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  1. BombSkwad

    2006-2007 European football kits

    They must have changed their minds. Straight from "United are reassuring fans who've bought the blue away kit that the colour and design will be retained next season. The only part of the shirt that will change is the sponsor logo. Vodafone will be replaced by AIG, following Thursday's announcement of the £56.5m deal with the financial services group. A spokesman for United said: "Under the terms of our Club Charter, we are entitled to change all of our kits for next season. But we thought it would be fairest to our fans if we kept the blue kit, given it was only introduced last summer. "The AIG logo will be on all of our shirts from the start of 2006/07, but otherwise the blue shirt will be identical to the one worn by the players during the current season." United will launch two kits this summer - a new red home shirt and one new away kit."
  2. BombSkwad

    Full Names On Jerseys?

    I know the Browns have Andre and Andra Davis. Because only the last letter is different, they bothe have full nameplates.
  3. BombSkwad

    new premiership jerseys

    There are numbers in that pic? Love the new Man U Away kit.... Might have to get one!!
  4. BombSkwad

    Ron Mexico Name Banned

    I am Thom India. A friend of mine came up Coach Sweden. My father is Maximillian Brunei.
  5. BombSkwad

    Braves wearing new alts today

    A little Sunday Softball anyone?? YEESH.
  6. BombSkwad

    Here's a Rare logo

    Look, you can't just cook up a rare logo. The center looks cool, though.
  7. BombSkwad

    Sports logos

    I'm always attracted to logos with nice pert boobies and short hair, maybe a tattoo in the small of her back...... Oh, wait sorry, got my threads mixed up.... I would say since I was a kid I've always paid attention to logos, I recall my real fascination came from the Montreal Expos logo when I was about 8.
  8. BombSkwad

    NHL Lockout Project Update

    I have three words for you.... No, you're not.
  9. BombSkwad

    You can't spell 'suck' without N I F L

    Because when you think 1920's football, you thing Rome, GA.....
  10. BombSkwad

    Pics of you in an NHL jersey

    Yeah it's too bad the rest of the Thrashers fans were at home that day I thought there was only one Thrashers fan? Bite. Me. Payno, we still gotta get the homies from the ATL together. Shoot me a PM or IM me on yahoo at ey246.
  11. BombSkwad

    "Throwback" Vikings helmets

    I could swear I've heard about this helmet, but have never seen anything to refute the claim. If anything, the purple on the horn should be darker....
  12. BombSkwad

    NHL Lockout Project update

    Nah, just the camera/lighting/flash....
  13. BombSkwad

    NHL Lockout Project update

    Here's one of me...
  14. BombSkwad

    Official manitoba moose 3rd jersey/logo contest

    Sterling, this whole process has been so cool to watch. I feel privileged to have watched it unfold. I know you came to financial arrangements, but how about merchandise? Personally I'd want one of everything.... LOL
  15. BombSkwad

    An interesting thing to see....

    I made a pilgrimmage to my Mecca, the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, OH this past week. While I was there, a need struck me to show this to you guys, more as an interesting piece than any actual research value. It was the original helmet prototype for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I don't think it really shows in the photo, but the helmet was hand painted, including the stripes. I'm also including a pic of the description. The pics are LARGE (1024x768), so I'm only linking them..... Helmet Prototype Description