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  1. For all the flack ESPN deservedly gets for not talking hockey on air, their online writing was some of the best. Losing LeBrun and Burnside and even MacDonald on the day the 2nd Round starts is a downright criminal thing. Now they're not even pretending to care about the sport. Not even a cursory effort. Losing Ed Werder the day before the draft is gross too. I'd hope the NFL Network or someone scoops him up by the end of the day. And Baseball Tonight is going to be significantly downsized. From staff to actual shows during the week. Richard Deitsch basically said to expect ESPN to outsource some MLB shows from the MLB Network. As someone making their way through the low level/early stages of the business and someone that grew up with the thought and dream that ESPN is the pinnacle of the profession and everything I should aspire to be, this is kind of disgusting and disheartening. ESPN will never be what it once was to me in that way.
  2. Indiana Jones Five - July 10, 2020
  3. So today it was announced that the Episode IX release date is May 24, 2019. I was under the impression that we had permanently moved to December releases. May 24 would be around the traditional Star Wars release dates, but it's not a special anniversary or anything. Strange.
  4. The Canucks fan turned Flames fan is happy the Oilers advanced... I'm at a loss. --- And sure, c'mon Edmonton. We'll make McDavid die for your sins. Also, think about this... the Ducks or Oilers will play the Blues or Predators to go to the Stanley Cup Final... how weird is that?
  5. Of all the teams to get swept, I'd never have picked it to be the Blackhawks and certainly not to the Predators. Just wow. Holy . Assuming St. Louis does finish off Minnesota at some point, that'd leave the Ducks as the highest seed remaining in the West. That's not something I expected.
  6. C'mon, BJackets. Plucky little BJackets.
  7. Not only is Penguins-Blue Jackets Game 5 relegated to NHL Network, it's the local Pittsburgh Root Sports feed. This will be a decent game on mute.
  8. Las Vegas and Quebec City applied for expansion teams, but at the end of the four-step process, only Las Vegas was approved. Seattle was expected to apply, but their bid fell apart at the last minute.
  9. I thought that too. I believe in Ducks/Jets, the Ducks only led for a total of like 40 seconds through the first three games.
  10. It was a sweep, but yeah not a completely dominant sweep. The Ducks lagged in the second periods of the first two games and let Calgary hang around or back into it (mostly thanks to Sean Monahan). They didn't necessarily put away the Flames like they could have, but they haven't really done that all year. They've just done what they had to get done. And look, the officiating was just bad period, both ways. Calgary had 8 consective power plays in Calgary, starting with Game 3 where the Ducks got zero power plays. And the Game 3 Thompson goal? Obviously wasn't so "clearly" a high stick. It was called a goal on the ice, and the call stood on review. The key to this series, as most, was goaltending. Even if the Flames had won Game 3 as they should've, the Ducks were always going to win this series in the long term. Brian Elliot was awful in this series, as the numbers bear out. John Gibson was very good, outside of that Game 3, and even after he was pulled in 3, Jonathan Bernier stood strong and didn't allow anything as the Ducks climbed back. The Ducks were just the better team, too. I said Ducks in 5, and that looked to be the case. It's just that Calgary lost their one with Game 3.
  11. I don't know. I've never come down on a difinitive side of the Rest vs Rust debate. Sometimes it's great, sometimes not. The Ducks may benefit from the rest to nurse up some injuries and get Sami Vatanen and Cam Fowler back. They're also a team that hasn't lost in regulation since March 10, so idk if the break screws up the rhythm or not. On the other side, sure, you want to see the Oilers and Sharks flop about and slap each other around for the full seven, but they'll be in the every other day game rhythm and travel rhythm (depending on opponent). But yeah, I guess in this instance I'd take the rest. Get the key guys healed up, and even though I mentioned the rhythm, this Sharks/Oilers series doesn't seem to actually have a rhythm. So at worst, the next series starts at even, in that regard.
  12. They can't win here. They can't win there. Annnnnnnd that's handshakes. After last year's first round debacle, that one felt pretty sweet. Just, yeah, I feel really, really good right now. Whether it's another round of Alberta or Sharks/Ducks Part Deux, I'm so ready for Round 2. LETS GO DUCKS!
  13. I was poking fun at you, dummy. If you know this happens, why are we being so whiny about it? Score some goals. Get "Duuuuuubs" to make an extra save. He's the "better" goalie right? But none of that matters. Bruce said he'd tell the Wild to play like it's a Game 7, which is, like, the worst possible advice Bruce could give his teams. (Also, you know why we're all gonna give you a ton of crap when you post stuff like that in the thread right? You talked up your Wild all season. It was gonna be different. They're a really good team. They're a great team when they're not playing like a bad team because they're actually good. Really!. You swear! And every time we told you to be careful, beware, this could happen, the team could Boudreau at any moment, you would push back so hard again swearing it was different and they wouldn't... Well here they are.)
  14. WHAT!?! A GOALIE is STEALING a playoff series!?! Alert the authorities! Signal the Ministry of Magic! Shoot a flare for the Justice League! This is has never happened before! Not once ever! No team has EVER ridden a hot goalie to a playoff series victory! It's preposterous! There must be some dark magic afoot indeed! Burn Jake Allen! Burn the witch!