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  1. Still MIGHTY

    2018 High School Football

    What essentially amounts to a High School National Championship Game will be played on Friday. Mater Dei of Santa Ana, CA (No. 3 by MaxPreps and USA Today) hosts IMG Academy of Bradenton, FL (No. 1 by MaxPreps and USA Today) on Friday, 7 p.m. at the Santa Ana Bowl. Game will be aired on Fox Sports Prime Ticket in SoCal. No matter who wins, this shapes the national title conversation for the rest of the season, because No. 2 between both IMG and Mater Dei is Mater Dei's Trinity League rival St. John Bosco of Bellflower, CA. Mater Dei and Bosco will play at least one time in league (10/12 at Mater Dei) and probably a second time in the CIF-SS Division 1 title game. The game is also interesting because this will be the last time IMG plays a team from California. CIF put in a new bylaw before the season that does not allow California teams to schedule games against teams that are excluded from their own state's playoffs like IMG Academy in Florida or Oak Hill Academy in Virginia.
  2. Still MIGHTY

    2018 NFL Season

    Certainly shouldn't be Sam Bradford. Five first downs against the Rams for the Cardinals, two of which came on the final drive where they moved across the 50 yard line FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH 30 SECONDS LEFT. And ran THEIR FIRST PLAY IN RAMS TERRITORY as time expired. Sure, the Rams defense looked pretty good, but the Cardinals were absolutely putrid on offense. Rams are 2-0 for the first time since 2001.
  3. Still MIGHTY

    NHL 2018-19

    Five road games (LA/PIT/NYR/TOR/MTL) for the Ducks’ 3rd jersey:
  4. Still MIGHTY

    NHL 2018-19

    Sure, I applaud the simplicity. But the 5 is still ugly haha.
  5. Still MIGHTY

    2018 NFL Season

  6. Still MIGHTY

    NHL 2018-19

    I just can't deal with the pregnant 5. It doesn't work.
  7. Still MIGHTY

    NHL 2018-19

  8. Still MIGHTY

    The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Are there literally no other French-speaking general manager prospects out there? Not one? How in the bloody blazes is Bergevin still employed? --- On the Vegas side, they lost David Perron and James Neal and added Paul Statsny and Max Pacioretty. Not bad overall in the short term. But long term, I still believe they're ed. Trading away a player in Tatar that you yourself traded a 1st/2nd/3rd for (and then almost never played), trading away a top-five prospect, and another second round pick for a pending UFA. Sure, if you have the opportunity, go ahead, shoot for the Moon, but don't complain about the hard crash if you come up short.
  9. Still MIGHTY

    Philly Eagles Add Super Bowl Champs Patch for Tonight

    They... they made a statue... of a play call? I see the Bud Light advertisement on it. This can't be permanent, right?
  10. Still MIGHTY

    Angels Rock Sweet California Throwback Unis

    This is it, really. If they had been the LA Angels through and through since the original move to Anaheim Stadium, there would be zero issues whatsoever. That’s just what they’d be. As Ice Cap evidenced with the Rams move. (Would the Ducks be the Anaheim Ducks or the LA Ducks? I’m not sure, because of the Disney influence. Mighty Ducks of Los Angeles is a weird one.) But the Angels changed, separating from LA. And changed again, localizing to Anaheim. To jump backwards over those two things and over 40 years is difficult.
  11. It's still hands down the Bucs, for me. Those "pirate carving" numbers are still just so heinous. Add in the reflective fabric that brings attention to them, and they're easily the worst uniform element in the league now that the Jags changed helmets. The slices of orange don't work with this look either, and the matte pewter is pretty gross. Say what you will about the Browns as a whole, but the uniforms aren't that bad. Take away the orange stitching and the "Browns" down the leg, and I don't really have a complaint. They could stand to be a little more understated, I guess. The Titans new look is pretty bad, yeah. But I can't say its the worst. Uninspired, boring, made them look like the Toronto Argonauts more than anything else? Sure. All true. It's in that bottom tier, but I'd take sword shoulders over those Bucs numbers any day. They're stupid, but those Bucs numbers are just that nauseating.
  12. Still MIGHTY

    Angels Rock Sweet California Throwback Unis

    I mean you can, especially when we're just talking about the baseball team, but you didn't. I agree wholeheartedly on just about everything here. It's why I loved the 50th anniversary season hats with the gold halo. A "Los Angeles" script would be a little too divisive among fans, as evidenced. The A on the hat wouldn't be a compromise, it'd just be what its always been. I also agree that the navy blue crown does look just aces. I don't like it with the current logo (it would need the aforementioned gold halo), but generally speaking it does look better. But we've established that Red/Blue Angels/Dodgers thing, which is nice.
  13. Still MIGHTY

    Angels Rock Sweet California Throwback Unis

    You're really putting too much emphasis on this.
  14. Still MIGHTY

    Angels Rock Sweet California Throwback Unis

    You have access to the books? You know what the Angels ad revenue is? Is having them as an ambiguous state-wide team any better or worse? The ad revenue "failed to keep pace" after the name change because the initial Anaheim Angels teams were garbage. An absolute joke. When the Angels finally got back around to being good on the other side of the 90s, they won the World Series as the Anaheim Angels in 2002 to kick off an unprecedented run of on-field success. Off the field as the Anaheim Angels in 2003, they drew over 3 million fans for the first time in team history, and haven't gone under since. They drew 3,375,677 fans in 2004, their last season as the Anaheim Angels. I think all of this has less to do with what they were called and more to do with finally being a consistently competitive team. Outside of Division Titles in 1979, 1982, 1986, the history of the Angels can be labelled "really not that good." And the attendance numbers of the time reflect that. The guy in charge wanted to make a true foray into Los Angeles and battle the Dodgers. The Angels' "problem" isn't that they weren't LA. It's that they weren't the Dodgers. Despite changes to the name on the marquee, the Angels still draw from the areas they've always drawn. Orange County, Riverside County, and at best, they extend their range through Long Beach and the South Bay, although both are still heavy Dodger territory. They really don't make a dent into Los Angeles proper. (All that ditto for the Anaheim Ducks.) And that's fine. They fill their niche. It just happens that they finally decided to be good for a decent period of time, and its still SoCal. They love a winner. And it's not like Albert Pujols or Shohei Ohtani said, "oh, the Angels are calling? I can't wait to live in Malibu and play in Los Angeles!" They all know its Anaheim. I can't think of a SportsCenter Angels highlight that has ever started "Now we go out to Los Angeles..." They still say Anaheim. And I've seen you continue to propagate the Orange Curtain/racism thing, but I think it's well enough time to drop that. And yes, I see you said "may not"/"as it used to be", but you're still bringing it up anyway.