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  1. NCAA Uni Bowl Round 1:Big 12

    I posted some too, thanks for the polls miltonANDlumbergh, I enjoy them
  2. NCAA Uni Bowl Round 1:Big 12

    Kansas hasn't wore the navy blue uniforms in two seasons now your poll isn't quite accurate
  3. Big 12 Australian style

    The Husker one is awesome. The KU one is almost there, I think the logo is a little messed up the bottom of the head (the red part) is missing. Otherwise these are classic looking.
  4. The Penguins Close To Officially Moving?

    The only flaw in the plan of that article is that the Sprint Center has about a year and a half left before it is "just completed"
  5. Georgia Bulldogs Concept

    Hey all, I wanted to share my idea for a more modern Georgia Bulldogs football jersey set. I know two things that are not very welcome here are piping and modernization of classic looks. So don't hate on it too much, its just a fantasy concept . New Georgia Football Uniforms I tried to model the Arizona Cardinals but with a little bit of Georgia traits.
  6. Bulls Logo

    Nice execution but I prefer the old bulls logo, its too classic to make angular.
  7. Best Dunk of All Time

    I was blown away by Nate Robinson trying the Jason Richardson dunk, off the board and through the legs. Thats the hardest timing dunk I've ever seen completed. Igoudala's behind the back off the bounce was something special too. I'd say though, that the Statue of Liberty dunk is top three.
  8. Los Angeles Seadragons

    I like the color scheme, but along with some of the other people's comments, I think the name Sea Dragons is very versatile, I would like to see something more fierce than a sea horse for the logo, give me something that would make me scared to swim in the Pacific.
  9. LSU Tigers

    Not to mention, that most here probably like LSU's helmet.
  10. Templates Requests

    Here's a blank version of my basketball court template. I know BigShoop was wanting it. Basketball Court
  11. Start of a NFL concept series?

    The silver just doesn't fit into the overall scheme of the modern style in my opinion but otherwise you have did a wonderful job tying the stripes together and such. All in all I prefer the current Falcons look. Keep 'em coming though.
  12. Tampa Bay Rays Idea

    While I like the interlocking TB logo and the secondary and the uniforms are doable. I would like to see a new nickname. The interlocking TB in the lime and navy would be solid for a name like, oh I don't know, the Tarpons . I'm not sold on the Rays nickname even though I see where it's going. Otherwise I would like to see a white home jersey in the Florida Panthers-esque colors.
  13. Concept for The Ohio State University

    thanks guys for the great c and c, I might tinker with some of your ideas.
  14. Louisville Cardinals basketball concept

    I like them but I'm definitely getting an Atlanta Hawks vibe to these. Good work though.
  15. Hey guys, recently I've been tweaking some of the Big Ten teams basketball packages. Thus far, Ohio State is the only one that I'm satisfied with and thus I wanted to show it off to you. I changed the jersey script to match the logo more and emphasized the block O logo as a secondary. Hope you guys like it. Ohio State Concept Edit: The image was ginormous, so I linked it instead