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  1. How would this be good business for the Suns, who could book more lucrative arena dates than a hockey team that only draws around 10,000? And what sort of muscle does Count Bettman have to boss the NBA around on the issue? What is he saying here, "You have to build a new arena and you have to share it with a hockey team despite all your other new arenas eschewing their hockey teams so as to maximize basketball revenue because we need to say we're nominally in Phoenix while retaining a low-revenue market for the purposes of suppressing expenses for high-revenue markets"? I don't see any way that this should come to fruition, so that means it absolutely will.
  2. No, silly, this thread isn't about Doug Gilmour! It's about the Phoenix Coyotes. With the Manitobification of the old rolling thread and "Back in the Game" lost to history, we need a new one. Matt Hulsizer gave up on trying to buy the team, if he ever started in the first place, which I contend that he did not. The buried lede here is that apparently Jerry Reinsdorf is poking around again. If I had to guess, it's probably to buy the team for his son. Haven't heard much from Quebecor, which is just the way the league likes it.
  3. He put up a lot of points for a long time but doesn't feel like a legend of the game. Like Mike Gartner, but better, but then again Gartner is in. I don't know. It still doesn't feel right. Hard no on Andreychuk and Kariya, though, I'm confident in those, and hardest of nos on Jeremy Jacobs, who has dismantled the game more than he's built it. EDIT: Gartner leads Recchi in goals 708 to 577, a .494 pace to Recchi's .349. Recchi wins on total points and games played, so I don't know.
  4. But that defeats the whole point of why I made it, which was to get rid of that faulty coloration and give them a monogram in one color with an outline and reinforce their color distribution as navy and white with red accents (that is to say, navy and red, but scripts, names, and numbers would never ever appear in red as they often have, only navy or white depending on background). EDIT: perhaps not the whole point -- the secondary objective was to lose the wishbone C and give them a non-block slab-serif C because that way Chicago, Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Cities would all have their own style of C.
  5. Digging this from my folder of failed concepts and tweaks, I really maintain that having five colors + silver and black would make the Marlins unique in a delightful way. I really like that shade of green and how it could be used on merchandise and so forth. The way all the colors play against each other in the wordmark is certainly unorthodox, but eye-catching. I would want Miami to look like a team that could only be in Miami, not the Tuna Yankees.
  6. Yeah, I know about the green and red around the park, I'm saying the uniforms should incorporate them as well. The M fish would look so cool with splashes of red and green. Flip the yellow and green and you could roughly correspond to how the M should be shaded: red left, yellow top, blue bottom, green right.
  7. Guys guys guys guys guys, the Marlins should not re-embrace teal. They should embrace bright colors splashed on black. They're a few tweaks away from a modern classic. For instance, Look at that lovely shade of green they intended to use. Red-orange and creamsicle orange, too. Look at the sans-serif numbers. They had the right idea early on and then went astray. The idea of the Marlins transcending A Color Scheme as we think of it by putting everything in play and letting fans (and players?) express themselves within a full spectrum would have been really cool.
  8. Fleetwood Mac's transformation from kickass blues outfit to "I am a magical spirit tiger that sleeps with your husband" is so stark that they should have just changed the name along the way.
  9. Now every time this Mickey Mouse operation has another "Vegas Placeholder" or "shiny hockey" incident I'm gonna call them the Dumb Grey Line
  11. Okay, fine, this time I won't directly post a video that SOME people don't like but we need to talk about this show, especially this week's episode which was one of the most avant-garde hours of television ever. This isn't just a continuation of the original show, this is more a summation of David Lynch's entire body of work. It's way beyond Twin Peaks, really.
  12. They wanted to dress like Army cadets because the owner was one.
  13. I never liked the Astros' '90s jerseys. I wonder if orange instead of metallic gold, to give them continuity with their first 30ish years of team colors, would have made them better.
  14. So when did the SEC integrate?
  15. As not a fan, I'm a fan.
  16. If I had to guess, it comes down fairly soon to expand the convention center and add an adjoining arena for the Blues. 1994 is considered old now!
  17. one or two There might even be an argument that they'll all be tied together by the time this is done.
  18. Because the "culture industry" did not exist 25 years ago or even 15 years ago (or whenever Mulholland Drive came out), there's been a lot of to-do about Lynch's failure to cast people of color (but please, for the love of Christ, not "colored people") in his films and the extent to which he is therefore a racist. I think that's drivel, of course. As longtime David Lynch fan David Foster Wallace pointed out when he dropped in on the making of Lost Highway, Lynch's stuff is all about interplay between individuals and supernatural forces, and to bring race into the picture would bring political tension that gets in the way of the stories he's trying to tell, which essentially come down to "I had this weird-ass dream last night about buzzsaws and ghosts." Lynch has his people he likes to work with like any auteur, and it happens that Kyle MacLachlan and Laura Dern and Naomi Watts are white. Every single creative work doesn't need to tackle identity politics.
  19. It was! I loved it. This week's show was a lot like Tree of Life. A lot of people thought it was too much and said they won't watch another episode. Me, I can't imagine missing a minute.
  20. The real shame of the Recchi induction is that it gives the worst championship team of the modern era a Hall of Famer -- Staal and Brind'Amour have even less business in there than Recchi, who was very good for a long time but eventually just hung around padding stats for a long time, so that was their only shot, and they got it. This confers too much legitimacy on that trash-ass power-play-gaming team.
  21. Well, I'm much more conservative about the HHoF than anyone involved with it appears to be. I'm not as mad about Kariya and Recchi getting in as I was about Lindros, a player whose absence created more greatness than his presence. He never should have been inducted in a million years. But this whole class feels like "well, we can't make a tourist event out of Teemu Selanne alone." I mean Dave Andreychuk gtfo George McPhee is a known idiot and all the cooing over what a great job he's been doing by having Gary Bettman hand him a loaded gun to put to everyone's head makes me retch.
  22. Can I add that the AT&T/Time Warner merger, which would presumably, among so many other things, turn Turner Sports into AT&T Sports, is a terrible idea and must be stopped?
  23. The Root Sports RSNs are rebranding to AT&T Sportsnet with the exception of the Northwest affiliate, which will remain Root Sports Northwest. Any idea why? Non-AT&T minority ownership? EDIT: apparently CSN Bay Area has become NBC Sports Bay Area, too. This hasn't happened in Chicago yet but I'm guessing it will.
  24. David Perron IS Mr. Jackpots!
  25. Lebrun confirms my broom closet theory.