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  1. It doesn't sound that great to me. Would be nice to imagine a scenario where the NFL puts its foot down on relocations in the '90s and blocks the Houston Oilers from moving. Bud Adams gets a Nashville expansion team for the 2000 season, the Oilers play 1998 till probably-sooner-than-2002 at Rice until Reliant Stadium is ready.
  2. Donald J. Trump @realdonaldtrump There goes Whiny Sidney again thinking he doesn't have to earn a holding call. Whiny Sidney never learns. Sad!
  3. Is "here come dat boi" the hot summer meme of 2016?

    But again, Caveman Spongebob is just Spongebob and there's been plenty of Spongebob over the years. dat boi has nothing to do with anything else, unless you count the AP physics textbook it came from: Advantage: dat boi
  4. The pinwheel Expos were neat and all but the '90s uniforms seemed to represent the franchise coming of age. I was never a fan of how the road uniforms over-emphasized red (in Quebec, of all places), and the fleur-de-lis as accent-aigu was always too clever by half because there's nothing about one that suggests the other, but the Montreal script was nice, the homes were fantastic and the good old swirly M is a fine piece of quirky '60s/'70s Canadiana. I wonder how a slightly lighter blue and a swap of red to blue on the road would have served les Expos. Probably not very well because it wouldn't have addressed irreconcilable demographic shifts and a flagging provincial economy! I think I miss the Houston Oilers more and more with each passing year. Such a simple, solid logo and a great color scheme. I especially like the shiny blue pants.
  5. Is "here come dat boi" the hot summer meme of 2016?

    Between Kermit, Pepe, the rainbow frog, and dat boi, we're living in a golden age of frog memes. Enjoy it while it lasts. You'll be telling your kids about these days.
  6. The Six is one of my favorite posters.
  7. Is "here come dat boi" the hot summer meme of 2016?

    Facebook Parents will never understand dat boi. As people have pointed out, dat boi exists wholly independent of all other cultural works. He's just dat boi.
  8. Atlanta Braves New Stadium

    flying elves are back!
  9. "Dat Boi, explained" How the Racial Politics of Dat Boi Ripped Apart a Popular Facebook Group
  10. Atlanta Braves New Stadium For $1.1 billion it damn well better be. I'm reminded of that exchange from the Chevy short MST3K did. "In fact, we hope you'll buy your next ten cars from us." "TEN CARS?!?!?!?" That was me. THIRTY YEARS?!?!?
  11. 2016 NHL Off-Season Thread

    What's it going to take to get P.K. Subban to the Hawks? Apparently the entire nation of Canada hates him. This really is gonna be the sh-tshow to end all sh-tshows, isn't it.
  12. Exception that proves the rule: Congratulations @Mobute!
  13. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    Okay, I can think of at least two times where I was pinged to a reply of yours in the thread and it was just "EDIT: Never mind" or "EDIT: not worth it."
  14. Ceci n'est pas une politics thread.

    You're doing this, and presumably to me, a lot. You should have figured out by now that I'm not worth your energy, so don't post and edit it out.