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  1. I'm surprised that either at the half or the end of the game Saban didn't say "We need to recruit a kicker." It's been their Achilles heel for years now. I tend to take things one game at a time. Get us through Mississippi State, Auburn, then Georgia, then whoever in the playoffs should we get there. It's going to be a sad day when Saban finally hangs it up.
  2. tp49

    2018 NFL Season

    Looks like Amari Cooper is heading to the Cowboys. What is Chucky doing over in Oakland gutting everything pre-Vegas?
  3. Were the tax incentives yanked in response to the ballot measure or did Disney decide to cancel the hotel and 86 the receiving the tax incentives in response? I thought I read it as the later. Either way, I think it's just a negotiating ploy on the part of the Angels and I don't see them leaving. Hey, if it doesn't work out I'm sure Angels Stadium could be imploded for a new Disney parking lot. It'd be the modern arena thread.
  4. tp49

    Worst owners in Sports

    If we're going historically I'd throw in any owner of the New York Islanders that doesn't include Roy Boe or the current one with particular emphasis on Charles Wang, John Spano, Gluckstern and the Milstein brothers.
  5. tp49

    Worst owners in Sports

    Fred Wilpon is also waving hi.
  6. tp49

    Isles Officially Unveil New Third Jersey

    I'm sure there's no coincidence as without going into the history lesson, the eastern part of Queens which broke off when Queens became a borough of NYC is what became Nassau County. There was also the heavy Dutch influence in the area so I think it all tended to play together. That said, if I remember it right, the Islanders were supposed to take the Long Island Ducks name and colors but without the two John's (Brophy and Muckler.) That didn't happen though.
  7. tp49

    Isles Officially Unveil New Third Jersey

    At least these thirds aren't black. I'd have preferred an orange alternate but these are ok. Maybe even the best the Isles have ever had, which isn't saying a lot. I also think if Lou could have, he would have killed the alternate. As Ryan pointed out Nassau County's colors are blue and orange. While there is yellow in the seal on the flag it's not used for practical purposes anywhere else. The county police cars currently have blue and orange stripes (they were at one time orange over blue), when I was growing up the DPW vehicles were orange over blue (the front loader in the video taking out the Coliseum ice for the "final time" back in 2015 as an example), printing on county departmental letterhead was also mostly blue and orange. You get the picture. Hempstead Town's colors, however, are blue and yellow. An interesting side point is if you ever noticed the similarities between the Nassau County lion and the Dutch national team's is that the county is named for William of Nassau of the House of Nassau who's colors were blue and orange. Only noticed that for the first time when I visited Amsterdam about a decade ago. I get the point you're making but the parades were in Uniondale. The Hempstead Village line is a block or two west of Hofstra University.
  8. Being able to listen to Bob Uecker call the game through the MLB app is the only thing keeping me following the postseason at this point. Enjoying this while he's still around to enjoy.
  9. tp49

    CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    SIN is also my #1, DOH is now #2 and AMS/MUC is #3 depending. I've been through TPE several times, and have pictures somewhere of the Hello Kitty gate and its severe lack of seating. The worst I've ever been through is the now-closed LCCT at KUL made any Greyhound station seem like the poshest five-star resort followed by CDG. I've spent way too much time in airports.
  10. tp49

    CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    Nope, that's IST (Ataturk) the main one which is being phased out for the new one which opens at the end of the month. Never been to SAW but I won't miss IST. Just came back from going through DOH, one of the top 3 nicest airports I've ever spent time in.
  11. tp49

    2018 NFL Season

    If I owned the Jets it'd be time to flush Bowles.
  12. tp49

    New York Islanders New Third Uniform Leaks

    Not for the fanbase. The Gorton's Fisherman is kind of reviled. Bad memories of "We want fishsticks" chants.
  13. tp49

    New York Islanders New Third Uniform Leaks

    At least the Isles alternate isn't black or the Gorton's Fisherman so I guess it's a win.
  14. tp49

    2018 MLB Season

    Not a Mets fan but read the New York papers and listen to New York sports radio daily. I don't remember there being anything near the level of consternation Cubs fan media types in the New York media. There were articles in the papers and it was probably mentioned on the radio but it didn't last long, maybe a day or so. I actually forgot about the comments until I read an article in the Scum Times yesterday rehashing it. By the end of 2015, the biggest story with Murphy was his craptastic defense in the World Series.
  15. tp49

    Austin FC

    I hear the alternate logo is Stephen F. Austin with an axe chopping the heart out of Columbus like George Washington and the cherry tree.