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  1. I actually like the road whites. *shrug* The colors pop better, and it actually gives use to the shoulder yoke, unlike the home blacks. I find them more pleasing than the home blacks, which at this point feel kind of drab, tired and played out. All in all, should've just put the D on the front from the start and stuck with it. All the tinkering with this set has been a tad bothersome (From the Cup uniform, to the EDGE modifications, to the third, to adjusting the collar when the white was added, now the Adidas collars). For all 13 years as the Mighty Ducks, excluding alternates, they had one primary set. In the 12 years since becoming the Anaheim Ducks, again excluding alternates, they've had three primary looks. 2007 Cup year, 7 years of original EDGE (which, sure, in concept are the same, but there's enough damaging change that I count it separate) and 5 years of the current D primaries (four years previous as an alternate). Seriously, just pick the orange jersey with the Mighty Ducks logo and stick with that for a good long while. Or take the current alternate and make the jade parts orange. Either way, stick with something.
  2. He only works on TV now. (For the moment.)
  3. What a miserable human being. Thanks for the Cup, but take your truculence, belligerence, pugnacity and shove it. Anaheim/Orange County aren't military towns in the same way that San Diego is, for example. Yes, you have Camp Pendleton to the south between OC and San Diego, but I wouldn't say it's a military culture. You have a small operations thing in Seal Beach, and there was the El Toro Marine Air Base but that's long long long since closed down and turned into the Irvine Great Park (hell, the Ducks just opened their brand new practice rink on the old site). It's there, but not anywhere near enough to justify the Patriots or Warriors. And Minutemen? In Boston, maybe. Dropping the Mighty? Despite my username, sure, that's fine. But to say people "loathed" it? Or to say the uniforms sucked? Seems like plenty of people have clamored for lately. They sell like hotcakes. I don't think people should be taking any fashion advice from a man who can't tie a neck tie. Also, did he not see D3: The Mighty Ducks? The Warriors lost and were renamed the Ducks!
  4. Still MIGHTY

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Developed cancer directly in front of the net. You see why Gibson finally broke.
  5. Still MIGHTY

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Completely. And that differential has certainly ballooned over the last stretch here (an additional -19 over the last 7 games), but the only reason they were even hanging around earlier was John Gibson, who looks like he finally just buckled under the constant pressure. The Ducks were/have been working with the terrible combo of a piss-poor defensive structure and the inability to generate or capitalize on scoring chances (which would immediately turn the game back onto the piss-poor defensive structure). Their confidence has been shattered over the last 54 days (2 wins), just hopefully not irreparably. And I'm completely on board with your statement. Even if they could push back to a playoff spot, what would be the point? You're not winning. No need to add another early playoff loss onto this team's psyche. I certainly want them to get better, and I'm not against a winning streak (because, despite the log jam, it's a logjam because everyone else in the West has sucked this year. A 4-game win streak could be all you need to eliminate that deficit). Get your smile back, or whatever, but get your focus on next season and what you have to do to not repeat this debacle ever again.
  6. Still MIGHTY

    2018-19 NHL Season

    THEY DID IT. PRAISE TEEMU, THEY DID IT. Should have done it after the Sharks sweep, should have done it after the first 7 game losing streak... or the 12 game losing streak... but this current 7-gamer was truly to point of no return. Hitting rock bottom harder than I can remember at any other point in franchise history. Sure, there were some bad teams in the Mighty era, but never have they played a worse 7 or 5 game stretch. Plus those teams had zero expectations. This one had a minimal expectation of a playoff berth, and while not completely out of the question, they are sprinting in the other direction. I don't think he's going to bring much of anything when it comes to coaching. And I think that's kind of stated as much based on Murray's comments and the Samuelis'. There's no talk of pushing toward the playoffs or anything like that. I think it's exactly as you say, that he's there to observe things (their play, the room, etc.) from ice level and hands on. Try and observe what the team needs to be better or what kind of coach could properly motivate the group. In terms of Xs and Os, I assume the assistants will do the bulk of that work. It's also one of those things that might kickstart some of the players. One of those, how would you perform if your boss sat in your office watching your work over your shoulder, sort of thing. Can't take a second off. I agree with the San Diego aspect of this too. There's no use in bringing up Eakins to try and salvage this ship this season. It's not going anywhere. On the other side, the Gulls are on a tear and you can get the kids some valuable playoff experience with a guy that should be the top candidate to take over the NHL job next season. Plus, if the Ducks continue to suck, that's another top prospect to add to the bunch. No matter how the rest of the season goes, a huge weight off.
  7. Still MIGHTY

    2018-19 NHL Season

    2-15-4 7 in a row (3rd time this season!). 37-8. El. Oh. El.
  8. Still MIGHTY

    2018-19 NHL Season

    They are 0-2 against dead-last Ottawa this season. They were shut out against the team giving up the most goals in the NHL this season despite putting up a season-high 45 shots. I don’t blame you if you don’t. Hell, despite their next home game being Mighty Ducks movie jersey night and Scott Niedermayer number retirement night next Sunday, I’m not too inclined either. (I’ll go because I’m a masochist, and I’ll be a pitchfork’s throw away from Carlyle.) The Kings (which my phone always autocorrects to Kong’s which is funny but infuriating) are only ONE POINT behind the Ducks. THE KINGS. And, apologies. They’re only 2-14-4 in this stretch, not 2-16-4 as I said, but they’ll get there probably.
  9. Still MIGHTY

    2018-19 NHL Season

    2-16-4 6 in a row. 31-6.
  10. Still MIGHTY

    NFL Playoffs: Super Bowl LIII

    Yeah, you've made that pretty clear.
  11. Still MIGHTY

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Or when we invented the hockey puck?
  12. Still MIGHTY

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Well, it is the coach. And it continues to be the coach because of the GM. They're friends. Drinking buddies, probably. So much so that Carlyle's current contract calls for him to remain part of the Ducks organization once his coaching contract expires. He has said that firing Carlyle the first time was the hardest thing he's had to do as a GM, and it more and more looks like he just doesn't want to do it twice. Murray was the senior VP of hockey operations beginning in 2005 and has been the GM since November 2008, when Brian Burke left. In that full tenure, he's obviously has been at the helm of the most successful period in Ducks history, and he continues to draft very well despite not picking very high. Overall, Murray has been a successful GM when it comes to cultivating the franchise. Really, the only marks against him are only not winning the Cup as GM, although again he helped develop the players that won it in 2007, and now the downfall this season and the perpetual not-firing of Randy Carlyle. The problem is that last bit might be the iceberg to this Titanic. Again, there have been plenty of coaches fired for far less than what Carlyle has put together between last spring's sweep against San Jose and this putrid garbage streak. Some want to give Murray the benefit of the doubt and say he's riding this season out (realizing this group isn't good enough as constructed, waiting it out until next season so the kids can grow up, give Carlyle a better shot), but if that's the case, he refuses to actually be straight with us and say that. So without voicing that plan (if that is even the "plan" that exists), we the fans see a team with too much talent to be this bad, and a Coach that, despite all the offseason professing otherwise, refuses to adapt to the current game or adapt to anything at all. A coach that was fired once before for nearly the exact same thing. So it's either the team is actually tanking this season (and I know you can't say "tank" but "building for the future" would suffice), or they're continually banging their head against the wall and hoping it works. Murray's public statements so far would suggest the latter, which is either insulting to the fanbase or truly stupid.
  13. Still MIGHTY

    2018-19 NHL Season

    LOL. 2-15-4. Outscored 27-6 in their last five games, all losses. Third 5+ game losing streak this season. BUT NOPE. DEFINITELY NOT RANDY'S FAULT. THOSE DARN PLAYERS AND THEIR NOT-STEPPING-UPNESS.
  14. Still MIGHTY

    Super Bowl Logo System

    I like the concepts so far. Definitely more of what the NFL should be striving for. But idk about the hill and Hollywood sign for the LA Super Bowl. I think to use the sign in an official logo like that would be considered advertisement for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, who does hold trademark rights to depictions of the sign. And I think in application like on a jersey or hat or whatever, it would be a weak element. What does a green mound and a white line say about Los Angeles? You could go with a star motif, film reels, palm tree, surfboard, waves, sunglasses, red carpet, spotlights, film premiere, awards show, art deco. There are plenty of ways to get across a Hollywood aesthetic without literally using the Hollywood sign.
  15. Still MIGHTY

    2018-19 NHL Season

    In 2011, the Ducks went on a 2-14-4 stretch with the last loss coming against the Maple Leafs, and after a win against Montreal in their next game, the Ducks fired Randy Carlyle. In 2019, the Ducks are on a 2-14-4 stretch with their latest loss coming against the Maple Leafs, and the Ducks are in Montreal for their next game tonight. Your move, Bob Murray. (He won't.)