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  1. Sodboy13

    2019 MLB Changes

    They'll make the yellow part of the M blue. The end.
  2. Wheeling did it better than the Penguins did.
  3. Sodboy13

    Penguins 3rd

    They ditched the stencil font and the triangle C/A. Subtraction by subtraction.
  4. Eh, Rattlers did it better.
  5. Sodboy13

    NHL 2018-19

    That's probably the future of NHL Vintage replica jerseys we're looking at, right?
  6. Sodboy13

    Minor League Baseball News

    Problems looming in indy ball, as both the Traverse City Beach Bums and Normal Cornbelters have bailed on the Frontier League in the past week, heading toward collegiate wood bat leagues instead (Northwoods for TC, likely Prospect for Normal.) The Normal ownership specifically cited the desire to move to a business model where they do not have to pay their players. The Frontier League now stands at 10 teams.
  7. Sodboy13

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    You can't separate Chicago from St. Louis. Stick with eight-team divisions.
  8. Sodboy13

    College Hockey Uniforms 2018-19

    Some sort of reflective bevel effect in the "M"? That seems unnecessary. And that faux lace-up on the gold jersey makes Adidas' look brilliant by comparison. If you can't make it look good, don't keep trying it!
  9. Sodboy13

    Game Show Network Logo

    Yeah, Game Show Network seems to not know what they're doing right now. All of the new episodes of their original game shows are currently being burned off between 2:00am and 4:00am Eastern, but they're also actively promoting them. "Caroline And Friends," which I think is a viral video show for senior citizens, is new, but I have no clue how it's a game show. The only classic show left is Match Game, since they stopped showing The $25,000 Pyramid as of today. And not only do they dedicate 6.5 hours of every 20-hour broadcast day to Steve Harvey's Family Feud, they give another 1.5 hours to their in-house Family Feud knockoff, America Says. The network logo is an improvement, but they might as well have made it Steve Harvey's "I can't believe Grandma said 'schlong'" face and cut out the pretense. Buzzr just added Classic Concentration today, and I believe they are streaming without geoblocks at, if that's your style.
  10. Sodboy13

    2019 MLB Changes

    Brewers have been wearing the fauxback pinstripes for this final series, so I'm optimistic that maybe they'll keep wearing them at home for the playoffs, and go with their second-least-bad look (navy BiG) on the road. This is the Brewers, though, so I'm not truly expecting anything attractive involving them to occur in October.
  11. Sodboy13

    The Whalers Return! Hurricanes Announce Epic Throwback Uniforms

    Give me the Oakland Seals in game action, or the UCLA-striped Golden Seals. The Barons throwbacks can be for their outdoor game in Columbus that will happen when I huff a canister of rubber cement. Anyway, this doesn't have Pucky, so piss on it.
  12. Sodboy13

    1981 NASL logo/uniform sheet

    Also, I guess there was an assumption that Jacksonville would change its name with the move, but they decided "Ah, screw it, 'Tea Men' plays pretty much anywhere "
  13. Sodboy13

    1981 NASL logo/uniform sheet

    Even with Chinaglia on the Cosmos, NASL can't have been that big in Italy, right? What a beautiful little labor of love this page is.
  14. Sodboy13

    NHL 2018-19

    Oh, be a sport, pepper.
  15. The '83 Blitz were the New England Patriots with silver swapped in for white on the helmet and pants. The '84 Blitz were... something. I'm not sure what, but there was a lot of it. Now, the Jacksonville Bulls, there's a football uniform you can set your watch to.