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  1. New Twix Logo Concept

    I think it's a little too plain and thin for a candy logo. It's a clean design, but it looks more like a logo for a flavored seltzer water or some kind of "lite" diet food. Even just broadening the letters a bit would improve it markedly, I think.
  2. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    That's probably one of the seven funniest things I've read on this forum in the ten years I've been kicking around. That's just excellent.
  3. What Are You Listening To?

    Finally got around to giving DAMN. a spin. I'm liking it a lot, not that I expected otherwise. I've never once listened to Kendrick Lamar and thought he left anything to be desired.
  4. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    Shades of Craven. How weird would it be if this was the stealthy return of the man himself? (In keeping with the theme of the last page or so in this thread)
  5. Tampa Bay Rays: Hotline M̶i̶a̶m̶i̶ Tampa

    This is so much better than what they have now, I love it. Great job! My only knock is that the lines need to be cleaned up a bit, but the idea is brilliant.
  6. What Floats your Boat?

    Oh, I love trivia, but I have a complete and total inability to play as part of a team because I'm an a-hole. Trivia is something I have to undertake as a solo activity. I've established it as Something I'm Good At, so I have to be the "captain" if I'm playing with a team. This makes nobody happy, so I only ever get involved with trivia on my own. I should really work on that, but at the same time, solo trivia night sees me walk out with some kind of prize 9/10 times, so maybe I should keep doing what I'm doing. Tonight one of the categories was sports logos! Which NHL logo depicts a hockey stick broken in half?
  7. What Floats your Boat?

    Bar games. I love going out to places that have pool or darts or shuffleboard. To me, there are few things better than spending an evening with some friends and a few pints, putting a few dollars each in the jukebox, and playing some games. If they've got one of those hunting video games, it doesn't hurt, but the more traditional games will be more fun for a longer time.
  8. NFL Conceptual Uniforms

    Purple with the Saints is a fun idea, and while I'm not loving it in practice here, I really want it to work. I'd suggest toning it down a bit, not using it as the main color of that jersey. If you're set on using purple as a main color, maybe de-emphasize the black a bit. I think it clashes with this shade of purple.
  9. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    Last night I realized that a classic board event took place 10 years ago. I was 15. Stop the ride, I wanna get off!
  10. I like how there's a bank at second base, that's gotta be unique to any infield worldwide!
  11. What Are You Listening To?

    Every couple of months I'll find myself thrown into a Big Beat thing that lasts about a week and just consists of listening to almost nothing but Fatboy Slim, the Prodigy, and the Chemical Brothers. That's where I'm at right now, and I'm sure I'll be over it by Friday until mid-July when it comes back.
  12. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    I was just thinking about that today (as I'm sure we've all been reminiscing about mid-2000s CCSLC threads over the last week or so). That would have been so much funnier and so much less creepy if Monica Bisordi weren't a real person. I embarrassed myself in that thread too, not in the sense that I tried proposing to someone posing online, but because I said something incredibly sexist because I was 15 and didn't know better (or just didn't care)*. Either way, I wish I hadn't gone back and seen that. I'm ashamed of myself retroactively. *Full disclosure: I'd insinuated that a poster couldn't have actually been female because the person in question said something insightful about football. Jesus Christ, I wanna go back in time ten years and beat my 15-year-old self about the face with a motorcycle chain.
  13. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    It seems like this Yippy character is just trolling by coming back and making new accounts, many of which have "Yippy" right in the name. Even if she was an otherwise-decent poster, I feel like doing like that will just evaporate tolerance for her.
  14. Team city flag recolor (REQUESTS TAKEN)

    Man alive, that Maple Leafs one is b-e-a-utiful. Same goes for the Blues. I wish they'd bring back red as an accent color.
  15. AHL "NHL Night" uniforms (29/30)

    I'm loving that Chicago set. The numbers being a bit distorted to mesh better with the stripes is actually a really cool move!