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  1. That fixes the helmet problem for me. I don't like the shape of the T, but what I really don't like are the flames being so off center. Makes me look like my hat is off kilter, and we can't have that. Ha!
  2. Great. As if there weren't enough ugly mugs at NFL stadiums already. Now we'll have ugly mugs with wife beaters on.
  3. Now we're talking. If they use this template and replace the shamrocks with mountains, they could probably fit 1,000 on there.
  4. I'm hoping to see some changes for the Titans, but the owners have their heads so far up their butts, they probably think the flaming thumbtack is top 5.
  5. I agree. And the smaller they make the mountains, the more foreboding the train appears. Seems like duh.
  6. Am I right in saying that no changes have been announced for the upcoming season?
  7. Perhaps if they made them smaller.
  8. Oh yeah. I forgot about that!
  9. This is the Kentucky penis. Did Kansas and Kansas St. have one too?
  10. I like the pants "stripe" for the Jets. That's a cool way to add some flair without getting too far away from a traditional stripe.
  11. Yeah. It's crazy obvious. You would think that UK would be especially careful about these things after that penis in the wildcat's mouth debacle.
  12. Looks like two birds doing it missionary style.
  13. Dylan Favre was playing QB for the US. That game against France ended up being 80-something to zero. From looking at scores from the previous rounds of games, it looked like France was the 2nd best team.