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  1. Not a head coach, but don't forget Scott Pioli, who turned a steady family operation in Kansas City into a trash can fire where employees were afraid to talk to each other because they thought the entire headquarters was bugged.
  2. Phil Rizzuto was there for a pretty long time, wasn't he? Sterling is frustrating because he'd be one of the all-time greats on voice alone if he weren't such a pompous, ill-informed blowhard. Couple'a Yankee fans have told me he was much better when he called the games with Michael Kay because he didn't have to carry the whole load himself while working with an idiot (though I suspect Michael Kay is merely a different kind of idiot). It's amazing that a major-league broadcaster can be that incompetent as to drag a partner down THAT much. Lots of people in Chicago thought Ron Santo dragged Pat Hughes down, but not in the sense that Pat never knew how many outs were in the inning.
  3. "Prologo means I'm in favor of logos," "what is this im in phone," and "stick work will injury you" are the big three
  4. Interesting theory. Which local lout of a congressman is the equivalent to Steve Dahl, the guy whose whole act was stolen and taken national? Probably that Steve King idiot from Iowa, right?
  5. I say it's time to give Plattsburgh a look. Real northern New York (REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAL HIP-HOP) seems so remote and quaint.
  6. It's a win-now trade for a team that I'm not reasonably sure can win now. I mean, anything's possible in the playoffs, yeah yeah yeah, but even that's big talk for a team that spent two-thirds of last year losing nearly every game they played. I wish them well.
  7. There goes my joke of posting the Red Wings' normal home uniform and applauding them on their Color Rush initiative.
  8. Thinking about it more, I don't think the Weber-Subban trade is going to be as disastrous as it was made out to be. Don't get me wrong, it's an undeniable downgrade on paper: you've gone from one of the five best defensemen in the league (Doughty, Keith, Karlsson, Subban, Hedman, rank as you wish) to one of the top 15 to 20 in Weber. Being considerably older, he's going to be considerably worse a few years down the line, but it's possible in the short-term that the difference in skill sets and intangibles means Weber does just fine with the Habs for a year or two. And yeah, I said it, I do believe that a lesser player, within reason, can be a better interpersonal fit among given teammates and yield a net benefit, but we're talking about the difference, like I said, between the 4th/5th best in the world at a position and the 15th-20th best in the world at a position, not between 4th/5th best and any old back-slapping trash-talking plug. You can quantify a great deal of the game, but there's still too much of hockey that may as well be voodoo. It's a funny paradox of the progressive hockey movement that they marry the worst beep-boop tendencies of the STEM nuts with the worst touchy language games (can't say B---kh--ks!) and social concerns of the bougie feminists, who otherwise crap all over charts and stats as encumbrances to "lived experience." But that's all pretty far afield. The Habs will go as Price goes but still underachieve because their coach is a knob. That's about the long and short of it.
  9. That son of a bitch has an endorsement deal with Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Hannity is the worst of all conservative radio hosts. Lacking the classic rabblerousing of Rush and the balls-out weirdness of Glenn Beck or Alex Jones, he just does the most worthless, unimaginative, fastball-straight-down-Broadway right-wing talk and gets $25 million for it.
  10. I would entertain the rantings of a homeless man if he owned Nate Silver first.
  12. So the Wolf Pack moves to Binghamton to become the Brangers, then does Long Island move their affiliate from Bridgeport to Hartford, or is Hartford just a college hockey town from here on out like Lowell?
  13. "What's your favorite team?" "The Edmonton Oilers" "Oh, what's their mascot?" "A considerably aggrieved Maine coon" CreamSoda couldn't be more defensive of this stupid mascot if it locked out the players' union!
  14. Having had a while to digest this, I don't think the right tack to take is to do this weird, performative "bemoaning our loss of civility" thing. There was never civility, not when people called Sarah Palin the word I used for Hillary Clinton, not when the Bush campaign told voters John McCain had a black baby out of wedlock, not when Lee Atwater did everything he did, and so on back through time. Besides, if anything, there's been too much civility among members of the ruling class when it counts, and the Beltway journos just throw that line out there now and then to keep people's eyes off the ball and then go to brunch together. If there's something to bemoan, it's that we have to choose between "stay the same" and "get much worse," and that "stay the same" has never looked more alluring, not because Donald Trump was Rude On TV, but because his ideas, when he deigned to share them, all sucked. We need Hillary Clinton to be our president, and that really sucks too, because we know she'll only say the right things long enough to get to do the wrong things, that she'll sell out the less fortunate as soon as possible, and she'll generally disappoint people as career Democrats are known to do. But we don't "need" Hillary Clinton in and of herself, nor her "experience" of messing up foreign countries and collaborating with Republicans on anti-flag-burning laws. We just need the Democrats to make lifetime court appointments who thus transcend debt to the Clinton Machine, because the deal we've made as the peasants we are is that we'll accept an ineffective or even destructive legislature in exchange for an administration and judiciary that can wave a magic wand and make bad things go away. It doesn't exactly make you feel good about the entire idea of representative democracy, but the idea of Chief Justice Peter Thiel makes me want to throw my hard drive into a volcano before the shock troops can send me to Gawker Island. I was firmly on Hillary's side tonight, I didn't like it one bit, and I know I wasn't alone. The people who have been #withher from the get-go can have their fun tonight and YASS QUEEN to their heart's content, but the left needs to crank the vise on her and keep her honest once she's in office or this whole dog-and-pony show of giving her such a patsy to win against was just a giant waste of time. Maybe getting loaded into a van like a f-ckin' Marshall stack is a sign that she'll govern like it's her second term and not be the champion of the 1% she's tried to be for so long.
  15. That's John Sterling, and he's not half as bad as his partner. JAWN, JAWN, WHAT'S THE COUNT, JAWN