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  1. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    #Snowmustgo #DeadWeight Yes, I also admit I contributed to the fund for the two billboards in Brooklyn near the arena that say "Snow Must Go."
  2. 2018 NFL Offseason

    Saints owner Tom Benson died.
  3. Championship matchups you wish we got?

    2002 NBA Finals We got Lakers v. Nets but it really should have been Kings v. Nets which the Kings probably would have won.
  4. MLB changes 2018?

    Great minds think alike. I mentioned it last week. Looks like unfinished minor league crap.
  5. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    Ruth Road
  6. I don't know why all the hate for Lids. They do business the way we all should aspire to. What other sports apparel company shuts down for inventory the week before the Super Bowl, because you know, who wants to buy sports merchandise the week before the Super Bowl...[/ sarcasm] New Era is also maddening. Since their sizing is so notoriously inconsistent I can never order a fitted hat online. There are a few in this series I'd like to get my hands on though but for the inaccuracies. What a shame.
  7. MLB changes 2018?

    Sorry to break up the Brewjack... So I'm streaming the Mets Spring Training game this morning and the more I watch, the more I can't stand the single color white name and number on the back of the jersey especially when the jersey has a front number in the usual two (or more) color set up. Looks disjointed and cheap on teams such as the Mets and Angels. I can deal with it when there's no front number though.
  8. To a degree I think someone should make a 30 for 30 on the past twenty-five years of Islanders ineptitude...I mean history. I think it would put a lot of what is going on currently into context. I tend to agree with you as to your last sentence but I do believe that had things been handled better from Yormark and previous ownership, and a lesser extent the existing fan base, that we would be closer to Isles fans feeling at home and Brooklynites beginning to identify with them. Not completely integrated so to speak as I think that would take a generation or so, but much farther ahead than we are.
  9. I think the majority of the blame falls on Yormark, and to a lesser extent Charles Wang. Yormark made a number of miscalculations whether they were intentional, out of ignorance, out of sheer arrogance, or some combination of the three. In the season before the move the Isles played a very emotional playoff series against Washington which did a lot to energize the fan base. Instead of seizing the momentum, Yormark decided initially that he wanted to gut the house and start everything new which wasn't going to fly with an existing fan base who, while small is incredibly vocal unlike what I've seen from the Nets side . When the vocal fan base resisted Yormark's strategy he decided that instead of diplomacy he would attack the LI based fans in the media and on social media at every chance he got and only acquiesced when ownership intervened. He decided to go scorched earth on us when at the very least he should have recognized that although unhappy with the move enough of us would migrate over to Barclay's to give him a base to work with. I do feel that had Yormark made more of an effort to be diplomatic he would have faced less resistance from existing fans and would have had an easier time making some changes to better incorporate Brooklyn. I went to one of the first home games at Barclay's and it felt like we were a rent a team in someone else's house. There was no Islander imagery anywhere in the arena, the Team Store had no Islanders branding, the only brand exhibited in the building was Nets. Scheduling also proved an issue because the Islanders have had very few Friday or Saturday home games in Brooklyn since they get whatever's left after concerts and the Nets. Having more Friday and Saturday games would have helped fill the building with the existing fans because it's easier to go to the city on a weekend than during the week which would be supplemented with the Brooklyn crowd. Had Yormark properly marketed to both Brooklyn and Long Island simultaneously I think there would have been better success in both maintaining and building fans. Instead he appeared to try and build one while being openly hostile to the other. Ownership is also to blame here because nothing markets better than winning especially when it comes to a new building. Coming off of the highly emotional playoff series loss to Washington Wang and Snow did absolutely nothing to improve the roster and the team appears to be on their way to missing the playoffs for the second year in a row. I do think that a strong perennial cup contender on the ice would have had a positive impact on attendance which in turn would have helped with better scheduling. However, ineptitude in the front office and an unwillingness to improve the on ice product do not and have not helped any marketing efforts. You can have the best marketing team and campaign ever but if the team isn't winning on the ice... That said from my perspective I'd rather have the Islanders in Brooklyn than Seattle so I accepted the move. The building has issues beyond the obstructed view seats which make it bad for hockey, namely the ice plant is so bad that they have to make the building unbearably cold to the point of being uncomfortable for spectators. I'd rather see the Isles play at MSG or Prudential Center over Barclay's. I'm looking forward to the move to Belmont. And by the way their "MTA" developed goal horn was terrible. He would have had better luck just honking the horn of the rinkside SUV. As for Brett, he can go efff himself much in the same way he told us to do a couple years back.
  10. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    I love how Garth Snow got his own category in that article. Now if he would only melt away. #snowmustgo.
  11. I'm not a fan of either of them. In Barack's the background is too busy and takes the focus away from him where I feel it should be, while Michelle's looks unfinished with no background to provide balance. However, if the Obama's like them that's what matters. They're art and whether art is good is a subjective analysis, everyone has their own opinion. At least they're not the worst official portraits I've seen. That honor goes to the portrait of Jerry Brown in the California State Capitol.
  12. My Hockey Jersey is too Small!

    A chainsaw wouldn't work in this case if you don't want to get blood all over the jersey which would be murder to clean off. I'd recommend going the Kim Jong-Nam route.
  13. 2018 NFL Offseason

    So since Fox just paid $3.3 billion for the rights to air Thursday Night Football for the next five years it's safe to say it's staying around players be damned.
  14. They could just do like the Rangers and Marlins and put Cleveland on all their jerseys.
  15. Say it ain't so, Joe

    In New York City felony trials are conducted in NYS Supreme Court in the county (borough) of occurrence. Those judges are elected. The NYC Criminal Court with mayoral appointee judges is for misdemeanors and lesser offenses, and if memory serves me right arraignments, which in other parts of the state would be heard in County Court. New York probably has the most confusing court system in the nation for those not familiar with it. The highest court in the state isn't even the Supreme Court, it's the Court of Appeals. Go figure. ------------------ As for the judge in the Nassar case, her conduct could make an appeal of the sentence interesting insofar as getting some time knocked off his state sentence, but in the end he's going to do the large majority of the 60 years of federal time he got so even if the state sentence is reduced some he's pretty much assured of dying in prison.