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  1. A work of art for UVM. I've got no criticism. Good job continuing my favorite series on here in a long time, if not ever.
  2. Forgive my lack of education on these people. I didn't know about them. I stand corrected.
  3. I fully acknowledge that I'm in the minority with my opinion. I stand by it nonetheless, as NASCAR's structure seems to be linear (Monster above Xfinity above Trucks), which means that greatness at a lower level is just big fish in small pond.
  4. To me, putting Hornaday in the HOF is like putting a great AAA baseball in that HOF. He did exceedingly well in the Trucks, did decently in Busch, and that's it. He, for whatever reason, couldn't hack it at the top level. That's not "greatness" to me.
  5. I would love the second Daytona race to also be on the road course.
  6. Southern Miss was forced to change its Golden Eagle logo because of Iowa's Hawkeye logo, and they're infinitely less similar than these two. Slam dunk for PayPal.
  7. Bowman looked very good in that car last year. He definitely deserves it. I'd also like to see DiBenedetto and McDowell get shots with major teams as well, as they've shown themselves very well with smaller teams.
  8. So we know that Soundgarden was in the middle of a tour as well as working on new material. I'm wondering if they'll decide to continue the way that Stone Temple Pilots or Alice In Chains did. If so, who would replace Cornell? His voice was phenomenal. and not easy to replace. However, I'll recklessly speculate and throw a name that has vocal talent enough to do it, and that is Russell Allen of Symphony X and Adrenaline Mob. I think he's one of the few that could do it and do it justice.
  9. It's a neat idea. Why not have insets where you can have zoomed-in sections of the map where there are a lot of programs clumped together, like in New England? (That area between Boston and UNH will get filled up when you put UMass Lowell in there, for example.)
  10. Every other song on his new album is better.
  11. I remember hearing that 2 loose lugs would cost a stage winner a win, and DQ them from the all-star race, but I might've misheard.
  12. I'll be honest, I thought the racing was relatively boring. Yeah, there was a lot of passing below the top, but each stage had the leader basically lead the whole way through. Nobody challenged for the lead on the track. The option tire was an interesting idea, but I'm not sure how much excitement it actually added, save for the 2-tire changes that saw Bowyer and another driver fall like a lead balloon. I hated the ruling that Keselowski couldn't put the option tire back on after running for two caution laps only with it, since the laps didn't count.
  13. That Joey Julius isn't a kicker. That's a linebacker that kicks.
  14. Concerning FGCU, I've literally got nothing to say. Good job!