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  1. Basically a Sports Show

    I know... I know... Tune in for the funeral next week.
  2. NFL Offseason '16: Do you know how to Ram it?

    Roger Goodell bringing out the Walter Payton stuff in Chicago and children on the stage... Ugh. "Everyone please don't boo!"
  3. Sigh... I'm sorry for all the mean things I've ever said about the Sharks. If this is how you all felt, I am terribly sorry. Rooting for a group of choking dogs... It's... It's awful. Just... Just... ing damn it. How? How do they come out this way? They know their history. They know the stakes. They know how close they were a year ago. How well they played this season. And to come out with that? I just... ing hell... I hope the Sharks shove a stick so far up James Neal's ass that it comes out of his mouth. ...
  4. I've been holding my breath all day
  5. 2016-17 NHL Uniform and Logo Changes

    All my thoughts exactly. The logo is fine, but not as good for a primary. If this was the shoulder patch for a larger identity package, it'd be pretty great, but as the top cat, not so much. I still really love their current logo and own an inaugural jersey. And McCarthy's also right, that sun/palm tree/hockey stick secondary was fantastic. One of the best in the league. I'll wait on the jerseys to make a real hard judgment on it, but it's ok. As a fellow member of the 1993 expansion class, I'll miss you crazy leaping panther.
  6. What a schedule for Bolts/Isles. Two days off between each of the first four games.
  7. So I guess we're going to go ahead and start the 2nd Round before the 1st Round is over. Tampa/Islanders Game 1 leads into Ducks/Perds Game 7. The NHL never does that. I understand there's some arena availability in play here (Tampa has events Friday/Sunday, and Brooklyn has a Biebs concert next Wednesday/Thursday), but still, bad form I think. Oh well.
  8. Game 7 on Wednesday it is... Go Ducks...
  9. Let's GO Ducks. End this. NOW. I do not want to have to sit in that building on Wednesday. I don't want to have to be there.
  10. Who the hell cares? And what the hell are you talking about? Just to humor you (and for the life of me, I don't know why) and look at your specific issues in our third year of the current format. 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs EAST: #1 Boston and #2 Pittsburgh won their divisions, so on opposite sides of the bracket. #4 Montreal swept #3 Tampa Bay, beat #1 Boston in 7.#5 Rangers beat #6 Flyers in 7, beat #2 Penguins in 7, beat #4 Montreal in 7. What advantage? #4 played up to #3 and #1. Sure #5 Rangers played one spot down to beat #6then played #2. I see no problem. WEST: #1 Anaheim and #2 Colorado won their divisions, so on opposite sides of the bracket. #4 San Jose lost to #6 Los Angeles in 7. #5 Chicago beat #3 St. Louis in 6. #6 Los Angeles beat #4 SJ in 7, beat #1 Anaheim in 7, beat #5 Chicago in 7, won Cup. #2 Colorado lost in first round. What advantage? Low seeds all beat high seeds. 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs EAST: #1 Rangers and #2 Montreal won their divisions, so on opposite sides of bracket. #4 Washington beat #5 Islanders in 7, lost to #1 Rangers in 7. #6 Detroit lost to #3 Tampa in 7. #3 beat #2, #3 beat #1. What advantage? These actually played out as if they were seeded 1-8. Nothing gained here. WEST: #1 Anaheim and #2 St. Louis won their divisions, so on opposite side of bracket. #4 Chicago beat #3 Nashville in 6, swept#6Minnesota, beat #1 Anaheim in 7, won Cup. #5 Vancouver lost to #8 Calgary in 6. #6 Minnesota beat #2 St. Louis in 6. What advantage? All lower seeds beat high seeds early, except #1 Anaheim who still lost to #4. #5 Canucks got the biggest "advantage, and lost! 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs EAST: #1 Washington and #2 Pittsburgh in same division, same bracket. #4 Rangers lost to #2 Penguins in 5.#5 Islanders beat #3 Panthers in 6. #6 Tampa Bay beats #8 Detroit in 5. #1 Capitals vs #2 Penguins. #6 Tampa Bay hosts #5 Islanders. This is the first time this has happened, yes. But did #4 NYR get an advantage? Nope. Did #5 NYI get an advantage? Nope.Only #6 Tampa had any advantage here. But yes, you do get #1 vs #2 for the first time. WEST: #1 Dallas and #2 St. Louis in the same division, same bracket. #4 Anaheim leads #7 Nashville, 3-2. #5 Los Angeles lost to #6 San Jose in 5. Fine, here's one more point to your argument. 1/2/3 in the same division, so the other division gets some help. But again, firsts. TL;DR:Of the first three years in the new system, this season is the first to actually show the problems you pointed out, @SabresRule7361. In the first two years, 1-2 were split and 4-5-6 were never presented anyhuge advantages, they just won and beat higher seeds in the process like normal. It doesn't reward or benefit any certain seeds because those seeds could fall in a manner of ways each season. But so far, 2/3 times, it's been fine. But complain. It's your right. Even if things were good, you'd find something new up your ass. So live on.
  11. Only you could find something to hate about this. Three OT games? Two in Double OT? Series tied twice?5 of 6 games decided by one goal? John Tavares? Honky the Car? OK. And of course, its youtoo! You'd both be great at parties. Jeez.
  12. Game of Thrones Season 6

    Season Premiere was typical of GoT season premieres. Check in with every body. Let people know what's up. Give you a quick idea of where they're going. Interesting stuff of course is we start immediately after Season 5 with Jon and the rest at Castle Black, and then Daenerys gets to go on *sigh*another trip. Also, I wasn't ready to see old lady parts, but we got them.
  13. Blackhawks are reigning Stanley Cup Champions and people were expecting them to win the series even when it got to 3-1. Hated? Yes. Underdog? Not soon.