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  1. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    I actually like that, a lot. The dark blue lines really help the striping.
  2. MLB 2016 Changes

    I'm sorry but this looks awful especially on TV. usually i'm a supporter of experimentation when it comes to baseball jerseys because so many teams tend to look the same in the MLB, but this is making me re-think that position. The shoulders, under-arm side panel area, and bottom of the pants all look like some sort of mistake that happens when you wash white & red clothes at the same time. the piping only going half-way on the pants and arms is so stupid, it just makes it look cheap. The font looks like a poorly rendered Michigan State ripoff. The d-backs have something with the bright teal that they introduced in other uniforms. I like the dark grey jersey with the teal, other than the fact that you can't read the numbers on TV. they should start from scratch with this re-brand and base it around the teal. I suppose that ship has already sailed....
  3. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    True true, it's great to see this full circle effect like you're talking about. The Hawks for example figured out that the pacman logo, no matter how 70s the original looked, was super recognizable. The Warriors dropped the crazy bright orange and lightning bolts in favor of the classic blue, yellow, and San Fran imagery. Even the Wizards realized they were better off with a look more aligned with the Bullets of old. The Hornets, Pelicans, and Bucks have all kind of just gone the opposite direction. Instead of designs that try to look "timeless" they use techniques in the logo rendering that clearly place the logo in the 2010s. I don't think that's a bad thing necessarily..... We'll see how those identities age, but the improvements over 90s designs is just so obvious. Were the Kings the last of the 90s logos? Some of the outrageous 90s uniforms were great, but some of the logos.... yikes... those were poorly rendered at times (Hornets), overly ridiculous (Grizzlies, 76ers, Pistons), or just plain awful in the color/font choice (Kings, Cavs) .Oh, and don't forget the gradients (Suns, Nets, Heat, Jazz, others i'm probably forgetting lol). It's good to see the maturation over time but more so, a few of these teams embracing their history in recent years. Now, if we could get rid of the silly recolors of old logos like the Jazz or the Cavs for example, the good times would continue to roll!
  4. New Sacramento Kings Logo Unveiled

    I think it's great. It's so simple that I could see someone saying it verges on boring, but the historical precedent that this logo takes it's inspiration from just makes me think, yes, this is how the kings SHOULD look. I always liked the whimsical 70s feel of the old Royals logo it is based off of, and how the ball kind of forms the "face" of someone who would be wearing the crown. They got away from it with the logo they had been using since the 90s-- looking at that logo now, especially side by side, it looks SO bad. the "N" in the new typography is really my only gripe. NBA primary logos are certainly getting simpler and simpler, teams like the Kings and Hawks pacman logo show, to me at least, that the "fauxback" trend can be good when the team gets back to their roots. Still i have my reservations when you look at teams like the Raptors, who try to go that conservative rout but ends up looking a bit generic, considering the team's history and how they are a newer expansion team from the 90s. Interested to see how the Pistons new roundel logo turns out.
  5. MLB 2016 Changes

    I really like the teal on the diamondbacks new uniforms, but it is also extremely hard to read the numbers when watching on TV.
  6. NFL in LA Uniform Speculation

    They are just trying to be like UCLA already: two shades of gold, two shades of blue. Hopefully they can clean this up and standardize to Royal/Yellow like everyone wants in two years-- that's just a hell of a long time to wait
  7. Falcons 2017 design

    Hey! just a random idea i had... people have probably had plenty of interpretations of the Falcons especially recently with the new 2017stadium / possible new designs / etc, but i wanted to throw my hat in the ring Updated the logo slightly to streamline the outlining a bit, simple white keyline around the grey areanow instead of vice versa Trying to update the wordmark a bit, kind of just a throwaway idea here, i could take it or leave it myself New custom font, trying to add a bit of "speed" to the uniform with some pointed edges anditalicized feel. still trying to keep it simple, though. i feel like nike would do something in this general area. the white numbers on black with red trim is simply inspired by throwbacks Home uniforms, more throwback references with the red helmets. i know the fans here like the black jersey / red helmet throwback for a fact, and the league could stand to get rid of a black helmet, so many teams have it. white pants as the primary option, but grey pants like the early 2000s return, albeit a darker grey. white pants also the primary option for road, but black pants come in to play as well Red jerseys with black pants as an alternate, red all red color rush and "alternate" helmet decals. the helmet uses a short pointy stripe but keeps it pretty simple overall. Using an old Bucco template here i think lol. slightly modified but good work Buc it's stood the test of time. Let me know what you guys think
  8. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Yeah, make the arm stripes on both sides instead of just one, add some gold striping (i wouldnt mind it if it had a bit of a metallic sheen, like the goalie mask above)the same width as the black socks stripe on either side of the arm/chest stripe, switch all black with navy. White numbers with navy trim on the red jersey, navy numbers with gold trim on the white jersey. It would have lace up collar, obviously.That is not a bad look at all. What i'm wondering is how they are going to put a modern spin on this. the Icethetics article mentions some tweets, andalthough it'shard to decipher some of the tweets / if the guy knows what he is talking about,it strongly hints that there will be some modern elements worked in
  9. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    The new panthers design sounds very promising-- I'm hoping that the color balance of the red sweater doesnt look too much like Montreal considering there is a rumored stripe across the center of the chest like the Habs have, but it sounds like it's going to be pretty different with the gold incorporated. Also the the uni watch blurb it says they might bring back the 90s uniforms as an alternate, that would be awesome, maybe they will bring back the dark blue version of those jerseys with the triangular shoulder striping. That would be better than bringing back the red version of that jersey, although i love that one, their primary jersey will also be red. That bothers me for teams like the Flames or Leafs where the alternate jersey looks similar color-wise to the primary jersey, it's just a better version of it.
  10. 2016 World Cup of Hockey

    This. I don't always agree (long live AZ hockey )with your posts ( or post in general), but,you are totally right. nothing is ever going to happen again like the EDGE disaster. let's all not freak out here. not to mention, someof our CCSLC own work for adidas/rbk NHL as far as i know, and they aren't going to let bad things happen
  11. 2016 World Cup of Hockey

    you can throw out all the adjectives in the thesaurus if you want, but come on....i'm seeing some complete overreactions to designs that are overall, pretty clean, crisp, representative of their respective teams,and.... good. not INCREDIBLE, but good.sure they didnt take too many risks but sometimes it takes balls to go in an ultra-simplistic direction. i know everyone and their mother on this boardthinks that they can come up with better designs on the little concepts forum around here, but i guarantee that if you were behind the scenes and on the teams that designed these, you'd be far more hesitant to be so critical. Lol, just tell people who worked through the design process herethat the jerseys are "trash heaps" to their face. And then try to have a rational conversation and see if they take you seriously.I'd love to be on a fly on the wall for that interaction. Adidas is not going to change very much when they "take over" the NHL jerseys in 2017. they already own reebok, hopefully you realize that. all under the same umbrella. plus youre already seeing what adidas is going to "do" to the NHL in the stadium series unis. look at colorado.... bold, clean, thick lines... blocks of constrasting color used effectively, sure the numbers are way too big on the stadium series unis but that's pretty much having the NHL saying "yeah, make them 150% bigger and we will be good to go". design is pretty tasteful there.adidas is not going to touch any of the classic uniforms like the original six and such, maybe, across the league, they will put a tiny touch of the triple stripe on the sleeve cuff, pants, or bottom of the socks (that's more for their own brand recognition and unfortunately they tend to do that in soccer and basketball too but i'd argue it's not nearly as :censored:ty looking as the strange patches of upper-arm color on Nike's olympic offerings).I'd predict that the most drastic things that they are going to do are take EDGE cluster:censored:s like the Avalanche and just make them more "stadium-series-y". Maybe they will do the same to calgary, pittsburgh, ottawa, teams that got templated and desperately need some T.L.C.... Not many people would argue that the senators EDGE template would look way better if they got "re-templated" to the jerseys that just got released for world cup. instead of their weird diagonal lines it would just be clean vertical stripes on the arms. It's just funny to see the reactions now, you probably weren't around for the 2007 EDGE travesty when all those jerseys were released, but that involved truly disparaging teams with niceuniforms. Blues, Flames, Penguins, Maple Leafs, Senators, Panthers, Stars, Oilers, etc, and to some extent Leafs, all ruined. Piping. Piping sucks. I don't see any piping in what's going down in modern NHL (adidas) design, in fact it seems like the 180 degree opposite. piping is the smallest strips of color you could possibly imagine, the new trend seems to be going big and bold with striping. not a bad thing. oh and guess what reebok (again, it's really Adidas, the company you seem to think is going to butcher the NHL) has been able to do for the past few years? they fixed all the problems with the edge :censored:. Blues-- amazing now. Predators-- still have piping, but better. Panthers-- got rid of piping, so, better. Coyotes-- their redesign i would say is more representative of what we will see in the future-- simple and slightly boring but not overly offensive. Oilers-- thank god they fixed that one. Leafs-- hem stripes got added back. Stars-- fixed! Flyers-- fixed! Penguins-- going in a throwback direction now, thank god. sure, the adidas stripes suck. but once you get past those, the designs are really not bad. sorry for rambling but , TL;DR,nothing is ever going to be as egregious as the EDGE takeover of 2007 and NHL designs have gotten way, way, waybetter over the past decade. simplicity is not a bad thing, people
  12. 2016 World Cup of Hockey

    Wow it's like a holiday! So many new hockey jerseys to see in one day. Always fun. Gotta disagree with the people who are disliking the Europe jerseys, although i totally understand the hate for them due to their boldnature and the split-down-the-middle thing, but it's a riskydesign choice that i think ends up looking kind of cool and certainly unique for hockey,and it reminds me of some soccer jerseys that i've liked in recent years. color scheme is about as good as it can get for such a team representing a bunch of nationalities. connects with EU, too. Some of the textures are understated yet nice .the stitching on the sweden crown logos is a fun detail, and i find myself liking the pattern on the young-guns jersey. the color choice there overall for themmakes them look rebellious and youthful, and the roman numerals are kind of bad-ass. TOTALLY agree with whoever said the USA missed an opportunity with making the adidas stripes look like the red-white stripes on the flag. Man that would have actually been a beautiful touch on the uniform. As they stand now, i kind of like the simplicity and the logo is nice, but those adidas stripes are jarring and out of place. I don't really mind them in a couple of the designs, because on TV, it will just look like a part of a subtle vertical striping element,like the alternating red/white adidas stripes depending on home/road forCanada, there I think it looks fine. USA kind of blew it there tho and they suck overall when they don't mesh with the rest of the uniform. Blechhhhh we are going to have to get used to adidas stripes. Collars suck. Makes me wish for certain RBK edge collar templates and i don't find myself thinking edge designs are good very often. I guess we will be seeing these types of collars when adidas takes over for real in NHL overall, when it comes to design direction,I mean flags of countries are simple and there's nothing wrong with some of these ultra-simple designs that go for color instead of complicated or modern striping. just makes it look like a classy event. the logo for the event is a joke, so super happy with how the uniforms turned out.
  13. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    They appear to be stealing images from Sportlogos.net mothership, as well. Weird to see old/bad concepts still floating around like that but at the same time not cited
  14. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    What is City News, Canada bros? Is that a really unreliable news source or something? I was randomly searching "new toronto maple leafs logo" on Google today, it turned up a logo image and a jersey image from a concept I literally did like 7 or 8 years ago. imagine my surprise as i clicked in to this article and found a bunch of concepts not being cited! I'm just curious as to what this source is at this point, the concept is so awful haha, it's just weird. http://www.citynews.ca/2015/12/14/is-it-time-for-a-leafs-makeover-vote-for-a-new-team-logo/
  15. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Really? REALLY? Exactly. What striping? It's just click-n-fill on the sweater. (The socks have stripes, I'll give you that. ) As for the =O= jersey and logos, those fixed the problems with the original Sens. They really toned down the barberpole striping, and added a logo. Yes, it doesn't have that good of logos, but they are Ottawa hockey HERITAGE jerseys. The template is great, and should stay. If the =O= logo stays, It would be ok. Same with the centurion logo. I think if both stayed on the jerseys one way or another, and used the heritage template,it would be a win-win. To me, The Senators have all of the elements in their identity currently to have something strong, they just dont use them properly. It's all up there in the current white jersey above. Especially in the pants: the hint of the barberpole striping down the sides of the pants, the touch of gold used sparingly, with the single red/white stripes side by side. In the uniform, we see that motif used consistently in the the shoulder =O= logo, which is good. We also see a nod to the red/black being used the same amount in the arm striping of that white uniform, but obviously it's butchered by the click-n-fill RBK Edge template... we all know that. The number font is also not great, they need to be using a block font like in their alternate third barberpole jersey. the color balance of the red numbers is good with the black pants. The stripes on the socks should also match the shoulder logo striping pattern. Other than that, add a slight hem stripe to combat the reebok no-hem-stripe Edge thing, change the yellowish gold in the logo to more of a metallic gold, switch the crest logo to the far superior 2D logo (they can continue to use the profile view logo in other places if they want, to me, it just works great as a jersey crest), and fix the aformentioned Edge template problem by "straightening out" the stripes and making them "more barberpole-y". I'd also advocate for a black jersey at home to switch it up more towards the amazing inaugural look (and also differentiate more from the traditionally red canadian teams the Flames and Canadiens).. but i'd understand if they'd want to keep the red prominently featured if the fans like it. Either way, when you take all these tweaks (all currently within their identity, somewhere, like i said), you end up with, in my opinion, a pretty good look.