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  2. Sports Design Openings


    Went ahead & took some liberties with this one since the quality of the available original is not very good & used the current colors.
  4. CCSLN Airport Logo Thread

    This is ours along with 2 others in my area.
  5. OK...As requested by @Midway I've combined The D & State logos. Had to make some minor adjustment to make it work. Also working up an ALT logo so stay tuned to see how that turns out. Thnx!
  6. Sports Design Openings

    Old Hat Creative looking for designer.
  7. Thnx @ZionEagle. As for the direction, it became pretty obvious to me once I did a little research on the team & their location that an alien theme was the route I wanted to take. Roswell, NM is very well known for that alien crash site so I knew I wanted to use that as a focus point in my design by utilizing the football as the spaceship. Once I had that idea the rest kinda fell into place. The alien head is a drawing of mine I've had in a box for years that I had done for a sticker idea but never used. I just dusted him off, made a few mods & gave him new life as a sports logo. Figured he'd see daylight someday, lol. As for joining a women's football league...the destroyers are looking to fill their roster if you happen to live in or around Roswell, NM? Almost forgot, if any of you are cubs fans or not check out a design I did for a good cause at the link below & if you dig it be sure to snag up a tee or hoodie before they're gone! The will be happy you did. Thnx!!!
  8. Appreciate the feedback guys! I can't promise anything @DustDevil61 I've done a roadrunner design in this thread already but if I have anything creatively worthy come to mind I will definitely take a shot at it. Thnx!
  9. Don't know how to delete the first post with the broken links. I wanted logos in order from Primary - Wordmark but they posted the other way around & wasn't able to rearrange them. @HRC4 thank you, glad you dig em.
  10. Appreciate the kind words @ZionEagle. I like it! IMO I think it looks much cleaner & eliminates all that negative space the first one has. Now, if you wanted to keep the state shape as part of the shield an idea for that would be to merge the top portion of the shield with the state. ?It's probably easier for me to just show you with a quick & loose sketch. Now you know what I'm talking about, lol. The idea for the smaller CAFL below is to have it in chinese letters & white. The red outline can be optional or you can even have a double outline so it be shield yellow then white outline & red outer line. Just another idea. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed or obligated in any way to crank out my ideas. They're just simply that (ideas) that may be worth exploring or even help spark some of your own. Looking forward to that Beijing Lions logo.