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  1. I disagree. A roster of six-hole hitters and third starters might be able to BS their way through an unusually weak division, but they wouldn't last in the postseason. One instance that comes to mind is the 2008 Cubs, who maybe weren't exactly the aforementioned, but lacked an honest-to-God ace (I think it was Dempster, Zambrano, and Lilly at the top of the rotation, all 2/3s at best) and had a lineup that surpassed what you'd expect on paper from those names at that time (Lee, Ramirez, Soriano, DeRosa, Theriot, a fresh-off-the-trash-heap Jim Edmonds). They played the Dodgers in the NLDS and went down in three games where they never looked like they were really there because uh oh, they couldn't beat up on crap anymore. I can assess that season much better ten years out, realizing that it wasn't randomness but a consequence of not having the dregs of the National League to gather wins against, but following a 97-win season with an NLDS sweep just killed my baseball fandom for years. Good thing that cold harsh reality will never have to happen to the "good" people of Las Vegas!
  2. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    Sounds like a change has become increasingly inevitable.
  3. MLB changes 2018?

    The mismatch of a teal/black script, black/teal NOB, and black/white/teal number is annoying. I would like for it all to match, but if it's not going to, it has to not-match better than that. At least lose the second outline on the numbers.
  4. Denver Nuggets New Logos Details, NBA Trademarks Wordmark

    I agree about how terrible the 1993-2003 set was, but the Lakers own gold and the Warriors have a claim to it as well. I know the Nuggets are actually named after gold, but that wouldn't help them carve out a niche. Rainbow would do that nicely.
  5. The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Doesn't mean anything if he can't sign Tavares.
  6. I had not read that before, but it's perfect. It do be like that.
  7. Not an Oilers fan but I'll run my big fat mouth anyway: I think hockey fandom has developed an enormous recency bias that has some merit but is fast getting out of control. Oilers and Islanders fans can crow about their dynasties, but all I would have to say to that is that they won their championships when the NHL had 5'8" dudes in rollerblading kneepads playing goalie and otherwise unemployable chain-smoking mental defectives rounding out the bottom lines/pairings, so those Cups don't count. The Habs won most of their championships in a crooked league that was allegedly funneling the entirety of Quebec to the Habs' farm system (it wasn't quite like this but it sounds good), so those don't count either. And don't even get me started on the Maple Leafs. You can even flirt with throwing out the Devils' Cups as ill-gotten because they ran a neutral zone trap under the illegal two-line pass and free rein of goaltenders in the corners, all while Scott Stevens set out to murder people on the ice and everyone thought it was okay. I know all this because I've done all of those myself, a lot. The NHL has indeed exploded in terms of its available talent pool, the physical fitness of said talent, the drugs to aid in that fitness, the equipment they use, goaltending technique, rule changes intended toward rewarding finesse (and occasionally they actually work that way), and so on. And that's all to say nothing of the documentation of the game: that washed-out, smeary standard-definition videotape of hockey looks like it may as well have been unearthed from an archaeological dig, and the league wasn't even good at keeping comprehensive statistics until like 1998. People were already figuring out how to honk off to internet porn, but they couldn't clock Brett Hull's ice time? So there are fair criticisms one can make about the legitimacy of the pre-pick-a-year-any-year NHL, but they come at the cost of acknowledging any sort of continuity between yesterday's game and today's, and when you don't have that continuity behind your game, you're arena football. And as some Franklin-Covey self-help douchebag might say, today is tomorrow's yesterday: are people going to belittle and diminish what Crosby, Ovechkin, Kane, Bergeron, and Stamkos achieved? Probably. And won't we feel like idiots for having cared so much about something so disposable? So no, I don't think Oilers fans can point to the '80s much anymore. I don't know to what extent anyone can point to anything. I'm even starting to feel like the Blackhawks' achievements are yesterday's news and ready to be forgotten and denigrated as somehow compromised (I'm sure part of this pressure is from the Kane truthers). Topic for another day that I thought about broaching in the "Is This The Golden Age Of All Sports Ever" thread: I've never had less fun talking about sports online in my entire life.
  8. The same thing they did for Denver when Quebec City couldn't gift-wrap them a champion anymore: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  9. Fixing the NCAA (at least the 4 big sports)

    Pay revenue-generating players
  10. Stole Twitter comedy bits from the Los Angeles Kings and Wendy's
  11. Winnipeg is the punchline to everybody's jokes, but whatever, it's a city where it's cold and grey and people with Eastern European names have bad seasonal depression. It's nothing I can't relate to. Certainly it's not everything wrong with Canada. That's Jordan Peterson's house.
  12. I've moved nothing. I've been clear since this saga began and again with the Raiders that I really don't like Las Vegas. I hate overpopulating deserts. It's tacky and a waste.