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  1. The weather was actually good for that Mania... The Mania itself was awful, but that had nothing to do with the latitude of the event's location...
  2. They held it in the Meadowlands in early April... can't see why Philly wouldn't get it...
  3. Posted on their Facebook
  4. So is the Giants/Cowboys opening up SNF every year the new tradition?
  5. Really like it. Nice job.
  6. So WWE fans lose Mauro Ranallo because JBL mentally abused him (and so many others), but we still have to listen to JBL, Otunga, and Saxton. If ever there was proof that the universe isn't fair...
  7. What is "The right kind" of anger? If he was bland and boring and just not worth watching, he doesn't get that reaction on Monday night. If the fans didnt care, he wouldnt have been able to olay them like a fiddle for 12 minutes. XPac heat was never, EVER this hot. Neither was Bluetista heat. This is something all its own, and I have to say I love watching it grow and get bigger every damn week. Honestly, seeing how bad the Roman reaction will be is a reason to tune into Raw on its own right now. Also, I still don't get this idea in fans minds that Vince and creative don't know how bad it is with the fans Reigns hate. Of course they do. It's silly and naive of anyone to think otherwise. If you turn Roman into a traditional heal, his heat is nowhere NEAR where it is right now, all the smarks will love him and cheer him, and it'll kill all he has right now. Keep him as "Vince's pet project"... it's obviously working.
  8. This idea that Vince and Co. are simply unaware of the Roman hate is asinine to me. Of course they know everyone hates him. He's not getting X-Pac heat... he's getting Zbyszko heat. This is old Mid Atlantic "burn your car" heat. At this point it's making people watch and it's selling tickets. Why change it? Why kayfabe turn him heel, when he's getting more heat now than he would as a "heel"? Not only that, if he goes on to beat Brock at some point, and have a run with the strap, how much MORE hated will he be than now? Nuclear reactors couldn't produce that much. Now, imagine the guy that finally beats him for the strap? The long con, gentlemen...
  9. I actually think she's coming into her own and finding a groove. She came up too quick, and that hurt, but she is good. And honestly one of the best things they did was pair her with Ellsworth. It's made her and Ellsworth both more entertaining...
  10. I see AJ staying on SD. I can see Miz moving to Raw. The Club to SD makes sense, but so does New Day. New Day could help revitalize a dead division on SD. Also, I just can't trust Meltzer. EDIT: I also see Alexa going to Raw. Don't know why, just feel it. Would explain the immediate end to the Bliss/Naomi program by having her immediately lose her rematch on the SD after Mania.
  11. That's been bugging me since his return to NXT. Why is he in ring gear that... is just... not flattering in any way? It honestly distracts from the matches he is in.
  12. I was going for a stylized keystone that ended up looking for like a belt plate, and i liked it... hahaha I kept the bell as the "emoji" they used for XXXI and XXXII.... but the more i look at it the more i do wanna change things up.,,, I like my new WM script though. That ain't changing. hahaha.