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  1. Well, speak of the devil. These are almost purchase-worthy... Almost. The thing that truly drives me nuts about these is the sleeve stripe only going 3/4 of the way down. Extend it all the way down to the cuff like all but one All-Star jersey from '83-93, and you'd have my money. The sleeve looks incomplete as is. If you're gonna go that far down the sleeve, just finish it off. They're still pretty good for All-Star jerseys and I do like having each division with a jersey. But that sleeve kills me.
  2. Actually, speaking of jerseys... we're two weeks away from this thing and we have zero leaks or inklings on the All-Star uniforms? Really? You'd think we'd have some sort of merchandise leak by now.
  3. Each Division had logos last season as well. I wouldn't count on it.
  4. Russell Wilson - 8 career playoff wins Detroit Lions - 7 franchise playoff wins Go Falcons
  5. After a long time of wandering through the wilderness of bad dates and crazies and girls that were nice enough that just didn't click, I met a girl on Tinder over a year and a half ago and we've been together ever since. It's such a good connection that I have all the nervous butterflies that this may be *the* connection. Don't want to jump to anything, but I see no reason or potential reason why it wouldn't be. Moral of the story: if it's not there, don't waste your time being hung up on any of that. The only way to find someone is to keep looking and have an open mind. You'll never know who you'll find and how. You're worth as much as you think you are.
  6. Ducks' first OT win of the season. (1-7 in OT. 2-1 in shootouts.) And it put them into first place for the time being. Mike Smith blamed it on the knob of his stick breaking and not getting enough on the puck... No, Mike. You tried to play the puck in your own crease, Kase stick-checked your idiot pass attempt and scored. Your stick didn't break. You were just an idiot. Such a Mike Smith response. Also, how has the rest of the Western Conference let Calgary and freaking Vancouver into wild card spots?
  7. Sunday: 51-save shootout win Wednesday: 23-save shutout win Sure.
  8. I think this Spiderman movie has the vibe down perfect. It's a high school movie with Spiderman. IDK about basically copy/pasting the Spiderman 2 train pose, but I still have high hopes. The Iron Man/Spiderman fly by at the end of the trailer is dope.
  9. Yeah, but being the 5th seed in the AFC is a little victory on its own. You get whoever comes out of the Texans/Titans/Colts mess. On the road, yes, but still.
  10. Honestly, Nevada should still be a territory or some unincorporated space. Give Vegas to Arizona, give Tahoe/Reno to California, and continue to test nukes and probe aliens in the empty zones.
  11. Yup. Which is why if old Deano really wanted to keep the Los Angeles market as much as he wants you to think he does, he should've pushed the button first. Instead, we have the Los Angeles Rams, who despite mediocre on-field results have done pretty smashingly well here in just about all the other areas. The Chargers aren't even here yet, and we've already forgotten about them.
  12. I think in terms of leaving out #9 versus leaving out #5, what makes it "easier" is that I don't give a damn who the #9 team is. They're not going to win the thing. Again, I feel that's similar to the first year of the playoff and the TCU/Baylor vs Ohio State thing. Take this week's rankings, just for the sake of argument, let's say we were going straight 1-8 for playoff seedings. If I was a playoff committee, I'd sleep much easier leaving #9 Colorado out than I would #5 Michigan. And I agree with Mike/Ice Cap's proposal (mostly because it's OUR, StillMIGHTY/infrared41/IceCap's, Basically a College Football Playoff), which would mean it really isn't even picking straight 1-8. Take the Power 5 champions and 3 at-larges. I'm even okay with letting the Group of 5 rep be an automatic leaving two at-larges. I think that covers all the bases pretty nicely. This year, that'd give you Alabama, Clemson, Washington, Penn State/Wisconsin, Oklahoma/Oklahoma State + Western Michigan + Ohio State, Michigan, and then seed accordingly. Done and Done. And sure, you'd have discussion on the at-larges or even the Group of 5 rep maybe. But again, if we're arguing about who the 3rd-best non-conference-winner is or if the MAC champ is more deserving than the Mountain West champ to get their doors blown down (orrrrr pull that elusive upset), I'm less concerned about leaving them out.
  13. Moana was well-made, sure. The technical aspects of the movie have merit. The songs are catchy enough... but to me, it just seemed like a generic Disney film in every aspect. And yeah they poked fun at the Disney tropes ("You're daughter of a chief with an animal sidekick... you're a princess."), but it never felt like it was more than that, to me. It checked all the boxes on the list, but outside of exploring Polynesian culture, there wasn't a whole lot to it. Also the character of Maui, he was just a dick, IMO. It never felt like he actually redeemed himself, or at least enough for me to like him. It also didn't feel like he learned the lesson, but was still rewarded. IDK, his redemption and wrap up didn't seem earned. Kids will love it, I'm sure, but as someone that's been around the block with Disney, didn't lift me to where it could've. Zootopia was better, IMO. Hail Caesar was... good... but... pointless? Like there was no plot. Things happened, as you said, day in the life at a studio. But it'd be a stretch to call it a story. The conversation with my girlfriend after seeing it was "...did we like this? Do we know?"
  14. Uncle Vern on TNT?? With Pat Haden??? ... and Mark May???? What a weird slice of NFL and sports broadcasting I missed out on as a kid.