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  1. The DC Comics Movie & Television Thread

    Now see, if this movie had been producing trailers and promotional materials exactly like this last trailer, then I might be over the moon excited about it. This trailer is fantastic. It's all the things I would have wanted from this movie.   The problem of course is everything else.
  2. All right. Enough with this. Really? This got people to respond to it? C'mon people. Don't get sucked in every single time.   Although, I must say, admiral. Your threads have certainly become a thing.
  3. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    Penguins 50th logo: Good. Colors, cups, shape are all nice.   Flyers 50th logo: Good. Keystone shape is very nice. Clean.   Kings 50th logo: Bad. This is an example of when combining eras goes wrong. Muddled. The current LA with the old crown is very off. The 1967 50 2017 isn't a great read. 50 in place of the LA would've been the way to go if you're going within the current shield shape.
  4. While the leaf sparky put out is nice, it's far too, well, leafy. It looks as brittle and flimsy as an actual leaf. (Yes, I know, insert joke here.)   The logo the Maple Leafs put out is damn near perfect. This might actually get me to pull the trigger on a Leafs sweater that I, as a hockey fan, have wanted in my collection for so long.
  5. Bettman has done a great job FOR THE OWNERS. Yes, that is his job. He's earned his contracts. Great.   But for the league and sport as a whole? No. It's everything teddthebucfan said. Three work stoppages (and most likely a fourth under his new extension) including an entire season is unforgivable, to start. The first was was avoidable, the second maybe not as unavoidable but you can't cancel an entire season, and the third was entirely avoidable. And blaming the "greedy NHLPA"? Seriously, what's you inbox number at NHLHQ? All these work stoppages have been LOCKOUTS, as in the owners/Bettman/NHL locking out the players. These haven't been players strikes as it was in baseball 1994.   There's all the other stuff that has or will be mentioned (relocations, the Coyotes, OLN, etc), but for me, cancelling an entire season in a top flight pro sports league is absolutely unforgivable. The fact that lockouts are expected now is a sad state. There is a reason we created "Only In The God Damn NHL" around here. It wasn't just crafted out of thin air. There is stuff that goes on in and around this league that wouldn't happen anywhere else except OITGDNHL. And who is the head of the GDNHL? That would be one Mr. Gary Bruce Bettman, Esq.
  6. Holy  , how much is NHL PR paying you? What a spin!
  7. Nah, this isn't an Only in the God Damn NHL. 1) because it'd be OITGHNHLPA anyways, and 2) It'd be in any players union's interest to appeal a decision like that, whether they even have a case or not.
  8. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    I think the fact that Ted Cruz wears two watches makes him immediately unelectable...  
  9. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

    Apparently the people of San Francisco are pretty pissed to be the Super Bowl host city for the football game in Santa Clara:  
  10. I'm sorry that people had fun.   And again, at this point, it wasn't about him getting voted in. It happened. It was about the NHL's handling on the situation, the petulant insistence on doing all they could to force him out of the game, and the depth they went to do it. Why? Because the fans showed them up a little bit? The fans that the ASG is supposedly for over anybody else? It clearly just wasn't the reddit or hockey twitter community. I guarantee all those people cheering for him, chanting his name and "MVP" in the building aren't redditors. (Like I said previously, if the NHL really didn't want to deal with any of this, they could have messed with votes ahead of time like they've always done.)   Then when they say fine and let him go to the game and all this, he goes and scores two goals for the team that ultimately wins the tournament and isn't included in the NHL's "official" MVP candidates. (Luongo, Hall, Gaudreau were. As a Ducks fan, I'd also like to point out the Pacific goalies pitched a shutout and Corey Perry had the championship-winning goal(s) as well and didn't get nominated. Anyway.) He then gets voted in BY THE FANS (AGAIN) as the MVP and gets carried off on the shoulders of his teammates. Smiles for everybody.   The players and teammates loved it. The majority of the fans seemed to have a good time about it all and (God forbid) actually enjoy the All-Star Game.   So, again, sorry that people had some fun injected into what has otherwise been a stale, yawn-inducing event. Oops.
  11. 2015 NFL Season-Now with Playoff Talk

      With the scorebug colors not matching the uniforms, I couldn't tell which team was which (from a distance on mute). I literally had no idea.   Not that it matters, I guess.
  12. PACIFIC DIVISION PRIDE! WOO and all that, I guess.   Man, you know what? That was all fun.   And John Scott's team winning the game, being voted MVP and accepting that check from Gary Bettman all felt like a fun justice to this whole situation. I know specific somes of yous will hate every part of this thing. But FWIW, I enjoyed it.
  13. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

      1) No   2) Montreal wasn't using Tinordi. Coyotes wanted a defenseman (so Tinordi) but needed to open a roster/contract spot, so they included Scott in the deal. Montreal didn't necessarily trade FOR him, they just said "Sure, why not? We'll just chuck him to Newfoundland."   3) Yes and Yes
  14. NFL Merry-Go-Round: Relocation Roundelay

    So the Chargers have an agreement to play in Los Angeles and land set aside for a practice facility in Orange County but will still play the year in San Diego trying to make things work.   Burning the candle at both ends, Dean. And neither of the flames seem to give a damn about you.   A year (or 14) too late in San Diego and a year behind in Los Angeles. Good luck with all that.