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  1. I loved that Utah color palette. It "screamed Utah" more than that stupid double blue that everyone said screamed Utah.
  2. Double outlines can be good ways to reinforce novel color schemes. Teal/silver/black numbers would look top-notch for the Sharks, better than plain old teal and black do. They do look bad on the Habs' whites, but double outlines would work (and have!) on the cult-classic chest-stripe whites.
  3. "Twins" as short for "Twin Cities" is genius trolling and I applaud it.
  4. I'm pulling for the Islanders because of my Tavares man-crush, but I'm not averse to the Leafs getting in. I just don't want Tampa. Can't deal with the Yzerman blowjobs if he sold at the deadline and still got in.
  5. lol a team signed Josh McCown before a team signed Jay Cutler. One final indignity for the road, huh. EDIT: double-lol, you accidentally implied that Josh McCown raped someone. Or do you know something I don't?
  6. Why's the grass at Pac Bell park so short? It looks like the turf at the Trop.
  7. Would it be a good idea for the Rays to paint the walls sky blue, since it's a team color and all. or would it just be a chintzy attempt at approximating a blue sky?
  8. If you remember the Chicago Magazine profile of Rocky Wirtz, there was a line about how by 2007, the team was losing so much and earning so little that WirtzCorp couldn't justify funding the team off Judge & Dolph anymore and was ready to hand the team over to the league. Mind you, this could be the sort of lying that the Organ-Eye-Zation does when it's time to hike ticket prices year after year, but if you start doing the napkin math on the circa-2007 Blackhawks, with their horrid attendance, lack of television inventory let alone viewers, and the league's scant national revenue, you can arrive at the conclusion that the only thing truly keeping the team from bottoming out was their 50% of the United Center and 20% of Comcast SportsNet. As a general rule, one shouldn't take Wirtzes at their word, but I'll believe them when they say Bill was a hairsbreadth from finally putting the family out of business.
  9. Michael Vick went to prison for running a dog-killing ring and still managed to get a job. If Vick came back from that, Kaepernick should be able to come back from being a Black Lives Matter spokesman. Not necessarily with, just for the sake of argument, the Carolina Panthers, but with someone.
  10. This mild winter in the Midwest is messing with everyone's sense of time. Usually we have to wait for the second round of the playoffs for Bruce Boudreau to start crapping all over himself.
  11. I still find it hard to believe there are almost 100 quarterbacks objectively better than he is. Of course he'll be the dreaded DISTRACTION, but he has to be of enough value to get a job somewhere.
  12. I know, I thought the same thing about that guy in the NFL named "Lardarius Webb." THIS IS THE DAWNING OF THE AGE OF LARDARIUS, AGE OF LARDARIUS... Eddie Olczyk is the Winston Churchill's Democracy of local hockey color commentators.
  13. Who could forget the 2004 Penguins and their leading scorer Dick Tarnstrom? No one, because no one was there to remember it in the first place.
  14. Uh, well, the "Chicago hockey team" has problems of its own to deal with from Hockey Twitter...