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  1. I'm falling more and more in love with Vegas's look every time I see it. Absolutely love it. My Devils just look worse and worse.
  2. Is there any chance the Devils can "49ers" this uniform and use the old design on the Adizero template?
  3. God, no...
  4. Even after the abomination of my Devils debacle of a sweater, anyone asking for Reebok's return needs a stiff cranial recalibration...
  5. I really like the Vegas unis. I'm sold on them. Really good job.
  6. What the.... Those blue stripes need to be thicker or the white stripes thinner...
  7. The big winners here are Colorado, Vegas (I can get used to the white gloves), Carolina. Most get a push just because it was the same they had. That, though, is a loss for Washington, Ottawa, Calgary, and San Jose, who had a golden opportunity to fix glaring wrongs, and failed to do so. Big losers are New Jersey, by far. Followed by Minnesota, Edmonton, and St. Louis, what the HELL did you do to your numbers? Overall, not the sh•tshow the Reebok rollout was, but by no means a home run.
  8. I hope New Jersey's new jerseys aren't that bad.... ...please tell me they aren't that bad ....you couldn't just stay with tradition?
  9. That was an "A" show. Only part that didn't do anything to further a story was the Fashion Police/Ascension stuff
  10. How is Jinder not deserving?
  11. That Mike and Maria music can fu•k right the hell off...
  12. Those two teams can work a damn match. Fantastic tag match.