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  1. M1: Make America Choke Again WC2: "35-Point Leaf" No Longer Describes The Team-Leading Scorer M2: Half The NHL's Retained Salary M3: Beej No More A1: Ow his it dat de...fort-place team may as more points den da one dat hwon da Hatlandic? WC1: 1940, as in "there are one thousand, nine hundred, and forty sports teams I care more about than the New York Rangers" A2: Ottawa, Or, For Some Reason, If You Live There, Awtawaw A3: fackin broooooons C1: No Black Women Need Apply WC2: A Team No One Likes, Nor Loves, Nor Wants Any More Of C2: North Stars, by which I mean a collection of star players in a team in the north C3: Fueled By Avs Games P1: anal slime WC1: TRUCULENCE P2: P3: The NHL's Best Fans
  2. No Roger Goodells running the CCSLC, that much is true.
  3. No, silly, this thread isn't about Doug Gilmour! It's about the Phoenix Coyotes. With the Manitobification of the old rolling thread and "Back in the Game" lost to history, we need a new one. Matt Hulsizer gave up on trying to buy the team, if he ever started in the first place, which I contend that he did not. The buried lede here is that apparently Jerry Reinsdorf is poking around again. If I had to guess, it's probably to buy the team for his son. Haven't heard much from Quebecor, which is just the way the league likes it.
  4. I hope your face flames out early. Anything other than winning the West with this roster, this cap window, and this draw is a huge disappointment for the Hawks.
  5. I can totally see the Jackets eking out a series win against the Penguins because of their wrecked defense and tendency to flame out in early rounds, then getting the Capitals who will always piss all over themselves. I think whoever wins Montreal-New York comes out of the East.
  7. In China, do game misconducts get you a bullet in the back of your head?
  8. It's gonna be New York, too. It seems like year after year they go deeper than they should because better teams screw up. The Penguins throttling them in the first round last year brought tears to my eyes.
  9. Let's distinguish between unique features and contrivances. Wrigley Field, for instance, has the wind that we all know about and the long grass that fewer people know about (though maybe this isn't as much of a factor as it was about 10 years ago -- the infield grass used to eat grounders for lunch). The old Comiskey Park used to mix and match between hard and soft infield dirt depending on who was pitching. I like stuff like that, though I'm sure it'd be harder to get away with that kind of gamesmanship now. Would it be possible to dismantle the SkyDome roof and install some sort of ETFE partial roof instead? That would look so cool.
  10. The first two years out of the lockout almost finished the job, didn't they? Yeesh. Having Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh all be atrocious was, to say the least, unfortunate.
  11. Oh, why the hell not. The NHL has no greater passion than retaining teams in Phoenix and Miami, might as well let everyone come in from the heat in Dubai or whichever oil-sheikhs-renting-instagram-thots-as-human-toilets place the Olympics will end up going to down the road. It'd be the ultimate in GORWING TEH GAME.
  12. Dynasty In The Making fires Sutter AND Lombardi.
  13. Barstool Sports is a terrible place. Hypereducated New Englanders playing the parts of douchebros. Burn it down. Jay Brice
  14. Chara is one of the best defensemen who ever lived and Bergeron is one of the best two-way centers who ever lived. Marchand isn't in their solar system.
  15. Probably faith in Boucher's trap in the playoffs against a noted idiot in Cassidy. My faith is in Chara and Bergeron.
  16. Capitals in 5 Blue Jackets in 7 Bruins in 6 Rangers in 7 Blackhawks in 6 Minnesota in 6 Ducks in 4, God is dead Oilers in 5
  17. So it's basically a United States bid featuring special guest appearances by Mexico and Canada. Why can't Mexico have its own bid? They love soccer.
  18. The "rest of the world" should deal with its own problems and let us view ourselves poorly.
  19. In his defense, the first round of the playoffs tends to be better than the second or third, because teams are starting from as close to 100% as they'll get and giving it everything they have. I don't have the numbers but it feels like all the truest upsets are in the first round while the second round more or less chalks out; third-round outcomes can seldom be called upsets at that point. In fact, other than the Hawks-Kings WCF of 2014, most third-round series seem to suck. That's a bad thing. With Vancouver sitting out, all five Canadian teams range from tolerable to likable.
  20. Congratulations to Notorious CMD for hitting the century mark and saving us from the ignominy of a sub-100 scoring title, as last seen when Jamie Benn tied his IQ with 87.
  21. Boy. sure would have been cool if the Oilers came all the way back from the depths of hockey hell to win the division, but NO, F-CK YOU, IT'S ANAHEIM, it is always Anaheim, it can only ever be Anaheim
  22. Isles end up missing the playoffs by ONE FREAKING POINT. You can't win the Stanley Cup in October but you sure can lose it. Rehire Jack Capuano just to fire him a second time, then let Honky have his way with him.
  23. Justice for Kaepertnak
  24. They get very hot in the polyester. You know, it's not a natural fiber. I think they would prefer cotton. Cotton breathes, you see, it's much softer. Imagine playing games and your team is five degrees cooler than the other team. Don't you think that would be an advantage? They're cooler, they're more comfortable, they're happier, they're gonna play better.
  25. That might actually work out better. The Bruins could have a better shot at bouncing the Caps, having as they do two of the best players of all time.