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  1. 2015 NCAA FBS Coaching Changes Thread

    I'm done. They decided to go with the worst possible option. How do they expect recruiting to go when these kids know the football coach won't be there when they're juniors? I honestly can't believe this was even considered a realistic option.
  2. NFL Anti-Thread: Sponsored by FanKings

    Used the company's proprietary ranking algorithms in order to do that. It's kind of why its considered bad form for members of the casino staff to play the slots at that casino. Isn't the controversy about employees from one company winning games hosted by the other? So a Draft Kings employee takes his information and uses it to create lineups on Fan Duel knowing that it's essentially the same.
  3. Show Your Mini Helmets

    I have of those and the Browns helmet has a plain orange sticker.
  4. NFL Anti-Thread: Sponsored by FanKings

    Never met anyone that's been to Esquire Lounge or Jupiter's...
  5. NFL Changes 2015

    Normally I would agree with you, but in this case, that grass field has been HORRENDOUS, even ending a few players' careers thanks to destroyed knee ligaments caused by seams in the turf trays. Something needed to be done there. I just wish we could see players get muddy once in a while. I miss thatI prefer watching players run as fast as they can and actually make cuts.
  6. NBA Changes 2015-16 Season

    I like these better with sleeves too. I'm fine with basketball jerseys having sleeves if teams actually design around them.
  7. Unpopular Opinions

    I think this is the best the Rockets have ever looked and don't want them to rebrand anytime soon.
  8. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    That Sharks jersey is near perfect. Get it an updated crest and that's what they should be wearing every game.
  9. 2015-16 College hoops

    The addition of the "Lou Henson Court" is the only change from last year for Illinois. Personally, I think the orange jacket is a bit much. Love the styling around "Court" though. Nice nod to the Flyin' Illini.
  10. 2015-16 College hoops

    Illinois with a court update after news that it will now be called Lou Henson Court
  11. U.S. Soccer New Logo?

    Definite upgrade, not that upgrading was a particularly hard task. It's not great, but it's the direction they should've gone in.
  12. 2015-16 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Arizona: Slight upgrade, but only because the previous uniforms didn't fit with a team from Arizona. They remind me of the Islanders first Edge jerseys which I actually liked, but I don't think the Coyotes used their colors as well as they could've. Like Bucfan said, red helmets and jerseys with black pants is going to look weird. Colorado: Downgrade. I wasn't even a big fan of the yeti foot logo, but the C doesn't look right there. The C being as round as it is just doesn't fit with the Avs uniforms. Columbus: Slight downgrade. I don't think the cannon looks bad on the shoulder, but the cap was better. Edmonton: The orange jersey looks great. The shoulder numbers look out of place, though. I know it's a throwback, but they should've moved the numbers onto the sleeves. Montreal: I like the laces. Would've preferred the collars on both jerseys to be blue, but that's a pretty small change.
  13. Unpopular Opinions

    That could be said for the Packers "G", Bears "C", Cubs, Indians "C", Yankees "NY", Dodgers "LA", and many others. All of those logos I just mentioned can be drawn by a child. None are special in any way. They are just generic scripts. Again, IMO the response has been an overreaction. There isn't much you can do with Clippers anyways. I don't see any lakes in the Lakers logo. That's a basic logo as well. Now is the new Clippers logo a great logo? Absolutely not! It's very plain and simple. But it is also nowhere near as bad as the cries have it to be. I'd argue that the Yankees and Dodgers (maybe Bears too, but the Reds logo is pretty much the same) have great logos regardless of the tradition behind them. You can have a great logo that can be drawn by a child. And the name Clippers gives you plenty to work with. You could, I don't know, put a clipper ship in the logo. Saying a couple curved lines represent the ocean isn't enough when designing a logo representative of the team name is so simple.
  14. 2015/16 International Football

    Looks like November is derby month for Spurs: @ Arsenal West Ham Chelsea
  15. FIFA officials arrested on corruption charges

    The people voting don't want to clean up FIFA's image.