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  1. Sodboy13

    NHL 2018-19

    Another problem is the shade of silver they currently use, which is too light and blends into the white at any distance, especially on the numbers. I thought this was a bad look on TV, and then I went to a Kings game last month and sat three rows behind the bench, and it was still barely discernible. Meanwhile, someone in front of me was wearing a replica, and between the darker, flat gray and thicker outline of the screened twill, everything looked a lot better. Current crown on the front, pencil point on the shoulders, switch from sparkle silver to a flat, medium gray, and use the road template for both uniforms.
  2. Sodboy13

    Report: 2020 Winter Classic in Dallas

    This pic is interesting to me because those sleeve numbers appear to be in a Machine-like font, whereas the other photos I've seen of this Seals uni have all used the same block font the Kings used during the 1970s, with the flat serif on the top of the 1.
  3. Sodboy13

    Report: 2020 Winter Classic in Dallas

    They took our ponds! TERK ER PERNDS
  4. Saw the Ravens combo today and loved it. Best on-field look the team has had since 1996.
  5. Sodboy13

    New Arena League logo for 2019

    Like everything else involving this league since the bankruptcy and the lost season: ing embarrassing.
  6. For their 3rd jersey this year, the Fort Wayne Komets brought back their old 3rd jersey from the IHL in the mid-1990s.
  7. Sodboy13

    NHL 2018-19

  8. Sodboy13

    NHL 2018-19

  9. Sodboy13

    NHL 2018-19

    God, I am so old.
  10. Sodboy13

    2018-19 NHL Season

    Seeing Corey Crawford get his brain racked into a steel post when he still probably hasn't fully healed from his last concussion genuinely made me sad. He's one of the best goalies of the 2010s, and they definitely don't win the Cup in 2013 without him. The team's a lost cause this year with or without him, so I hope he just focuses on his health as opposed to getting back on the ice.
  11. Sodboy13

    NHL 2018-19

    Looking at what the jersey actually was, it seems like this was more like a bit of covert field testing than actual effort toward making differentiating goalie jerseys. We definitely didn't know about the forthcoming overhaul in October of 2005, right?
  12. Sodboy13

    NHL 2018-19

    October 2 would have been a preseason game. And since that was in 2005, that "practice jersey" could be a Reebok Edge prototype. Perhaps they gave the new uniform system a few trial runs of game action in the preseason.
  13. Sodboy13

    Pro T20 Cricket coming to America?

    Give me domestic Big Bash League, and I will happily pop a KFC bucket on my head and go nuts for it.
  14. Sodboy13

    New Earned Uniforms for Heat, Jazz, Warriors Leak

    The Vice series from the Heat has really been extraordinary. The balance of colors on each of the uniforms has been perfect, and the existing numeral font looks great with the drop shadowing and partners well with the Miami script. It's the best the Heat have ever looked. Add a light blue set and promote the whole package to primary.
  15. Sodboy13

    Las Vegas Aviators officially announced as new name of MiLB team

    Jeez, this legitimately would get laughed off the Concepts board. Are we sure this isn't a troll job and the real one's coming in a couple days?