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  1. Illustrator Help

    That worked! Thank you very much!
  2. Illustrator Help

    I'm working on an anniversary graphic for my student newspaper, and I've been stumped by what I'm sure is a simple question: how do you make vertically arched text in Illustrator? Yeah, I'm daft.
  3. Is it a crime to finish a degree?

    One of the few things that really frustrates me with the public's perception of higher education is its credulous stress on job placement. I collect university prospectuses partly for an interest in public relations and graphic design, but in critiquing them, it's impossible not to notice the lack of respect for a well-rounded liberal arts education. At regional institutions like Binghampton, Grand Valley, and Montana State, they feel like the only way to recruit top-line students is by luring them through job placement. Even at slightly pretentious Mt. Holyoke, I had to thumb through four presentations of the same graduate-career statistics before finding anything about their scholastic programs. On a campus visit to the University of Minnesota this summer, I had only a small opportunity to conflict my girlfriend's father's opinion that classes like "The Psychology of the Color Red" are useless in the business world. That opportunity arose from the school's motto, engraved on Northrup Auditorium. "Founded in the Faith that Men are Enobled by Understanding. Dedicated to the Advancement of Learning and the Search for Truth. Devoted to the Instruction of Youth and the Welfare of the State." I, too, believe that enlightenment preludes success. Maybe success doesn't come in the business world, and I'd be happier if it didn't, but any understanding of language, arts, societial implications and thier causal factors furthers that possiblity.
  4. How 'bout 'em Royals?

    Kansas City 2, Oakland 1 The guys on Baseball Tonight say that the Royals are feeling like they've won game seven of the World Series. I don't know about the team, but as for myself, I haven't the slightest clue what I'm feeling right now. I should be happy, but I kind of wanted MacDougal to blow it so we could break the record. I want to smile and emotionally enjoy this like I did the Yankee series or the 1985 reunion weekend, but something is holding me back.
  5. Kansas City Royals changes for 2006

    Yay! My boycott of black merchandise has finally paid off! If this is true, I hope they go to that old "Kansas City" script TwoRs used. Heck, I would just be happy if someone made a replica of the old 1969 road uniform. The current roadies are the worst of the set. They're so dank. Nothing pops on them. It seems to me that the Royals fans on the board are hoping for a return of powder blue, while everyone else pines for gold. I'm leaning with my brethren here, because powder blue would be unique and traditional at the same time.
  6. Tony Pena Resigns

    I'm almost certain that White will get the job. I mean, we're the Royals. We don't hire guys with Major League winning experience, do we? No, we get the unfireable fan-favorite who might not know how to handle a clubhouse. And whoever the new manager is, we're still doomed. Pena, though a terrible tactical manager, did what he could with what he had - never mind that he gave us our best year since 1995. Glass isn't going to spend any money on the team, and the new guy will be out in three years after looking like an idiot. Someone over on mentioned that it's going to be pathetic when the Cardinals come over here, fill up 65% of the stadium with red and cheer "Let's Go Albert!" while we get stomped. That almost depresses me. Oh, how far the Royals have fallen in my lifetime.
  7. IF the Jets get their new stadium

    No, it's just the only way your Tigers or my Jayhawks can get some postseason play.
  8. If you Could go to any sporting game...

    Of course, my dream matchup would be the Royals and those vile Cardinals at Kauffman Stadium sometime in October, but that isn't happening anytime soon. I'm going to ignore my favorite teams in this. WHO - I'd love to see the Colts and Patriots play at Foxborough in the freezing cold and snow. There just isn't a more intriguing matchup in football right now - and both teams are fun to watch. As far as baseball is concerned, I'm sick of the Red Sox and Yankees. Give me the always exciting, fundamentally-sound Minnesota Twins and have them play the curious Baltimore Orioles. In hockey, I'd really like to relive the Flames-Red Wings series from 2004. That series turned me back on to the sport. WHERE - Oh boy! I don't know where to begin. I mean, everyone wants to see Wrigley and Lambeau and The Big House, but I think I'll go a bit deeper. I really want to see the College World Series in Omaha and the first day of a major college basketball conference tournament. Pac Bell Park, Cameron Indoor and Pebble Beach get honorable mention.
  9. They're gonna put me on the radio

    Wow! Is Calgary really this conservative? I've been listening to twenty minutes of neo-con and anti-homosexual drivel. Anyway, I hope there's mention of the rumored league-round NHL uniform cut changes and how the league is alienating its remaining fans. I look forward to listening.
  10. Who busted your bracket?

    So far, I've lost just Utah and UAB - one game ahead of last year's pace. But damn, that LSU loss hurt me. I really liked what they did in the final month of the season, and had them reaching the elite eight as a Cinderella.
  11. missouri state u. concept contest?

    I'm not going to say Missouri State is better than Missouri, but don't trust the Princeton Review for much. I believe in last year's ratings St. Olaf got higher marks than the University of Minnesota. Pittsburg continues to get ranked in there even though we don't send them information. Trust the U.S. News and World Report. Oh, and Mockba, you may be right about Truman's logo. There just is something about it for me. I'm strange like that.
  12. missouri state u. concept contest?

    Hmm, lets see if I can actually post a picture. Yeah, it's kind of placid, but there's not much with a bulldog that hasn't been done, and I think it looks cool when superimposed on the state outline. It came with the name change in 1996(?).
  13. missouri state u. concept contest?

    As I pull this topic increasingly off subject, yeah, for a Division II conference, the MIAA has some rather nice logos. Truman, Western, Pitt State, Southern . . . Washburn would have a really nice, classy package if they gave up on the Wisconsin "W" and focused on the stylized Ichabod logo. I can't seem to find a picture of that crazy thing on their site, though.
  14. missouri state u. concept contest?

    Pittsburg State, representing! Actually, I'm scared to death of playing Washburn in the conference tournament. You guys are going to kill us. Anyway, oh yeah, sports logos. . . I'm glad Missouri State is keeping their bear. It's one of my favorite logos, combined with their wordmark.
  15. College Baseball Unis

    Word on the D2 streets is that Central Missouri State University is hoping to become the University of Central Missouri. Meh.