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  1. As much as I'm an American hockey fan, 1) Team USA kinda got what it deserved for putting that team/coaching staff together, 2) Team USA needs new blood. It's been the same team for the last 6+ years. Their problem is that their future (Eichel, Gaudreau, Saad, Jones, Trouba, Gotisbehere, Larkin, Gibson, Matthews, etc.) is all on Team North America. So yes the USA is eliminated, but luckily we're all North Americans. #YoungGunzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. It's by Vin's own choice, apparently. He has done home playoff games on the radio previously. He has his home farewell on Sept. 29 vs Colorado and career farewell on Oct. 2 at San Francisco. He said he didn't want to go into the playoffs and have a couple more billed as potentially his final game or whatever. In his words, he didn't want to have 12 farewells.
  3. Well, bright side is: 1) It can't possibly get worse, Right? 2) Good, bad, or otherwise, we have a football team again.
  4. At least it's not that horrific vinyl anymore.
  5. Wait... THESE are the Rams?! Oh.
  6. Guys... it's real... After 22 years of rumors, lies, failed promises, failed expansions, stadium drawings, Farmers Field, City of Industry, announcements, OTAs, training camp, preseason games... the LOS ANGELES Rams have taken a regular season snap, and all is right again. GO RAMS! BEAT THE NINERS!
  7. The Batman story I would love to see made is Hush. It looks like they're making animated adaptations of that and Death in the Family, which sound great. (But after what happened with adaptation of arguably THE seminal Batman book, the Killing Joke, my hopes aren't as high.) I'd also like a different live action take on the Riddler and Mr. Freeze. Jim Carey's okay, but a little too far, and of course the less said about Schwarzeneggar's Freeze the better. Maybe Mr. Freeze has been ruined in the live-action world by that, but I'd like to see a more proper take. Black Mask, Dr. Hugo Strange, a live-action Mask of the Phantasm would be awesome, Clayface has plenty of angles but would probably be too much CGI for a proper-live action Batman, Azrael would be dope, Mad Hatter if you really want to be weird about it, set up the Jason Todd/Red Hood story if you have the time. There's places to go still. The question is because of what these movies have to be now, will any one be allowed to take the chance or the big risk of doing a different Batman story? Using a lesser known villain, but fleshing him out to be great? I loved that the Dark Knight films were grounded in realism, but is the filmverse going to be slaves to that forever? Or can you tread into some of the weirder Batman stories? Flirt with that edge of fantasy and magic? Hell, go sci-fi. Give me Batman Beyond. As great as the Dark Knight films were or the 1989 Batman was or how potentially good Affleck's Batman could be, I think the most interesting place Batman could go to is back to television. But not into the CW-verse or to the Adam West style (although that animated Caped Crusaders movie looks dead on awesome). Pitch me a Batman HBO show, and I'd give you all the money myself. Give me a Batman like the Wire or like Oz or on the opposite side of the Sopranos. If there is any mainstream comic book hero that could work as an HBO show, it's Batman. Now maybe Gotham has ruined Batman on TV for a bit, but I'd love to see the idea. Anyways, enough fancasting. Yeah Deathstroke could be cool. Good casting for him. But I know regular folk are going to come in with the Deathstroke/Deadshot/hell Deadpool questions. And personally, I've never seen any of the assassin characters as big bads unto themselves. They're usually paid by someone to kill Batman. In video game terms, the assassins like Deathstroke or Deadshot are mini-bosses who you beat and learn who the actual man behind the curtain is then go after the big boss. Idk. Definitely have an open mind about it though.
  8. Other "pro" hockey in the desert: the WPHL and CeHL's New Mexico Scorpions: What about Abu Dhabi?
  9. I present this exhibit from the National Lacrosse League circa 2002-2007: Also from the German DEL circa 1998-2013:
  10. Evolving the starters is the biggest grind of them all. I lucked out in finding a wild Charmeleon and I finally got just enough candies to go up to Wartortle. It's frustrating going around and seeing Charizards flying over gyms. The thing not helping the grind is all my 2km eggs keep popping out Pidgeys, Rattatas, and goddamn Zubats and almost no starters. I can't even pull more Caterpies or Weedles, so I'm stuck on Metapod and Kakuna. I HAVE FIVE PIDGEOTS AND THREE MORE PIDGEOTTOS WAITING. DON'T YOU SEE THAT GAME. STOP IT. It helps for easy evolution XP, but my goodness. And if I got another Onyx (statistically probably the worst Pokemon in the game right now, because it's weak and can't evolve) from my 10 km eggs rather than something useful, I'm going to quit.
  11. The Cowboys also still do training camp in Oxnard, so it'd be pretty easy and probably beneficial to both sides to just have Dallas come down the road. I almost expect this to be a regular thing. (Which I don't know why Cowboys would still be allowed to do that. The Rams regular season practice facility is 20 miles away! Both in Ventura County! I'm sure the Rams aren't going to put up a big stink about it because Jerry Jones did Kroenke a solid (and the Rams are training in Orange County), but still. You know Jerry would put up a fit if someone tried training camp in Fort Worth or something.) --- As for the game itself, cool to have the Los Angeles Rams full on and official again. In my learning process of reminting myself as a Rams fan, I was excited for the game only to be quickly reminded that oh... this is still the Rams. The first string defense is *supposed* to be the best part of this team, but that secondary needs definite work, especially at corner. Keenum was okay. Goff was limited but looked fine (could've even made a TD drive if the entire receiving corps didn't have the dropsies) and held out for precaution. Mannion and the third stringers looked decent in the comeback, which was great. Nice to open the first game back with a win even if it's the back-ups and the preseason. It's a good feeling there. More time to go, but... man... LOS ANGELES RAMS!
  12. That was my first thought. USC has more say on how the Coliseum is handled than the Rams do. I'm sure none of the decorating has been done without the Trojans' blessing.
  13. Since the USWNT's old coach Pete Carroll, I mean, Pia Sundhage left to coach her native Sweden, the USWNT is 0-2-2 against the Swedes. What does she know that we don't?
  14. Las Vegas Blackhawks?