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  1. It's not even that they'll look awful on their own (they will), but they're going to look even worse about a month in when they're all scuffed to hell. Especially the centers.
  2. Ladies and gents, white gloves are a go
  3. So, it's his fault the rest of the team sucked? To say flat out that he doesn't deserve it is a bit much. Admittedly, I always thought he was a borderline candidate, and I'm not naive enough to say that his induction doesn't have anything to do with Selanne being inducted this year too. That narrative certainly helped his cause. Plus the discussion started by Lindros the year before and Pavel Bure's case as well probably helped push it forward. All that aside, he has his qualifications. Put up a point-per-game pace, 989 points in 989 games, most of which in the trap era. 100 points twice (99 points in 69 games in 96-97) in a career that, much like Lindros and his induction last year, was just destroyed by injuries. In that 96-97 season (52-goal, 117-point 82-game pace), he missed 13 games due to injury (1st concussion by Matthieu Schneider, and abdominal strain). In 1997-98, he was limited to just 22 games with 17 goals and 31 points (63-goal, 115-point 82-game pace). Now 32 of those games were for contract holdout, so even in 50 games that's 38 goals, 70 points, but Kariya missed the Olympics and the final 3 months of the season with a concussion from Gary Suter. Just those two seasons is potentially 57 points and 29 goals lost. He did post 101 points the season after, but he was up and down forever after that Suter concussion. (And as great as his 2003 "off the floor, on the board" moment was, we all know Stevens damn near killed him.) He lost a season due to lockout, and only played 11 games in 2008-09 (a hip injury against the Ducks, coincidentally, on a hit from behind) and ended his career the next season sighting post-concussion syndrome, not that hip injury. Basically, had he not been kabonged a couple times, Kariya could've had close to 1,200 points in his NHL career, add in some self sabotage with the 32-game holdout and the full season lockout. And with precedents set by Eric Lindros and Pavel Bure, Paul Kariya has the qualifications to be up there with those guys. Not to mention his freshman season at Maine (100 points in 39 games, first freshman to win the Hobey Baker), World Junior Gold, World Championship Gold (and silver), Olympic Gold (and silver). It is the *hockey* hall of fame after all, not just the NHL hall of fame. If he had never gotten his call to the hall, I would've understood. He is on that borderline. But to flat out say he doesn't deserve it? That's harsh.
  4. Hall. Of. Famers. Beautiful.
  5. I like the Ringer's podcasts when they're talking about anything other than the NBA. And they talk aaaaaaaaa lotttttttttttt of NBA.
  6. Sigh... turns out Vegas' gloves are indeed going to be white... and there is a reason for it... OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
  7. The Blackhawks were the only team over the new $75 million cap. Now they're not. It just seems so awfully convenient for Chicago.
  8. They've always had one shoulder patch with the yellow jerseys. I think they'll survive.
  9. Nashville - GOOD: Taking away the piping and blue (ahem) "fangs." BAD: Altering the striping and adding guitar strings on the arm numbers. St. Louis - Nice that it's the exact same. The Adidas collar doesn't take away from too much here. White numbers look a little off for them, but not awful.
  10. That's Pernell-Karl Sylvester Subban to you.
  11. I do love the fact though that it's not that Shane Doan is retiring (yet) or that he wants to have that shot at a Cup. The Coyotes are not offering a contract. The Coyotes are the ones saying "Thanks, but no thanks, Shane." After all his pissing and moaning and whining about staying a Coyote and not moving anywhere all that garbage, it's the team telling him no. That's great.
  12. Right, of course. You don't want your team to lose for existential fan base reasons haha. But, like I said, I think this will ultimately make you all stronger on the other side of it. If you won it, it'd be so easy for the bandwagon to say "Well hey, that was fun. Mission accomplished though. High five, everybody. See you when we feel like it." Now those people are invested and hopefully want to see this thing through. Not some one year burst of magic.
  13. Literally across the street