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  1. The Sports Media Thread Fox's continual quest to own stations in several key NFL markets (and uber-ally markets) may come to fruition, once the Sinclair-Tribune merger is completed. Fox is set to buy at least six stations from Sinclair/Tribune, including three of the stations they sold in 2008 to help finance News Corp's purchase of the Wall Street Journal (WJW Cleveland, KDVR Denver, and KSTU Salt Lake City), plus Sacramento's KTXL, the long-awaited prize in Seattle's KCPQ (it didn't mention sister KZJO, which likely means they'll stay with Sinclair-owned KOMO-TV), and a wild card--WSFL-TV, the CW station in Miami/Fort Lauderdale. I can't see Fox running a standalone CW affiliate in South Florida, which ultimately means incumbent Fox affiliate WSVN (much like their sister station in Boston, WHDH) will be forced to go independent, and in turn current MyNetworkTV affiliate WBFS, owned by CBS, will more than likely take the CW affiliation. That also means Miami would undergo its third affiliation/channel swap in the last thirty years, two occasions of which WSVN was a part of (losing NBC in 1989, due to the Peacock buying WTVJ, and now possibly losing Fox to WSFL).
  2. The Sports Media Thread

    It wouldn't surprise me if Univision makes a play for LAFC TV and radio rights (they own two TV and four radio stations in the area).
  3. The Sports Media Thread They put a FAQ page, and it looks like these LAFC YouTube TV matches will be geo-blocked outside of Southern California, limited to basically from Bakersfield to the north, south to the Mexican border, Santa Barbara to the west, and the Colorado River to the east. They'll have their own dedicated "channel", so it'll be treated just as a local station.
  4. Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    Here's an ultimate "what if?...Bill Walsh as head coach of the Cincinnati Bengals. Paul Brown retired from coaching after the 1975 NFL season, and promoted Bill "Tiger" Johnson as head coach starting in '76. Walsh was the offensive coordinator for the Bengals from year one (1968) until he left; Johnson (another day-one assistant under Paul Brown) coached 2 1/3 seasons, but resigned five games into 1978. Johnson actually did better in the 33 games he coached (18-15) than Walsh did in his first 33 in San Francisco (8-25). Walsh didn't become the head coach of the 49ers until the '79 season (he went from Cincy to San Diego to his first stint in Palo Alto in the meantime), so there was still the opportunity there for him to coach the Bengals, if Brown wanted him back in Cincy. Just watched the Football Life episode on Walsh recently, one of the reasons why Brown passed on Walsh was essentially because he was too much of a "nervous wreck" (some of his Niner players and management pretty much said the same thing). What if, though, Brown took the same chance on Walsh that the 49ers did, and he kept him in Cincy as head coach starting in 1976? Pretty certain that we'll be talking about the "Ohio River Offense" in NFL folklore instead of the West Coast Offense.
  5. Alignment history question

  6. Local TV station logos

    At least from the mid-70s on, the CBS 2s in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago all had distinct logos from each other, although WBBM (Chicago) used a different logo. Before then, and just like today, the Big Three did used standardization for their O&O stations--Fox just upped the game, by branding their stations with "Fox xx" right since the beginning of their network. This was the "CBS/Channel 2" branding used on the O&Os in the mid-60s... This was also used in the mid-70s on both WCBS and then-KNXT. This was WBBM's logo from the mid-70s until the late 80s.
  7. RIP Dick Enberg (1935-2017)

    Dr. Enberg's final works...this particular episode was released just hours before he died:
  8. The legendary sportscaster died this morning in his suburban San Diego home, just 2 1/2 weeks shy of his 83rd birthday.
  9. The Sports Media Thread

    The Disney-21CF deal is going to take a minimum of a year to get federal approval, but this deal is also tied to other agreements, such as the Sky Networks in the UK. The Sinclair-Tribune merger should completed within next few months, pending final approval from the DOJ and FCC; the merger is of vested interest for Fox, because Sinclair and Tribune are two of Fox's largest affiliate groups, in terms of number of stations (Sinclair owns and/or operates 30 Fox affiliates, Tribune owns 15 Foxes) and audience reach percentage. Because of that, and thwarting an attempt by Sinclair to potentially launching their own network (and they [Sinclair] have network affiliation agreements with every major U.S. broadcast network and MyNetworkTV, and owning the Univision affiliations in Seattle and Portland), Fox is getting back into the station buying game, especially in those key markets they want to protect.
  10. The Sports Media Thread

    Before you get too carried away...the FCC won't be involved in this decision, because there's no broadcast station licenses involved; this deal will be under the purview of the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Justice. The Fox network is keeping the 28 stations it owns, and is planning buy some of the stations that need to be divested in the Sinclair Broadcasting-Tribune Broadcasting merger (using some of the cash/stock coming from the Disney deal), including several stations that Fox once owned until a few years ago (particularly WJW Cleveland, WITI Milwaukee, and KTVI St. Louis), with the ultimate prize being Tribune's duopoly in Seattle (KCPQ/KZJO), the largest NFC market where Fox doesn't own a station.
  11. The Sports Media Thread

    Denver is the only major market in the U.S. with no NBC/Comcast or Fox regional sports presence...they're served by AT&T SportsNet (Rockies) and the Stan Kroenke-owned Altitude Sports (Nuggets & Avalanche). I know with Kroenke owning the Rams in Los Angeles, eventually he and his family would have to sell-off their Denver sports properties, as part of the NFL's cross-ownership rules, and that may well also include Altitude. Outside of Denver, Altitude also handles the production of the Rams preseason telecasts, despite their TV flagship being already owned by one of the NFL's broadcast partners (CBS). Oddly enough, NBC/Comcast owns cable systems in every market serviced by AT&T SportsNet (Pittsburgh, SLC, Denver, Houston, Seattle), except now in Las Vegas, where Cox and CenturyLink are the major cable providers there; another sense of irony, what is now AT&T SportsNet Southwest (Astros & Rockets) was created from the remnants of the since-defunct Comcast SportsNet Houston.
  12. The Sports Media Thread

    McNabb and Eric Davis (the ex-CB) got suspended from ESPN; Davis does radio for their L.A. station, but he also works for FS1 (pretty much a regular on both of Cowherd's TV shows) if they (Fox) don't have enough to deal with already (and up the 405 from NFL Media HQs). Warren Sapp and one of Bill Simmons' right-hand people (Eric Weinberger) are also named in this sexual harassment lawsuit.
  13. NBA 2017-18: A Tale of Two Conferences

    I hope Doc Rivers' (and his son for that matter) days as Clipper head coach comes to an end and basically quit playing against the Knicks midway in the 3rd quarter en route to a ninth-straight loss. Austin Rivers' stat line: 2 points, 5 assists, one rebound in 32 minutes played.
  14. 2017 NFL Season: Then there were Two

    I kinda forgot the Rams were playing at home this week...even funnier, CBS Los Angeles (Channel 2 and sister KCAL 9) was provided another doubleheader (Chargers-Jags on 2, Texans-Rams on 9), even though this is Fox's doubleheader week (Cowboys-Falcons is airing opposite on Fox 11).