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  1. What are you watching?

    My wife and I just finished watching the third and final series of "Broadchurch". Highly recommended. It works as a trilogy. Series 1 is about the murder and the hunt for the killer. Series 2 is centered around the trial of the killer and the impact it's having on the town. Series 3 is set 3 or 4 years after the trial and shows the aftermath of everything that happened. Also, if you're a Doctor Who fan, Jodie Whittaker (who plays the mother of the murdered boy) is the actress selected as the next Doctor.
  2. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    The wife and I went to see "Atomic Blonde" on Saturday night. It's...OK. If you're expecting anything other than stylish light spy thriller with a high and gory body count set around the fall of the Berlin Wall you'll be disappointed. There are plot holes galore and parts of it really don't make all that much sense. If you're watching to watch Charlize Theron kick some butt then you'll probably have lots of fun. The 80's soundtrack is all kinds of awesome though.
  3. NHL 2017-18

    I've also advocated merging the themes and replacing the box background with the shield shape from the shoulder patch on the =O= jerseys and then wrapping it with the gold laurel leaf motif. Then, as suggested in the thread, outlining the O itself in gold. My drawing talent is not that strong so all I have is a mental image that I can't convert to a picture.
  4. NHL 2017-18

    Tom Anselmi has said he's looking at re-branding the Senators but he was installed as president too late to make changes for the upcoming season. Everything was done by then. He's said he's open to the =O= or the roman imagery or a whole new brand for the team that incorporates the others, or even a whole new direction. Who knows where they'll go. The article I read said he'd like to launch the rebrand in conjunction with moving to Lebreton Flats, but that's still years away. Perhaps they'll do something for 2018-2019 or 2019-2020.
  5. NHL 2017-18

    Yes. But just barely. They moved to Jersey about a year or so after I first started watching hockey. And even at that, in the nascent days of cable, I probably only saw them once or twice when they played Montreal or Toronto on a Saturday night because all we got were Toronto HNIC on CBC English and Montreal HNIC on CBC French. I'm old.
  6. What Are You Listening To?

    I pulled out "Haunted" by Poe the other day for the first time in ages. It's still an amazing album that used to be on my "Desert Island List" but now I can't remember why I stopped listening to it.
  7. Unexpected Moments in TV/Film

    There was a guy behind us in the theatre who shouted: "WHAT AM I WATCHING?!?!?" when all that happened. It was hilarious.
  8. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    While much nicer than the front-facing Roman they use now, if they re-brand I'd be much happier if they just dropped the Roman theme altogether. The =O= is great and has more potential to become a timeless mark, but I'm not yet sure if I want it as the full-time primary. I'd really like to see someone think outside the box on a Senators identity that doesn't use any of the Roman imagery or anything that has come before. Start fresh as though they were a new team.
  9. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    New Ottawa Senators president mulling a logo change An article in today's Ottawa Citizen drops that new team president Tom Anselmi is considering a logo change. Obviously too late for next season but... let the speculation roll...
  10. Famous Relatives

    My wife's cousin (I think once-removed or something) is Al MacInnis, the former NHL defenceman. Pretty sure that's the closest I have.
  11. It's Different in Canada

    Only anecdotal evidence on this one but we have friends who are teachers in a remote area in northern BC who really want to move back to Ontario so their daughter can grow up closer to family and they can't find anything out here. They're on waiting lists.
  12. What Are You Listening To?

    My wife and I were watching season 2 of Fargo and they used a bit of "The Eve Of The War" at the end of episode 2 which reminded me what an awesome piece of synth/prog rock "Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of The War of the Worlds" really is. Been listening to it all day. Hadn't pulled it out in years. I also had no idea he still toured this thing with a massive stage show. Now I'm hoping they hit the NAC in Ottawa someday soon.
  13. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    While we were bundled up on the couch in blankets with boxes of Kleenex and an ample supply of cold meds my wife and I watched several films. Ghostbusters (2016 reboot). My wife enjoyed it more than I did, but it's pretty decent. I'd watch a sequel for sure. I still prefer the original (which we watched right afterwards for comparison because she hadn't seen it since the 80's). The Nice Guys: We watched it because we heard it was good. It was not. We both hated it. And I'm pretty sure it wasn't the cold meds that made us find it confusing and pointless as hell. The Infiltrator: Bryan Cranston delivers an outstanding performance as an undercover agent in the 80's drug lord world. Definitely recommended.
  14. Pets

    Bogie came with my wife. She had him for 10 years before we met. Now I'm Bogie's "stepdad". We're best buds, but he still prefers my wife over me if given the choice.
  15. It's Different in Canada

    In Vancouver the flashing greens mean to be aware that the light could change at a moment's notice when the pedestrian crossing signal is pressed. I really liked that during my time in Vancouver. In Ottawa it's not like that. Near my old house, if I hit the crossing signal it meant the light might change sometime within 5-7 minutes. Most of the time I'd hit the signal, jaywalk, and be 3/4 of the way down the other side of the street (almost home) before the lights would start to change.