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  1. Or use the World Champions throwback patch our lovely Cujo is modeling. I am committed to the fight for "World Champions" over "World Series Champions," which, along with "Super Bowl Champions," sounds silly. But yeah, I would keep the gold outline at home. It's a subtle touch and DAMMIT WE OF ALL PEOPLE EARNED THIS
  2. Sharks seem to be getting hot just at the right time, but hot in the way like your ass after a really spicy curry.
  3. How could they do that rendering without a pig flying over it?
  4. I'm usually not one to tie myself in knots about uneven NHL discipline but dude cut another dude's fingertip off. Take a night off!
  5. No penalty, no supplemental discipline. Routine play.
  6. I want to hate it, but I'm going to allow myself a nice big WOOOOOOOO CUBBIIIEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS on this one.
  7. The "unfortunate result" of this "routine slash" was Crosby's stick removing Marc Methot's finger.
  8. The bottom-right Addison design is more or less the New Comiskey we wound up with. The White Sox could have had a park that blended in with the neighborhood but chose to plunk a design for the suburbs right into the city. At least they didn't build a dome.
  9. Branding as Oklahoma City was their way of not getting caught up in OU/Oklahoma State bickering. You know, if we couldn't have the Vancouver Mounties in the NBA, we shouldn't have the Texas Rangers, either. They're stealing valor from real Texas Rangers.
  10. This is the natural conclusion of the "lightning rod" coach/manager. Ozzie Guillen was lauded for taking attention off his players. Lavar Ball can take attention off everyone in an NBA locker room.
  11. God this is so good. No one has ever trolled like this. I want him cutting promos for his son forever.
  12. I agree with this on every team but the Yankees. They're the only team that shouldn't wear high socks. Soriano and A-Rod the only Yankees of recent vintage I can think of who did, and something about it looked off.
  13. Well, that's nice, because I know I'd had it up to here with the Devils' garish and unorthodox uniforms. I mean, pushed that envelope right off the desk, they did.
  14. Anodyne is fantastic and March 16-20, 1992 is very good as well. "New Madrid" is probably my favorite song of theirs; it really seems to be a perfect segue into the first Wilco album. "Black Eye" kind of predicts a lot of late 2000s Wilco with that dark-and-stormy acoustic sound, stuff like "One Wing" or "Deeper Down" or "Black Moon" or "On and On and On." Still Feel Gone is the only album of theirs that never clicked with me.
  15. The championship-or-bust mentality has turned "smart" sports fans into such a bunch of chuds sometimes. Cubs fans came to be the worst. IF YOU DON'T WANT TO BE ADVERTISED TO AT ALL TIMES IN SERVICE OF REVENUE YOU ARE A BAD BAD FAN, ADVERTISE TO ME DADDY, POUND MY BRAIN WITH YOUR SWEET SWEET ADS