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  1. Turkleton

    SSC Napoli Concept

    Other than the badge being a touch too small, these are great, I would definitely buy that home shirt
  2. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts

  3. Turkleton

    NBA | Denver Nuggets Rebrand | Update: Court Designs

    Love it, it's an upgrade and I'm actually a fan of the Nuggets identity already. Pick axe / basketball seams are excellent
  4. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts

  5. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts

    Updated designs....
  6. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts

    But it's a concept board where you can easily bring a stripe and a half forward to be visible, people would realize what you were attempting to show. Maybe you misunderstood what I meant. The basic template on the majority of kits are the same; the design ELEMENTS are different. I have also admitted I can improve and change my designs which I am working on now, but you have no high ground from which to shout. Neither of us work for NIke/adidas/Puma.... And if you want to keep to being realistic, International teams very rarely have a 3rd choice kit... Again, nothing you offer is constructive, so don't offer it.
  7. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts

    While I can concede that I may have had a swing and a miss episode here, saying I have no understanding of it is unnecessary and untrue. See my previous threads if you need to see that I actually DO know what it's all about. I'm always open to constructive criticism but your comments aren't helpful at all. I don't find it realistic that adidas would do away with the 3 stripes but none of your adidas concepts have them at all. You also had a pop at Berlin Wall about counting the money in his Future EPL thread....It's about concepts, not financial standing. I will re work these as I can admit when I've not nailed it, and if your next comment is constructive then I'm all ears, otherwise, concentrate on your own work.
  8. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts

  9. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts

    I have had a little break from doing these but have started up again recently. As we know manufacturers now use 1 or 2 templates and adjust to each team. Bearing that in mind my new 'project' is to design 2 or 3 for each brand and then post team concepts using these templates. I've also tried to stay true to the brand itself, so for example, making Adidas templates that look 'Adidasy'! First template is Adidas so here they are. 3 different templates, 3 concepts to start and then a few more before I move on to the next brand. Man Utd Japan Germany (away jersey might be a bit controversial but I wanted something a bit different)
  10. Turkleton

    International soccer uniform designs

    My only little criticism, if you can call it that, is that not many International teams have, or certainly use, 3rd kits. I almost see your 3rd kits as really nice GK kits. A lot of club teams use 3rd strips as colour clashes are more common. That being said, nice designs, I keep checking back every time I'm on to look for new ones! The Italy home kit...
  11. Turkleton

    NBA rebrand

    Bucks, Suns, Wizards......
  12. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts (now with new template and designs)

    As I am now essentially starting again with a new template and designs I've gone back to the first team on the thread, PSG. The lattice effect on the home shirt is taken from the structure of the Eiffel Tower. C&C appreciated, it would be nice to know people are actually looking at these!
  13. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts (now with new template and designs)

    Next up is Chelsea with my new Adidas template and a take on an old classic look, pinstripes. (Also, I can't remember how to edit the thread title, can anyone remind me please?!)
  14. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts (now with new template and designs)

    I realise these have come along rapidly but the ideas are in my head already... I'm a Rangers supporter and our Puma kits have been terrible the last few seasons. So I wanted to make 3 shirts that I would be happy to buy, but still keep the designs 'Puma'. The 3rd kit is actually my take on an Umbro kit we had quite a few seasons ago which I LOVED...
  15. Turkleton

    Soccer concepts (now with new template and designs)

    Carrying on with the new template (and hopefully getting some more feedback...) Man City I have tried to make little changes to the current Nike template because 1) I actually love it and 2) it's not TOO dissimilar from my Nike template earlier in the thread which was posted before they released their current set. Mine will feature variations in collar and shirt design but in the same basic template.