp hat. I can get on your side about them not having alt hats at all, but its still a great looking cap in this man's humble opinion. I knew about the history factor, but I just don't like the look w/the blue caps. With the trim being red, red just looks better, and the blue cap looks out of place. As for the alt. hat, given the history of the St. L interlocking logo on the cap, again, I just think it looks better.
  4. Cardinals in red on the road

    I don't know why, but the red hats/grey jerseys look much better than the blue road cap, and there's no need to mention the alternative cap. That alternative cap is one of the ugliest in baseball.
  5. What's your favorite scoreboard?

    I agree 100% about the original Big A scoreboard. That thing facinated me when I was a kid and I watched Angels' games on TV. As for current scoreboards, I really like Jacobs Field. Huge video board that is HD and the script "Indians" lights up after homeruns and victories. Looks real good with the smaller video board in the left-field fence below and against the skyscrapers and the Gund Arena in the background.
  6. Best Arenas/Stadiums in America

    Favorite Stadiums/Arenas MLB - 1) Camden Yards - Just beautiful 2) Jacobs Field - The downtown view is outstanding, and it's done much to rebuild Cleveland's image over the years. 3) Fenway Park - Another classic, but they really have to do work on the main seating bowl and concourses as they are archaic. Football - 1) Lambeau Field - The history reeks from this facility, and the new renovations are outstanding. 2) Neyland Stadium - Once the renovations are completed this may be the best of them all. 3) Old Cleveland Stadium - That place rocked when it was around. As a Browns' fan, I loved that place. The new joint may be modern, clean and updated, but it just isn't the same. Worst facilities: Anything New York... do they have any facilities that aren't decrepit at this time? Think about it. MSG is older than the hills and the Islanders' rink should be condemned. The Meadowlands Arena has aged as well, and Shea has seen it's better days. Yes, Yankee Stadium has all the history, but as a facility it's time to replace it.
  7. natural grass football fields

    Hey Cable Guy, are you talking about Akron University's Rubber Bowl (a.k.a. The Prophyllactic Bowl)? I know having grown up in Akron, when they initially put turf in the Rubber Bowl in the 70's that they had to purchase a ton of shoes so visiting teams could wear them. Went to Akron Garfield, and when I was in school, they played at least 5-6 games a year in that stadium, and guys would be all scraped up from the rug burns. As an aside, I always thought there should be a great big condom painted at the 50 yard line on that field...
  8. Could we see the Titans in all light blue this week?

    Please, no more light blue for any team! That includes the the alternate unis of another NFL team which shall go nameless because I must protect myself from any type of retribution for criticizing them!
  9. New Memphis tigers logo!?

    A high school logo for a high school learning institution -- a perfect fit!
  10. Chargers NOT changing to powder blues....

    You are not the only one who feels this way. They are not just overrated; they are the most overrated uniform in sports in my opinion. As I said on another board, my girl watched the Browns/Chargers game with me last weekend, and she immediately remarked about how ugly those uniforms were. If a 9 year-old can figure it out, then why can't intelligent adults?
  11. Alabama to wear Houndstooth-trimmed jerseys

    Yeah Bammers, show that pride in beating TN by a field goal during our worse year in the last 20 years. And show that pride in beating those powerhouse Duke and Ole' Piss teams this year. Come Saturday, you will be taught once again what true football is. Remember, you don't have Logan Young to pay off players anymore! The clock's a'ticking, and Bammer will go down once again!
  12. New Cavs court

    As a Cavs fan, I love the new court.
  13. Worst Dressed College Football Game

    They are not the Flashes... they are the Flushes. They stink like toilets!!! Go Zips!!!
  14. Alabama to wear Houndstooth-trimmed jerseys

    They can wear the houndstooth hats instead of helmets as far as I'm concerned. It's not gonna matter in 2 weeks; they're still gonna get their A**** kicked by UT anyways! Sorry Bama, Bear is still in the grave and he isn't gonna rise again! Roll Tide, Roll! Around the Bowl, and Down the Hole! Flush, Flush, Flush!
  15. Bama Hockey

    Here's Tennessee's jersey. It's the 40th anniversary of their club team this year.