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  1. Are the Miami scripts radially arched now or is that just how the shirt looks on a person? The letters look skewed and rotated, not just skewed.
  2. It's not bad. It's certainly not good. When they're forced into dark jerseys, then it'll look bad.
  3. The Maryland flag is really cool and the O's flag jersey is really cool. I still never want to see it in a major-league game.
  4. Game-tying assist for Subban. How do you like that, Montreal? Racism is defeated again.
  5. I mean, it's something Dr. Nick Riviera would have on I Can't Believe They Invented It! "As a fan, I'm not a fan" was so good because I knew exactly what he meant but it still looks and sounds ridiculous.
  6. I need to find the context for this.
  7. Sigh, well, okay, some of mine are "what the hell is ccslc," the meteoric rise of Tank, "I know New Orleans is the french state but why do you have to mix bee with fluer de lis?", "as a fan I'm not a fan," and forever #1 with a bullet, NicoTan, the smoking-cessation suntan lotion. EDIT: to clarify, NicoTan is the funniest idea, conceptually speaking, but this post is the best post, if you dig.
  8. I wouldn't change anyone's names but I would concentrate on being better corporate citizens and patrolling the fans' use of Indian imagery: no headdresses, etc. PROCEEDING WITH CAUTION: if you told me the Redskins could keep the name "Redskins" but be made to send sizable donations to Indian groups that would somehow improve the material conditions of an impoverished people OR change the name to "Washington Federals" and continue to do nothing for anyone but themselves, I would lean hard toward the former. Of course, this effectively comes down to the licensing of an ethnic slur, but in dealing with a league, team, and fanbase that appear to have no interest in change, some kind of charitable side to it all seems like the best way forward.
  9. Yeah totally, this week was awesome but I overworked myself and now it's just as well that it's too cold and rainy to run because I'm walking like the Tin Man.
  10. Chocolate-spaghetti-themed Brandiose might be what finally finishes me off. Don't do it, don't ever do it.
  11. It's better, I see no reason why the side of a bus has to be boring. The MTA uses blue and yellow, right? I think my MetroCard from the time I got stuck in New York is yellow.
  12. Hard disagree. Not only should they play every year, they should always play on both big summer holidays. What fun is a Memorial Day* cookout if the game is Cubs@Rockies or something? Crosstown games would be more interesting for everyone. As for everyone outside the northeast corner of Illinois, idk, not my problem.