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  1. Creamer Concept World Cup - VOTING(FINALS)

    Mexico over Chile Uruguay over Japan Bosnia over Honduras USA over South Korea Netherlands over Brazil England over Greece Nigeria over Ecuador Portugal over Russia
  2. I'm gonna track Kansas this year. http://kansasunitracker.blogspot.com/
  3. I have the Big 10 site ready for posting too. Big 10 Uni Tracker
  4. Mizzou WILL wear gold jerseys

    KU's white pants were the first since the switch to the lighter blue in 2006. Rumor has it that they have blue pants in the works too. That would make three jerseys and three pants. As for Mizzou, the Dwight Schrute mustard jerseys would have looked good on a non-sloppy grass field, instead they had too much green and white field residue that made them look pretty gross by the end of the game.
  5. iowa state concept

    Very nice job, but ISU doesn't have a baseball team. I am a fan of the basketball jerseys I can really see them wearing something like that next year.
  6. Men's Final Four Court

    Looked pretty good to me, then again I am a little bias right now ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK
  7. March Madness Jersey Sigs

    2008 National Champs puhlease, when you get a chance. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK
  8. March Madness Jersey Sigs

    I concur with KCScout, 1988 Kansas please
  9. Vandy Basketball

    Despite being an Adidas backed school I would cherish a Kansas SOD concept
  10. Michigan in adidas

    Nike has a hard time keeping some schools because they only want to back the successful sports. At Kansas they dropped coverage to all sports but basketball and football and only were giving them a slim chunk of change. In came Adidas and they laid down a huge sum to cover the whole athletic department. I'm sure it was all about the $$ to Michigan as well. Adidas makes good products though, just horrible shoes. Soccer is a different story
  11. New Oregon Basketball unis

    I could list somewhere around 20 teams that aren't wearing system of dress uniforms this year. They far outnumber teams that are. I am surprised of this Oregon change, it seems like Ernie Kent has always had pretty clean uniforms in spite of what Mike Bellotti's squad rolls out in each game, I think they are okay though.
  12. Memphis? Please.

    I'm gonna say this nicely, you should probably stick to hockey. Memphis is clearly better than the rest of Conference USA but they can't trade their conference schedule unfortunately. They will be a #1 regardless of whether they lose to Tennessee or not. UNC and Duke will not both get one seeds because they'll split at least once more and play in a weak ACC this year. I'm apprehensive about Kansas and UCLA as well. But who cares about #1 seeds, save last year's tournament the number one seed has won a total of five championships in the past ten years. Its all about matchups and who is hot at the right time. Enjoy the ride.
  13. The infamous "tire tread" college basketball pattern

    Memphis has tweaked their uniforms this year. Last years design was actually against NCAA rules. The top stripe doesn't go across the top anymore, but I agree they are straight out of 1995.
  14. CCSLC College Bowl Pick 'Em 2007

    I couldn't find this until today. I'm in.