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  1. 2017 CFL Season

    Well, it looks like he won't be here for a whole day:
  2. University of Missouri-Kansas City new logo

    This is surprising as they just changed 4 years ago.
  3. Well, this logo shows that what happens if put a bull in a blender.
  4. What Your Favorite Team Might Have Been Called?

    So I heard, the San Jose Sharks would been called the Blades, but they nixed it due to gang associations.
  5. What Your Favorite Team Might Have Been Called?

    According to Wikipedia, that if they picked Huskies their logo would look similar to the Timberwolves. So that's why they ditched it.
  6. Columbus Catfish now Bowling Green Hot Rods

    The main logo is terrible, but that alternate "BG" logo looks fine. The only complaint I have with the alt. logo is looks kind of messy due to how the logo is "connected".
  7. New State of Alabama license plates

    Like CC said, the slogan is nice, but the pastel colour is sorta weird. But it really looks different than other plates though.
  8. From what I heard, the team name is going to be the Quad Cites Flames. I hope they don't use a flaming Q and C for the logo.
  9. It's official. The Knights are moving to Quad city. Flames announce move of the Knights
  10. Guess That Logo Contest

    Is that the Houston Thunderbears of the AFL?
  11. NXBL - National Xtrem Baseball League

    This might become the next ABA. (the modern one with a huge number of teams with bad logos).
  12. Arena (AFL) Logos for sportslogos.net

    That's Nice! You're good at this.
  13. Lehigh Valley AAA team name

    Personally, I thought It could gotten worse. They could have a "robo pig" and pull it off as the team's logo.