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  1. In between defending his clients in traffic court and meandering calls to the Paul Finebaum Show, Brian Burke's estranged half-brother Chud Burke announces his plan to infuse the Trump campaign with "I dunno, tugnacity or truculation or sumn', we're gonna kick Crooked Hillary right in the b-- hey ever hear the one about the lady wrestler, guy places a bet on her to win a wrestling match, gets pinned in five seconds, one guy says to the other hey man you told me this bitch can kick anyone's ass but she got her ass kicked and I'm out a hundred bucks what the hell man, guy says well I've never seen her wrestle but I sure have seen her box HA HAAAAAA."
  2. Trump adviser accused of making anti-Semitic remarks
  3. This from the lead guitarist from the Weakerthans, a band as Manitoban as the Hip was Canadian.
  4. Not a Canadian (honorary, maybe), but the Hip had some pretty good songs. I always liked 'Gift Shop," and of course, "New Orleans Is Sinking." I'm surprised they never made greater inroads south of Canada, but with Neil Young, The Band, Rush, and the Arcade Fire more or less belonging to the world now, I guess it's nice that Canada has had a band they can truly call their own. (No one will claim Nickelback.) They seem to be Canada's version of Los Lobos or maybe Warren Zevon, where everyone acknowledges their talent and passion but doesn't necessarily dig as deep as one possibly can. Shame about Gord.
  5. "I. May. Not. Be. Depeche Mode. But unlike Dangerous Donald, as YOUR president, I! Will! Have! a POLICY! OF! TRUTH!" " there goes Gay Hillary" *standing ovation, airhorns*
  6. You omitted when he said that 95% of black people would re-elect him. His argument, beyond "you have nothing to lose," is "you need to elect me because you would re-elect me."
  7. He and his dad ruled the Bruins out because of the high pressure of performing for the hometown team. Performing for a hometown team run by an idiot probably factored in.
  8. New York, baby! Some people like to walk on sidewalks that are covered with piles upon piles of garbage bags.
  9. I believe in a constructive misunderstanding of the First Amendment. It's become an unfortunate talking point of the left to dwell on the letter of the law and not the spirit -- you know, the people howling "IT ONLY APPLIES TO GOVERNMENT," the tiresome reposts of the "they're showing you the door" comic, and all that. I don't think rigorously enforcing the boundaries of free expression is a good thing for the country.
  10. This is my favorite Gawker piece ever.
  11. By the way, Peter Thiel wants to suck young blood so he can live forever and reign over a man-made Randian paradise upon a giant barge in international waters. It's not easy to make Nick Denton the good guy in any situation, but hey, we go to the moon because it's hard. EDIT: no, no, a thousand times no, posting "look how cool we are" Slack transcripts was the absolute worst thing Gawker ever did. If I'd made billions of dollars on a way to wire money to camwhores, I'd sue them out of existence for those.
  12. Glenn's gettin' a li'l thick around the middle, the pie talk may well be at face value
  13. This is awesome. The off-kilter pacing and repetition feels like a Vic Berger clip that's been edited to create maximum awkwardness, but no one did anything.