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  1. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    They appear to be stealing images from Sportlogos.net mothership, as well. Weird to see old/bad concepts still floating around like that but at the same time not cited 
  2. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    What is City News, Canada bros? Is that a really unreliable news source or something? I was randomly searching "new toronto maple leafs logo" on Google today, it turned up a logo image and a jersey image from a concept I literally did like 7 or 8 years ago. imagine my surprise as i clicked in to this article and found a bunch of concepts not being cited! I'm just curious as to what this source is at this point, the concept is so awful haha, it's just weird.   http://www.citynews.ca/2015/12/14/is-it-time-for-a-leafs-makeover-vote-for-a-new-team-logo/
  3. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    To me, The Senators have all of the elements in their identity currently to have something strong, they just dont use them properly. It's all up there in the current white jersey above. Especially in the pants: the hint of the barberpole striping down the sides of the pants, the touch of gold used sparingly, with the single red/white stripes side by side. In the uniform, we see that motif used consistently in the the shoulder =O= logo, which is good. We also see a nod to the red/black being used the same amount in the arm striping of that white uniform, but obviously it's butchered by the click-n-fill RBK Edge template... we all know that. The number font is also not great, they need to be using a block font like in their alternate third barberpole jersey. the color balance of the red numbers is good with the black pants. The stripes on the socks should also match the shoulder logo striping pattern. Other than that, add a slight hem stripe to combat the reebok no-hem-stripe Edge thing, change the yellowish gold in the logo to more of a metallic gold, switch the crest logo to the far superior 2D logo (they can continue to use the profile view logo in other places if they want, to me, it just works great as a jersey crest), and fix the aformentioned Edge template problem by "straightening out" the stripes and making them "more barberpole-y". I'd also advocate for a black jersey at home to switch it up more towards the amazing inaugural look (and also differentiate more from the traditionally red canadian teams the Flames and Canadiens).. but i'd understand if they'd want to keep the red prominently featured if the fans like it. Either way, when you take all these tweaks (all currently within their identity, somewhere, like i said), you end up with, in my opinion, a pretty good look.
  4. I personally prefer the simple double-white stripe on blue background as well... but since the Coyotes dropped the one-color northwestern stripe, I dont think any NHL team currently uses that motif? Maybe the Leafs will look to fill that niche.
  5. Oklahoma City Thunder logos (updated)

    Here's an update. I borrowed the concept of a shield shaped primary from their current identity, because in my mind that's the only redeemable thing. Tried to keep the new primary logo simple overall, tho. Rendered a new OKC font for the primary, and tweaked the monogram a bit. Also smoothed out some lines in the secondary roundel and made the fonts more legible. thoughts? Thanks for viewing guys!
  6. Oklahoma City Thunder logos (updated)

    Solid c+c, thanks. Definitely agree with your comments here. It's tough to work with the orange / scheme with the Suns around. My hope that the addition of the cream color, the unique elements like the vertical jersey stripe and circular arched wordmark, would manage to set them apart. Unfortunately the overall color balance creates a visual identity that's too close to the suns. My original ideas included a very dark brown being used, with a medium brown introduced as well with the orange being a bright accent color to the southwest/cowboy vibe created by the brown. any thoughts on that? could be unique but brown can also be ugly in sports if used improperly. Also, maybe the roundel's font should have "western" serifs, similar to the number font on the jerseys? The "tornado" logo needs some smoothing around the edges when it comes to the rendering of the twister cloud. Hopefully I can patch that up with another pass at this.... thankfully it's an idea still in the early stages, so all of these comments have been helpful! thanks guys
  7. Oklahoma City Thunder logos (updated)

    Thanks for the comments! Thunder script should be flipped for sure, needs some overall rendering improvements to but in the meantime here's an idea for jerseys! unbalanced design that still tries to keep it simple
  8. ** Scroll down for updates ** Messing around with some roundels because NBA <3's roundels. Thunder need a new logo. Not enough teams embrace orange. And it would be nice to get a little bit of "wild-west" flair. WIP, what do you think so far? https://dribbble.com/elliott_k_strauss
  9. Calgary Flames refresh

    I haven’t posted on here in a long time, but this little design was sitting on my desktop and.. I guess I miss the days of posting on the concepts forum way-back-when! The Flames have so much potential because their red/yellow color scheme is so distinct in the NHL. However, the current design decisions of mostly placing yellow stripes next to white stripes has always puzzled me— the yellow gets lost, and kind of goes to waste. The unis have other obvious issues, though. The reebok template is dated, and it never looked great in the first place with the piping that abruptly ends. The flags on the shoulders should be a nice nod to the region, but the way they end up looking are a miss. I didn’t want to touch the logo at first, but I ended up messing with it a bit, just to fit the overall style and to turn the double-outline in to more of a dynamic fiery motif trailing behind the C. The shoulder logo is a play on the crest at the middle of the Alberta flag (flames at the bottom instead of wheat, though.) Sometimes, I kind of like it when there are inconsistencies from home to road uniform, as long as it’s clear that the two are part of the same set. So the striping choices on the white jersey, those are on purpose. Look no further than most of the original 6 team's unis for examples of inconsistencies that actually work. I wanted the color hierarchy to be red/yellow come first, then black.. black is mostly found in the pants. The arm and waist striping all has that little curved patch of color detail, that just plays off of the curved flame shapes in the fire of the logo itself Included some random alternate designs as well. One clearly inspired by the old Iginla era black unis, those were beauties. Decided to channel my inner Nike and make them graphite color while still including subtle black striping-- i dont know, i think charcoal could maybe work for a team named the Flames? And what if they wore yellow pants in a uniform styled like that outdoor heritage game? I don’t know… i’m sure a lot of you fine people would hate it, but kind of like the rangers wearing all blue with red pants, the flames in all red with yellow pants, while gaudy, would just make you immediately know who is playing on the ice. Take a look at that last image to decide. Went full "barberpole" there in a bunch of places to reference that awesome Heritage uniform... Yes i know... looks like McDonalds... Tell me what you think! http://imgur.com/a/r2y9t
  10. College Football 2014 Season

    Ohio State's arm striping is fantastic-- they need to bring those back full time. if the mach speed unis are becoming full time for them next year, they should just get rid of the jerseys/helmets with the oversized striping, and use these designs. the white jersey would be a modernized version of this: Also, i think the shape of the mesh on the pants is going to be much more conducive to nice looking "truncated" modern designs with this new template. take a look at the shape of the panel on oregon's pants for these... compared to truncated pants designs like the bucs or jaguars, this looks way better
  11. 2015 NBA All-Star Jerseys Unveiled

    I don't really like them because there's not much there, but they are okay, i guess. Just a little boring. It's like the Knicks jerseys... they're fine, but they don't have much going on. Really tho, maybe Adidas is listening to some of the negative backlash to their ideas? With some of the awful overdone all star jerseys in the past, and the sleeved jerseys, and the horrendous christmas day jerseys of the last few years... they come out with this minimalist all star uni and the christmas jerseys this year have no huge problems either in terms of overall design, they added the first names and the logos but that was just a gimmick to make them NOT the everyday jerseys (it's stupid but not off-brand, at least). When you consider the all star and christmas jerseys of this year compared to some of their previous offerings, they look way better
  12. 2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    In other news http://www.sportingnews.com/nhl/story/2014-11-06/nhl-Jersey-Sponsorships-Uniform-Sponsors Can't wait for a nice big advertisement patch on the front of a classic jersey
  13. NFL Changes 2014+

    You sure that's not just Nike's attempt to replicate a green fabric? I'd support the return to kelly green-- but it just looks wrong with that number font in the current design (especially right next to someone wearing the current midnight green or whatever they call it)
  14. College Football 2014 Season

    Am I the only one who thinks the template that mississippi state is wearing today is way better than the throw backs? They shoulder stripes don't get warped like the throwback, it's way cleaner with no black, and the pants look so much nicer without the silly oversized logo Kentucky has good uniforms but needs to stop with the chrome and the black. Other than that, they have one of the more solid modern looks
  15. 2014-2015 NHL Jersey/Logo Changes

    I'd agree with you... wearing the third jersey gives the Blue Jackets a look to "own". They look unique with the cream colored shoulders on the navy jerseys, with that striping pattern that includes the lighter blue (i love the striping pattern personally)..... I'm also partial to light colored shoulders on a dark jersey if it's executed correctly, like the Flyers for example. Their home/road navy jerseys with the red pants almost looks like the lovechild of the Rangers and Jets... obviously the Jackets were wearing these threads before the jets but they've gotten a bit stale IMO.