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  1. AndrewPF

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Late to the party, but I'm 100% here for the Notre Dame/Yankees mashups, because I hate both of those teams and I'm glad they're both party to this abomination.
  2. AndrewPF

    Hellman's Mayonaise new packaging

    It doesn't look bad, but it's just a lateral move. It seems like a reflection of the recent design trend of using package design to make national-brand products look like small-batch, "craft" versions of those products in order to stay relevant among the youths.
  3. AndrewPF

    Mets, Phillies Wearing Little League Style Uniforms Sunday

    I think the jerseys look great, but the hats seem to have different colors that don't look quite so good. Is that just my eyes?
  4. AndrewPF

    New Twix Logo Concept

    I think it's a little too plain and thin for a candy logo. It's a clean design, but it looks more like a logo for a flavored seltzer water or some kind of "lite" diet food. Even just broadening the letters a bit would improve it markedly, I think.
  5. AndrewPF

    Tampa Bay Rays: Hotline M̶i̶a̶m̶i̶ Tampa

    This is so much better than what they have now, I love it. Great job! My only knock is that the lines need to be cleaned up a bit, but the idea is brilliant.
  6. AndrewPF

    NFL Conceptual Uniforms

    Purple with the Saints is a fun idea, and while I'm not loving it in practice here, I really want it to work. I'd suggest toning it down a bit, not using it as the main color of that jersey. If you're set on using purple as a main color, maybe de-emphasize the black a bit. I think it clashes with this shade of purple.
  7. I like how there's a bank at second base, that's gotta be unique to any infield worldwide!
  8. AndrewPF

    Team city flag recolor (REQUESTS TAKEN)

    Man alive, that Maple Leafs one is b-e-a-utiful. Same goes for the Blues. I wish they'd bring back red as an accent color.
  9. AndrewPF

    AHL "NHL Night" uniforms (29/30)

    I'm loving that Chicago set. The numbers being a bit distorted to mesh better with the stripes is actually a really cool move!
  10. AndrewPF

    Mandela Effect

    Red pants would have been better. Those are awful.
  11. AndrewPF

    Mandela Effect

    I'm not sure I know what that is. This was a huge thing online last year or so.
  12. AndrewPF

    Mandela Effect

    Maybe it's not the best example, but that's what thrust the phenomenon back into the collective consciousness and blew up the internet for a while, so I put it out there.
  13. AndrewPF

    Mandela Effect

    As far as the Cardinals one goes, we've seen the BP jerseys from the 90s, and now we've seen that one-off, but maybe the image is so vivid because (as far as I've seen in a few places I've lived) where there are MLB-branded little league teams, having a Cardinals team in red shirts just like that one is pretty common. Now, it might be far-fetched to suggest that we're confusing a little league shirt with a real one, but perhaps the widespread existence of the little league one causes us to assume that it must be modeled off a real one.
  14. AndrewPF

    Mandela Effect

    This is crazy to me because now that you mention it, I almost remember two red jerseys myself, even though they've never worn red outside of BP.
  15. You're right. Almost every other sport has been making big strides in "performance" gear, and the closest thing we've seen in baseball are those questionably-useful energy necklaces that pitchers used to wear in the mid-2000s.