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  1. Because they're a two-time championship franchise that's been obsessed with the relocated Kansas City Scouts, missing is kinda what they do now
  2. wah wah i wanna play for my country in the olympics i just don't want to earn income there. You babies deserve your stupid Bettman Cup.
  3. Panarin is fun, Saad is a winner. I will miss Niklas Hjalmarsson so much. One of my all-time favorites. That guy gave us everything he had. Now I hope he crumbles immediately so I don't feel like we gave anything up.
  4. the city is Tagline Goes Here
  5. Oh and the Bulls suck, pointless franchise.
  6. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE Every other league can induct meaningful contributors every year. This game is played at an elite level around the world like never before but apparently everyone who plays it is a stiff.
  7. Their color choices were based on "muted off-colors are in in 1995"
  8. It's 1990s PC tower beige. I actually wouldn't mind it in service of a forest green/vintage white Minnesota uniform.
  9. Yeah, the league was happy to merely take money from Minnesota and Columbus, but Las Vegas has been their obsession for years, and they'll go very far to prove that they weren't being stupid this whole time, so of course Las Vegas is going to get as much help as they can reasonably give. They even let the team have Wyoming and Montana as television territory despite being nowhere near southern Nevada and yet I'm not even sure the Flyers can get their games on in State College. Does anyone even live in Wyoming and Montana? No, but it's the gesture behind it that counts.
  10. "Fidel Jenkins" is straight out of the Madden Name Generator
  11. Why does it look like a drop of water if it's the Burn?
  12. The Bulls bottomed out for five years after Jordan, but the only person impressed with it was Jerry Krause.
  13. This is my favorite logo in the 2007 Canucks package, but now because of the thick blue lines I Can't Unsee a mischievous fish poking out of a stocking cap. "heh heh, glub glub"
  14. Life has never been easier now that a 25-goal scorer and red-assed backchecker has disappeared into thin air. got it made in the shade baby
  15. The 76ers are starting to feel like a warm-weather NHL team, where they've been abandoned by everyone but the nerds who care too much about draft picks. Like, I can't see this too-clever-by-half crap flying with the Lakers or Bulls.