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  1. I'd buy that red/white striped jersey right now.
  2. I agree about the mismatched reds. Also, I agree about the slants on the flag/wordmark logo not being matched. I also think you should decide if you're going to have the brand be navy and bright red, or royal and that more muted red, or some other combination. You've currently got six colors between reds, blues, and the white. I'd also add a "Los Angeles" wordmark, and change the wordmark on the primary to read "LA Clippers." This is also kind of nitpicky, but I noticed that all the letters on the wordmark don't connect, specifically the two P's, the P-E, and the R-S. If there's a way to make them all connect, then you're golden. All of that said, you've got the skeleton of a great rebrand here. The boat looks great in that logo, and the LAC outline is perfect. The flags/basketball logo is also perfect, and would go great on the shorts in the same place where the current Atlanta Hawks have their winged basketball logo. If you massage this identity, you can make it brilliant.
  3. You're talking about a Division 2 school that probably can't afford new uniforms every year...
  4. That'd be an interesting one. They did have football until 2008, and the school has undergone a rebrand since then.
  5. GCU basketball would probably be the 4th- or 5th-best team in the WCC right now.
  6. According to sources, Savannah State will drop to D2 in Fall 2019.
  7. Exactly. Look at the membership now: CSUB - a recently-transitioned from D2 Chicago State - terrible budget and possibly could close entirely Grand Canyon - for profit university transitioning from D2 UMKC - also-ran in most things NMSU - basketball and little else Seattle - came from the Great West and has been D1 for less than a decade UTRGV - an also-ran UVU - a recent JUCO that moved up and now Cal Baptist from D2. Half of the membership is recent D2 callups. The rest is rejects. I doubt anybody is happy in the WAC. I do feel for Hawaii, as their distance makes them struggle to maintain a D1 program.
  8. Then in that case, a joint bid with CSUB would be great. CSUB's basketball is probably good enough to sneak an at-large bid every now and then. Hawaii in the Big West is just odd, but where would you put them? The WAC? I think it'd be cool if the Big West were a California public university-based conference, since there are so many.
  9. I knew about the expiration date, but I didn't know about the conference-specificity of the referendum. I wonder if they tried to do a general D-1 referendum if it would pass.
  10. It's clear the Big West doesn't want them. Why don't they try to join the WAC? It might not be the best fit overall, but they still would have two other local partners in CSUB and California Baptist.
  11. Here are my thoughts on CSUB: As far as number font, why not use Handel Gothic? This font looks similar to the wordmark. (Unless you can find the exact one, then why not go with that?) The "road" stripes, I could take 'em or leave 'em. I feel like they're a bit too literal, but that's not the worst thing in the world. The striping pattern is unique enough and they could own it. The rest of the set is great. I randomly thought it'd be a neat idea to take the "hair" on the top of the roadrunner logo's head and put those in the front of a blue helmet, so as to appear like the players have those feathers. It looks good in my head, but may look terrible in a visual. Anyway, this whole series has been f***ing awesome!
  12. So who are these people?
  13. Well Marino had all the passing records for a time, so to call Scott the real 13 is a stretch. That said, I think the retirement of the number should be shared, since they both contributed massively to Dolphins lore.
  14. That number font is awesome
  15. The first thing I thought of was this: former Miami Dolphins safety Jake Scott. He wasn't exactly a scrub, though. He was MVP of Super Bowl VII (the undefeated team), a five time Pro Bowler, and is in the Dolphin Honor Roll.