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  1. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

    Had Seattle continued on to the Memorial Cup, the patch was on the left shoulder. It was there during the WHL final and didn't look bad there. One of the benefits of having asymmetrical shoulder logo placements.
  2. Cutting the Cord: Cable TV Dependency Discussion

    You can't just give $5 to DirecTV for just ESPN. They are going to take $10 from you for ESPN and 20 other channels. And there are people who aren't watching ESPN that are paying that same $10, thus keeping the cost for ESPN lower. Everyone wants a la carte but I don't think people think it through far enough. You would see the price of each network rise dramatically if you paid for them separately.
  3. "Circle K" Refresh

    It seems that the Circle K brand is going global. This means no more Mac's in Canada.
  4. New Pennsylvania tourism branding

    I believe the tail of the "Y" makes the smile of the face formed by the "Y" "L" and "V" (if it helps you see it, the "L" is the nose and the other two are the eyes.)
  5. A Game Show Thread

    I miss those tryouts. Met some very nice people that way.
  6. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    It's also not an Edge cut so the panels would be different sizes compared to the black one.
  7. Bizarre/Unusual Numbers on Jerseys

    0 or 00 in baseball wasn't common until about 2 or 3 seasons ago, when Adam Ottavino switched his number @illwauk: That rule regarding individual numbers higher than 5 being banned that you mentioned sounds like the most arbitrary and silliest rules out there. Until you consider that the only way a ref can signal a player number is with his hands. The rule makes it so he only has to use his hands once to display any number, Any thing over a 5 would require two hands per digit.
  8. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

    Seattle Thunderbirds will be sporting Metropolitans jerseys this Saturday in celebration of 100 years of hockey in Seattle. Stanley Cup will also be in attendance in Kent that night.
  9. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

    Recolored to match the colors from when they moved from Victoria to Prince George. A nice little nod but doesn't fit their scheme at all.
  10. Sports TV/Radio Theme Songs

    I do love that version but this one is much more memorable:
  11. Sports TV/Radio Theme Songs

    I can't be the only one who heard lyrics in their head to the opening of the old NFL on NBC song. "N-F-L on N-B-C" That had to have been the goal.
  12. Les Canadiennes

    Is CCM not a sponsor or something? Why is the manufacturer logo covered up?
  13. 2015-16 CHL uniform/logo thread

    Phoenix is the team in Sherbrooke of the QMJHL. Unless the CHL is going to go against the decisions they've made in the past, they are not going to allow 2 teams with the same name.
  14. 2014-15 CHL uniform/logo thread

    So Ponytail Pete will have the blood of two Whalers franchises on his hands. Any bets on whether or not the team will be renamed the "Chatham Hurricanes"? So a question on that... I know there used to be the Detroit Jr. Red Wings who had the same logo and jerseys as the NHL Red Wings, if this does happen would the NHL step in and say no to calling them the Hurricanes if Karmanos did this (assuming he would use the same colours and logo or version of it)? He does own the team and name... or does the NHL keep all their naming rights to themselves? I know a few years ago the Victoria Salmon Kings had to change their logo as the LA Kings had issue with the name "Kings" being on the jersey. I know that is a different situation but since Karmanos does own the team could he do that? There wouldn't be anything stopping Chatham from being the Hurricanes simply because an NHL team is named that. However, there is a rule that no 2 CHL teams can have the same name and because Lethbridge is already the Hurricanes, that name would not be an option for Chatham. (This should be it's own topic, btw. Lots of posts to be had about CHL teams moving/ownership issues without clogging up a uniform/logo thread.)