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  1. phillyfan36

    Untouchable NFL Uniforms

    The Patriots are good, not great. I don't think that their away jersey is as good - its not a great mesh.
  2. phillyfan36

    Phillyfan36's MLB Challenge Voting

    what mings said - i want to see a lot more - its not painful! seriously this is a fun thing - keep up the spirits of the workers!
  3. phillyfan36

    A Couple of NFL Field comments

    I believe this has been discussed already, but I'll talk. The Vikings new thing IS cool and IS NOT a midfield logo as you said. Pittsburgh, I guess they were doing it like their helmet, which has the logo on only one side as well. Thats probably their story.
  4. phillyfan36

    Official Competition Announcement

    im MS Paint by the way - i realized you need that info
  5. phillyfan36

    Official Competition Announcement

    can i get in? i know skater is 3 away from 1000 - is it too late?
  6. phillyfan36

    Untouchable NFL Uniforms

    About the Packers - I know that its about meat packers from Acme who sponsered the team when it first began - that was supposed to be a joke. I guess I need to change my sense of humor in the next article ...
  7. phillyfan36

    NFL Re-Design Project Plans

    cant wait to see it - you really thought it through. i think if everyone redesigned everything - there could be a perfect set made with a little bit of all. good luck - and by the way, how far into it are you?
  8. phillyfan36

    Untouchable NFL Uniforms

    OK, OK, ill move the big version to next week.
  9. phillyfan36

    Couple NFL Uniform Comments

    I had a question - why for the past two years have the eagles worn white at home?
  10. phillyfan36

    Ask The Second Opinion

    i never put a limit on what the questions had to be - so you really don't know all the answers - yes, it is an article on a sports logo site, so the primary thing is my opinions on logos, but there can always be more so dont feel limited
  11. phillyfan36

    Couple NFL Uniform Comments

    i found ONE good thing about the new bengals logo: its easier to draw freehand
  12. phillyfan36

    Ask The Second Opinion

    this is probably my last bump for about a week or so - so please nothing about "obviously no one cares!"
  13. phillyfan36

    Untouchable NFL Uniforms

    these first three or so articles are kind of just short things im getting off my chest - come article 4: im expanding the thing big time the first three are "start-ups" so dont worry
  14. phillyfan36

    Templates Requests

    Im looking for MS Paint friendly templates from football, baseball, and basketball (already got hockey! ) Anyone have some help?
  15. phillyfan36

    Couple NFL Uniform Comments

    I personally love the silver and drop shadow on the Eagles. It made the whole uniform look sharper, as well as when they changed the font under the collar. Just my opinion.