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  1. Guess some members of the Blues fanbase are going for "best fans in hockey" to go along with their city's "best fans in baseball ™."
  2. They don't expect the Barclay's people to respect them. Also looks like Belmont might be the landing spot for the Isles if my sources are correct.
  3. And to build off of what gobbi and lopernv said, I lived in Shanghai (Puxi) for a year and worked in Pudong. The subway is your friend. You can take it damn near everywhere and it's cheap. It also serves Pudong Airport and takes about 45 minutes to get you to Nanjing Xi Lu (Nanjing Road East)/People's Square. If you're not fearful of large crowds, tightly packed then catch the 2 at Lujiauzi at rush hour just to see the sheer volume of people then get off the train at People's Square or Nanjing Xi Lu. I third the Bund, especially at night with the lights. For museums I recommend two The Shanghai Museum which has some wonderful ancient Chinese art and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center which is a good way to see the explosive growth the city's experienced in the past 20 years. With tall buildings I'd probably go up to the top of the Shanghai Tower first, then SWFC then Jin Mao. Have a drink at Jin Mao in the lobbyish lounge area and just look up through the core to the top of the building. It's a crazy optical illusion. In Pudong walk the best pictures of the Bund are from the river near Super Brand Mall. You can then take the ferry across the river back to the Bund or for a truly bizarre experience go back through The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. I like Pudong but outside of the French Concession and Xintiandi it's one of the most expensive areas of the city and caters to that end of the spectrum. Check out the Hongmei Lu pedestrian street a.k.a. Lowwai Street to see the Shanghai version of things catering to the expat community. When I was missing things from home like Mexican food they had it here. I concur on the French Concession. One of my favorite places in the city. Also for good Hong Shao Rou (red pork a famous Shanghaiese dish) go to Old Jessie which is in this area. You also might see Yao Ming in Xujiahui an adjoining neighborhood to the French Concession as he lives there. Without making this too long if you have an iron stomach the street vendors come out just after dark in a lot of the residential areas. There are a number on Pan Yu Lu near Jiaotong University with all different kinds of local street food. YMMV but I usually had pretty good luck and never got sick. Finally (yes, I promise) look for remnants of the old city. The three story apartment buildings with no indoor plumbing. There was a neighborhood of these I accidentally walked into near Xiaonanmen on Metro Line 9. Never dared to take out the camera but wished I went back to explore it more. From the satellite view the area may have been demolished for new buildings but if you can find an area like that just walk around for a bit because they're disappearing fast.
  4. Agreed. I always wondered what kind of blackmail material Snow had on Wang to get, keep and then get a five year extension when Wang walked out the door. He must know where all the skeletons are buried and then some.
  5. Isles will keep Doug Weight on as head coach. Surprisingly, I"m ok with this as I really liked how the team responded to him after he took over. However, Snow needs to go.
  6. Flood him out of Garth's basement then run him over with Honky. Isn't the first time Crapuano killed the playoff chances in November but thankfully he won't be able to do it again.
  7. Should have given him a year and a day.
  8. I did call center work and yup lasted about six months. Bucfan described most of the pitfalls but there are two others I'd include. First, handle times which sadly is one of the main metrics to a successful call center agent and are usually too short to successfully resolve the customer's issue. Too many times I'd get someone who from the notes in the system had called several times and the issue wasn't fixed. I'd spend some extra time to fix the problem at the expense of handle time because it would take time to get the problem fixed. It led to me getting yelled at by customers at the beginning of the calls and from management because my handle times were higher than they wanted. It was stressful. Second, the scheduling. One day I could work 11A-8P then the next day have to come in at 4:30AM then the next day come in at 9AM. A schedule like that isn't good for developing any type of sleep pattern and when combined with the stress of the job forced me to leave. If you can manage through that then you'll be ok otherwise my advice would be to look either to shift/promote while there or look for your next gig while still employed there.
  9. True, though I've changed my mind he should do the AM and PM drive traffic and transit reports on WCBS and 1010 WINS. "New Jersey Transit is experiencing 30 minute system wide delays BECAUSE THEY'RE INCOMPETENT!!!"
  10. I can just see it now...Mike Francessa's replacement at WFAN...Frank Fleming.
  11. They played like it tonight though. I really like the effort under Weight. He seems to have found a way to motivate the guys in a way Crapuano just couldn't. For the most part looking good right now but we'll see how things are at the end of the road trip.
  12. I'm good with them building at Belmont as it would bring the Isles back to Nassau County, though the Flushing location is honestly better.
  13. And at his presser just now Divac admitted he had a better deal two days ago. Who the hell admits that? This is what happens when you have no clue what you're doing and surround yourself with yes men. Oh they waived Matt Barnes too (this I don't really have an issue with.)
  14. Ranidive and Divac are the blind leading the blind. On the bright side my Tyreke Evans t-shirt from a few years back is now no longer "vintage" and tickets should be really cheap for the rest of the season.
  15. It was a poor attempt at a joke.