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  1. Uniform swap: Larmey Tunsil

    Hey everyone. I have been a member here for a LONG time but I only just got my password reset after years of trying. So this will be my first post in I don't know how long. Right. So first things first, this is FAR from perfect. I am still trying to perfect this uniform swap and I will get better as I go. If you would like to see the work in progress you can visit my Deviant Art page. I have a couple of other uniform swaps there as well. I am Dolphins fan so that is all I have done so far. As for the number the official roster has him set as 67 so that is what I went with. I know it probably won't be the final number but the official roster has him as 67 so that is what I used. If he changes it, well, you all can wait for a real picture. LOL! Anyway here is the before and after. Hope you all enjoy.
  2. Miami Dolphins helmet concept

    Of the redesigned helmets I like the white one. But over all, don't like it. The fin looks like a shark fin.
  3. Super Bowl XLV Logo

    Can you imagine how it will look when they get to an outdoor stadium with no dome?
  4. Jaguars getting new uniforms

    Looks like the Raiders are no longer the only team with a boring uniform in the league now. These look like a watered down version of the Broncos uniforms. And the only way that helmet will look cool is out in the sun. Who ever they hired to redesign these uniforms should give the money back and call it charity work.
  5. Lions uniform changes

    Not to bad. I do like the new logo. The leaked image didn't look nearly as sharp as the offical one. And the uniforms are that big of a deal.