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  1. NFL 2018 changes

    Altering the timeline is a force majeure.
  2. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    hehe, bowel.
  3. NFL 2018 changes

    This is like arguing Lord of the Rings canon. Makes me want to get shot out of a cannon.
  4. NFL 2018 changes

    I agree with you there. The name is perfect, the colors are right, but the logos and uniforms have never come together the way they should. Matrix Bold numbers: not even once
  5. NFL 2018 changes

    No, Cleveland loves the Browns, they've certainly proven as much, give the people what they want. No teams should have even been allowed to relocate after the merger (though if the St. Louis Cardinals had been the only ones to do it, I could deal).
  6. NFL 2018 changes

    1) A more appropriate name for a Baltimore team and imagined moral high ground for Baltimore fans who are still upset about the Colts carrying on as such in Indianoplace 2) The businesses made money
  7. NFL 2018 changes

    Wasn't the front office significantly overhauled between Cleveland and Baltimore? I know Belichick got fired, I assume many of his toadies followed him?
  8. Jacksonville Jaguars rumored for new uniforms in 2018

    Took some overdesign out of the Jags logo, tried to get the proportions a little closer to the original, feels a little more like a Cardinals/Panthers upgrade to me now:
  9. If the spear turns up on the Redskins concept I will feel personally attacked again.
  10. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Oh my God the idea of a sea lion mascot that can't get up on its feet and just has to flop around the ice going ORP ORP ORP, dragging its ass clapping its hands or holding up a MAKE SOME NOISE sign, it's wonderful!
  11. NFL 2018 changes

    mod edit
  12. NFL 2018 changes

    On the contrary, it does! It's a work, folks!
  13. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Well, they were in the NFC Championship Game four years in a row, finally got to a Super Bowl, and lost it. :censored: or get off the pot, right?
  14. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    As for the Eagles, my prime NFL-watching years were 2001-2006, so I developed Eagles Fatigue. The whole NFC East in general is kind of ass-chapping if you're not a fan of any of the teams. Frankly, it's all annoying, except for the dopes who dress up as Road Warrior Hawk Zombie BDSM Darth Vader, that's the only NFL culture that goes all the way around from being dumb to being cool.
  15. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    I don't have a problem with discounting NFL championships from 50+ years ago or Original Six Stanley Cups. The leagues weren't much to speak of then. Not to say they didn't happen, but there's a difference.
  16. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    How many of New England's yards were on penalties and how many of Jacksonville's were?
  17. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    Yeah, you can massage pass interference to get whatever you want. There's always pass interference like there's always holding because that's the point of the game.
  18. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    tHe NfL iS gReAt BeCaUsE iT hAs PaRiTy
  19. Could teams in the same city share one identity?

    The football Cardinals seemed to go by "the Big Red" almost as much as "the Cardinals" in St. Louis.
  20. Freeform New Look

    Commitment to Excellence and Contractually Obligated 700 Club Telecasts
  21. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    I always liked Renegades as a name for a Dallas expansion team, would have paired well with Mavericks. Doesn't really work for Seattle, sounds too Wild West.
  22. No, silly, this thread isn't about Doug Gilmour! It's about the Phoenix Coyotes. With the Manitobification of the old rolling thread and "Back in the Game" lost to history, we need a new one. Matt Hulsizer gave up on trying to buy the team, if he ever started in the first place, which I contend that he did not. The buried lede here is that apparently Jerry Reinsdorf is poking around again. If I had to guess, it's probably to buy the team for his son. Haven't heard much from Quebecor, which is just the way the league likes it.
  23. Could teams in the same city share one identity?

    I've pitched the idea of the Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, and Raptors all using the same typeface (Penumbra) and the Raptors sharing the Leafs' colors, but there would still be individual team identities despite some overlap. I think that's about as far as you can take it these days. Otherwise you could recreate the problem of the venerable, dominant, regional-power St. Louis Cardinals, and then the hapless football team that is also the St. Louis Cardinals. That's what you'd have with the New Orleans Basketball Saints, and the Saints have been far from dominant. Not good.
  24. Winter of Discontent: The 2017-18 NHL Season

    Bottom line, this league looks illegitimate as hell as when an expansion team is one of the best in the league in large part because rich white guys are slaves to the marketing for one specific city, not to mention far more generous expansion draft terms than any team has ever gotten.
  25. Seattle NHL Brand Discussion

    Yeah, give me the teal Seals fauxback for an outdoor game, codify the Seals/Barons/North Stars merger/Sharks lineage, and that's about all there is to do with the Seals.