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  1. Movies, Movies, and Movies

    We watched "Joy" last night. If you have a choice between "Joy" and something else, go with something else.
  2. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

      In fact, the primary election didn't really count for anything until 1952.  And New Hampshire is totally stubborn.  There's a state law that requires the NH Secretary of State to schedule the primary at least one week before any other primary (Iowa caucuses don't count).  Other states have tried to move in front of them (see 2008, 2012) which is why New Hampshire has drifted from mid-March to sometimes as early as January 8.  I'd like to see what happens if another state scheduled theirs for January 2.   But the theory for why Iowa and New Hampshire go first also has more to do with the fact that they're small and mostly rural thus forcing candidates to rely on "retail politics" to get noticed.  It also acts as a compensation for the larger states (New York, California, Ohio, Florida, Texas) having more electoral votes and thus more influence come election time.  The idea is that it forces the candidates into one-on-one activities and gets the "small town" issues on the large stage (at least for a brief time).
  3. What are you watching?

    My fiancée and I have been really enjoying "Mozart In The Jungle" (it's streaming on Amazon Instant Video) this last week or so.  We're just about to start on season 2.  And it's so entertaining that I'm frankly okay with her little crush on Gael García Bernal.      
  4. NHL shield in orange and black.

    As I have said to FutureWife! ... "We need to have at least one kid so I can be Calvin's dad. It seems like it would be so much fun. The office health plan covers therapy." I'm already doing it a little with the nieces. I have the 8 year old convinced that there are super-secret belts in karate after black. Specifically, red polka dot, green polka dot, and orange polka dot.
  5. NHL shield in orange and black.

    It's because the shield was designed a long time ago when everything was still in black and white. When the world was colourized in the mid-60's they realized that somebody in those gray days had used what they thought was gray thread but turned out to have been orange all along. The league finally had the opportunity to correct this ages old error with the 2005 soft rebrand. This is what I believe and I will stand by it.
  6. How you got here: Your life story on this message board.

    I'd bookmarked the mothership way back around 1997 or so when it was still on GeoCities or some other hosting service (Tripod maybe? ... I don't remember). I'd pop in every once in a while to look something up and then one day in 2007 I noticed there was a board and decided to check it out...
  7. I am not 40 anti-thread

    I'll be 497 months old in January...
  8. The all encompassing Doctor Who thread

    The idea that Time Lords can switch gender is really new in the mythos of the show. It was first introduced when Matt Smith became the Doctor and he feels his longer hair and says "I'M A GIRL!" and then he feels around more and says "I'M NOT A GIRL!". They also made an offhand reference to it (but more directly) in "The Doctor's Wife" in season 6 with The Corsair switching back and forth. Then they moved forward last year by having The Master become The Mistress. They're edging the idea closer to make people more willing to accept it.
  9. The Celebrate Yourself Here Thread *merged*

    Programmer/Analyst. It's what I do. I tell 1's and 0's what to do. The full shirt is:
  10. The all encompassing Doctor Who thread

    I found the first episode (as with most two-parters) very dense and a little confusing (could be because I watched it after driving 7 hours back from Sudbury and was pretty exhausted). But it was like they had a tricky balance to keep with the exposition for people who didn't know the full Davros backstory and those that did and not wanting to alienate any of them. I'm not sure if they pulled it off. I need to re-watch it right before part 2, hopefully when I'm not dead on my feet.
  11. What Are You Listening To?

    I hadn't really listened to Joel Plaskett's new album "The Park Avenue Sobriety Test" yet, but he played a performance at the gala FutureWife! was involved in putting on last weekend and it was heavy with new tracks which got me to listen to it in depth. I'm totally hooked on "Alright/OK". Incidentally, he's a really nice guy too. I had the chance to meet him and have a good chat.
  12. Google Reveals New Logo

    Huge, huge downgrade. Why does everyone hate serifs? http://www.fastcodesign.com/3050613/googles-new-logo-is-its-biggest-update-in-16-years
  13. The Celebrate Yourself Here Thread *merged*

    On Saturday I asked the love of my life to marry me and she said yes.
  14. What are you watching?

    Then you'll enjoy S4 Ep 1 of Archer. It's a Bob's Burgers crossover.
  15. What if Quebec had voted to separate from Canada?

    But Quebec wasn't really seeking outright independence. They were seeking "sovereignty association". That basically meant that they would be independent for the purposes of having federal laws apply to them but the national museums would still exist in Quebec and they would have continued to use the Canadian dollar (or, worst case, adopted the US dollar). The borders would also have never been closed or required a passport. The status they were seeking was more that of a sovereign province more than an independent nation. Basically exempting themselves from all the responsibilities of partaking in a national legislature (taxes, federal laws, etc) while still getting to reap the benefits of it.