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  1. Uniform swap: Larmey Tunsil

    Hey everyone. I have been a member here for a LONG time but I only just got my password reset after years of trying. So this will be my first post in I don't know how long. Right. So first things first, this is FAR from perfect. I am still trying to perfect this uniform swap and I will get better as I go. If you would like to see the work in progress you can visit my Deviant Art page. I have a couple of other uniform swaps there as well. I am Dolphins fan so that is all I have done so far. As for the number the official roster has him set as 67 so that is what I went with. I know it probably won't be the final number but the official roster has him as 67 so that is what I used. If he changes it, well, you all can wait for a real picture. LOL! Anyway here is the before and after. Hope you all enjoy.
  2. Miami Cyclones

    I am not a basketball fan, but I tell you what these are awesome. I personally think if the Miami Heat were to ever change their name this would be the way they should go.
  3. Hockey > Football Crossover III

    I like these a lot. The only thing I would suggest, is lower the bottom stripes on the number jerseys. Also, lets see some helmets. I think the old Penguins logo would look good on a helmet, the robo penguin I think is what it is called. Also, I think the reason the NFL doesnt have a full sized logo on the front og the jerseys is because there are two logos, Steelers the exception, on both sides of the helmet
  4. Melbourne Waves - Fantasy NFL Team

    LOL. That's funny. The last part.
  5. If the Jazz and Rockets were in the NFL

    I really like the Rockets concept. Not so hot on the Jazz though. But awesome job on both.
  6. Melbourne Waves - Fantasy NFL Team

    I like these. One suggestion, make the tip of the wave curl jsut a bit more, and and some white to it. It looks like a sharks fin. Other than that awesome jobe. I like the wave on the pant leg
  7. Houston Gamblers Concept

    Sorry... I usually dont read the text on posts that have pictures in them. Sorry about.
  8. Houston Gamblers Concept

    I like the logo. But after reading the above quote it gave me an idea. What about a hand of cards spread out like a fan with the words Houston Gambers written across it? Or even for an alternate logo. Just a thought.
  9. Atlanta Falcons Logo Concept

    I would agree either bring the top of the red outline down a bit or make the balck part inside match the curve of the red instead of the 90 degree angle. And maybe make the wings look more like featehrs, I think they look to much like bat wings
  10. Colorado Avalanche Concept

    I kinda like it. The thing that really bugs me is the inside of the "A". I would suggest a white outline around it.
  11. Anaheim Ducks concept

    Dude, where is my Nintendo Zapper?!?!
  12. Philadelphia Soul Concept--Formerly CAR Panthers

    Reminds me of the Philedelpa (sp) Soul
  13. A Tribe Called Quest

    You should do one for Asia! LOL!
  14. Tennessee Titans conept

    I like these a lot. I have a suggestion, though it might look ugly. Try one with red shoulders and a light blue body. Other than that, I wouldn't mind seeing them use these
  15. C+C PLease, new sig

    Thanks. And thanks for the suggestions.