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  1. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

    There you go, I like that top one a lot. Nice local symbolism, I like when the American league has that.
  2. Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins

    Try a gem shape rather than a geometric diamond and just stick one lightning bolt somewhere in the available space.
  3. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Sugar shacks? Apparently Canada is only Quebec. And who can forget that uniquely Canadian delicacy, the (checks notes, deploys reading glasses) donut
  4. NBA Changes 2017-18

    We the suck
  5. MLB changes 2018?

    I think there are exceptions to your rule, which is a good one, but the Nats jersey isn't one of them. The names should match here. I'm still arguing that the Giants should have blue numbers and red names on the road if they must incorporate so much red on the road.
  6. What throwbacks do you want to see?

    Not crazy about the helmets (bring back the spear) or the uniform, but those should be the Redskins' colors.
  7. NHL Anti-Thread: Bad Business Decision Aggregator

    Melnyk is such an ass. The arena location is a problem (and he has a point about moving downtown to where people can't accept tickets as gifts), but with the absurd TV deal they have with TSN, I have trouble believing they struggle.
  8. 2018 MLB Hot Stove Season

    I dunno, Piscotty was falling off a cliff last year, and how many guys leave the Cardinals and get better? The Cardinals have been baseball's home for failed prospects and general screwups; they make everyone else's bad players good. Who makes their bad players good?
  9. Alignment history question

    Atlanta and Cincinnati were in the NL West because the Cubs, Cardinals, and Mets wouldn't allow themselves to be split up.
  10. The Pointless Realignment Outpost

    I get all that, and it's not that they would cease to be rivals, just that they'd have to give up a pair of games every couple years. (I wouldn't even be averse to rigging the rotation so that we'd get Flyers-Devils x6 more often than not, same with Blackhawks-North Stars.) I mean, as it stands, no one's playing six with anyone anymore because of this idea that we need every team to play home and away.
  11. NBA Changes 2017-18

    Are you talking about the 2004 script? I thought that was based on Beale Street neon signs (and the mid-2000s obsession with two-tone blue). The jersey with side panels based on the railings of the Lorraine Motel looked cool at first when I thought it was just going for a '60s/'70s kitsch look (the Memphis Hustle eventually would), but commemorating the architecture of the place where Martin Luther King was assassinated doesn't sit right. Maybe that doesn't belong on a sports uniform even with good intentions. These sanitation strike jerseys are really pushing it: it's too oblique and too obscure a reference, and it makes them look like the Nets. It's a misfire, in my opinion. EDIT: upon checking, the Lorraine jerseys actually didn't look cool, they were another lousy t-shirt set, but the Streamline Moderne trim still did look cool. But again, maybe a little gauche in context.
  12. NHL 2017-18

  13. NHL 2017-18

    I truly don't see the need for any Blackhawks alternate that's not a one-shot deal for an outdoor game, and also, stop giving us outdoor games so that everyone stops yelling at us.
  14. NHL 2017-18

    Can't have the Blackhawks not wear their logo.
  15. NHL 2018-19

    The logo needs tweaks, namely how the embroidered Indian Head is copper while the graphic presentation is a sickly yellow-orange.