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  1. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    The FHL is the uncle doing time that we do not talk about in this house.
  2. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    I've always gone with Skatin' Punchin' Hollerin' League, but I think "Slapdash" would be a nice fit, too. I give them credit for somehow enduring, though. This whole thing started as a feeder league for the aborted WHA reboot!
  3. Minor League Hockey Shake-up...coming

    I'd imagine the SPHL has their eyes on Moline, since Peoria is apparently staying there.
  4. The Sports Media Thread

    Goff said their show was #3 in Males 25-54 in the ratings, which is great, unless ESPN 1000 was #1 or #2, in which case it's awful. It's obviously better listening to have people who know how to talk and know what they're talking about on the radio. Jason Goff and Spiegel worked well together, and Jason on his own had some excellent moments of being more of a real person than probably anyone else in the lineup. But I can see how it becomes a hard sell with ad breaks stuffed full of strip clubs, football betting tip lines, and sketchy dick pills. You need to engage and placate the knuckle-draggers if that's where you're making your money. Might as well bring back Mike North in mornings and hand the midday over to Chet Coppock and Mancow. It's gotta suck to work at The Score and see Dan McNeil darkening the doorstep again, though. Guy's burned every bridge, can't handle his substances, can't handle his temper, won't show up to work for weeks because of perceived mistreatment, and bombed out on his last gig - so hey, here's our afternoon drive shift for you! 50/50 he doesn't make it to the end of the Bears' season.
  5. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Welp, sonebody go dust off David Coverdale.
  6. MLB changes 2018?

    I don't pay much attention to Spring Training, but I noticed something about those silly patterned names and numbers that makes them even sillier: If a team wears a front number on its Spring Training jerseys, that is done in standard, regular-season style, but the patterning stuff still goes on the back. The Mets have orange-on-white numbers on the front, and the patterned stuff on the back in white. Lordy, that's dumb.
  7. NHL 2018-19

    Chicago Sun-Times Blackhawks beat writer Mark Lazerus said on his podcast yesterday that the wonky collars on adidas' jerseys will return for the 2018-19 season; apparently, part of the NHL deal was that the rollout designs don't get modified for the first two seasons. He does expect a change in the Blackhawks' "Pilgrim/Veruca Salt" collar to come after that, however.
  8. Because I'm so painfully old, the mid-to-late 1990s are retro now. And New Era is now selling throwbacks from the days of Spice Girls and Smash Mouth, made of wool and manufactured in the US, just like they were back then. (Well, almost. All of the caps use flat embroidery, and some of these designs were from the raised embroidery era.) They're also bringing back some of the very hit-and-miss first generation of mesh BP caps. It's apparently a Lids-exclusive line. If any of you hat geeks get your hands on one, I'd like to hear some feedback on the quality.
  9. If the Chinese poly 5950s were made with any degree of consistency in regard to sizing and quality, I'd probably be more on board with them.
  10. I would expect the actual product to differ. This is definitely a computer-rendered mockup. So are some of the others on Lids' page, which have logos either too small or too large or otherwise looking off. But the ones that display an actual hat seem fairly accurate. I will note that the MLB logo on this Brewers hat is green and gold, but the actual hat I have from the original run has it in standard blue and red.
  11. College Football uniforms- 2018

    Yeah, Lukas nailed it. This is all about making the Gophers PJ Fleck first, and Minnesota second. I don't care what heartfelt and tragic place "Row The Boat" comes from, it is clearly an exercise in further elevating one man above his players and his school, just like it was at Western Michigan. Fleck strikes me as a man who is uncomfortably off, and not in the usual college football coach way, either.
  12. 2018 MLS Kits

    How long you been here?
  13. As much as I'd like to see a jersey with "PECKERS" across the front of it, Fayetteville Fatbacks really flows well, and I hope they select it.
  14. 2018 MLS Kits

    Well, looks like I'm buying a new Fire jersey.
  15. Return of the Whale Imminent

    I believe the state of Connecticut sold the Whalers' IP back to the NHL several years ago, which is why there is such an abundance of throwback merch. There was nothing for a few years while the state still held the marks. Wear the throwbacks against the Penguins, and let's all get conflicted about Ron Francis.
  16. My wife and I have two wonderful boys, and you can go stuff it.
  17. Return of the Whale Imminent

    Do it one night a season like the Devils do with their throwbacks. You can even alternate between the Pucky era and the navy era.
  18. The word "Eskimo" itself is the problem, not two letter "E"s in an oval. As for the "tasteful" description of the Blackhawks' logo, you can see that as having been touch-and-go as it's changed through the decades. The version in use from 1999 to the present, with a sly grin, tends more toward a cartoon than previous iterations.
  19. First Take, that American cornerstone of sports journalism without sensationalism. Max Kellerman needs to go back to boxing where nobody needs to hear what he has to say, even by accident.
  20. Just within the past month, there's been a fracas at U of I all over again because another white boy showed up at a basketball game dressed up as Chief Illiniwek. Acting like a 1940s cartoon To Own The Libs. Maybe he can find a friend on Reddit to re-enact the talking crows from Dumbo next.
  21. Yes. The crime. I have notified The Cops. Expect them at your door shortly. You're drawing a line from the elimination of a racist caricature from a baseball uniform to the Thought Police. Maybe sit out a couple plays and have yourself a think.
  22. North American Pro Soccer 2018

    So what you're saying, then, is that the NASL has one team.
  23. Jay is worried he won't be able to go woop-woop in the stands in Cobb County anymore. These are trying times for him. Don't you understand his whole culture is at stake here?
  24. The "Cleveland" takes care of that just fine.