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  1. Hmmm Jordan Eberle to play alongside Tavares at the cost of Strome...I'll take it. Now I wonder if Garth can turn Travis Hamonic into Matt Duchene. Every now and then Garth does something head scratchingly decent just not often enough to warrant me wanting him to stay as GM.
  2. This may fall under unpopular opinions since generally I can't stand MLB's special "cash grab" uniforms but if the Rays changed their script to the lighter blue used on the Father's Day jersey's I wouldn't be against it or hate it. I actually, dare I say it, liked it but only the script, not the caps or socks.
  3. My wife's a Penguins fan. Game 5 and yesterday were excruciating for me. When I pointed out to her that Crosby shouldn't have won the Conn Smythe...well, let's just say the couch was surprisingly comfortable. My only solace in this is that if history repeats itself, next year my team will make the Conference Finals only to be crushed by Montreal. I'll take a trip to the Conference Finals. LGI!
  4. Off the top of my head I think San Francisco's MUNI is. It's run by the SFMTA who's board is appointed solely by the mayor. This does not include BART which is run by their own separate board made up of elected directors from districts spanning the counties that make up the BART system IIRC with the exception of San Mateo County but don't hold me to that.
  5. If you were on the A340 that from Munich the stations were in the "basement" area where the lavs were and in the central and rear galley. Beverages were in bottles or boxes on the counter with some assorted snacks. If you were on the A380 that comes in from Frankfurt I don't know where they have it because the time I was supposed to fly it the inbound to SFO went tech and returned to Germany somewhere over Scotland so I rebooked onto the outbound to Munich same day.
  6. Turkish, Lufthansa, Asiana, Eva and China Airlines. In September I'll find out if Air France and KLM do as well. Generally I try to stay off the US based carriers for any overseas flights because I find the in-flight service lacking.
  7. Agreed, then they retired Jeter's number while wearing the ridiculous Mother's Day uniforms. IMHO, MLB's really jumped the shark when it comes to these special uniforms. Even the notorious cash grab that is the NFL doesn't allow the uniforms to be altered during their breast cancer awareness deal in October. I can deal with pink/blue/whatever wristbands, bats, batting gloves, etc. but doing it to the uniforms to me crosses the line. Don't even get me started on your point about 9/11 commemorative caps to sell more merchandise which I agree with you is abhorrent. I guess Yogurt in Spaceballs was right when he said "It's all about the merchandising."
  8. I'm going to make a bold prediction that the New York Jets will have the worst record in the NFL this coming season.
  9. On long haul trans-oceanic flights of 13+ hours, it's been my experience that after the first meal service the crew will set up self-serve refreshment stations in the galleys so you can get beverages and snacks at your leisure. I've used those opportunities to fill a larger cup or a nalgene bottle with no issue.
  10. I'd have thought the pinnacle of bad business decision All Star Games would be the Isles hosting at Barclay's.
  11. Looks like it. YYZ has a section on connecting (just plug your origin/destination countries and connecting airline) here on their website.
  12. Guess some members of the Blues fanbase are going for "best fans in hockey" to go along with their city's "best fans in baseball ™."
  13. They don't expect the Barclay's people to respect them. Also looks like Belmont might be the landing spot for the Isles if my sources are correct.
  14. And to build off of what gobbi and lopernv said, I lived in Shanghai (Puxi) for a year and worked in Pudong. The subway is your friend. You can take it damn near everywhere and it's cheap. It also serves Pudong Airport and takes about 45 minutes to get you to Nanjing Xi Lu (Nanjing Road East)/People's Square. If you're not fearful of large crowds, tightly packed then catch the 2 at Lujiauzi at rush hour just to see the sheer volume of people then get off the train at People's Square or Nanjing Xi Lu. I third the Bund, especially at night with the lights. For museums I recommend two The Shanghai Museum which has some wonderful ancient Chinese art and the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center which is a good way to see the explosive growth the city's experienced in the past 20 years. With tall buildings I'd probably go up to the top of the Shanghai Tower first, then SWFC then Jin Mao. Have a drink at Jin Mao in the lobbyish lounge area and just look up through the core to the top of the building. It's a crazy optical illusion. In Pudong walk the best pictures of the Bund are from the river near Super Brand Mall. You can then take the ferry across the river back to the Bund or for a truly bizarre experience go back through The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. I like Pudong but outside of the French Concession and Xintiandi it's one of the most expensive areas of the city and caters to that end of the spectrum. Check out the Hongmei Lu pedestrian street a.k.a. Lowwai Street to see the Shanghai version of things catering to the expat community. When I was missing things from home like Mexican food they had it here. I concur on the French Concession. One of my favorite places in the city. Also for good Hong Shao Rou (red pork a famous Shanghaiese dish) go to Old Jessie which is in this area. You also might see Yao Ming in Xujiahui an adjoining neighborhood to the French Concession as he lives there. Without making this too long if you have an iron stomach the street vendors come out just after dark in a lot of the residential areas. There are a number on Pan Yu Lu near Jiaotong University with all different kinds of local street food. YMMV but I usually had pretty good luck and never got sick. Finally (yes, I promise) look for remnants of the old city. The three story apartment buildings with no indoor plumbing. There was a neighborhood of these I accidentally walked into near Xiaonanmen on Metro Line 9. Never dared to take out the camera but wished I went back to explore it more. From the satellite view the area may have been demolished for new buildings but if you can find an area like that just walk around for a bit because they're disappearing fast.
  15. Agreed. I always wondered what kind of blackmail material Snow had on Wang to get, keep and then get a five year extension when Wang walked out the door. He must know where all the skeletons are buried and then some.