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  1. MacKinnon is Ryan Nugent-Hopkins with derpface.
  2. Sometimes you really need to set a modifier off with commas. I'm imagining this guy giving Boogie the ol' how's-your-father while saying "this is extremely me, sorry sorry i'm trying to remove it"
  3. He captained a team that won three championships in six years, so he might still be. He just sucks now, you know, like Mike Richards.
  4. Why NHL players quietly cheer on the Maple Leafs (and others) Scumbag Canadians want high-revenue Canadian teams to succeed so that their clawbacks go down, but don't want to play for the high-revenue Canadian teams because beat writers will ask them questions and fans will recognize their wives. My man makes $10.5 million against the cap but has fewer points this year than J.T. Miller, Radim Vrbata, and Patrick Eaves; he should be reimbursing other union members out of his own pocket.
  5. A gif of the fhe fire truck getting owned by Earth at 0:35 needs to replace my alligator in sunglasses as my response to posts that could never warrant a written response.
  6. I didn't get to get a t-shirt that said I survived Drizzlegeddon, unfortunately. I hope all our Angelenos survived the weather Chicago gets for like 20 days out of 30 every April.
  7. Yeah, I remember that being pretty good, but you could have tossed that one off at another pay-per-view and had a great main event unto itself. I would have gone for the virtually world-ending double main event of Hogan-Austin and Rock-Michaels. I can't imagine why Rock would be too much of a baby to work with Michaels, but then again Michaels was the biggest baby of them all. On another WM19 note, because I'm still fascinated by what a shortcoming that whole event was, I think I'd have had Kurt Angle win his match on the fly once Lesnar got his bell rung botching his spot. Play it off as a "sometimes you gamble and lose" finish; having Angle barely manage to cover a guy who just went for a maybe-biggest moment ever but concussed himself instead would have been the kind of verisimilitude you'd expect-nay-demand from a Kurt Angle-Brock Lesnar match, no?
  8. ANECDOTAL HORSECRAP UPDATE: I was in Los Angeles and saw a bunch of Rams stuff around. I didn't see any Chargers stuff anywhere.
  9. The Raiders don't belong in Los Angeles, but let's be clear, the Raiders are extremely cool and I will not stand for these allegations of unpopularity and scumbagginess.
  10. I love to "surf" the Information Superhighway on-line at
  11. Vermette used to be a high-IQ player, but Randy Carlyle forms a Cone of Ignorance:
  12. "Gatorade League" sounds like what you'd jokingly call a league for guys who just wind up sitting on end of a bench sipping delicious refreshments. That's fairly close to what the D-League is. Did anyone think this through? Seems like Adam Silver will sell everything but the fixtures if you let him. Good thing we like him for making the senile racist go away and not letting the potty-anxiety people have an All-Star Game.
  13. Vermette got tossed from a game and suspended ten more for whacking the ref in the back of the knee with his stick. What a moron!
  14. WrestleMania XIX could have had Hogan-Austin and Rock-Michaels. It would have been the biggest wrestling event of all time. Instead, they had Rock-Austin for a third WrestleMania in five years and Hogan did a hardcore match with Vince McMahon. Also, the whole show ended with a botch. Never more wasted potential.
  15. Is this delightful or what. They did this 14 years ago!