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  1. That would be this ing handheld bubble machines. They are the worst. Get it and you will be the bane of all fellow park-goers in your immediate radius. If I'm there, you will be slain.
  2. BUT WAIT. ISN'T SUPERMAN DEAD. Look, I want to be excited for the JL movie. It was a really good trailer (even if it was just a compliation of the Nick Fury pre-Avengers post-credit scenes with Batfleck in place of Samuel L. Jackson. And even with the cheesy fish line at the end.). They also clearly learned from the Suicide Squad trailer with the music choice. I want to be excited. But I've been hurt. I've been damaged. BvS:DoJ corrupted my DC excitement engine. So... continued cautious optimism. (Until SS renews my confidence and WW goes and is awesome and we'll wonder why BvS was ever the turd it was... I hope...) And again, just to reiterate, I'm so freaking stoked for whenever we get the Batfleck solo movie. That's going to be so damn good. "I'm real when it's useful."
  3. I still have no ing idea what's happening in Doctor Strange
  4. They played Cynical, Bored to Death, Built This Pool, No Future, Kings of the Weekend, Los Angeles, and Brohemian Rhapsody. Funnily, didn't play San Diego in either show in San Diego.
  5. I actually saw Blink last night in San Diego, the second show of the tour, and it was pretty awesome. (Also got a nostalgia bomb from the first opener All-American Rejects. Yes, they are still a thing! I know, right?) I guess I hadn't really thought about it until I was going to and at the concert last night, but Blink has been a kind of important band for me. I mean on the surface, they seem like a silly band with a lot of jokes and maybe had passed their time. But to me, they're not. I think I relate with what McCarthy said where certain songs hit at a certain time and just strike a chord. Whether it's Adam's Song or I Miss You or even Wishing Well from Neighborhoods. They're a band that I'll listen, take a break, but just keep coming back to always discovering a different song in the catalogue or finding a new emotion or meaning to songs I'd just been happily and blindly singing along to for years. I had a fear that the new Blink wasn't going to be able to hang after the drama and another break up, and I thought they might sound tired or past their expiration date, but not the case. At the show, really the only song that might have felt out of place is All The Small Things, but everything else holds up with them. And I'm still in a feeling out of California, but I definitely am liking some tracks. There's a direction they can follow and still pump out some quality, and I'm glad. I'm glad that Blink can still be around. Keeps that connection to my childhood. Three last points: When they played "I Miss You", not hearing that signature "WUR ARE YEEEWWWWWW? AND IM SO SAWRHY" was probably the only time I missed Tom during the show. I was probably more giddy than I should have been when they busted out "Happy Holidays You Bastard" last night, but damn it, that was some pure fun. "Built This Pool" from California is 16 seconds of pure art.
  6. So NBC released it's NHL schedule, and while we didn't learn anything new, there was one fact that stood out to me as an annoyance. They proudly announced that 54 of their 106 NBC/NBCSN broadcasts will feature at least one Western Conference team. Exposure! Yay! While it's no secret about the NBC Seven and that playing in the Eastern time zone is just better for the broadcast time slots, the caveat of "at least one Western Conference team" seemed funny to me. Like they were patting themselves on the back for acknowledging some of the Western Conference exists. So I went for a breakdown of the schedule: 106 Games - Total for the NBC/NBCSN schedule 54 Games - at least one Western Conference team 26 Games - two Western Conference teams 13 Games - two non-Chicago Western Conference teams (Blackhawks are featured 21 times in total, the most again.) 6 Games - two non-Chicago or San Jose Western Conference teams. (a.k.a. The games where they can't just steal the Comcast regional feed) Also, the first game between two non-Chicago or San Jose Western teams isn't until January 8, when Bruce Boudreau makes his return to Anaheim with the Wild. Again, nothing new, but yes, congrats NBC on featuring at least one Western Conference team in 54 out of 106 games, and at least one Eastern Conference team in 80 of 106. In the spoilers is the full breakdown of appearances:
  7. Why do we keep doing this?
  8. Ugh... Every single Ducks signing has Randy Carlyle written all over it and I hate this. Sigh... Just win Game 6 or 7 in 2015 and we're not in this mess...
  9. Chiarelli has now traded away Tyler and Taylor... Huh. I mean, I can kind of get it from the Oilers perspective. They just drafted what they and many feel will be a star LW in Puljujarvi, and they've continually needed defensemen to build. Larsson is actually a pretty good defenseman just hidden away/underrated in New Jersey. But to do that 1-for-1 straight up is insane. Edmonton can only hope Larsson blossoms again, but yikes, that's a hard one to swallow. Hall as a Devil will be weird, considering he was the start of this "turnaround" for the Oilers. He was supposed to be the block to build out from. Strange. Meanwhile, Montreal are the biggest idiots of the day. How do you do that? Hell, how have they even entertained the idea before now? Trading away PK Subban under any circumstances should equal walking papers for Bergevin. PK is an elite talent on the ice. He's an exciting, productive, and solid player. Off the ice, he is one of if not the most charismatic player in the league. He's fun. He's charitable. He's marketable as all hell, yet the Canadiens organization has done all they can to ostracize him and push him away. I just don't understand. And now the Habs will be punished with the ever-quickening diminishing returns of Shea Weber. Still good, but not for much longer and not at a level to justify that contract. Also, Subban will be WASTED in Nashville. Not on the ice. That Preds defensive core is kinda scary. But in terms of league wide marketing? PK is going to languish. It's hard to promote a Nashville Predator to the country, but we'll see. I think that part is a travesty. What does Montreal do with PK's hospital wing? It was just named LAST YEAR. PK was putting down roots to be THE face of the Montreal Canadiens, and the Habs just didn't want him to be that. For whatever dumb dumb reason.
  10. You also managed to leave out the whole career-cut-short-by-concussion part of the discussion, but hey, who wants to ruin a narrative. Why did he "fall tremendously short of expectations?" His career was cut short by concussions. Why did he stop being one of the best players in the world in the mid-to-late 90s? Concussions. Yes, his Flyers teams fell short a couple times and yes, there is the whole demanding trades part. But he was also well over a point per game player and won a gold medal with Canada in 2002.
  11. Best Icelandic performance since Gunner Stahl in D2.
  12. I'll tell you what, though, the Coyotes are gonna have one hell of a team. Pronger on D, Datsyuk up front... Hm? What's that? Oh. Of course it's the damn Coyotes taking the Red Wings problem for absolutely nothing. Screw you Arizona.
  13. So, hi all, ignorant American here... from what I can read and gather, is it fair to say that Britain done ed up? Is that an accurate read? I'll hang up and listen.