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  1. 2018 MLS Kits Info into the white/red logo on the LAFC home jersey.
  2. MLS x Umbro (Inter Miami added 24/24)

    A lot of these are interesting. But one thing is standing out on many that I am not liking. White monochrome secondary uniforms. I can understand all-white for a primary jersey ala Real Madrid or the LA Galaxy. But as a secondary uniform, it just screams laziness and off-putting to me. And this happens way too much in current day MLS. It is just something that I probably won't ever accept. As for the Orlando designs, I think the whole thing would look 100% better if you swapped the socks from the primary and secondary uniforms.
  3. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Columbus is a bit jarring, especially when you consider their historical look. But I am fine with it and happy for these two reasons: It isn't monochrome and especially isn't monochrome white. Its a secondary jersey, experiment a bit.
  4. 2016 MLS Jerseys

    Taken from the thread on BigSoccer
  5. The Wisconsin AD was just on the local radio and stressed that they would like a travel partner for Penn State and access to the east coast markets.
  6. Rock County Rockers Concept

    The plan was to try to move the team to Janesville if a land swap could be arranged. The stadium was to be built along with the new Fair Grounds and possible a racing dirt track at the SW corner of WI-11 (old WI-351) and I-39/90. But the proposal has long died.