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  1. The earliest they could move into a new arena, if everything falls into place perfectly (which it never does), would be 2021. I'd say 2023-2027 is more likely knowing how slowly things work in Ottawa with the 4 levels of bureaucracy one has to go through to get anything done. The mere fact that the city and the NCC have been trying to re-develop Lebreton Flats since 1965 with absolutely no action says to me that, if it even happens (far from a sure thing), it'll be closer to 2027 or later (even 2030) at least. Let's be clear, all the Senators got was an opportunity to negotiate with the NCC to develop the property. They still need to line up the money, the investors, draw up blueprints, get approvals, etc, etc, etc. It's still going to be a long haul. All that to say, I sure hope we're not stuck with those uniforms for another 5, 10, or even 15 years before a change happens.
  2. On July 16 I married the love of my life.
  3. My wife and I recently started watching "Jane The Virgin". I wasn't expecting to like it but now I'm all in. It's so over-the-top and cheesy that it's hard not to love. It also fully embraces the fact that it's a satire of itself. #RogelioIsMyBrogelio
  4. Baltimore tried this in the 90's with their CFL team. They were called the "Colts". Then the "CFL Colts", then the "CFL's", then the "Stallions". Then they became the Montreal Alouettes. Long story short. It would not work out well for them.
  5. I give Trump credit on that one. He somehow managed to include patronizing pandering, ignorance, racism, and cluelessness all in one shallow gesture. That's impressive.
  6. I'm going to miss the Mac's owl. So it feels like a downgrade to me. BUT, I call the new Circle K logo an upgrade over the previous one so... Mac's > New Circle K > Old Circle K
  7. Two used to be the standard with typewritten things because one space with the monospace typewriter font looked like it was a run on. However, with word processors and non-monospace fonts being available now one space seems to have become the standard. But I still do two, simply out of reflex because I learned to type in the long, long ago. Also, because I'm old. And I just did it again. I can't stop! It's the old fogeys vs. them durned kids all over again! Now, after we've settled this debate can we discuss the Oxford Comma? (full disclosure, I am an Oxford Comma enthusiast.)
  8. The senschirp.ca website had an article recently with a Sens rebrand by the guy who designed the heritage jersey. I thought it was quite good although I'm not a fan of the mish-mash shoulder patch. Full article here.
  9. I have the very first Sens game on VHS recorded off CBC. I know I remember John Ziegler was at center ice and presented Bruce Firestone with a decree from the NHL that made the Senators a continuation of the original franchise that had been "in hibernation" for 60 years. It's all semantics anyway, but that's why they hung those banners. They actually went up on opening night after that ceremony. Unfortunately, we're in the process of moving right now so that tape is in a box somewhere behind me (or in our storage unit) so I won't find it again until probably June. I'll be more than happy to digitize and YouTube it then.
  10. Fair enough. My eyes are pretty bad to begin with (you should see the prescription for my glasses) so in the couple of seasons I spent in the Sens press box in the early 2000's I totally relied on the numbers on the back to make out who was doing what. I never used the sleeve numbers so I tend to ignore them. But I also wasn't calling games, I was working as a reporter for a couple of sports websites calling in goals and period summaries and the like.
  11. I've often thought they could make a great primary out of the =O= on top of the shield logo shape from the third jersey shoulder patch and inlay a slight laurel wreath motif along the edges of the shield (maybe even use that for the shot of gold) to combine all the eras together. I keep meaning to mock up that idea but I never do.
  12. True, but you're also not often reading sleeve numbers from the stands (unless you're in the 100's or have bionic eyes) or the press box. You're reading the big white numbers on the back and they stood out.
  13. The reason the red numbers only lasted the one season was because the red on black was very hard to read from the stands or the press box. Mostly, I've heard from a very good source who worked in the press box back then, it was the play-by-play guys who really pushed them to change the numbers to white.
  14. Everybody remembers this monstrosity, right? From the Melnyk presser this morning, the logo appears to have been tweaked...
  15. The truth of the matter is, as much as anybody would like to see the ticket, both Sanders and Warren could be far more effective for their causes in their Senate seats than they ever could in the VP's office. If I had to guess, I think the list probably has names like: - Julian Castro - Wesley Clark - Brian Schweitzer - Charlie Crist - Wendy Davis - Amy Klobuchar I'd also put Kristen Gillibrand on the list if it weren't for the fact they'd both be from New York which could be bad if it turned out to be a tight election and every electoral vote needed to count. But Hillary could probably easily change her registration back to Arkansas to avoid that like Cheney did in 2000 moving from Texas back to Wyoming. Who knows.