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  1. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards [UPDATE at 1:03 p.m. ET: Marshall emails to say “I do not recall this. I can say it would not have been Sanders. It would probably be about a surrogate.” Michael: Your Uncle Gob seems to think that he saw you down at the docks today. Was that you? George Michael: No. No. Maybe it was the other George Michael. You know, the singer-songwriter. Michael: Yeah, that makes sense.
  2. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    They should hire nuordr.
  3. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    345 likes he got, these days I'm lucky to get three.
  4. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    I so, so like the chief financial officer of the Democratic National Committee suggesting that someone really ought to put the screws to Bernie's religious beliefs in advance of the Appalachian primaries because he's been "skating" on being a Jew. Yeah, that's traditionally been the easy way out.
  5. Good Albums With Bad Artwork

    Also, speaking of Empire of the Sun, anyone notice "Walking on a Dream" getting lots of AAA airplay? Did they reissue the single because it was in a car commercial?
  6. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    Hey, with the way we watched the Habs circle the drain without Price this year, maybe they were! There should be more Canadiens and Maple Leafs games on American television. They should have the opportunity to cultivate massive transnational fanbases the way the Bruins and Blackhawks have been able to in Canada. Forget the Perds.
  7. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    This is fascinating. We need to raise alt-right awareness. It's just...whew. EDIT: f-ckin' of course, fourth commenter down compares it to Game of Thrones
  8. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    Islanders moving to the chop shops? I don't like what this means for Honky the Car. But yeah, this is what should happen. 16,500 in Flushing with no bad seats in the house should be a boon, even if it means losing the $50MM Barclays pays to take a dump on the Islanders or whatever they do to "manage" business operations.
  9. 2016 NBA Offseason thread

    Buy the Thunder now that Durant is gone and their main sugar daddy took a road trip to a wall.
  10. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    Lightning, Predators, and Stars near the top of the list, been there, done that:
  11. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    I want to find out which rich person's useless son developed this and awkwardly shamed the campaign into approving it. "I've got Tucker Lacob on the line, says he made an app where you write 'I'm An Escaped Mental Patient Who Eats Buttholes' on your face and it shows you don't like Donald Trump or something I guess." "Ugh, just go with it, we'll bury it in the news cycle with these Elsa memes."
  12. 2016 NBA Offseason thread

    I was gonna say "New Orleans should just have it more often than not" but then I clicked the link and was beaten to it. This is probably a good thing, but I get itchy about "major corporations value trans rights" stuff because it really takes people's eyes off the prize.
  13. Unpopular Opinions

    Interesting that the composite of Nuggets uniforms shows that their colors have always been blue and yellow, more or less, but I still never think of them as a blue and yellow team the way I would the Warriors or Pacers because they've had so many gimmicks: the rainbows, the dark-and-fade, the baby blue, the numerous overexposed alternates. I wouldn't be averse to some totally new color scheme for them. DIdn't they have an alternate this year that was black, white, and pale ice blue? Try that full-time. It would get away from gold, as in gold nuggets, but they've gotta try something novel. Their branding has been a mess for years.
  14. This is literally Veep of Idiocracy Throne Cards

    "Hey everyone, I just made a million dollars selling a filter app to the Clinton campaign! It shows you're hashtag-with-her by writing 'I'm A Fat Retarded Homo' on top of your profile picture." "This is literally Girls"