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  1. The Guardian Project lives on! (in court)
  2. buddy, they won't even let me
  3. Hats can be washed.
  4. $7 on eBay, and worth every cent.
  5. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that you could have gotten a ticket for cheaper.
  6. We're all better off tossing "Head Coach Eddie Olczyk" down the memory hole. I wish I could do the same with "Blackhawks Color Commentator Eddie Olczyk."
  7. Yeah, they went from zero to eleven in an awful hurry, didn't they?
  8. Well on the way to looking like Australian and Mexican clubs.
  9. It makes a -ton of money. The end.
  10. I mentioned in the NHL thread that Pittsburgh is the most fetid local sports media cesspool this side of Boston. I'm too dumb to properly embed tweets, so just click on this and slowly take it all in.
  11. Peoria is SPHL Country now, baby!
  12. How much you wanna bet the Blues don't field an AHL team next season and just attempt to make do with their prospects scattered wherever roster slots are open in the A or the E? Either that, or they try to bunk up with another parent-owned franchise.
  13. They've been doing some major remodeling of Aldi stores around here, including one that just opened four weeks ago. Surprised this hadn't appeared on any of them yet. They had the old logo for almost 40 years. There was no need to change it. This just looks like a different kind of outdated.
  14. Get me PK and Luongo on a studio show, with Special International Correspondent Ilya Bryzgalov.