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  1. stumpygremlin

    2018/19 College Hockey

    As a UMass Lowell alum, I definitely follow that team. I'll say that I'm more nervous going into this year for the team's success than I have been in the past few years. They split with RIT and almost lost to Acadia in an exhibition. They haven't had the same quality of goalie since Carter Hutton and then Connor Hellebuyck left. Tyler Wall had a great freshman year, but has fallen off since then.
  2. stumpygremlin

    If You Ruled The World of Sports

    In general, allow for color vs. color matchups. NFL: Outside of blatant head-to-head and spearing (or leading with the helmet), get rid of the unnecessary roughness calls. This is especially true of QB sacks. Case in point, the Breeland Speaks play in the KC/NE game that led to Brady's four-yard TD run. I'm a NE fan, but I was miffed that Speaks let go because he was scared of a flag. Make referee conversations transparent. I'd like to hear their discussions as part of the broadcast. Remove the one-helmet rule Create an NFL-affiliated D-league. Put those games on a streaming platform, with a "game of the week" on the NFL Network Get rid of Thursday night football, except for T'giving. NHL: Simplify the record-keeping in terms of wins and losses. No need for this "overtime loss" business. You win, you win. You lose, you lose. NBA Balance the schedules so that everybody plays each team the same number of times somehow. Get rid of conferences. Have the top teams make the playoffs. I'd even stand to move that number to 12, giving the top four teams a bye round. No on-jersey ads. MLB: Balance the schedules, including interleague. Unify the DH rule, one way or the other. Make the current wild-card rounds into a best-of-three. NCAA football and basketball: Allow the players to profit from their likenesses. Just put that money into an escrow account held until the player graduates. If a player doesn't graduate, then they forfeit that money. Reinstate the NCAA football/basketball video games. Have a 16-team playoff for FBS. All ten conference champions and six at-larges. In basketball, end conference tournaments. The regular season champ gets the auto-bid. NASCAR: Get rid of the playoffs. A simple points system would work. 40-1 points for finishing in positions 1-40. Add a point for pole position. More variety in tracks. More road courses, more short tracks, less 1.5-milers. No track should get two dates, unless they use a different layout (a roval).
  3. stumpygremlin

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Oklahoma City added 2/8)

    This. That said, if you want to use the symbolism, go right ahead. I actually think that if you want to have a faith-based league, then amp up that symbolism. I can comment purely on the art you've presented here, and what you've presented has been very good so far. I've loved looking at this series, especially after the Lynchburg logo. I meant it when I said that that lion logo was pure sex. The cross-based secondary also was very good, and the "L-7" thing was clever.
  4. stumpygremlin

    Seattle Sockeyes Concept (Updated 10/20)

    Honestly, in my opinion, darkening the red kind of made it worse. The red and the green are both very dark shades, and they touch each other. That leaves the only contrast as the lighter green. Again, only in my opinion, I think you'd be better off going back to your original palette, but lightening the teal. Then, you'd have something that'd really pop.
  5. stumpygremlin

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Oklahoma City added 2/8)

    This OKC logo doesn't quite hit the same mark for me. I feel like, for one, the blue would get lost at small size. In fact, I zoomed this page down to 25%, and the blue looked muddied. So, if you're going to go that route, maybe lighten that blue. Also, on the seal logo, the ceremonial pipe kind of gets lost in the shuffle. It just looks like a weird stick that wants to be a gun. How to fix that, I don't know. Maybe make the olive branch thinner?
  6. stumpygremlin

    Seattle Sockeyes Concept (Updated 10/20)

    I think the colors can be helped greatly by lightening the teal. Think of perhaps using the old Florida Marlins' teal or even the teal from the city's flag. Also, is there a reason to have two shades of red in the back section of the fish? Other than that, I like this a lot.
  7. stumpygremlin

    Loyola Marymount Visual Rebrand

    It looks like that maroon sun/lion is a secondary mark.
  8. stumpygremlin

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Oklahoma City added 2/8)

    I want to see uniforms. That said, that logo is pure sex.
  9. stumpygremlin

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Oklahoma City added 2/8)

    Concerning the league logo, I think that it needs work. I think that the text would get lost and muddled in that logo, given its placement and color. It doesn't really stand out that much from the cross/shield thing. I'd also try to work in a football of some sort in this league logo, to make it perfectly clear that you have football in mind here.
  10. stumpygremlin

    Prince Albert Raiders Concept ( UPDATED Oct.11 Feedback Wanted)

    Love this. You should do a wordmark-only logo as well. What font did you use?
  11. stumpygremlin

    College Hockey Uniforms 2018-19

    I just learned something!
  12. stumpygremlin

    College Hockey Uniforms 2018-19

    That's Southern Indiana, where Bruce Pearl used to coach. ?
  13. stumpygremlin

    The 1972 Project: Colorado State Rams

    So random question for CSU. Are you going to do a state pride thing for CU? If so, would it be materially different from CSU?
  14. hahaha you're right. Reading comprehension is key. I read the first blurb at the beginning and didn't see the other blurbs. My bad.
  15. stumpygremlin

    Game Show Network Logo It's coming back to CNBC with new episodes on December 5.