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  1. Tinkering. Also added some old-school shine. Normally i hate gradients, but... WWE, man...
  2. I just hope they abandon Brooklyn soon. The crowds at Barclays are atrocious. Rosemont crowds, outside of the "CM Punk" chants (which is understandable there, if ONLY there), are light-years better...
  3. Bored. Did stuff.
  4. I made the original logo for the club back in 2010. Felt it needed a definite overhaul... the club agreed. Original: Updated:
  5. That's why it's a concept...
  6. Yikes. There is. I'll fix that asap
  7. There isn't a second brown outline...
  8. I can see Finn being HHH's heir apparent. The man already founded and led one of the top heel wrestling stables in the world today... i can see it as a swerve at Mania that Balor makes a turn.
  9. Why the skull? *shrug* Thought it looked cool. Not really a commentary or representative of anything. I leave that to the viewer to make, i suppose.