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  1. Soccer concepts

  2. Soccer concepts

    Yes it is. I think if that was a mistake I would have to be looking the other way when I posted it not to notice! Juventus next
  3. Soccer concepts

    Barca I have always felt that even though A LOT of clubs can have their looks played around with to a certain extent, certain traditions have transcended that, and I take that view with Barca. I don't think you can do too much with the home kits, although the away kits have a lot more freedom. For example....hoops instead of stripes!? No thanks! I used my Nike template from the PSG home kit and applied it to Barca, then just kept the golden yellow theme for the away and 3rd.
  4. Soccer concepts

    Newcastle Unsure on whether to use a black Wonga logo on the 3rd kit or not.... By the way, the top half of the away shirt has NUFC over it and the bottom half has MAGPIES
  5. Soccer concepts

  6. Soccer concepts

    They probably would but there have been some teams (Crystal Palace for example) in recent years who have had the smaller sponsor under the badge. The arrows on the black were to tie it in with the large chevron on the white shirt. Just thought it looked cool. I'll be starting another team soon but also revisiting Arsenal for a few changes.
  7. Soccer concepts

    They wont usually appear this quick but I had been working on this one before so just finished it off. Everton. Decided to have a play around with the shirt sponsor for no reason other than experimenting. I will also re visit Arsenal over the holidays and give them a little update. Gold is nice idea and the white one was always subject to change!
  8. Soccer concepts

    Managed to get Arsenal done. My Puma logo and Arsenal badge aren't top quality but that's Paint I guess. I also have had someone say the 3rd kit is "too Spurs" which I can see now, but I thought I would open it up to people here first anyway.
  9. Leicester City Crest Concept

    I would say you have fixed it. Overall it is a good modernisation of a classic badge. I can't unsee the napkin the fox is wearing...maybe he's going out for dinner. Other than that I have no quabbles, and the ermine spot on the muzzle is a nice touch
  10. Soccer concepts

    Spurs, as promised. The home and 3rd were inspired by the 1985 to 1987 shirts. The away kit was just out of my head, thought it looked pretty smart! Up next, Arsenal
  11. Leicester City Crest Concept

  12. Soccer concepts

    Thanks guys Spurs is in progress...
  13. Soccer concepts

    Little update for PSG... And I think I can manage a Spurs shirt!
  14. Soccer concepts

    Havent done this in a long long time so I've kept the first one simple. They will come only as fast as work will allow as they are all done on my lunch breaks! I'm a Paint user and I'm fine with that for now!
  15. Las Vegas Aces- NHL Expansion

    I have just spent a ridiculous amount of time looking through this when I should have been working.... I will spend my lunch hour looking at your other threads. This has to be, hands down, 100% the BEST concept I have ever seen. Yeah, I've seen logos I've liked more, but everything here from the first logo to the advertising to the merch is awesome and the presentation of it all is epic. If the Aces (or the Knights!) gets snapped up, I will be buying some of that merch! Seriously, SERIOUSLY good. If this is not your full time job then it should be. Like, now. Immediately.