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  1. Twin Peaks: The Return

    Okay, fine, this time I won't directly post a video that SOME people don't like but we need to talk about this show, especially this week's episode which was one of the most avant-garde hours of television ever. This isn't just a continuation of the original show, this is more a summation of David Lynch's entire body of work. It's way beyond Twin Peaks, really.
  2. MLB: Project 32 - Montréal Expos, Pt. I Added

    Thinking about it, I would junk the primary and just put "Montreal Expos" above, below, or above and below the tertiary.
  3. MLB: Project 32 - Montréal Expos, Pt. I Added

    I'm a huge fan of the tertiary. I love the idea of coat-of-arms-ish logos for Quebec teams, and I've been playing around with Nordiques coats of arms that honor the sport, city, and province for years. You'd think I would have gotten one right by now. But logos like that feel formal, Catholic, and not-quite-American -- in other words, perfect for Quebec. So that's a huge hit for me. I appreciate the nod to Montreal architecture in the typeface, as Montreal is up there with Miami as a city with architecture to really celebrate. Of course, when I think of Montreal vernacular, I think of apartments with rickety wrought-iron spiral stairs, but incorporating that into a logo or typeface is probably a bit dicey. Like you acknowledged, I'm an unflagging eMb partisan, so I cannot endorse this cap logo. The fleur-de-lis within the M seems too hard to render effectively at small sizes, such as the embroidery on a cap. There's also something unnatural about the curvy sides against the pointy middle: there's not much reason for an M ever to look the way the eMb did, but I'm having a hard time imagining how/why an M would ever wind up written out like this either, and this doesn't have the brand equity of Weird French-Canadian Team to fall back on. I like the uniforms and appreciate that they're pinstripeless to set them off from the Cubs, but now I wonder how you'll handle the Cubs' roads, since blue outlined in red on grey all around seems to be a board consensus on how they should handle their roads in the HDTV era, as opposed to blue names and red numbers. Well, time will tell.
  4. Portland ECHL Team Unveils Name-the-Team Finalists

    Go with Watchmen. Leave the Wild Blueberries to Brandiose.
  5. 2017 NHL Offseason

    He cut it off to rid himself of the evil spirit that was possessing him. HURRICANE WALK WITH ME
  6. 2017 NFL Season

    The Chargers and Raiders are both such inept organizations that I wouldn't be surprised to see them wind up back in San Diego and stuck in Oakland, respectively. Of the three, only the Rams' relocation truly felt like it was thought out and made sense. The other two, from the shared Carson stadium to this, have always been duct tape and chewing gum to me. Sure, we'll build on a toxic waste dump, we'll play in a soccer stadium for three years, we'll finance this multi-billion-dollar dome and just hang out here in the meantime. This is all totally normal. I think the league has taken the temperature of this whole L.A. Chargers mess and, if it came down to it, would not put up much of a fight if someone, whether a Spanos or a new majority investor, agreed to call the whole thing off in exchange for the rights to the Los Angeles television market and maybe some money for further inconveniencing everyone. What I'm really praying for is the Raiders being rescued from the worst city in America.
  7. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Tobacco, spilled flasks, and suffocating dry ice fumes?
  8. 2017 NHL Offseason

    That makes at least two NHL teams that CBS radio stations have beef with.
  9. MLB Redesigns Series (Outtakes)

    In this context, a National Leaguer.
  10. 2017 NFL Season

    Sports leases are printed on toilet paper and the stadium has already been delayed at least another year. As long as San Diego has a stadium, there's an exit strategy.
  11. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    Well, that's not fair, the Chargers moved to an occupied market without an unoccupied NFL facility, it only makes sense that no wait wait come back
  12. 2017 NFL Season

    Yeah I don't think the relevant parties are going to be able to see this one through. It's a disaster. It's, as the media class likes to say, BAD OPTICS.
  13. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    It's not a great draw, but it's not 21,000 bad either, unless you're the Houston Oilers and you've announced you're moving to Memphis.
  14. Los Angeles Chargers Brand Discussion

    to the tune of "Iron Man" this is really dumb this is really really real really dumb
  15. NFL 2017 changes?

    Maybe indoor/carpet teams should wear white shoes too. But old-school black cleats feel right for historic franchises like the Bears, Packers, Giants, Steelers, Eagles, Cardinals, etc.
  16. NFL 2017 changes?

    Only the old AFL teams should wear white shoes. The Bears in white shoes? Dumb.
  17. What Are You Listening To?

    Lana Del Rey has a new double album. I don't know if I have the patience for 72 uninterrupted minutes of Lana Del Rey. I don't know if anyone does.
  18. MLB: Project 32 - Montréal Expos, Pt. I Added

    Fantastic. All the logos are great, especially the tertiary, which could work just as well as the primary as a sleeve logo. I was surprised gold was the #3 color instead of teal, but I can buy that as a concession so as not to be too loud. I love the flamingo-F monogram; did you consider incorporating it into the road script? But again, as with the other Marlins concept, pink really works here. Even though it's framed as a "bad idea," it would have been a so-bad-it's-good idea if we had wound up with this instead of the comparatively staid Florida Marlins, and it would have been more memorable/infamous than the forgettable Times New Roman White Sox out in Denver. But imagine the ignominy of the Cubs blowing the pennant to the Florida Flamingos (even if by 2003, they too would have become a black/silver/more-black team with occasional touches of hot pink). That might have inspired them to win it all in 2004 and put years back on my life. I'm eager to see how the Phillies turn out, fingers crossed for the always controversial Philadelphia road script.
  19. 2017 MLB Season

    Kind of a bummer the way Chapman's career turned out. I thought he was gonna be a megastar when he came over, but he never made it out of the bullpen, allegedly shot a gun at his wife, and almost lost the World Series. Still a very good career, but not what I expected. The Indians had the right idea with Andrew Miller, I agree.
  20. MLB: Project 32 - Montréal Expos, Pt. I Added

    I love the logos but I don't like the color scheme. Midnight green is too drab for the concept; it feels like running the '90s dark-n-fade on the Marlins' old teal. I know you can't say black isn't drab, but it best allows a palette of bright colors to leap off. (I'll admit I'm more or less married to the idea of the Marlins as a "black and rainbow" team.) But rubine as a Miami team color is inspired and would be one of the few instances where pink works in sports. With that in mind, I'm eager to see how the Flamingos turn out.
  21. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    guess that makes one of us
  22. Please ban hammer don't hurt 'em

    No Roger Goodells running the CCSLC, that much is true.
  23. Gotye : Sting :: Francis and the Lights : Peter Gabriel love love love this song
  24. 2017 MLB Season

    The home run sculpture is good. Bright colors are good. Don't make me say something mistaken for "bring back Jeff Loria."
  25. MLB: Project 32 - Montréal Expos, Pt. I Added

    I like it a lot, especially the tailed Cincinnati script and the full name wordmark, which, even though it doesn't fit the Reds' real set or my ideal one (basically the 1969-1971 set), I would love to see that on a dugout roof or something.