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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Nailed it (though I'd simplify the Jags logo a little so it's closer to a Panthers/Cardinals update of the original).
  2. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    epic clapback, maximum shade thrown, yaas queen
  3. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    The Canteven Cup!
  4. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    The Isles are still plugging away at getting that Belmont Park arena, which I guess would be privately financed, so hey, good for them. Let me throw this out there: is it possible the Barclays Center development was a stupid idea and never should have been embarked upon? The Brooklynettes seem to be a monumental bust now that the whole Jay-Z AW BWACK EBWYTING bloom is off the rose. It's damn near killing the Islanders. Aesthetically speaking, it's hideous. I don't think Forest City Ratner came remotely close to building affordable housing around it as they promised. The real estate has been bought by a Russian petrogangster just in time for anti-Russian sentiment in America to reach dizzying heights not seen since the 1960s. Maybe the Belmont Park arena is what should have happened all along, with the Nets and Islanders sharing an arena there, or the Islanders moving to Belmont and the Nets staying in Newark. But Barclays + Belmont + renovated downsized Nassau is a foolish waste. Whatever.
  5. North American Pro Soccer 2017

    Wouldn't Austin present the same problems as Columbus but worse? They're both state capital college towns that grew too fast for their own good and have outsize college sports programs that dominate the landscape.
  6. 2017 MLB Postseason Thread

    Joe Maddon is so freakin' smart, guys.
  7. Tank in the news

    The sad thing is I don't even have a Twitter account. I just follow certain people a la carte by typing the URLs in. But I'm titrating myself off that. Freddie deBoer was one of my favorite writers and was probably the person most responsible for getting me into social democracy. Everyone should read his stuff if they can even find it anymore. But he fought valiantly in the Online Culture War for too long and he had to voluntarily commit himself to a mental hospital and turn all his accounts over to his relatives so they could lock him out of them. I don't think I'm headed for exactly that but probably something closer to that than to the status quo.
  8. Tank in the news

    Yeah, engaging online really isn't as fun as it used to be anymore. Confronting the worst people and the worst parts of good people has gotten so wearying, and sometimes all this media gossip drama just feels like one big soap opera that invites active participation. Sometimes I feel like I'm so deep in it that it's like the late stages of a bad dream where you know you have the power to open your eyes and end it, but here you just have to concentrate on not wasting so much time with Twitter and Reddit and whatever else rewards you for bullying people and being right-thinking at the same time.
  9. NHL 2017-18

    No perforated numbers on the Blackhawks. That's why Brent Seabrook is so slow, I tell myself.
  10. MLB Changes 2017

    If the Quebec Nordiques movement is any bellwether, they won't change a thing.
  11. Tank in the news

    lol at Barstool being brought down by Deadspin, the same Deadspin that had to be bought out of bankruptcy court because the old editor said he'd hypothetically publish sex tapes of children. Everyone is a piece of crap. Get offline if you can't deal with it. I know I'm not sure how much longer I can.
  12. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    I was wondering what "the Braceford disaster" was, thought maybe a river flooded again in a neighborhood called Braceford and it was being used against him. I cannot read. Anyway what a bunch of schmucks.
  13. Roads

    As in it should be easier to read all caps than mixed case? Yeah, I would think so, too. But I write by hand in all caps, and I generally don't struggle to read my own writing, so maybe I'm biased. If any Chicago street signs are ever hard to read, it's because they're covered in dirt, not because they don't use lowercase letters.
  14. Roads

    Chicago has been phasing out its all-caps street signs for mixed-case, and they look so cheap and tacky. I HATE IT SO MUCH. I liked Chicago's signs because when you crossed from suburbs to city, the signs changed dramatically to reflect that you were on the city grid now. The format of little-cap direction BIG CAPITAL STREET NAME little-cap road-suffix with the block number underneath feels more...serious, I guess, than just the name of the road without direction or block number. I sort of like the three tiers of Illinois road signs: the Chicago signs pictured above, the "regular" Chicagoland signage, and then the rural Illinois city signs (actually, starting around Oswego and DeKalb) where the signs are all caps on two lines with the type of road spelled out. But yeah, this is some federal regulation crap where people think the old signs were too hard to read.