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  1. Even though I've been bandwagoning this team since May 31st, 2011, I wasn't prepared for how emotionally invested I'd be in this series. I want, no, need the Jets to destroy the Predators and I will be an inconsolable mess if they can't. They can do this. Rinne has been fallible. Subban can be an idiot. Johansen is a fat lazy turd. It can happen.
  2. Laine misses Jets practice with 'malaise' ahead of Game 1 vs. Predators If I had to guess which player on the Jets missed practice due to "malaise," I would have guessed Morrissey.
  3. Should be a hell of a game. I picked the Bruins to win the East so I want to be right, but I'd also love to see the Leafs make a run, so either way it's all good from my disinterested point of view. Just a tune-up for tomorrow night's big Calder Cup game! ROCKFORD ICEHOGS COULD SWEEP! ugh kill me
  4. Alls I need to know about decisions relating to parks is that the Hillary lady made friends with the bacon man.
  5. Would there be any interest in a Power Broker reading group this summer? I'm overdue for a re-read.
  6. The Sports Media Thread

    When Fox Sports did their "pivot to video," Deadspin and Deadspin-adjacent people were some of the loudest voices screaming about what an injustice it was. Now Deadspin itself seems to be pivoting to video, except instead of whatever inanity Fox Sports does, it's Rachel Maddow with shoulder-length hair complaining that sports movies for children/teenagers are Actually Bad. They also have videos of people eating stuff. I don't really get it.
  7. Really one of the ugliest buildings in New York and ugliest buildings in sports. Rust is not an architectural flourish. Just an awful building to look at.
  8. Maybe more about demonstrating that you're not going to let them get the best of you.
  9. Bulls Honour Durham with DURM Night Uniforms

    Is Durm near Nork?
  10. Rod the Bod was so pumped with HGH, I'm surprised he didn't make it back in six weeks.
  11. Agreed. The invisible icing line never really held up. Linesmen just call the icing when it seems like a good time to call it. Feels too pickup game to me.
  12. This could go down any number of wayward paths, couldn't it.
  13. That Met building across the street is interesting. It looks like a concert hall but there's no fixed seating, so it's really more like a two-tiered ballroom. But it only seems to have been rehabilitated within the last couple of years. Stop the presses: a sports arena spurred development once!
  14. NHL 2018-19

    The Flames should have a teensy bit of black around the yellow but no black helmets, breezers, or gloves.
  15. lol, turns out Subban was responsible for the game-tying goal, too, he lost his man because he tried to get blown up on an open-ice hit without anyone remotely close enough to make contact with him so he just wound up lying on the ice face-down like a drunk while the Avs scored. What a schmuck.
  16. The Prince of Wokeness gets caught out of position, the Avs score on a 2-on-1, and the Perds have their hams utterly burgled.
  17. I want the Avs to drag this out and wear them down. Probably won't, though; their prayers lie with the dang Hamburglar.
  18. Wild-Jets got ugly in a hurry. There was just nothing there without Parise and Suter. Glad this one will be a gentleman's sweep so that the fans can celebrate at the arena.
  19. The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Bill Peters quits the Carolina Hurricanes. Not fired, the guy who missed the playoffs four years in a row but got handjobbed as some Corsi genius anyway, but quit.
  20. The 2018 NHL Silly Season: Dilly Dilly

    Flames fired Glen Gulutzan. That was a retread hire that made no sense to me and his next retread hire will be even more baffling.
  21. Great work, Dolphins!
  22. The Sports Media Thread

    Let's play some Jellybean Jar here. Can you guess the word count on the article with this war crime of a headline? The Wizards Of Aughts: The Post-Millennium Washington Wizards And The Bloggers Who Immortalized Them