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  1. In Canada, colleges belong to U Sports. In Soviet Russia, college sports belong to YOU!
  2. I think the Major League script is my favorite road script style for them: the radial block is boring, and something feels off about the tailed script, whether its the computer-designed sterility of what you expect to be an organic style or just the fact that the uppercase C is so tiny. I dunno. But I mocked it up with red outlined in navy and white and it looked way too much like the Twins.
  3. Those two years when NBC's Thursday night lineup was My Name Is Earl, The Office, 30 Rock, and Scrubs were terrific. The fierce last gasp of network TV comedies, and that was like nine years ago
  4. Well, you're a media guy, too, so you must know the feeling that all you're doing is creating more noise in a world that has too much noise already. We'll all write our novels one day, I'm sure. I saw a house with three Trump placards and some plywood cutout Halloween figures. Talk about gilding the lily with the spooky stuff.
  5. Okay, I'm with you on the home half but not the road. Would you go radial block or cursive? For piping, might you go with the red-white-navy on Thome's pants up there (but curiously not his jersey)? That could be a pattern to call their own going forward. I can't get on board with the road greys being that drab, though. I know white outlines have fallen out of use, but red-navy-white numbers/names could work for the Tribe given a dark enough grey base. I'd go with this for the cap. I like it better than Wahoo as a cap monogram. I find it kind of funny that people want to take Wahoo off the hats because it's offensive but then go back to the hokey '70s scripts/monogram with the generically "primitive cultures" lettering.
  6. I do still like red and brown for the Indians, but I can admit that a team that's been wearing the same colors for nearly a century shouldn't have to give them up while teams with less history like the Angels and Nationals don't have that pressure. I really don't like the hat with the single-layer navy C on a red crown, though. No one else is doing that, but no one else is doing it because it looks so crappy.
  7. I would like it if it had the primary logo and some red and white collar/cuff striping: in essence, the circa-'84 alts but with buttons. I'd even like to see such an alt with its own set of white-on-the-road pants. I can't figure out what the color balance is for Cleveland, or even what it ought to be. I've made clear my preference for the Twins to be overwhelmingly navy with red trim, the Nats the same but with metallic gold, the Red Sox to have navy undershirts, and the Angels and Cardinals to be maximum red. The Indians, I can't tell whether they're primarily red or navy, neither can they, and I don't know what my solution would be.
  8. It's a cool story, but I'm still a little itchy about a guy who hasn't seen major-league pitching in over six months. Talk about jumping into the fire. They can't have that little faith in Soler to DH, can they?
  9. CCSLC poster B-Rich has been a reliable defender of The New Orleans NBA Franchise, but that franchise should have made a clean break in '07 and obviated the whole Sonics mess. You have to believe some Seattle-based consortium would have bought the team at that point. It's possible the SacKings would then be flirting with New Orleans and possibly ending up there after all, but who knows, really. I just know the Sonics shouldn't be gone.
  10. No! I mean, yes, but still, no! Hey, is New York school segregation a thing?
  11. Yeah, it's the kind of rule-bending Stern should have done to keep the Supersonics in Seattle in the first place, while installing the Okies as owners of the Hornets, a team they had already been underwriting at the time.
  12. Because the pitcher batting is baseball, not a past-rotten promotional stunt.
  13. "All I miss was how well I could see the game and how well I could attend the game"