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  1. Literally two pages back in this thread. If you can't bother to read, don't bother to post.
  2. Gotta move that surplus before the new stock arrives in September. This applies to the $7 beers being sold in the hallways of the hotel, as well.
  3. You're right. They should definitely stay around until December.
  4. If there's laces in the jersey, the pentagonal cutout above the laces should be the same color as the jersey body. That would cut down on the absurdity of the look from a distance, at least.
  5. Not going to dissect the block-quoting because I'm in phone, but thank you for the detailed response on that, Andrew. So the new shoulder patches are (mostly) like the patches seen on replica soccer jerseys, then. For me, that represents a drop in quality, but that is totally a matter of personal preference based on what I've grown accustomed to. Not sure I buy the argument against sublimation, though. We see it in plenty of Euro leagues, the late '90s certainly had a ton of it stateside, many minor league baseball teams have gone to sublimated jerseys, and Australian football has worn fully-sublimated performance fabric jerseys for years, albeit with much less material. And as for the pickle of a last-minute call-up? Vinyl numbers, heat press, bang, done.
  6. I wish it had been longer, so that there could have been more depth to it. But definitely novel and fascinating.
  7. So here's another thing I don't get about the supposed tiers of jerseys: We've got Fanatics Replica, Adidas Fauxthentic. and Adidas Actual Authentic Made In Canada. Now, the actual authentics are allegedly not going to be made for sale. So if that's the case, and if these new uniforms are all about speed and performance and weight reduction, why not just fully sublimate the dang things? There's your hockey sweater, lighter than ever, more comfortable than ever because it doesn't bunch up around several large sewn-on elements. If you don't have to worry about stuff like perceptions of value to the consumer because you aren't actually selling this outside of those who use it as a work uniform, why are you keeping the counterproductive doodads on it?
  8. That shoulder patch is definitely screened twill, sewn onto the jersey. Same treatment as the old Reebok replicas. If that's what $200 gets you now, what kind of trash are those Fanatics jerseys gonna be at $130?
  9. Patrick Sharp is 35 years old. Anyway, looking to the past, whether by coincidence or by planning, WPWR-TV 50 in Gary/Chicago ended up being Channel 8 on basically every provider in the city and suburbs. For several years, their print ads had "CABLE 8" printed under the station logo. If that was planning on their part, hats off to them on being as forward-thinking as they were when they sold the station to Fox for an obscene amount of money (EDIT: $425 million!) so Fox could have an O&O for its "myNetwork" failure. Since all the network stations here are O&O, the logos are pretty standard. So instead, let me take you to WSAW-TV out of Wausau, Wisconsin. The station originally operated out of a mansion that was very castle-like in appearance. So they used an Old English "7" for their logo, often accompanied by a knight named Sir Seven. He's made some scattered reappearances here and there in the past few years.
  10. Still a whole lot better than their 10th logo, though.
  11. Long Island Sentinels, playing in the revamped Nassau Coliseum in the AHL. Boom, done, hand me some contracts.
  12. The oil rigger shoulder patch is right there with the Isles' lighthouse in my collection of "Actually, the mid-'90s had some good design ideas."
  13. Certainly not at Gila River Casino Arena!
  14. Schedule dropped today. I presume that means the AHL stays at 30 for this season, and we all get to have a hearty laugh at the Blues shooting themselves in the dick when it comes to player development yet again.
  15. Searching for "Pro Player jersey" on eBay will also serve you well. The most comfortable replica jersey you'll ever own.