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  1. Which has been renovated by MSG into a fantastic concert venue. I get the Clippers wanting to move into their own arena, not that it would ultimately matter. (I had heard previous rumors of them looking all along West LA) And them getting in on the Inglewood complex and really making it a competitor to LA Live and Staples Center downtown has merit, but kind of like the discussion with the Islanders and another arena in New York, I don't know if LA really needs another arena. Let alone literally around the corner from a recently renovated one. There are only so many events that roll through town. So I don't know if building one next to the damn Forum makes any sense.
  2. Ryan Kesler one-punching Jeff Carter... I like. Jared Boll doing whatever it is he does... I don't. He didn't even fight in that fight-filled Ducks/Kings game. And if Jared Boll doesn't get in a fight in a game, I don't know what his purpose in the Ducks' or any line-up is. Even when he does fight, I don't know why he's in the Ducks line-up.
  3. No. He's saying that the Wild are going Cup or Bust with this trade and sacrificing a bit of the future. If you're giving up that much, you better win the Cup because of or at least with that player to make the trade ultimately worth it. Otherwise, you gave away a year of prospects. Stop that. No one's saying it's a fluke. We're just saying 1) this is the Wild and 2) more importantly, this is Bruce Boudreau. The Ducks and Capitals did everything in multiple regular seasons you just described about this season's Wild, and with better players, but ultimately all met the same playoff end. And what's the common thread through the Capitals, Ducks, and now Wild? It's Bruce. Regular seasons with Bruce are fun, but don't go expecting the playoffs to be the same carnival.
  4. I mean, it was pretty cool. Who doesn't like (love) a good punch to Jeff Carter's face? And I know when you're posting these things I can just assume it was a Ryan Lambert post, but it'd also be nice if we cited our sources so we don't have to look them up or ask.
  5. No, you're right. Getzlaf, Perry, and Andersen went to the Conference Final before losing to the Blackhawks. Again, keep talking yourself into it! I don't blame you! We all did it too! Just... you know... those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it... and repeat it... and repeat it... and repeat it...
  6. Yeah, that's a lot to give up for a third line center just to lose a 3-2 series lead and a home Game 7 in Round 2 to the Blackhawks. To me, the only way this Bishop to LA move makes sense is if they're trading him for a goal-scorer between now and Wednesday. Like sure, having Bishop with Quick just coming back allows the Kings to not put all the pressure immediately on Quick. But it's not like Budaj couldn't have done the same thing. Hell, the Kings wouldn't be in a position to make a push without Budaj's play this season. But if they trade Bishop, their back-up options are the returned-to-earth/recently-unclaimed-on-waivers Jeff Zatkoff and the constant project that is Jack Campbell. So, idk. I obviously hope the Kings look stupid at the end of this, but if they can find a scoring touch and keep Bishop and Quick as a tandem... ugh.
  7. Honestly, that's probably a reason Barstool has had such a recent rise. Fans talking about sports as fans. Not trying to talk smarter than anybody else. (Maybe acting like it and getting a laugh, but anyway.) I have a lot of other issues with Barstool, and overall I don't really care for it. But I do understand it's appeal to some people.
  8. COYOTES 20TH ANNIVERSARY ALL-TIME STARTING SIX (as voted on by the "fans") FORWARDS: Keith Tkachuk, Jeremy Roenick, Shane Doan - Sure, I can buy those. I know we all think Shane Doan is a clown and he is, but he holds a lot of numbers. DEFENSE: Teppo Numminen, Oliver Ekman-Larsson - Again, sure. That works. GOALTENDER: Mike Smith... Not Khabibulin or even Bryzgalov... Mike Smith. That guy. Up there. This guy. Him. Number 1 (although, this is also hero's work) /franchise
  9. Je. Sus. Christ. Coyotes to Tempe was going to be such a good idea too. Now what? They try partnering with the Suns again? They go back and plead for Glendale's forgiveness? This'll be rich.
  10. Yes, that's something the Ducks struggled with... because all those times were under Boudreau Trust us. We've been there. The regular season is fun with Bruce. It's very fun. So fun that there's no way to even possibly think of what will lie ahead... but don't think it can't happen to you because it can and it will suck... but then you'll tinker, have another fun regular season, and think you can do it the next time and it couldn't possible happen again... but remember that it can and it will suck... but then you'll tinker again, have yet another fun regular season, and think you can definitely do it the next time because someone has to reverse the trend and it surely couldn't happen AGAIN... but know that it can... and it will suck... We've seen it. We've lived it. Beware.
  11. I've seen those... and I literally have no explanation for this one. None. What and why are these? I prefer the Cash Me Ousside meme as my early favorite of 2017.
  12. I'm gonna... I'm... I'm gonna... vomit... I'm gonna vomit. I'm gonna...
  13. Try again