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  1. Miami Dolphins helmet concept

    Of the redesigned helmets I like the white one. But over all, don't like it. The fin looks like a shark fin.
  2. Super Bowl XLV Logo

    Can you imagine how it will look when they get to an outdoor stadium with no dome?
  3. Jaguars getting new uniforms

    Looks like the Raiders are no longer the only team with a boring uniform in the league now. These look like a watered down version of the Broncos uniforms. And the only way that helmet will look cool is out in the sun. Who ever they hired to redesign these uniforms should give the money back and call it charity work.
  4. Lions uniform changes

    Not to bad. I do like the new logo. The leaked image didn't look nearly as sharp as the offical one. And the uniforms are that big of a deal.
  5. Dolphins Concept

    I dont see how you figure. If you look at those jerseys they even use the new logo. It seems the people that like the older Dolphins look usualy have some kind of a problem with the logo and the shadow around the numbers. Which if you pay attention to this years uniforms, they just about removed completely. Also, I do like the jersey set. Not so muc the orange pants, but over all I like it.
  6. A tribute to the Patriots

    I know. It was the font I used.
  7. A tribute to the Patriots

    So after discussing the Patriots latest scandal, my buddy asked me to whip this up.
  8. A sig I came up with, maybe the new "calvin pissing" on a team craze

    I am calling him an ass for the way he went about doing it. Was he correct about the misspelling? Damn right. But he could have easly sent me a PM and told me about it, OR said "Hey man just to let you know you misspelled Philadelphia." To me that is like walking up to a conversation your not even a part of and adding your two cents without even being asked for it. Did I correct the problems, yes. I know it could have been handled better because I made a pocket schedule for my Miami Dolphins forum I am part of and all the people that noticed misspellings polietly pointed it out to me without coming across as some jerk on the internet waiting for some one to mess up jsut so he could point it out. As far as being careless, I try not to be. I have never been bombarded with requests like that before, so if that is the way it came across I am sorry. I never intended for it to seem like that. I do have problems spelling so if I dont catch a word or two after spell checking it, it's because I think I have spelt it right. Once again I have no problems with people point out problems, just do it nicely and I wont have a problem with it.
  9. A sig I came up with, maybe the new "calvin pissing" on a team craze

    you mean like this? Yeah trust me, I was already thinking along those lines when I started making the sig. I already have the iron-on printed behind me. Just need a shirt. And no I am NOT taking request for thses one.
  10. A sig I came up with, maybe the new "calvin pissing" on a team craze

    First and fore most, next time just tell me I messed up the spelling and I will correct it. No reason to be an ass about it. Second, Eddie I will fix it a repost it later
  11. A sig I came up with, maybe the new "calvin pissing" on a team craze

    Ahh, ok. No problem then.
  12. A sig I came up with, maybe the new "calvin pissing" on a team craze

    im guessing a new family guy character? been a while since i've watched it. in any case, I wouldn't mind a fisherman one with Coast2CoastAM. Fisherman?
  13. A sig I came up with, maybe the new "calvin pissing" on a team craze

    Just an update. I will most likely get to the rest of the sig next weekend. I have to work the rest of the week, so that is when I will have the most time to do them. On my to do list: Charger77 Kabubbies Mike2sana Gensfan Any other request in between now and then will come oafter those requests.