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  1. But 11 is one louder!
  2. It is so good. Unlike the Ottawa Senators, you've figured out how to navigate the O-monogram issue (though to be fair, the A's have an easier path to it than the Sens do). The Old English O in the Oakland script is a perfect example of a small change that makes a big difference. Kelly green is beautiful, especially on the alts, and the Athletics home/Oakland road/A's thirds is the perfect distribution because of how the colored jerseys call back to the old Finley A's. The classic home hat on the road, an obvious fix. And the white elephant is white again! You'd think this would never have to be an issue in real life, but then again there are the "Big Blue" New York Giants wearing a preponderance of red, white, and grey. I think I like the wider A better (and in turn, I like this middle way better than the narrow one that the A's use sometimes) but it's the kind of modification you don't truly notice till they're side by side. The piping home and away I can take or leave, leaning pretty well toward leave, because I appreciate how immaculate the A's, Dodgers, and Cardinals look in their home whites, but the addition is no dealbreaker, and piping on the colored jerseys is of course very much in play. I'm not sure about the standalone white elephant as a primary. I can't shake the feeling that it needs a roundel with "Oakland Athletics" in it. Being rooted in Oakland does seem to call for combining team iconography with the name of the city. Maybe I'm just used to the roundel the A's have used for so long, well before the trend. But I'd say overall you did a great job fine-tuning a well-established baseball identity into something even better.
  3. I'll add that true crime for women is a pretty smart niche; basic bitches go catatonic watching SVU and Criminal Minds marathons.
  4. Looks like NowThis. Is that Hillary Clinton's Sharp Sans on the previous logo? Gotta be. yas queen! yas queen! (It's a legitimately great font though, dgmw)
  5. To what extent does LeBron's Pigpen cloud of roster/coach/pseudo-GM drama mar his legacy as a player? I think a lot of people have tried to write this heroic narrative of The Player wresting control of the team from the rent-seeking parasites of sports ownership, but with the Love/Thompson/Irving situations all being what they are and LeBron trying to trapdoor out of a mess he himself made, maybe it wasn't that heroic. I do not want to take Crumbs Krause's side over Michael Jordan's, but at least Jordan was insulated from making really bad personnel decisions until he formally entered management.
  6. Taking my talents to a gated community where old people from Grand Rapids point guns at you for looking at them funny
  7. Well, LeBron's been making goo-goo eyes at the Lakers, the Clippers, and whoever else is Not Cleveland, can't be surprised someone would try to beat him to the punch. Totally normal healthy team in a totally normal healthy league here, nbd.
  8. Dave Lozo eat my butt
  9. I should have been more specific: the thin yellow placket piping didn't look right to me. It kind of gets lost in a way that script/number outlines don't, at least to my eyes.
  10. Clever alias "Mallory" but we knew you'd find something to do after losing the election
  11. Well, uh, I would say don't. Not to acknowledge Brett Favre as an immortal of Wisconsin sports would be first-rate pettiness. No one cares who Don Hutson is.
  12. Nice
  13. Ferocious pale orange I'm the opposite of a Devils fan and even I immediately knew this dope forgot Ken Daneyko
  14. Fun With Numbers.
  15. If I can jump in here, the C is the way it is, at least as I intended it, because 1) the Twins needed a style of letter C to call their own, with the Cubs having a geometric sans-serif C, the Reds having the wishbone, and Cleveland having the serif block letter. I gave them a C like the one on the Blackhawks secondary. 2) Slab-serif has a place in the Twins' world as you can see on this old logo: