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  1. Evolving the starters is the biggest grind of them all. I lucked out in finding a wild Charmeleon and I finally got just enough candies to go up to Wartortle. It's frustrating going around and seeing Charizards flying over gyms. The thing not helping the grind is all my 2km eggs keep popping out Pidgeys, Rattatas, and goddamn Zubats and almost no starters. I can't even pull more Caterpies or Weedles, so I'm stuck on Metapod and Kakuna. I HAVE FIVE PIDGEOTS AND THREE MORE PIDGEOTTOS WAITING. DON'T YOU SEE THAT GAME. STOP IT. It helps for easy evolution XP, but my goodness. And if I got another Onyx (statistically probably the worst Pokemon in the game right now, because it's weak and can't evolve) from my 10 km eggs rather than something useful, I'm going to quit.
  2. The Cowboys also still do training camp in Oxnard, so it'd be pretty easy and probably beneficial to both sides to just have Dallas come down the road. I almost expect this to be a regular thing. (Which I don't know why Cowboys would still be allowed to do that. The Rams regular season practice facility is 20 miles away! Both in Ventura County! I'm sure the Rams aren't going to put up a big stink about it because Jerry Jones did Kroenke a solid (and the Rams are training in Orange County), but still. You know Jerry would put up a fit if someone tried training camp in Fort Worth or something.) --- As for the game itself, cool to have the Los Angeles Rams full on and official again. In my learning process of reminting myself as a Rams fan, I was excited for the game only to be quickly reminded that oh... this is still the Rams. The first string defense is *supposed* to be the best part of this team, but that secondary needs definite work, especially at corner. Keenum was okay. Goff was limited but looked fine (could've even made a TD drive if the entire receiving corps didn't have the dropsies) and held out for precaution. Mannion and the third stringers looked decent in the comeback, which was great. Nice to open the first game back with a win even if it's the back-ups and the preseason. It's a good feeling there. More time to go, but... man... LOS ANGELES RAMS!
  3. That was my first thought. USC has more say on how the Coliseum is handled than the Rams do. I'm sure none of the decorating has been done without the Trojans' blessing.
  4. Since the USWNT's old coach Pete Carroll, I mean, Pia Sundhage left to coach her native Sweden, the USWNT is 0-2-2 against the Swedes. What does she know that we don't?
  5. Las Vegas Blackhawks?
  6. Since the World Cup is around the corner and this stuff is showing up on the NHL Shop and I don't think we ever got a really good look at the names/numbers on the jerseys, here's the named WC jerseys. (Check out that Team Europe nameplate/shiny font... Still no white jersey for them. There were also no player jerseys for Finland/Czech availabile, and strangely only one women's cut jersey for them too. Also no "road" jersey available on the shop for Young Gunz, Russia, Sweden)
  7. Oh... oh my... I... um... I need to go clean up.
  8. Hmm... How does Nighthawks look on a belt buckle? I won't know if it works until I see it on a belt buckle.
  9. Quit as coach and VP of hockey ops. ESPN blurb on my phone said "cites lack of input on team's decision-making." I thought he was in on most of the decision making? Strange. Especially just a month out from the season. Avs are in a tough spot there.
  10. I was a fan of Aces. I am no longer a fan of Aces. Disgrace the Ace.
  11. Which is a cool story... if you don't live in the Pacific/Mountain time zones. Things "LIVE" on big NBC are still delayed out here. Anything being broadcasted on big NBC has been a travesty out here. And no, I can't stream all the events, because I have to do work on my computer during the day. At least I can get rugby, handball, fencing and field hockey live on the other channels. (I think that's what I just can't wrap around. The cable channels are all live, but the network isn't. No reason everything can't be live. And with commercials, these networks don't seem to struggle with commercials or other pre-produced human interest pieces during our regular live sporting events. Whatever.)
  12. Yeah, that's why I said "Disney doesn't meddle." Marvel dealing with Marvel makes sense and I don't mind. (We didn't need an extra 30 mins of that AoU anyway, and Ant-Man ended up pretty well.) This seems more and more like a Warner Bros problem, rather than a DC problem.
  13. YEAH. SUCK IT OTHER COUNTRIES! U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A! But seriously, Michael Phelps is a once in millennium athlete. We're unbelievably lucky to be watching someone so great at what they do. Absolutely incredible. And suck it, Chad Le Clos. Don't step to the Stars and Stripes. Keep working on that tan.
  14. There were two cuts of Suicide Squad edited simultaneously, a more somber one by director David Ayer and another light-hearted studio-favored version CUT BY THE COMPANY THAT CUT TOGETHER THE TRAILERS, per The Hollywood Reporter GOD DAMN IT WARNER BROTHERS. LEAVE DC ALONE. Disney doesn't meddle like this in Marvel. Just let DC do DC. You've done more harm than good here.