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  1. the admiral

    Football and CTE

    I didn't know about it until the Why Your Team Sucks series brought it up, but apparently the Washington Redskins were literally prostituting their cheerleaders on a trip to Costa Rica. What the hell? How was this not major, bring-the-league-to-its-knees news?
  2. the admiral

    Football and CTE

    What?! The good things don't make the bad things fictitious, you dumbass. If anything, instances of toxic football culture are of such enormity that it's hard to think positively about any of the good parts. Kids learned how to persevere, okay, but still, the brain damage, the child sex trafficking, the deaths in practice.
  3. the admiral

    Canucks Bringing Back the Flying Skate Uniforms in 2020

    The Pens had the skating penguin without the triangle on their outdoor sweater and I didn't like it: Also, the skating penguin is a thing because the Penguins' logo exists. We have to be done with Thing.
  4. the admiral

    MLB changes 2018?

    Not exactly, but I would bet on something like the current M with the marlin in teal and silver on pinstripes. They will be made Yankee-esque.
  5. the admiral

    Canucks Bringing Back the Flying Skate Uniforms in 2020

    These as your respective primary and secondary (I fixed some inconsistencies in the primary once, haven't bothered digging it back up) seem like the way to go to me: Johnny Canuck without the flaws of the full-bodied skating lumberjack logo, V + Canuck = Vancouver Canucks, and I like that simple interlocking VC as a shoulder logo, which kind of recalls the stick-in-rink without being such a stupid logo.
  6. the admiral

    Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    The abhorrent, regrettable coexistence with the Rams forces the Chargers into committing to either their powder blue set or navy blue. Anything with more yellow than white and that lovely intermediate shade of blue has to be out.
  7. the admiral

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Compare these press releases about NBC(SN) pickups for some world-class Perding. We're all used to Pierre McGuire masturbating over teams, but this is the first documented instance of a team masturbating all over Pierre McGuire.
  8. Roundel as bottle cap is inspired and well done, nice touch. If you're not too married to TribeType, which is a nice sports font, I wonder what the closest thing to the old lettering on the side of County Stadium might be: I know the Brewers have used Clarendon for throwbacky stuff in the past, but that's not it there. EDIT: hm, the Brewers still to this day have a travel advisory station at 1180 AM, who knew.
  9. the admiral

    Canucks Bringing Back the Flying Skate Uniforms in 2020

    The six red triangles represent the six players on the ice, and the sides of each triangle represent offense, defense, and passion. The seventh, black triangle represents the Canucks' seventh man, the fans. The eighth triangle represents that I forgot to count. The black stick and square are an oblique minimalist nod to the stick-in-rink, as they represent the stick and the rink, the rink being the body of the sport of ice hockey. The red circle represents having a good head for the game of hockey and the pom-pom on top of the toque represents having puck on the brain. The colors are designed to make you angry because red is the color of aggression and yellow is the color of bad '70s design.
  10. the admiral

    MLB changes 2018?

    it's gonna haaaappennnn...
  11. the admiral

    The Sports Media Thread

    Of course, professional wrestling was on the vanguard of providing cheap television content. It's had an eye toward televised spectacle since Gorgeous George. Meanwhile, hockey teams went well into the '90s fearing that home games on TV would stop people from coming out to buy beer. That has more to do with not televising well than a puck being too small. Football would suck on TV too if the owners didn't want to optimize it.
  12. the admiral

    The Sports Media Thread

    Right, NBC doesn't have Canadian TV markets, it just has American markets (Seattle, Fargo, Detroit, Buffalo, Plattsburgh) that can be picked up over the air or by Canadian cable operators, but on cable those would have to be blacked out if a Canadian-origination channel, whether the CBC or a cable channel, also has the Leafs game, and why wouldn't they. I'm just arguing -- or more accurately, lamenting -- that we ought to have a state of the league where Toronto fans are not limited to the Toronto market, ibid for Montreal, due to the prestige of those organizations. By rights, the Leafs should be like the Cubs (they sure got the lasting-incompetence part down) where you'll find their fans anywhere you go. It's too bad they lacked the foresight or the ability to do something in the '80s and '90s like a syndication package of Leafs games for programming-starved UHF stations around America. But if you look back, hockey teams back then weren't even good at telecasting their entire schedules in their own backyards. (EDIT: the Islanders, of all teams, are a rare exception, as the excerpt alludes to; they signed a big honkin' TV deal with SportsChannel, later FSN New York, now MSG+, that has kept the team afloat to this day.) From a 1995 Courant: 42% of the league kept at least 30% of the schedule off TV and this was 1995-1996, which doesn't feel like ancient history. I'm kinda losing the plot here so to bring it back, the NHL has been lacking a vision for television for years now and that as much as anything has set them back.
  13. the admiral

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    I know I can't talk about the p-word, but because liberals have failed and then been failed by their government by letting thousands of elections go the wrong way, the only real hope for justice is through a loose shadow government of industries where liberals reign: entertainment, media, advertising. We can't trust judges, but we can trust Adam Silver. Maybe.
  14. the admiral

    NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    It's case-by-case. Slava Voynov should be out of the league for good given the enormity of what he did. And if the case against Patrick Kane hadn't been fabricated to shake him down (sorry to the rape truthers hanging in there), he'd probably be in prison right now. I don't really need Watson in the league at all costs nor do I need him out at all costs, but I'm not the loudly performative male feminist here, Lambert is.