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  1. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    All 17 Canadian-based WHL teams will be a wearing a Don Cherry-inspired jersey at some point to raise money for kidney donations and research.
  2. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Looks like stitched letters but screened logos. An odd hybrid for a specialty jersey.
  3. Sports Graphics Packages, Historically

    I think the biggest disappointment with the FOX change means no more piling leaves or snow on top of the FOXBox. Goofy and unnecessary but I liked it.
  4. Unique ice designs

    Seems like a great way to alienate two fanbases at the same time!
  5. Unique ice designs

    This was tweeted out earlier by the broadcaster of the Everett Silvertips: I know a long time ago the Seattle Thunderbirds used to have Pepsi logos at the exterior faceoff dots.
  6. Am I crazy or didn't we use to have one of these where people could ask for suggestions on places to stay, eat, visit, in specific cities they were traveling to? Anyway, I'm headed to Vegas for the first time. But as a 36-year old married man, I don't need the "Vegas" experience. Is there anything wrong with the hotels up near Fremont as opposed to being on the Strip? I realize I'd be further away from T-Mo Arena, which is the reason I am going, but if I'm not into the party scene, Downtown should be okay for me? Also, any other Vegas suggestions you have, I would appreciate.
  7. With the bump to the AHL next season, are these going to be a 1-year wonder or did they update in advance of becoming a bigger team?
  8. NHL 2017-18

    That's because that's an altered photo. No jerseys will have a Fanatics jock tag with Adidas neck info.
  9. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    My mistake. This is the alternate jersey. The regular home and roads do not have Saskatoon on the rear hem stripe. Here's a look at the shoulder patch that also apparently only appears on this jersey:
  10. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    I don't think we have seen the rear of the new retro Saskatoon jerseys. A bit ridiculous, if you ask me.
  11. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Still, it shows how bad that logo would look on that Reebok template with that striping. Plain is not the way to go with the 67's
  12. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Oof, those look terrible.
  13. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

  14. Unique ice designs

    Which actually made it into an NHL rink, albeit for testing ETA: article about said ice from 2005
  15. Portland ECHL Team Unveils Name-the-Team Finalists

    The Coast Guard?
  16. Portland ECHL Team Unveils Name-the-Team Finalists

    If Lumberjacks does win, there are some dormant logos waiting to be repurposed:
  17. Travel recommendations thread

    My experience in Kiev was 20 years ago (before their first McDonalds!) but back then speaking in English was difficult. Luckily, we had interpreters with us. I'm guessing it's improved a lot since then with more and more of the West being introduced there. There's a lot of history to take in in Kiev, not all of it pleasing. Overall, even as a teenager, I was impressed with the city and what it had to offer. It's a place I would love to go back to to see how much time has changed it since 1997.
  18. 2017-18 CHL Logos/Jerseys

    Wha? That's their whole identity.
  19. Travel recommendations thread

    I ended up going with the Orleans. Not too far from the Strip/T-Mo Arena but has everything I want. Seemed like a reasonable combination of cost, location, and amenities.
  20. The new BSens go with familiar look

    I must be the odd one out. I've always written them (and preferred) that they be even. Maybe that's why I'm a Bruins fan lol
  21. The new BSens go with familiar look

    When the bottom bump of the "B" is noticeably out further than the top bump.
  22. Strange Anaheim Mighty Ducks Jersey

    I don't know about that.
  23. The new BSens go with familiar look

    I'm not a fan of pregnant B's so as much as I want to like this, I can't. And as @WSU151 said, the red outline also makes it look a bit silly.
  24. Strange Anaheim Mighty Ducks Jersey

    It's just a terrible fake.
  25. 2017/18 Soccer Kits

    JFC, you don't need to quote all the pictures to add your post.