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  1. JQK

    NFL 2018 changes

    Jags look good. A huge improvement over their last set.
  2. JQK

    the admiral

    Love it when CCSLC turns into Law & Order and everyone becomes a lawyer... Ahhh, am I so glad those days are behind me...
  3. JQK


    Never. They aren't New York, which is the main sticking point with Red Bull. It's why MetroStars was the perfect name for this club. They were the soccer stars of the NY/NJ Metropolitan Area... it just... it fit. (Yes, i know "MetroStars" is a corporate name too, but sometimes you get these happy accidents where it fits, like Great American Ballpark) So no New York. Hahahaha.
  4. JQK


  5. JQK


    I've been seeing a bunch of my concepts popping up on other sites and people using them on Teespring and Teechip, so it may be overdoing the watermarks, but... ...sorry, not sorry.
  6. JQK


  7. JQK

    Newly-formed Atlantic East Conference Unveils Logo

    You have the A, the east arrow, the subtle star iconography... It's a Division I-A conference logo in D-III. Bosack knows his stuff...
  8. Better brand than another "MLB copy and paste" deal. If Allentown/Bethlehem can have the Iron Pigs, Pizza Rats is fine by me.
  9. Its a shame to see such hate towards a great story simply because others feel this team doesn't "deserve" this success, or because their team was awful for their first few season after expansion, or because they're in the desert, or because the Penguins dumped MAF, or because... or because... or because... People in this community were killing this franchise before they even had a name. "How DARE the NHL go to Las Vegas and not Quebec. Why does Bettman love the desert?!"... "Vegas? Not Las Vegas? Dumb!"... "Golden Knights? Foley's Army boner is a disgrace"... "That logo looks like a spartan helmet, not a knights helmet... never mind the "V"... Dumb!"... "This team is a dumpster fire and i'm gonna love watching it"... There are members of this community that have not wanted to give this a franchise a chance since it was announced, and now that they've defied the odds, well, now it has to be the expansion draft that no one complained about before or during the proceedings, or even until the All-Star break, when it became apparent that Vegas wasn't going away I remember being this miserable as a sports fan, and it was a cancer. I hope someday some here in this community can let go of some of their misery and be happy for these players, and these fans, and just enjoy the fun that this game is, and enjoy the fun that this story is.
  10. That is one of the finer looking trophies in all of sports. Always loved it.
  11. No one was saying Vegas was a playoff team. MOST people were saying Vegas was going to be the worst team in the league. People didn't start crying "rigged" until the Knights failed to fade after a hot start. The expansion draft wasn't rigged. The expansion draft wasn't unfair. I'm sorry some team's fans are upset because their teams haven't smelled success in forever, and this brand new team is where they've never been, but that doesn't mean the system was rigged for them (or for Pittsburgh, or for Chicago, or for Detroit, or for anyone). This isn't the KHL, as much as some of you seem to want it SO BADLY to be. All this is, is Vegas getting lucky with a top-level goalie in Fleury (due to being pushed out in Pittsburgh in favor of Murray), and good scouting and GM work in picking up players the rest of the league's GM's felt were expendable, and the coach for getting the absolute most of of these guys. There is no grand conspiracy. No one is out to get you.
  12. Hockey fans: "THE expansion rules for Vegas were UNFAIR! They were always destined to be good because the NHL stacked the odds in their favor! RIGGED!!!" Also Hockey Fans, 11 months ago: Shut up.
  13. The Vegas story is huge... just them being in it will get eyeballs, especially casual fan eyeballs.