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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Fixed it! Quick, raw, and very rough mock up.
  2. Do you hate/like teams because of their uniforms

    No, I don't. I'm a fan of the pro teams I grew up with (SuperSonics, Seahawks, Mariners). With other teams, I have to have a personal connection to someone playing or coaching to like, support, and be a fan of. For example, I went to Washington State and I was a big WSU football fan because I knew the coaching staffs of Mike Price, Bill Doba, and Paul Wulff. I am not a fan of them now 1) for my personal dislike of the Leach and 2) I don't know anyone on the roster or staff. A lot of former WSU classmates get angry that I don't support WSU football. I guess I'm more loyal to people than places or things (such as uniforms and logos). Am I critical of uniforms and logos? Absolutely! Even if I know people on those teams.
  3. NCAA Basketball Changes 2016/17

    Hey, Michigan wore their practice gear in a game too!
  4. NCAA Basketball Changes 2016/17

    No big deal. If the jumpman logo wasn't on there, they look like an Adidas school in March anyway.
  5. Which logo do you think Gonzaga used in 1983?

    This is the one I remember!
  6. NCAA Basketball Changes 2016/17

    Adidas. Putting NCAA Division-I men's basketball teams in practice gear for the post season,
  7. There is zero financial assistance for D3 athletes based on athletic ability, athletic talent, athletic involvement, or athletic leadership. Every single one of my athletes at the D3 level has received financial assistance. Nitpicky? You bet. You might liken it to what this board, and the members of it, (and coaching for that matter) are all about: details.
  8. If you live outside the New England and Great Lakes states, this is NOT common knowledge. I've coached at the D3 level for 13 years and I can assure you that MOST people outside of those areas assume there is absolutely zero financial assistance for D3 athletes. I spent 8 years coaching at DI and at that time, I too, used the misnomer "athletic scholarship" instead of the correct "athletic grant-in-aid". I know what I'm talking about.
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2016 Season

    So close! I really like the jersey. Nice way of tying in the candy stripe without going overboard. For my taste, I would've liked to see them do a red/white/red stripe down the sides of the pants and use the Indiana script on the helmet.
  10. I miss those Sonics warm-ups. Hell, I just miss my Supersonics. Would love to see Nike bring back team specific warm-ups instead of league-wide templated crap.
  11. FINALLY! Someone who "gets it" when it comes to D3! I hate when I hear "D3 doesn't offer scholarships." We do! We don't, however, offer athletic grant-in-aid.
  12. 2015-16 College hoops

    Sweet practice gear, Adidas! When are the game uniforms going to be released?
  13. Useless sports logos trivia

    Those football uniforms look a lot like the Doug Flutie era Boston College uniforms. Also, saw a pair of Avia kicks. Those were the heaviest basketball shoes I've ever worn!
  14. 2015-16 College hoops

    You mean Converse. Same era of the mid/late 90's. Converse had the tire tread basketball uniforms. Oklahoma and New Mexico are the teams I remember right off the top of my head that had those tire tread unis. I think they're part of adidas' fauxback lineup.Definitely fauxbacks to the Converse unis of the mid/late 90's
  15. 2015 NBA All-Star Jerseys Unveiled

    The thing that drives me nuts about this set, and with ALL Adidas sets, is the trim around the bottom of the shorts doesn't go all the way around the leg opening (See also Kansas). At least Adidas has corrected the armpit gap in the trim around the bottom of the arm openings of the jersey (UCLA needs to get Adidas on board with this too). Would have liked to see "WEST" and "EAST" across the chest like the 1965 all-star unis.