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  1. Washington Nationals - Est. 1905?

    Would the Twins care to sue for custody of the 1924 and 1933 flags flying over Nationals Park?
  2. Denver Bears

    In 1970 and 1971, the Denver Bears were the AAA affiliate of the Washington Senators. The Bears changed their nickname to the Zephyrs in 1984. In 1993 the Zephyrs moved to New Orleans to accommodate the Rockies. In 2005-2006, the New Orleans Zephyrs became the AAA affiliate of the Washington Nationals. So the last AAA affiliate of the Washington Senators became the first AAA affiliate of the Washington Nationals.
  3. Univ of Oregon Baseball Uni

    Maryland seems to be among a number of schools that have both an NCBA club team and an NCAA Division I baseball program.
  4. For the record, Calvin Griffith was the nephew of Clark Griffith, not his son. For irony, Calvin Griffith, the man who moved baseball out of Washington in 1961 was born in Montreal. The Hardball Times had an interesting alternate history where only the Browns move and MLB has 40 teams by 2010.
  5. The FC in America

    Since the word "soccer" was formed from the syllable "soc" in "association", maybe it should be pronounced "sosh-er". While England considers itself the birthplace of football, in three of its former colony countries, it has been supplanted by a local form of football so that the term soccer has been used. I speak of American football, Australian Rules football and Canadian football. Gaelic football is popular in Ireland, but their national soccer association is still called a Football Association.
  6. Anybody know the story? Logo can be found here.
  7. I'm in agreement with you. It's almost as if by retiring #42, MLB effectively silenced future generations of ballplayers to tell Jackie Robinson's story in their own personal way. Instead MLB should have insisted that the Rookie of the Year be called the Jackie Robinson Award, the way the pitcher of the year honors is called the Cy Young Award. I know the Rookie of the Year is officially called the Jackie Robinson Award, but nobody calls it that.
  8. DC United Logo Concept II

    I think your concept is too complicated. If your objective is to make the eagle less cartoony, do that and make the eagle the focal point. If you want to make a quartered shield, each of the elements should be simple. Here's a relatively simple quartered shield from England for Southend United:
  9. A Topic Not Usually Discussed

    Oh, really?
  10. I can't find any pictures on the web, but in its first years, the number font for the Dolphins was a very fat block style. There were very small holes in the 8's, 4's, 9's and 6's. Don't remember what the zeros looked like.
  11. Costacos Brothers Posters

    My favorite from that era was entitled "Field Generals". It looked to be shot from inside a tent on the battlefield. Several quarterbacks were dressed in military uniforms from various time periods.
  12. A 'Colorful' Dilema

    I think the real red-winged blackbird is the most beautiful bird around. Have you considered adapting your design into a concept for the Detroit Red Wings or the Rochester Red Wings?
  13. Worst Bowl Name Ever

    It's either because the prize was a trophy that resembled a bowl or the stadiums that they were held in looked like giant bowls.
  14. ESPN: Nolan, Del Rio get OK to wear suits

    When Nolan asked to wear a suit, the NFL should immediately have turned to Reebok and said,"Design us a suit." They should have even had Nolan consult with Reebok on the design. The NFL missed out on a prime opportunity to sell more stuff. There are some pretty hardcore fans out there who would buy an official team suit if it was available. There are probably wives who would thank the NFL because that's the only way to get their husband to wear a suit. The NFL could design an entire formal line right down to the tuxedo. What hardcore Steelers fan wouldn't want to get married in a black tux with yellow tie and cumberbund?
  15. Arsenal - Sheffield United

    I've always wanted to know why when a soccer player in Europe has to change his shirt, there aren't extra jerseys available with his name number. Are they that expensive? If he is a popular player, they could get a shirt right off the souvenir stand. I haven't heard of this happening in recent years in North America - where a player has to change their shirt and wear a different number.