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  1. Honestly, Nevada should still be a territory or some unincorporated space. Give Vegas to Arizona, give Tahoe/Reno to California, and continue to test nukes and probe aliens in the empty zones.
  2. Yup. Which is why if old Deano really wanted to keep the Los Angeles market as much as he wants you to think he does, he should've pushed the button first. Instead, we have the Los Angeles Rams, who despite mediocre on-field results have done pretty smashingly well here in just about all the other areas. The Chargers aren't even here yet, and we've already forgotten about them.
  3. I think in terms of leaving out #9 versus leaving out #5, what makes it "easier" is that I don't give a damn who the #9 team is. They're not going to win the thing. Again, I feel that's similar to the first year of the playoff and the TCU/Baylor vs Ohio State thing. Take this week's rankings, just for the sake of argument, let's say we were going straight 1-8 for playoff seedings. If I was a playoff committee, I'd sleep much easier leaving #9 Colorado out than I would #5 Michigan. And I agree with Mike/Ice Cap's proposal (mostly because it's OUR, StillMIGHTY/infrared41/IceCap's, Basically a College Football Playoff), which would mean it really isn't even picking straight 1-8. Take the Power 5 champions and 3 at-larges. I'm even okay with letting the Group of 5 rep be an automatic leaving two at-larges. I think that covers all the bases pretty nicely. This year, that'd give you Alabama, Clemson, Washington, Penn State/Wisconsin, Oklahoma/Oklahoma State + Western Michigan + Ohio State, Michigan, and then seed accordingly. Done and Done. And sure, you'd have discussion on the at-larges or even the Group of 5 rep maybe. But again, if we're arguing about who the 3rd-best non-conference-winner is or if the MAC champ is more deserving than the Mountain West champ to get their doors blown down (orrrrr pull that elusive upset), I'm less concerned about leaving them out.
  4. Moana was well-made, sure. The technical aspects of the movie have merit. The songs are catchy enough... but to me, it just seemed like a generic Disney film in every aspect. And yeah they poked fun at the Disney tropes ("You're daughter of a chief with an animal sidekick... you're a princess."), but it never felt like it was more than that, to me. It checked all the boxes on the list, but outside of exploring Polynesian culture, there wasn't a whole lot to it. Also the character of Maui, he was just a dick, IMO. It never felt like he actually redeemed himself, or at least enough for me to like him. It also didn't feel like he learned the lesson, but was still rewarded. IDK, his redemption and wrap up didn't seem earned. Kids will love it, I'm sure, but as someone that's been around the block with Disney, didn't lift me to where it could've. Zootopia was better, IMO. Hail Caesar was... good... but... pointless? Like there was no plot. Things happened, as you said, day in the life at a studio. But it'd be a stretch to call it a story. The conversation with my girlfriend after seeing it was "...did we like this? Do we know?"
  5. Uncle Vern on TNT?? With Pat Haden??? ... and Mark May???? What a weird slice of NFL and sports broadcasting I missed out on as a kid.
  6. Except in the previous two years, we haven't had these circumstances before. This is one of those weird college football years with some weird losses that screwed up conference standings with tiebreakers. If you listened to what the committee spokesperson said, they think that despite the losses Ohio State and Michigan are that much of better teams than than peers below them. Heck, he even went as far as to say the difference between Washington at #4 and Michigan at #5 was negligible. Just for laughs, I half expect Washington to lose to Colorado and have Ohio State AND Michigan in AND the Big 10 champ out. The only thing even close is that first year with Baylor and TCU. And as I believe rams80 alluded to, in hindsight, it feels almost as if instead of picking between TCU and Baylor and drawing a line, the committee just said "screw it, we pick neither" and threw Ohio State in instead. Whether they meant to or not, it seemingly set a precedent. A precedent they might have to walk back on due to this year's circumstances. Kicking out TCU from #3 is also easy in the grand scheme. Kicking out Ohio State from #2, that might be a taller order. If that was Oklahoma or Texas at #3 that year, you think they get dropped? And you know what? Maybe two years isn't enough to decipher a pattern as to how the committee will actually go about things. Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern, right? We can't run multiple simulations to try it out like the BCS computers. The only way to sort this out is real world experience, and we're getting it in real time with the committee. A committee that hasn't even had a consistent roster of members in its first three years. There's a lot of factors going into all this, and really, none of us know for sure how the committee will react next week. It depends on the results and the opinions of the 12 different individuals on the committee. Me? I'm more of the traditional opinion that conference championships matter when it comes to these things. But as a college football observer, I also think Ohio State is clearly one of the best four teams in the country, better than Wisconsin and better than Penn State, despite the actual head-to-head result. So I'm torn in that regard.... However, I also don't think any of these prospective opponents actually has what it takes to beat Alabama this year, so maybe none of this matters too much.
  7. Denver gambled and paid for it. Wow. What an ending.
  8. They put them up in their practice facility. AEG owns Staples Center. AEG owns the Kings. The Kings get the Taylor Swift banner.
  9. No, it's Bruce Boudreau. Enjoy the honeymoon. --- I'm still livid that the Ducks are required to keep Kevin Bieksa around even through this expansion draft. How and why Bob Murray gave this doofus a NMC, I'll never understand. If the Ducks don't manage to buy him out, they'll have to trade someone like Cam Fowler to make room or risk losing someone like Fowler or Josh Manson on defense or even Jakob Silfverberg or Andrew Cogliano up front to Vegas. Stupid.
  10. Ducks should've won that three or four times over the course of the third period and overtime. Hell, even in the shootout. But nope. 14-round loser point. Whatever.
  11. Wait a damn minute... you love the Gorton's logo, but you make death threats against the Mighty Ducks logo? No. No more of you. You're done.
  12. I know there's always backlash when the West tries to make live-action movies out of anime properties and uses white actors... but... I don't care. This looks dope.
  13. Man, the Pacific Division is going to be a fun watch... Black/Silver Black/Orange/Gold Black/Teal Black/Red/Yellow Black/Brick Red Black/Brick Red/Bronze/Silver + Vancouver/Edmonton
  14. Ducks knock Edmonton out of first place in the Pacific. Now that the gang is all here in Anaheim, things look... OK. Things look okay. Not mad with how things are right now.
  15. 1. Duke 2. Kentucky 3. Kansas So college basketball is college basketball, eh?