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  1. tp49

    Unrelated Teams with Related Names...

    There are Kings in both the NBA and NHL who play in the same state and will need Warriors to figure out who reigns supreme while the clan of Royals is over in Kansas City.
  2. Sure he will if he decides he wants to visit the place though he can pay the admission fee like all the rest of us.
  3. What are these playoffs of which you speak?
  4. I remember how Neil Smith was our GM for forty days then left to be replaced by the effing backup goalie.
  5. The arena situation also goes back to Wang's ineptitude, greed, and inability to navigate the political process in Nassau County. Wang hired Snow after the forty days of Neil Smith. The team was run like a country club for the last close to twenty years. Malkin and Ledecly were minority owners for two years before taking over as majority owners at the beginning of last year and should have done their due diligence on Snow, and fired him the day they took over. I was excited, for the first time in a very long time rooting for this team with the hire of Lamoriello, and over the moon when they brought Trotz on board...only to be kicked in the nuts again with Tavares leaving. They're going to have a lot of work to do. Before them coming I fully expected Tavares to walk, and at this point, I wouldn't be shocked if Trotz, Lamoriello or both walked away post-haste. It's the Islander way. Unlike the majority of Islander fans, my anger is directed solely at Wang, Snow, and to a slightly lesser extent Malkin. They sat by and did nothing to improve the team, improve the culture around the team or improve management until it was too late. Malkin waited until the last minute to make changes that should have been made last year. If I was Tavares' agent I would have handled his impending UFA the same way (no extension a year early) no benefit of the doubt, and no hometown discount. I don't begrudge him leaving I think he reached his breaking point and I don't blame him one bit. I just hope Lou/Trotz are still here when the new building opens but I'm taking a step back in my Isles fandom until I see some proof the on-ice product is improving.
  6. Charles Wang and Garth Snow are like the clap, the gift that keeps on giving. I hope Garth chokes on a chicken sandwich. A big efffffffff you to Scott Malkin too because though you brought in Lou and Trotz last month, you should have changed management LAST YEAR when you took over full ownership. Too little too late.
  7. Being an Islander fan is like being repeatedly kicked in the nuts, recovering from that kick, then being kicked in the nuts again but harder than before. Two steps forward, fifty steps back, that's the Islander way. We've since learned that Scott Malkin is the one with the control of the team. Ledecky was just a cheerleader to take abuse from fans riding in on the LIRR.
  8. tp49

    2018 MLB Season

    Much in the same way that the rumors the Mets are a Major League Baseball franchise were also greatly exaggerated.
  9. Halak's a UFA and probably not coming back. If Tavares comes back and Lou can shore up the defense and goaltending they'll be competing this coming season. Team scored the second most goals in the league last season, they just gave up the most. In Lou and Trotz we trust!
  10. It's now official. Barry Trotz is the new head coach of the New York Islanders. Now if Lou gets Tavares to resign he'll have done more in a month than Garth Snow did in twelve years. So this is what it's like to have good management and be a real team. It's been so long I forgot what it feels like.
  11. Looking more and more like Barry Trotz will be the next head coach of the New York Islanders.
  12. tp49

    NHL 2017-18

    There was that Stanley Cup the Islanders won against them back in '82, the only one of their four won on the road at that. I'll see myself out.
  13. tp49

    North American Pro Soccer 2018

    Here is an interesting article that appeared on the Sacramento Bee's website regarding The Republic, MLS, and a FOIA request for the text messages of city officials relating to that situation. Since it's The Bee, take it for what it is. The interesting thing I gleaned from the article is the speculation that Precourt could move the Crew to Sacramento should he not be able to secure a stadium in Austin. Frankly, if there's any truth to that I wouldn't want that scenario or an alternative of Precourt as the lead investor should he sell the Crew to local interests. Again, it's The Bee so take it with a grain of salt just thought it was interesting.
  14. tp49

    2018 MLB Season

    They played the Mets. A Little League team could beat the Mets right now.
  15. Ok, now I see why bumped. "Both will remain with the organization..." Guess they can do inventory control for the hot dog stands.