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  1. New College Football Uniforms

    word on the street is the K-State helmet will be nearly the same as before but with a black facemask and black stripes. Ron Prince is certainly doing his part to distance the program from Bill Snyder. Heck they're even playing non-con opponents now. I reserve judgement until i see the authentics.
  2. Kansas Changes

    The sad thing is, the athletic department is pissed about the changes, but the academic wing is pushing through regardless. Chancellor BOOB Hemenway has continually disappointed his fanbase and alumni, you don't mess with tradition. KU has had a western style font on the basketball jerseys every year since roughly 1986.
  3. CCSLC Final Four - Round 1 Voting

    Northwest A-#2 B-#3 C-#1 Northeast A-#5 B-#4 C-#1 Southwest A-#4 B-#1 C-#2 Southeast A-#4 B-#2 C-#3
  4. New Florida Gators basketball jerseys

    Not sure you'll see them again, since they're getting a good Volunteering from Tennessee tonight.
  5. Basketball Template

    Those look awesome, could you please do a Kansas Jayhawks one, that would be wonderful. Keep up the good work my friend.
  6. Kansas in Crimson

    Kansas wore yellow jerseys for I believe one or two games in 1987 when Danny Manning was filling the paint and Larry Brown was stalking the sidelines. Brown had a history of tinkering with the uniforms when he was Kansas including the infamous 1986 Final Four debacle in Dallas losing to Duke in red uniforms. Kansas didn't sport red uniforms again until Bill Self's first year as head coach in 2003 and has worn them i believe six times now. This was the first game with the new adidas look. Hope this helps, by the way, I love the blue side pannels, I wish they would do the same with red on the normal roads.
  7. This would be the definition of perfection in my book, awesome work as always
  8. new 06-07 ncaa bball uniforms

    Not really a new uniform but a slight change. Kansas is wearing a V-neck this year rather than last year's U-neck, makes the jersey look more form fitting i think. This Year Last Year
  9. NCAA Uni Bowl Round 1:Big 12

    I posted some too, thanks for the polls miltonANDlumbergh, I enjoy them
  10. NCAA Uni Bowl Round 1:Big 12

    Kansas hasn't wore the navy blue uniforms in two seasons now your poll isn't quite accurate
  11. Big 12 Australian style

    The Husker one is awesome. The KU one is almost there, I think the logo is a little messed up the bottom of the head (the red part) is missing. Otherwise these are classic looking.
  12. The Penguins Close To Officially Moving?

    The only flaw in the plan of that article is that the Sprint Center has about a year and a half left before it is "just completed"
  13. Georgia Bulldogs Concept

    Hey all, I wanted to share my idea for a more modern Georgia Bulldogs football jersey set. I know two things that are not very welcome here are piping and modernization of classic looks. So don't hate on it too much, its just a fantasy concept . New Georgia Football Uniforms I tried to model the Arizona Cardinals but with a little bit of Georgia traits.
  14. Bulls Logo

    Nice execution but I prefer the old bulls logo, its too classic to make angular.
  15. Best Dunk of All Time

    I was blown away by Nate Robinson trying the Jason Richardson dunk, off the board and through the legs. Thats the hardest timing dunk I've ever seen completed. Igoudala's behind the back off the bounce was something special too. I'd say though, that the Statue of Liberty dunk is top three.