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  1. Put the guitar pick on both shoulders and you've got excellent jerseys, both home and away.
  2. The looser fit is what most players find more comfortable, I guess. Reebok's original plans for the Edge overhaul involved making jerseys much tighter and tucked-in; that's why so many teams ditched hem stripes. The final Edge 1.0/7187 product was slimmer-fitting; but when the jersey got modified for Edge 2.0/7287 after numerous player complaints, the body was made looser and the sleeves wider.
  3. 2017: Teams all release new jerseys. A lot of fans buy new jerseys. 2018: Teams release new alternate jerseys. A lot of the same fans above buy another new jersey. If you release all three at once, most people will buy one of them. If you wait a year to unveil the third, you'll get a higher number of people buying two.
  4. If Milwaukee could get its name from a refrigerator salesman, Nashville can get its from the affiliates.
  5. Just rename the NHL club "Nashville Admirals." The city's already got Commodores.
  6. $10 on eBay. Like-new condition.
  7. They adopted them full-time this season, regrettably.
  8. The Columbus Dispatch, sensing the Jackets collapsing on the ice the moment Pittsburgh gets a 1-0 lead, and watch old-time TortsPuck fart its way back onto the ice, is printing masks of a crying Sidney Crosby caricature and encouraging fans to wear them at Sunday's game. Penguins take Game 3 7-1 behind a Crosby dicktrick, and the league tells the Blue Jackets afterward to not bother showing up for Game 4.
  9. I almist put the Jackets in the conference final, because Capitals. And then, if they faced Montreal, that could go either way, right? I feel like I'm snorting uncut parity here.
  10. For the record, I am a dumb person with dumb ideas.
  11. We had Anaheim/Ottawa. Close enough!
  12. I think you need the trip to the CCSLC Store more than I do. Stock up.
  13. Why would a Sabres fan have any interest in playoff hockey?
  14. I'd be all for adopting the =O= full-time if it means getting their current logo off of the Stanley Cup banners from the 19-aughts.
  15. Chest stripe. Montréal ripoff.