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  1. This is truly is the darkest timeline.
  2. Washington is 13-43 all-time after taking a 2-0 series lead. What in the ?
  3. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    He didn't follow the NHL's rules for franchise acquisition. After he was denied the Predators, it really seemed like he tried the circumvent the NHL in his attempt to get the Coyotes. None of it was exactly above board. And when it went to an independent arbitrator, the honorable judge Redfield T. Baum, Balsillie's purchase of the Yotes was denied twice, the second time with prejudice.
  4. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Well, for starters, Balsillie was selling Hamilton Predators tickets before he got NHL approval or actually got through with purchasing the Nashville Predators. You could see how that's not the greatest first impression between Mr. Blackberry and the league.
  5. 2018 NBA Post Season

    This fact here really does illustrate it all: I got so sick and tired of hearing people go on and on of how exciting and entertaining the NBA was this season from top to bottom and how wide open the playoffs were going to be, talking themselves into "well, they could do it!". (Case in point, I haven't listened to a Bill Simmons podcast in full since the end of football season. And his nominal talk about the NHL recently is... painful.) All four conference semifinals were done in five games or less. And all that produced was the conference finals anybody, even me the NBA extreme-casual, could have picked before the season. And if the favorites prevail as they probably should? Another Cavs-Warriors Finals. After the Cavs and Warriors both didn't put their best foot forward all season. Cool, I guess. As DG said, none of this is new with the NBA. But, as admiral alluded to, it'd be nice if NBA fans admitted that more often instead of telling everyone how great it all is.
  6. Well, yeah. Because during the regular season it was just ridiculous. Now it's asinine.
  7. 2018/19 Soccer Kits

    Nike really did all over themselves in this run, didn't they? Yikes. Somehow, Adidas has become the class kit provider in the world. Ain't that something.
  8. What the hell? Headline writer got a bit jumpy. It's four paragraphs that essentially say "the Knights are winning and the players are nice!" followed by a collection of photos.
  9. Failed Franchise Expansion & Relocations

    Heh. Funny how that works.
  10. Despite being up 3-2 in the series and 1-0 in the game, the Caps look like they're the desperate ones out there. Selling out for everything. Probably the best course of action. No
  11. Here's another thing of looking at it from my perspective as a Ducks fan. Here the Ducks are over the last 6 seasons, six 100-point seasons, five consecutive division titles but losing in Game 7 after Game 7 after Game 7 after Game 7, losing to the damn Red Wings (again), losing to the rival LA Kings, losing to the Blackhawks after being inches from a Cup Final, losing to effing Nashville in the first round at home (again), losing to Nashville (AGAIN), and ending it all by losing to not the best Sharks team in a sweep after a late season charge. Just banging your head against the wall over and over and over and over and over again. Then here come the Knights, who didn't even exist 12 months ago let alone over the five season previous. Vegas waltzes in, bursts out to an incredible/uncatchable start, wins the same division the Ducks owned for the five previous seasons, and goes the conference final with little to no resistance. It's not only them winning. They've been winning easy. That's another part that's so maddening. Anyone in this thread can attest to how hard the NHL can be on an extremely regular basis. But for the Knights, it's been infuriatingly easy. The one blip of adversity they faced was the early season goalie situation -- down to their fourth string, calling up a kid from effing juniors -- and even then, it wasn't them scratching and clawing for wins. It was a breeze! If you can't see how that's all infuriating as hell from my perspective or from McCarthy's as a Jackets fan or Ice Cap's as a Cup-starved Maple Leafs fan, then idk what to tell you. Like I said after the first round in this thread. Every team has a list of Only In The God Damn NHL moments they can point to in their history. Points of adversity or (usually) ridicule. Vegas doesn't have an OITGDNHL moment, because they are an OITGDNHL moment. You haven't and will never see this in the MLB, NBA, NFL. An expansion team within spitting distance of a league championship is so maddeningly NHL.
  12. Since you're not answering my question, I'll do you the courtesy of answering yours. Because of the draft rules? Me, personally? No. The Mighty Ducks actually made better due with their expansion draft than others and were halfway decent. Made the playoffs in their third season, and have been one of the more successful teams in the league post-lockout. My hate for the Knights is that this success doesn't feel earned. It's just kind of happened. There's a difference in earning success after a time of building, molding, cultivating. There was work put into it. You're grateful from the time, the ups and downs, and all that went into it. I felt that as a Ducks fan. We got beaten down for a long while, but when they did succeed, when they did finally win it all, it made that all worth it. You realize how hard it is to win. You realize that hte saying of the Stanley Cup being the hardest trophy to win in sports, it's not just a saying. Not everybody gets to see their team get to that level. None of that applies to the Knights. It's almost a "just add water" type of success. Everything they've done has worked. Everything they've done has turned right-side up. It's such a charmed existence that's gone way far and high into their fan's heads. It's not deserved or earned. It's just happened. Call it sour grapes, call it whatever the hell you want, but to my mind and many others, the Golden Knights haven't earned their stripes in a league that, until now, basically demanded that you do.