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  1. Travel recommendations thread

    I'll submit Burlington, Vermont for consideration. If you go before the ferry stops running you can go across Lake Champlain from Port Kent, NY which is a nice ride on its own. Though obvious destinations aside if you were going to go to the east end of Long Island, I'd suggest the North Fork out towards Greenport and Orient Point over the Hamptons and Montauk (says the guy who's going to Montauk next week.)
  2. Travel recommendations thread

    I haven't been to Kiev though I have friends who live there, nor have I done Georgia, but I'm trying to convince the Mrs that we should go, and I've heard the Azeri visa is a bear to get. I've been to Taipei which IMHO is very under rated. KL is an interesting place in that it's not developed and sterile as Singapore, there's a decent amount to do and it's a good jumping off point for other parts of SE Asia with cheap flights on AirAsia out of KLIA2. That said much of the nightlife I partook in (mostly bars, less into clubs the older I got) were either in or walking distance from KLCC (Petronas Area.) Honestly, the bar scene is what you'd find in pretty much every other city in the world (view bars, expat bars, locals joints, and dives.) The two rooftop bars I went to were the Sky Bar at the Traders Hotel at KLCC which was in the pool area. Nice enough atmosphere but the drinks were pricey. I also went to Luna Bar at the Pacific Regency across from Menara KL off of Jalan P. Ramlee. Did that more because we stayed in the hotel and it was convenient. Nice views of both Petronas and the Menara KL. Jalan P. Ramlee seems to be the street that the majority of clubs are on with the other area being Changit Bukit Bintang which reminds me of Xintiandi in Shanghai. There's also the night markets and late night food spots you'd find in most Asian cities. As for stuff to do, you'd be surprised KL is really developing and there's plenty to do outside the KLCC area (Brickfields comes to mind off the top of my head) and now that the MRT is up and running between that the LRT and the Monorail it's easier to avoid the taxi's. We did Petronas it was decent, and I regret not buying the Petronas racing team Puma t-shirt in the tower gift shop because I never saw it in any other store and it was the equivalent of $75 US. If you wanted to jump to Singapore or Bali from KL you can get a cheap flight as I mentioned on AirAsia and it's easy to get to KLIA/KLIA2 by train from KL Centraal. KL is a city that I would go back to without hesitation.
  3. MLB Changes 2017

    Sadly, I think the jersey the Diamond Backs are rolling out for this looks better than any other jersey in their set. It would look better paired with their black hat with the teal outline. As fashion hats I'm ashamed to admit I like the Mets one and even the Yankees. If MLB really desires to do something along these lines why couldn't they limit to Spring Training. I'm going to be skipping watching baseball the three days this little league/players choice/whatever they want to call it goes on.
  4. Travel recommendations thread

    If your issue is fear of flying then I'd suggest reading up on how planes work and what different noises are so it takes some of that away and you know what to expect. If it's sitting in a cramped seat for a long time I'd suggest checking on the airline's site or a site like seatguru as to what amenities are offered on your flight. Flyertalk has subforums for many airlines which you can read to get an idea what to expect on the plane as well. Finally, bring something to keep you occupied like a book or a tablet or a tablet loaded with books. Jetblue has live DirectTV and free wifi, Southwest allows you to watch tv through a downloadable app on some flights for free but if you want wifi you have to pay for it.
  5. And for all these years I thought Chris Creamer was the illegitimate son of the 1986 Denver Broncos.
  6. 2017 NHL Offseason

    You'd think Garth Snow was their GM handing out a contract like that. I'm guessing nobody learned from the Rick DiPietro debacle.
  7. 2017 NHL Offseason

    Hmmm Jordan Eberle to play alongside Tavares at the cost of Strome...I'll take it. Now I wonder if Garth can turn Travis Hamonic into Matt Duchene. Every now and then Garth does something head scratchingly decent just not often enough to warrant me wanting him to stay as GM.
  8. MLB Changes 2017

    This may fall under unpopular opinions since generally I can't stand MLB's special "cash grab" uniforms but if the Rays changed their script to the lighter blue used on the Father's Day jersey's I wouldn't be against it or hate it. I actually, dare I say it, liked it but only the script, not the caps or socks.
  9. My wife's a Penguins fan. Game 5 and yesterday were excruciating for me. When I pointed out to her that Crosby shouldn't have won the Conn Smythe...well, let's just say the couch was surprisingly comfortable. My only solace in this is that if history repeats itself, next year my team will make the Conference Finals only to be crushed by Montreal. I'll take a trip to the Conference Finals. LGI!
  10. A New Look for New York's buses

    Off the top of my head I think San Francisco's MUNI is. It's run by the SFMTA who's board is appointed solely by the mayor. This does not include BART which is run by their own separate board made up of elected directors from districts spanning the counties that make up the BART system IIRC with the exception of San Mateo County but don't hold me to that.
  11. Your Travel Bucket List

    If you were on the A340 that from Munich the stations were in the "basement" area where the lavs were and in the central and rear galley. Beverages were in bottles or boxes on the counter with some assorted snacks. If you were on the A380 that comes in from Frankfurt I don't know where they have it because the time I was supposed to fly it the inbound to SFO went tech and returned to Germany somewhere over Scotland so I rebooked onto the outbound to Munich same day.
  12. Your Travel Bucket List

    Turkish, Lufthansa, Asiana, Eva and China Airlines. In September I'll find out if Air France and KLM do as well. Generally I try to stay off the US based carriers for any overseas flights because I find the in-flight service lacking.
  13. MLB Changes 2017

    Agreed, then they retired Jeter's number while wearing the ridiculous Mother's Day uniforms. IMHO, MLB's really jumped the shark when it comes to these special uniforms. Even the notorious cash grab that is the NFL doesn't allow the uniforms to be altered during their breast cancer awareness deal in October. I can deal with pink/blue/whatever wristbands, bats, batting gloves, etc. but doing it to the uniforms to me crosses the line. Don't even get me started on your point about 9/11 commemorative caps to sell more merchandise which I agree with you is abhorrent. I guess Yogurt in Spaceballs was right when he said "It's all about the merchandising."
  14. I'm going to make a bold prediction that the New York Jets will have the worst record in the NFL this coming season.