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  1. Navy blue and silver-green is the right way to go. Maybe not quite navy but the very dark royal they used to use. And varsity serif numbers.
  2. Matte pants hold the throwback Saints back. That shade of gold doesn't work if it isn't metallic. But I still like gold numbers for them, and would want them both home and away. Other than that, no arguments. Another good list.
  3. My preference would be a Blues affiliate in Peoria, but failing that, Kansas City could be good. I'd worry that people in Kansas City might get itchy about being a farm club for St. Louis, whom they see as a little too full of themselves considering they're St. Louis, a race-relations dystopia that turns your asscrack into a waterfall for four months a year. I also don't think a 17,000+ arena is right for the AHL right now, where attendance across the board seems to be smarting a bit, surely for macroeconomic reasons and not simply because the league finally started ejecting dudes for fighting. Also, KC seems quite far afield from the rest of the midwestern circuit, considering how tightly packed Milwaukee, Rockford, Rosemont, Des Moines, and Grand Rapids are, but then this is a league that has Tucson and Winnipeg in it now for some reason, so maybe mileage doesn't matter like I think it does.
  4. Breathe deep, the gathering gloom Final Cut Pro crashes in every room
  5. In the spirit of errant prognosticator Nate Tin, maybe we should rechristen them the Bronze Knights.
  6. Lazy Town memes go back to the YTMND days, you guys. [mod redacted]
  7. "Anaheim Angels" is most certainly alliterative. Assonance and consonance concern recurring sounds not necessarily at the beginnings of words.
  8. Silver Knights was the better name for Nevada (and because in your mind's eye, knights are silvery, not golden), but now they can't very well downgrade from gold to silver, can they?
  9. But that's Charlotte, not Raleigh. I get the impression that Raleigh sees itself as a little hipper than Charlotte (Hurricanes fans, such as they are, are among the NHL's most fart-sniffing). Triangle FC would have been a good compromise between Euro conventions, local relevance, and something that's not just North Carolina or Carolina. "The Triangle Football Club" seems just weird enough to catch your attention. "Railhawks" was stupid. Is a Railhawk a relative of the Yard Goat? You can put any modifier on "Hawks" and be a minor-league sports team.
  10. Well, glad we all talked about how over Red Sox/Yankees we are just in time for the Red Sox to get a cost-controlled, quasi-generational ace for a bag of magic beans.
  11. Someone needs to come in at the eleventh hour again and keep the Chargers in San Diego. They've been there for over fifty years, San Diego is a good place for the NFL (in terms of road attendance it can be what everyone wants Las Vegas to be without being surrounded by foreclosed real estate and no water), and Los Angeles is proving itself to be only a one-team town, at least when that one team is a perpetually incompetent Stan Kroenke enterprise. Everything about getting a new stadium down there has been greedy and stupid. They want it to be some sort of downtown convention center against the wishes of pretty much everyone. Just build in Mission Valley next to Qualcomm, start it off at 60,000 seats and leave room for expansion. The NFL is offering you money to build a new place instead of you paying them to move. It's not worth it. Stay. I guess I thought Joe Robbie was older and less revenue-streamy than it actually was when it opened. Interesting. Thanks, all.
  12. I was thinking: we know that Camden Yards and the Palace of Auburn Hills were the game-changing ballparks and arenas, respectively, where the architecture and revenue streams were such that everyone had to copy them. What was the equivalent for football stadiums? It would have to be Raymond James Stadium, right? Maybe Jack Kent Cooke? I don't think there were many stadium openings in the '90s the way there were in the other three leagues. I seem to remember a new stadium or two about every year in the 2000s, though.
  13. Yuletunes is a compilation of early-'90s power-pop: Matthew Sweet and stuff like that. Material Issue's "Merry Christmas Will Do" is outstanding. RIP Jim Ellison. I don't know if it's quite a modern classic like that one, but "The Saddest Time of the Year" by Spooner, also on Yuletunes, is a fantastic listen. I love the guitar tone.
  14. the music sure wasn't My favorite is the Ultra-Lounge Christmas Cocktails trilogy. Big band and swing is Christmas music's truest form to me. Not every track is a winner -- there's a mambo arrangement of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" that I can't do, and Wayne Newton is never good -- but you can't go wrong with Nat King Cole, the Rat Pack, Nancy Wilson, and of course Les Brown and His Band of Renown. Julie London's take on "I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm" can make a man melt:
  15. How does he open the bottle while he's driving?