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  1. Still MIGHTY

    2018 NFL Season

    Rams games being moved all over the place. Rams at Bears on Dec. 9 (Week 14) has been flexed into Sunday Night Football. This will be the Rams' first Sunday Night Football game since 2010 Week 17, when the 7-8 St. Louis Rams faced the 6-9 Seahawks and the Seahawks won the NFC West at 7-9. Rams' Week 7 game at San Francisco was flexed out of SNF for Bengals-Chiefs.
  2. Still MIGHTY

    2018 MLB Off Season Thread

    Ohtani is 24, Andujar is 23, Torres is 21.
  3. Still MIGHTY

    2018 NFL Season

    "Bengals. Baker. Battlestar Galactica." "MARVIN!"
  4. Still MIGHTY

    2018 NFL Season

    I'm sorry, what? Wow. The Bengals really are more of a clown circus than the Browns, just without the abject sucking.
  5. Still MIGHTY

    2018 High School Football

    In California's CIF-Southern Section Division 1, the top four seeds have all advanced to the semifinals. No. 1 St. John Bosco (No. 1 USA Today) plays at No. 4 Oaks Christian (No. 13 USA Today) No. 2 Mater Dei (No. 2 USA Today) hosts No. 3 Corona Centennial (No. 7 USA Today) So, again, the mythical national title goes through the CIF-SS playoffs. I got a chance to watch Bosco on Friday in their quarterfinal at San Clemente (Sam Darnold High), and, man. Look they're the real deal. But I think something needs to be done in the playoff structure. As much of a "thrill" as it is for a school like San Clemente to host a team of the caliber of Bosco, those two teams should never have been on the same field with each other. The difference between the top three/four teams and everybody else in Division 1 is staggering. It's not a fair playing field. Bosco/Mater Dei/Centennial were pegged as the No. 1/2/3 in CIF-SS back in the summer, and lo and behold, they're the 1/2/3 seeds come the playoffs and they all make their way to the semifinals. With the way the Divisions are set up now (this "power point" system where teams are slotted in division's based on yearly results, league championships, playoff wins), Bosco and Mater Dei (Centennial has a shot, but it'll take everything they've got) are going to win the Division 1 championship in perpetuity. Teams like San Clemente can win Division 2 titles (2016) that cap their greatest run of success, then get to Division 1 and never have anything to show for it. (Although, I'd say beating Mission Viejo for the first time since 1999 to win their first league title since then and winning a one whole single Division 1 game is quite an accomplishment this season.) I don't know if the solution is a private-public split or what, but with the current points set up, besides the teams at the very top, teams are punished for success. It's the question of would you rather win a Division 2 title every so often, or would you rather lose in Division 1 every single year?
  6. Still MIGHTY

    2018 NFL Season

    Greater MVP candidate Ram: Todd Gurley or Aaron Donald? Gurley - 198 carries (NFL leader), 988 yards rushing (NFL leader), 13 TDs rushing (NFL leader), 40 receptions, 402 yards receiving, 4 TDs receiving... total TD leader, total yards leader, total points leader, total touches leader Donald - 34 tackles, 12.5 sacks (NFL leader, career high... it's week 10), 16 tackles for loss (NFL leader) 2 fumble recoveries (career high) Okay, yeah, it's still definitely Todd Gurley, but damn Aaron Donald is a bad man.
  7. Still MIGHTY

    NHL 2018-19

  8. Still MIGHTY

    NHL 2018-19

    Also when they say "Plum and Teal Striped," this is the jersey they're talking about, and "Plum and Teal Striped" is not what I'd call it:
  9. Still MIGHTY

    NBA Changes 2018-19

  10. Still MIGHTY

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Last time the Anaheim Ducks had a seven-game losing streak that was ended with a bounce back win and a team with red as the primary color fired their highly successful coach, Randy Carlyle was fired and that highly successful red team coach was hired by the Ducks. I'm not saying, but I'm just saying. And Arizona, good lord, again? really?
  11. Still MIGHTY

    NHL 2018-19

    Kings - Old 3rd, why did we have to wait on this? Leafs - Same as the last time, why did we have to wait on this? But Tampa, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Tampa. What IS that? It looks like one of those bad league-wide fashion jerseys, the ones where all the elements are black/white or grayed out. There has to be something going on with the rest of the full uniform, because that is... well... very very not good.
  12. Still MIGHTY

    NHL 2018-19

    Detroit isn't bad, but its also not good for Detroit because the Habs exist. Montreal isn't terrible either, but when you're the Habs, you shouldn't be taking that crest off the front. New York and Toronto are the 90s alternates we should have gotten. If those took the ice in 1996, it wouldn't be out of place. Chicago... no. I get it, take the logo colors and put them all over, but no Boston is the worst one. I don't understand that one at all. All in all, I can't be that mad. These aren't real or tangible things. It's just like some application of the concepts forum. All this will do for me is make me want to beat someone even harder in NHL19.
  13. Still MIGHTY

    2018 NFL Season

    Besides some big plays to close out games, shutting out the Sam Bradford Cardinals and the singluar efforts of Aaron Donald, this Rams defense has not been good overall. Can't stop the run (and with Suh/Donald/Brockers up front, HOW is that possible), and the secondary has been shredded against anyone decent. Talib is injured, yes, and Marcus Peters probably didn't fully recover from his injury (that's evident, he gets burned more than anyone else most games), but they simply should be better than this. Getting torn up defensively by the Saints right now. I think the Rams are probably the best halftime-adjustment team in the league, and they're going to need it badly in New Orleans today.
  14. Still MIGHTY

    NHL 2018-19

    Big old bag of no thanks Rangers teaser: Blackhawks teaser:
  15. Still MIGHTY

    NHL Adidas/Fanatics jerseys- what to get?

    Most reports have said those WC jerseys, whether it was a Rangers or Sabres jersey, have said that even those are much higher quality than the regular Fanatics replicas. Seems like they put the extra effort into the event jerseys, but not the everyday higher quantity ones.