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    CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    Been in and out of this one a couple of times. It's been a couple decades but I do remember the departure area being much better than the arrival area.
  2. OMMF

    NHL 2018-19

    I agree. However, are they the same colors? Granted, I've never seen the Flyers live, but I've always thought the Tigers used a darker shade of orange.
  3. OMMF

    2018 MLS Kits

    It's just a smidge confusing when the all-star jersey sponsor is the same as a club sponsor. Context is everything but when first looking at these pictures, I assumed they were alternate jerseys for MN United
  4. OMMF

    Blue Jackets Bringing Back The Cannons In 2019

    I'm sure it's not your picture but what kind of :censored:ed up order is that for the teams? "What is this, chronological? "No." "Not alphabetical." "Nope." "What?" "Autobiographical."
  5. OMMF

    What’s the worst mlb logo

  6. OMMF

    Czech It Out! Whole New Look for Czech National Team

    The IIHF might require the official full name to be on the jersey. While Czechia is an official short name, it may not be allowed. (I'm aware of the USA jerseys but you certainly would never see one that simply said "America" on it.)
  7. OMMF

    2018-19 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    I think the days of stitched one-offs are over (save for the Memorial Cup hosts tribute jersey). If it isn't a full alternate jersey, teams don't want to spend for (or CCM can't make) non-sublimated special occasion jerseys. It's too bad, too, because in jersey auctions it seems people will pay more for a real jersey. An extra $100-200 spent could see the team get that back 4x-5x when sold.
  8. Here's a really good blog post about Sports Specialties, who did some of the on-field hats for MLB
  9. OMMF

    NHL 2018-19

    I'm guessing the word "least" was left out of the original post as I have seen multiple items where the state name was the same size as the mascot name.
  10. Uhh... Benefit of the doubt here and I'll call this a great satirical take on the response of most people hearing this news.
  11. Right, I see that. I'm guessing I parsed the sentence incorrectly. It's not the submitted appeal application that is readable by all but rather the application itself. The way I read it, the completed applications would be viewable by board members.
  12. Am I missing this?
  13. OMMF

    2018-19 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Pretty sure Everett said those "E" jerseys were a one-season deal and would be returning to their previous jerseys for the 2018-19 season.
  14. OMMF

    Prince George Cougars Unveil 25th Season Logo

    Their logo on its own isn't bad. However, because of the open part of the "C", it looks like the cats body has the year "2019" written on it. It needs an outline or something to separate the logo from the ribbon.
  15. OMMF

    Tampa Bay Lightning Ban Bruins Gear In Some Sections

    Just because you can go to 11 doesn't mean you should.
  16. OMMF

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Just FYI, my antivirus got a hit on that Packers picture. May want to remove it just in case.
  17. OMMF

    NHL 2018-19

    Maybe I've just been going to junior hockey so long that that looks normal to me and I wonder why they haven't been doing it already.
  18. OMMF

    NHL Fanatics Test Jersey

  19. OMMF

    Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Maybe someone here can help. I bought this as it was being sold as an anniversary jersey for Moncton. However, neither I nor anyone else can ever prove it was worn. I know mine isn't the only one in existence but can anyone tell me what I actually bought?
  20. OMMF

    Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    People keep mentioning the Haida for a Totems logo. Haidas are much more a Northern B.C./Southwestern Alaska tribe (which is why the Grizzlies influence makes a little more sense). So many other tribes around the Seattle/Western Washington area from the Coast Salish group to draw inspiration from if that was the direction the team wanted to go.
  21. OMMF

    NHL 2017-18

    If only the logo on the front wasn't so terrible.
  22. OMMF

    NHL 2017-18

    Chris said on Twitter that they would not. Edit:
  23. Can I ask how 24 months was determined to be the length? As most uniform changes, logo changes, season discussions, happen on a year-to-year basis, why leave it open for a 23-month old topic to be bumped?
  24. OMMF

    2018-19 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Gorgeous. @chrysleraspen08 is right that the little historical logos on the sleeve are odd but I'd still take one. I hope they auction them off.
  25. OMMF

    NHL 2017-18

    This logo has nothing to do with the ownership group trying to bring a team to the city. This is the logo of an individual who started an effort a few years ago to get a team to Seattle. This should definitely not be used as an indication of anything.