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  1. LA KISS may have folded, but they haven't told anyone about it. Opened my OC Register this morning for the headline "LA KISS apparently folds" They may have ceased operations but didn't tell any of the players (some only found out like two days after they were picked in the dispersal draft) and haven't told any season ticket holder who put down money for next season. Adios, AFL
  2. It's beautiful
  3. I'd probably say Blink. Green Day's album has one (?) relistenable song, maybe. Sum 41 is just dead. And yes, we (the collective we) did forget Good Charlotte.
  4. You also have Connor McDavid. You'll be okay.
  5. Toronto certainly has a flair for the dramatic. Now I wouldn't mind them bat-flipping all over Texas again. I'm back on the Blue Jay wagon for another postseason. Fun as hell. Go Jays Go, Eh?
  6. Toronto certainly has a flair for the dramatic. Now I wouldn't mind them bat-flipping all over Texas again. I'm back on the Blue Jay wagon for another postseason. Go Jays Go, Eh?
  7. And then this is laughable, too
  8. I'm just going to drop this little gem here:
  9. I got to do the play-by-play broadcast of a hockey game from an NHL press box on Wednesday. Yeah, it was kinda cool.
  10. Angels season is finally, gratefully, over at 74-88. Now, if I may, a case for Mike Trout as MVP despite the pitiful team he plays on: .315 AVG, .441 OBP (led the majors), .550 SLG, .991 OPS (led the majors), 173 H, 123 R (led the majors), 29 HR, 100 RBI, 30 SB, 116 BB (led the majors), 10.4 WAR (led the majors), and just scrolling through Baseball Reference's MLB batting stats including the fancy ones, Trout leads 17 of their 44 categories. (Next highest is David Ortiz leading 4.)
  11. In terms of ESPN coverage: Levy on play-by-play and Pang on color were great. I always enjoyed Levy's pre-lockout hockey play by play, and I've actually quite liked his college football work this season. Always a fan of Levy. Darren Pang is just a fun yet informative hockey color guy. Like seriously, can we switch out the bald-guy-between-the-benches job from Pierre to Pang. Holy jumpin, what a switch that would be. Buccigross on play-by-play is just not good. Little too quirky for that. A little too eager and tired to be too "hockey bro" about it. (Like calling long hair "flow" or "salad" is a fine joke/term in hockey circles or once in a while on a highlight or tucked away on his ESPNU college hockey gigs. But that schtick doesn't work for a top-notch "serious" tournament.) Conversely, when his PxP duties were done and he was in the studio for the semis/final, I thought he was great. Better than Cohn was in the studio. Melrose on color was bad. He's palatable in the studio, and that's only because we've accepted him as ESPN's voice of hockey over the last 10+ years. But he's just not good. Weekes is kinda what he is on NHL Network. He's good technically speaking, but he lacks... something. Idk. Sometimes it seems very stilted. Also, never a bad thing to say about anybody. Linda Cohn was Linda Cohn, but with the added eagerness of being allowed to embrace her hockey fan. Like a little too eager. Brett Hull was great for the USA coverage only because he was able to kinda rail on them. But we've tried him on NBC and he doesn't work long term. Chelios was technically sound, but hell was he boring. Borrrring. And honestly seemed annoyed at Hull the entire time. Also props to Adnan Virk for stepping in to help fill the void of John Saunders. Virk is Canadian, so duh he's a hockey fan, and he had the same enthusiasm for covering it like Bucci and Cohn did without overdoing it. Virk is just good at the job.
  12. As much as I'm an American hockey fan, 1) Team USA kinda got what it deserved for putting that team/coaching staff together, 2) Team USA needs new blood. It's been the same team for the last 6+ years. Their problem is that their future (Eichel, Gaudreau, Saad, Jones, Trouba, Gotisbehere, Larkin, Gibson, Matthews, etc.) is all on Team North America. So yes the USA is eliminated, but luckily we're all North Americans. #YoungGunzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  13. It's by Vin's own choice, apparently. He has done home playoff games on the radio previously. He has his home farewell on Sept. 29 vs Colorado and career farewell on Oct. 2 at San Francisco. He said he didn't want to go into the playoffs and have a couple more billed as potentially his final game or whatever. In his words, he didn't want to have 12 farewells.
  14. Well, bright side is: 1) It can't possibly get worse, Right? 2) Good, bad, or otherwise, we have a football team again.
  15. At least it's not that horrific vinyl anymore.