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  1. Wasnt expecting this but LOVE the white gloves and against the grey it solidifies a unique look for the league. I originally thought that Vegas would look very very similar to the Ducks original 2006 rebrand (the color balance of the logos still are rather similar), but it just isn't the case, they have created their own aesthetic. Definitely impressed. People are bringing up a good point that they will get scuffed.... but white goalie pads get scuffed up too and no one really cares, it's part of the game.
  2. Wow... I was REALLY in to the Avs and Canes home sweaters but both of them kind of dropped the ball with the roads, just downgrades the set as a whole. edit: does anyone have any good pictures of the under-arm design of the Senators? It looks even worse now, from the images I've seen (was that even possible??), due to the way the white patch abruptly ends near the under-arm. The white under-arm panel used to be attached to the black panel coming up from under the sleeves. I don't know if we have enough good pictures to even properly discuss this. The all-black collar and block number design for them are decent improvements I'd say, but i think they somehow downgraded the old abstract edge template
  3. Also if you rewind back to the EDGE takeover of 2007 the league has improved it's overall color balance and vibrancy sooooo much. Flyers were in black. Wild were in red. Stars were in black. Predators were in navy. oilers were in navy. There weren't ANY orange, green, or yellow teams. We now have those plus a charcoal grey team. So much better. Now for the Kings to go back to purple...
  4. Wow BOTH carolina and colorado have one of these rare shifts of going from a potentially bottom-5 uni in the league to potentially top-10 Meanwhile new jersey goes from a decent look to a very unfinished one.
  5. 'member the summer of 2007? those leaks were so great. things are about to get crayzyyyy tonight (i hope)
  6. Totally agree. Simplicity is not a bad thing. But wow, the Blues numbers are now white??? Weird.
  7. I suppose that it's a fine line between being bland and exercising restraint, but i stray more towards the latter... the Preds brand is "yellow" , its pretty recognizable, so maybe they felt they could really simplify their striping elements. It will also look better when accompanied by a yellow pants stripe. Also another little detail-- it appears the sleeve numbers now have the guitar lines in them?
  8. Looks like some of these curved reebok sleeve elements could now just be straight lines? I wonder how they are going to handle teams that heavily rely on curved striping like the Ducks for example. Shouldn't really surprise anyone. The World Cup uniforms were so simple. I don't mind the Preds. They seem to be going for more of an iconic look rather than the overdesigned piping mess. Which everyone complains about, and now they simplify it, and it's bad haha? damned if they do, damned if they don't
  9. See, I think the collars are fine in this context. That is, when the base of the collar is the same as the base of the jersey, and the contrast color is the smaller part at the top. This will also look good on the roads, assuming the collar is exactly the same and will blend with the blue shoulders. If this particular collar was entirely red, I think it would look bad, because it's a bit bulky, so if teams do a totally contrasting design, then we might have some issues. Similar effect to the way-too-big Nike NFL flywire collars. What is most interesting to me is how the designs with lace-up elements will look. Will there be an entirely new shape to those collars, or will they keep this exact template seen above, with the pentagon shaped NHL shield "holder" being positioned slightly behind the laces?
  10. It's too close to the Flames, though! And there are so many teams with a variation on the black /yellow or red / black scheme The Canucks are currently the only team in the league with a blue and green color scheme. Might as well own it. also the stick in rink logo is generic but it has a certain retro charm to it. I think it'd be good as the crest. it reminds me of teams going back to basic retro logos like the Jazz or 76ers. The identities aren't exactly the best you've ever seen, but they are simple and identifiable.
  11. ^yes, an internet petition from 500 sports logo enthusiasts will definitely get a multi billion dollar corporation to change their strict uniform rules within the next 2 weeks. this is going to be a brutal uniform matchup, but i'm just hoping the Falcons change their uniforms next season for the new stadium. if they win, its possible that the team looks at the jerseys as untouchable. Personally I doubt it that will happen, I just don't see how Blank and management don't recognize how dated these uniforms are. They are still associated with the Vick era.... they should have changed them 5 years ago..
  12. Edmonton? Good move. -separates them from the last few years as they start a new era of winning -separates them from the islanders. -they stand to make A LOT of money right now with McDavid. Might as well introduce a new white jersey to sell that matches the orange. They will simply bring back the blue jersey as an alternate when Adidas brings them back in 2018-2019. not a huge deal.
  13. That looks like so much fun. Just playing a little hockey in the snow. Is there anything better? New Leafs unis look VERY Panthers-esque. Can't say I'm a huge fan. Would be better if they kept it more true to a throwback. This just looks like a weird Panthers-Habs-Leafs hybrid. Edit: I like the leafs jersey in the vacuum, I mean it's a nice looking hockey uni, don't get me wrong, but the fact that it comes so soon after the Panthers new look was released, kind of just looks like a repurposing of that template.
  14. Wow, its like someone messed with the colors in photoshop to make it more "washed out" in the first one. I can't say I'm a huge fan of the Islanders unis due to all of the jersey-->pants-->socks striping inconsistencies and a kind of boring outdated logo, But the difference here is just so striking. Royal blue looks great against the white and yellow. The Penguins unis continue to look more beautiful every time that I see them. The way the yellow sleeves look on the white jersey base is so nice, i think it's now one of the best road looks in the league, even with the annoying mismatched sock stripes.
  15. Well, they do have a black alternate jersey. What they should do is take the breezers, helmets, and equipment from that set, and pair it with the blue jerseys and socks from the home set. This would immediately distinguish them from the maple leafs without actually having to rebrand. Surprisingly there is not another team in the league that wears royal blue jerseys with black pants. So they'd have that going for them right off the bat. Then there's the issue of the generic logos, but that's an issue that isn't as easily solved, and it seems like they aren't going to change any time soon considering the team's current success and management's apparent desire to make them look classic like the Red Wings. There seemed to be an initial backlash to Florida's new look around these parts, but I think they are amazing. Totally agree with the above posters commenting on how good the jerseys look with the navy pants and equipment. Excellent color balance.