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  1. It's just a terrible fake.
  2. JFC, you don't need to quote all the pictures to add your post.
  3. The one thing that bugs me about those Otters jerseys (and I love them!) is that the patch yellow is off from the jersey yellow. I chalk it up to the difference in fabrics but it's just different enough to be noticeable and distracting.
  4. New Moose Jaw Warriors for next season. No hem stripe is disappointing but if they matched the arm stripes it would look even worse.
  5. So what's the deal with Minnesota? How does a state that big have only one D-1 program?
  6. Time to bring this name and logo back.
  7. And, at least as far as I have heard, Rat City is more localized to White Center. Edit: Queen City was also an official nickname for Seattle for a long time. Seattle Monarchs isn't bad although way too close to the LA Kings to be seriously considered.
  8. Word is that the playoff towels set out for game 3 are of the Winter Classic jersey design.
  9. I assume you mean Sabres?
  10. And now available at auction:
  11. While not quite as functional as the two stations you mentioned, there's also a FHSC stop near the stadium. And the Water Taxi/WSF terminal isn't too far of a walk either. For a downtown stadium, very accessible.
  12. From Eater. Is the bell recognizable enough to stand alone?
  13. Not only is Kodak still around, they just released an Android phone.
  14. They use the same company as the San Diego Gulls. Essentially, it's a Zazzle-like store where you pick a design and then pick what you want it put on. To me, and I say this as a Gulls fan, it screams cheap. I've heard the souvenirs in the arena are better but to not have an actual online shop is more ECHL than AHL.