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  1. No, I think you're right, too. It probably is an unexplored (at least intentionally) market inefficiency to guarantee a 0% chance at the championship with a good team in exchange for, like, let's say a 15% chance with that good team + more assets in the following year. I'm just poking fun at the consensus that anything the Lightning do is brilliant. That being said, aren't the Lightning really up against it for next year or the year after? They might be running out of time with this core.
  2. There you go, Dean Lombardi is planting narcotics on Dean Spanos as we speak.
  3. Well, technically it is part of a megalopolis, that being the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence corridor that runs from Milwaukee (Twin Cities if you're generous) to Quebec City. There's open space between cities, of course, yeah, I've gone up and down I-94 enough to know that. Flying out of Mitchell as a Chicagolander makes sense if you live in northern Lake County and you're flying Southwest, in which case it's probably easier than schlepping down to Midway. Also, if you have a nonstop flight. One time I explored flying from Mitchell to Lambert. It required a layover in Atlanta. Never mind.
  4. The tower is a tribute to the Grand Ole Opry, right? The cleaned-up Perds logo isn't good, but it's better than the original. It looks bad on white, but then again Nashville shouldn't wear white on the road in the first place -- just yellow home and away.
  5. Genius GM Steve Yzerman is changing the way we think about contending for the Stanley Cup: you don't have to qualify for it every year!
  6. It would have been nice if the Blackhawks' doctors could have diagnosed Bryan Bickell with multiple sclerosis before Carolina's did, because then we could have LTIRed him for life and kept Teravainen, but on the other hand, it started to feel like he was never going to thrive on the Hawks. I don't know why he's putting it together now, but he was just so tentative and easily bullied here. I think Panarin's breakout sort of doomed him, practically and psychologically.
  7. How'd the bottom drop out of the Bolts like this, and to what extent could it be Cooper's fault? Who do you think would step in and be a better coach?
  8. The team that does everything wrong, the second-place Blue Jackets, beat the team that does everything right, the tenth-place Hurricanes. Good. I'm starting to think that when people talk about the Hurricanes and possession, it's not about them having the puck, it's about holding them down and kissing them so hard you'll take their breath away.
  9. I'll walk to my destination before I fly there out of Mitchell.
  10. What was confusing about it? They ripped off a Chris Kattan sketch.
  11. I'll be damned. Mia Khalifa trolls people. That's really funny.
  12. This is probably what ends up happening. Also, if Spanos gets shanghaied into selling the team to undo the relocation, the new owner probably wouldn't be made to pay a Los Angeles price for what's meant to be a San Diego team.
  13. Heenan in WCW was a heel commentator unless the nWo was involved, in which case he supported WCW, except the one time he joined the nWo for like a week until everyone forgot about it. Also, he was really into Goldberg. Kind of weird. McMichael was already wrestling by the time I was watching.
  14. The Dean Spanos Paper Company
  15. The L.A. Raiders had pretty crappy attendance, even though the Coliseum was too big and they weren't able to tarp off seats (or enough of them). They were as much an unsolicited imposition on Los Angeles as the Chargers are now, except they won and looked cool, but I don't think they ever truly fit in. Would you be at all surprised if they moved back for 2019? 2018, even? There hasn't been this much widespread hostility toward a relocation since the Supersonics moved, but at least the Supersonics were welcomed in their new home and Stern was obviously fine enough with it. This is just the wettest, sloppiest fart in church.