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  1. The United Soccer Association, a fantasy MLS league on the boards, will be looking for at least one new owner for the 2016 season. The league will be entering it's fifth season and his home to the current holders of the inter-board fantasy soccer competition, the CCSLC Champions League. There may be more spots available if other current owners do not return. Anyone in good standing on the boards with at least 500 posts and 6 months of experience is welcome to apply. Additional details and the application can be found here.
  2. I'm done. They decided to go with the worst possible option. How do they expect recruiting to go when these kids know the football coach won't be there when they're juniors? I honestly can't believe this was even considered a realistic option.
  3. Gold: 13 Silver: 16 Bronze: 14
  4. Gold: 13 Silver: 1 Bronze: 6
  5. Gold: 24 Silver: 29 Bronze: 8
  6. Gold: 13 Silver: 2 Bronze: 5
  7. Gold: 5 Silver: 6 Bronze: 13
  8. Gold: 17 Silver: 1 Bronze: 10
  9. Gold: 4 Silver: 15 Bronze: 10
  10. Gold: 6 Silver: 7 Bronze: 17
  11. Gold: 12 Silver: 1 Bronze: 5 Honorable mentions to 14 and 6. I thought both were really good, but looked too old for the time period of the contest.
  12. Booooo. One of my favorite t-shirts is based off this uniform, but that's as far as this design should go. They don't need to be wearing gray uniforms, especially for homecoming where they should be in orange/blue/orange.
  13. Those are fine for a one time throwback, but I don't think the team would like having to replace the sticker on the front every single week.
  14. It's an upgrade, but that's not saying much. The two color logo is much better than the primary.