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  1. AsM29

    Custom Sports Jerseys

    Send me a PM. I think I can probably help you out!
  2. AsM29

    Trying to Find a Reebok NFL Jersey

    The Ebay jersey looks legit to me. The picture from the store is photoshopped. I'd go for it.
  3. AsM29

    Custom Hockey Cards

    Cool, I am good friends with Alex Galchenyuk's sister.... Small world.
  4. AsM29

    Kiss Cut Numbers

    All of the teams in the NHL have their jerseys numbered and lettered by different people. Because of this, the techniques vary from team to team. As far as the bruins go, I know for a fact that the jerseys they wear on the ice are 3 layer twill with an embroidered shoulder patch..
  5. AsM29

    NashVille Predators New Logos

    Has anyone else noticed that there seems to be piano keys on the inside of the collars?
  6. Hey man, saw in a thread in the requests forum that you have vectors of Boston College's font. If you still have it would you mind sending it to me? Thanks.

  7. AsM29

    NBA TrueType fonts now available!

    It is most likely a custom script, and not a font.
  8. AsM29

    NHL 2011-2012: Possible Uniform Changes

    A separate wordmark...
  9. AsM29

    NHL 2011-2012: Possible Uniform Changes

    Just a heads up that the oilers will have a new word mark next year. I will post pictures as soon as I know it is ok to do so.
  10. AsM29

    CCM Jersey Question

    The collar on the white lady liberty jersey he is selling is wrong... The colors don't match up with a picture of Gretzky wearing that jersey style.
  11. AsM29

    CCM Jersey Question

    not all pre edge's have the rounded shoulder yoke. i have a pre edge canucks jersey (koho) with a rectangular shaped yoke. I'm almost positive that the Hurricanes have always had the rounded shoulder Yoke. that's simply not true. the ccm/koho thing only lasted a few years. the hurricanes had these uniforms before that went into effect. After a little research, it seems that you are correct. My mistake.
  12. AsM29

    CCM Jersey Question

    I can think of two problems... 1) It should definitely have a rounded shoulder yoke. 2) If it is a red jersey, then it should be a "Koho", not "CCM".
  13. AsM29

    Maine Mariners

    The jerseys from that place are in no way authentic, strictly reproductions... They stole the Hamilton Tigers logo right from this site.
  14. AsM29

    brandIDENTITY: Detroit Red Wings

    I don't spend much time in the concepts forum anymore, but your thread caught my eye and decided I needed to speak up since it's such a great concept. I can't wait to see what you come up with for new numbers. Really looking forward to that.
  15. The link isn't working...