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  1. Is the trademark an issue because the London Knights play the same sport? Cuz there are prominent rip-offs like the New York/Texas Rangers and Carolina/Florida Panthers.
  2. OK, OK, my "O.C" hat may not be great. But I still feel like "Orange County" makes a helluva lot more sense than "Los Angeles." And the TV show proved it's a marketable name. The difference between the Angels' situation and the Jersey Giants/Jets, Arlington Cowboys, Foxborough Patriots, etc. is that there's already a far more successful and popular team using "Los Angeles" Sorry to get off topic from this thread. So Minnesota, please stay in navy. Between the Nats, Cards, Reds, Angels, Rangers, D-backs, and Phillies there are enough teams in red.
  3. Great point, I've lived in L.A. for 6 years and it's just a sprawl of suburbs with no real downtown heart (despite recent efforts) If they had courage they'd adopt "Orange County." Here's what it could look like:
  4. The branding for UB was pretty consistent with the academic and athletic sides, until the athletic department went rogue and embraced the "New York". 99% of the time it was "University at Buffalo"; the full "SUNY University at Buffalo" was for formal things like diplomas and some official releases. It's not much different than Ford/Ford Motor Company or Disney/The Walt Disney Company. Also SUNY is a system of universities, rather than multiple campuses. UB is a different university than Albany is, even though both are within the SUNY system. In contrast, Penn State Allegheny and Penn State college park are the same university, but different campuses. These are good points, but the system's branding is still a mess. "New York State University, (city name)" is superior because it's less clunky than "State University of New York at (city name)" the same way that we say "blue car" not "car of blue." or "State Department" when speaking instead of "Department of State" "SUNY" aside: "University at Buffalo" and "University at Albany" are weird because of the use of "at" instead of "of." Moreover, nothing about their public status is implied in those names. Same lack of public school connotation for the other two flagships, Binghamton University and Stony Brook University. In the northeast, city name universities are generally private (NYU, Providence, Boston U., Boston College, Philadelphia U., U. of Hartford)
  5. The entire branding for SUNY is a mess. Such convoluted and needlessly wordy school names. How about New York State University - Buffalo. Rinse, repeat for the 64 other campuses. "Buffalo State" for short. It's the difference between using the active and passive voice in writing.
  6. For an outdoor game I'd prefer a stronger color contrast, like the Sharks in teal and the Kings in black. All that white on the Kings blends too much against the ice for my taste.
  7. Props & Pounds for this series. Excellent attempt at making each club's nickname meaningful to that region. My faves were Sask, Hamilton, and Ottawa
  8. It's astounding that MLS will soon have more teams than any top-flight soccer league in the world. They could soon have as many teams as the "Big 4" leagues which is crazy considering the meager TV ratings. I guess it comes down to two theories on growing a league: 1. Get as geographically diverse as possible. If every major city has a team then you sort of have nationwide interest or 2. Concenrate on fewer teams but with more star players per team like how the Lakers and Celts fueled the NBA's growth in the 80s.
  9. Totally. Rayo Vallecano in La Liga also have a lightning bolt logo similar to Radioactive Man's helmet and the Flash's chest logo.
  10. I thought the story about DC Comics trying to stop Valencia from trademarking a new bat-based crest because it looks similar to one of Batman's logos was kinda silly, but then again I'm not an intellectual property lawyer. I do know comics and soccer logos though. So it got me thinking of other logo elements that are shared by soccer clubs and superheroes, as follows. I'm sure there are others, I'd love to see what youse come up with.
  11. That's a beautiful cap. It is, but I still wish they'd go back to the kelly green. I think it's long overdue. MLB needs more bright colors. Totally agree, Jungle Jim! The 1970's and 1980's A's green needs to make a comeback.Right on, too many teams wearing navy and red. The A's, Jets, and Eagles need to all return to kelly green.
  12. The Founders logo looks like the New England Patriots concept they once considered using:
  13. I thought that same thing. MLS likes the all-star kits to be in host team colors, but not the same color, so that threw out Timbers green. I suppose that's the logic. White would be too boring...? What a silly policy. Why not use the host club's colors to give it more local flavor? I get that fluorescent is the "Color of the Moment" but I can't believe that anyone is buying All-Star replica shirts. Coupled with Bayern's mess it was an aesthetic disaster of an all-star match.
  14. To me, this is not a dig on Brazil but rather a statement of "Germany won the World Cup in Brazil." There are 10,000,000 other ways to take a dig at Brazil after the 7-1 shellacking Germany handed down, that this wallpaper is not even close to an insult. My inspiration for making this was an interview FourFourTwo magazine did with Brazilian legend Rivelino. He said Brazil had lost its footballing identity and that the Germans were the ones now playing beautifully. I looked up what "o jogo bonito" translated into in German and took it from there. I can see your point but I still think its a valid expression of what Germany accomplished in Brazil.
  15. Mucho props for this one. The helmet is beautiful. Dynamic, simple, instantly recognizable. Great work