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  1. Kentucky looked AWFUL I thought, with the grey jersey combined with the weird white stripe on the blue pants. that clashed badly. ASU looks pretty damn good right now, the helmets are nice, but they are playing quite poorly. I just saw what Mississippi State wore today, a few minutes ago, All I can say is, wtf?? They were nicely improving their uniform recently I thought, but then they do this.....did anyone else find the Patriots knockoffs to be very strange? I think the strangest part of the whole thing is that in the press release by the team, they basically positioned it as an "innovative" new alternate jersey with absolutely no mention of the team who's look they were borrowing: http://hailstate.com/news/2016/9/19/football-msu-adidas-unveil-new-alternate-uniform-for-umass-game-at-gillette-stadium.aspx
  2. Is the inner collar like that on all of the replica jerseys? Aka, the words "color rush" in the team's wordmark font.
  3. Yeah tonights game drove any detail-oriented sports jersey fan absolutely NUTS, i'm sure. Those inconsistencies were brutal. you'd think that the Patriots would have thought through their pants choice a bit more, like teams like the Saints seem to have gotten the color rush pants right. It almost looked like a scrimmage, the patriots pants were basically just an inverse of the texans pants. Not great. That said, the patriots jerseys themselves were beautiful. That was the redeeming factor of the game IMO. Dolphins-bengals next week should be a bit more exciting, but i also worry that the orange-white-white vs. white-orange-orange could be a little weird.
  4. Isn't that always there? as far as i know they always have the PT42 somewhere on the uni, at least they used to I kind of like the way the black pitchfork looks on the maroon background with the yellow outline. obviously these would look better with yellow pants instead of the mono-maroon, but weird as it is to say, i think Adidas managed to give ASU a slight upgrade overall. Also, the matte yellow ASU helmets worn last week were VERY nice, i thought.
  5. Noticed that too- can someone confirm how they look in person? it'd be weird to just see blank boards inside of the arena at an nhl game.
  6. Have not heard anything about that. Source?
  7. chris creamer's sportslogos.net forum is HOPPIN' tonight! Nike released color rush uniforms for every team in the league for the sole purpose of making this message board explode.
  8. I think the jets getup tonight pretty much confirms that the Falcons will wear white socks instead of their normal socks with their all-white uniforms against the bucs. maybe they will change the facemask color as well. This game tonight just makes me think of the "Color Rush Blind" game from last year. I wonder if there has ever been an all green vs. all red matchup before, other than that game, like in soccer or something with clash kits. Last year it was pretty hilarious. I kind of like the jets in their all-kelly-green color rush uniforms. Actually, those would look pretty good against a team wearing all black. Like steelers color rush vs. jets color rush could have been interesting. and color-blind-proof.
  9. it's nice but looks too much like the Vikings.
  10. Totally agree w you guys about the Bengals-- I really wonder what the likelihood is of Nike noticing some positive fan reaction and phasing some of these in as the new jersey sets. It would truly be a huge win for them. The Falcons new red uniform (that they won't be wearing) is too simple for my taste, but still a massive upgrade over the current piping mess
  11. Fair point, but you also could have asked anyone on this forum and they probably could have predicted it, with slightly more accuracy even. Some of these are simply choosing between 2 colors, a coin flip of monochrome, if you will. Dude above got 50% right. Like for the lions it was likely picking between silver and black considering they already wear blue, seahawks, Dolphins was picking between blue and orange considering they already wear aqua, etc. What was interesting in my eyes was some guy on reddit basically coming in hot, claiming he was legit because he had correctly predicted what the Browns uniforms looked like before they unveiled them. He was really wrong on a few of them, which is unfortunate because i was excited about the Vikings and Packers unis at the time, I remember. I'll try to find the post. The point? the line between "leaks" and "guesses" is pretty blurry. Edit: here's the post I was referencing https://www.reddit.com/r/nfl/comments/4hr5zx/using_the_same_method_i_used_last_year_to_unearth/ (was totally wrong about Lions, Packers, Vikings, Bucs, Bears, lol. I guess his method didn't work so well after all!)
  12. There are some really good unis here mixed with some truly atrocious ones. Bengals look pretty slick actually, IMO. Those Saints unis.... wow! If they redesigned around those, it would be such a dramatic improvement. WHYYYYY did the Jags have to bring those back? Do you guys think the Falcons will wear white socks? I will be extremely disappointed if they just wore their standard road uniforms. Not that white socks would really be an improvement at all, it's more just of the fact that they'd be the only team not changing anything at all. If this was better planned, they would wear a white version of the black throwbacks they've been sporting lately. Not that im suprised, but some of these are very very different than the original rumors.Vikings in Black, Giants in Red/Blue split throwbacks, Dolphins in Navy, and Packers in all-green with yellow throwback striping, all of those rumors came to mind for me.
  13. Not the best matchup, but idk, I still kinda like the young guns look. If the numbers here were orange, it would be a bit more balanced. Finland vs Sweden looked pretty good, I thought. Although the NHL network with some really strange graphics decisions -- I don't have a picture of it, but they were using the Red crest from the Finland uni on a red background for Finland's "avatar" on their nhl tonight broadcast. of all colors to associate with finland.. red? come on now.
  14. Damn, There are some beautiful jerseys in this thread. Princeton is especially fantastic.
  15. If this happens I bet teams like the Avalanche, Flames, and Senators would take their current alternates, make matching white jerseys based on them, and use them as their home/away. Finally phase out the last of the orignal edge templates. Can't even believe they are still in use. Also hopefully the adidas templates don't allow for piping. Thus getting rid of the aprons stripes on the Preds jerseys and the random piping on the Sabres. would immediately improve each look.