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  1. Hey man, saw in a thread in the requests forum that you have vectors of Boston College's font. If you still have it would you mind sending it to me? Thanks.

  2. NBA TrueType fonts now available!

    It is most likely a custom script, and not a font.
  3. Name That Font!

    I'm positive it's custom, I have every teams sports fonts and that's not the Canadiens, nor any of them, hope this helps. I think what you mean is you have the uniform number and name fonts... Doesn't mean they didn't use another font for their website.
  4. **TEMPLATES**

    The links for both of speedy's hockey templates are no good anymore...
  5. Hey man! Clear the mail, I wanted to chat with you!

  6. Mighty Ducks

    Oddball, do you have the vector of that logo?
  7. Name That Font!

    It's the same font as this one if this helps identify it. Is it what the Avalanche use? That is the Avalanche font. I just confirmed it with the Avs styleguide.
  8. Other Design Help

    I'm having a hard time making a corner after making a curved line. In illustrator, I would click on where I want to start, then clicking where I want the line to finish. I would then drag the mouse to make the curve. I would then have two choices, click on another point, making a large curve around the last point (problem I am having), or clicking on the second point and then clicking on the third point to make another curve. Does that make any sense?
  9. Other Design Help

    Nice tutorial GBM. I think that would be more helpful than if you tried to type it out anyway. I just downloaded Inkscape to try it out. It seems pretty cool, but I can't get the pen tool to work right. It's a bit different than Illustrator. Any insight?
  10. Templates Requests

    What type of file are you looking for?
  11. Templates Requests

    Yeah, no worries. I was just filling in for you while you were absent.
  12. Templates Requests

    I'm also looking for this as I'm working on a concept for theflakeband's MLS Redesign thread. But I need a raster template that can be used in I'm not fortunate enough to have a vector program. Yes you are. GBM, you have to tell him where to get it.... Try a program called Inkscape. It's a free alternative to programs like Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. You can download it here.
  13. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    It actually begs the question -- which uniform should Terrell be associated with? As of today, I would have Owens' team association in this order... 1. 49ers 2. Cowboys 3. Eagles 4. Bills My list for TO would have the Eagles at the top. I'm not sure why, but whenever I hear his name, that is the first team I think of.
  14. Name That Font!

    Here are some of the Crillee fonts that are available. Are you still going to Rockland high?
  15. Illustrator Help

    You know you can find versions of most sports logos vectorized already online so that you dont have to convert them yourself, right?