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  1. They're a for-profit Christian university located in Phoenix. They are transitioning from D-II into the WAC, and will be postseason-eligible next year. Their basketball team is coached by Dan Majerle, who replaced former Arizona interim HC Russ Pennell when the school began their D-I transition.
  2. For the record, that band is called Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum, and the album is called "Pierasiakajučy Swiatlieńnie J Zmrok Dziewiaci Miraŭ Spustašęnnia Čatyroch Wymiaręńniaŭ Času J Prastoru, Spiralliu Skroź Niewiadomuju Biaskoncasć Daliokaha Kosmasu Prazrystaje Sonca Wosieni Zachodzić U Zienit Astraĺnaj Prajekcyi Kručęńnia Transcęndęntaĺnych Staŭpoŭ Swojeasabliwaści Płoskaści Analizu Niepachisnaści Iściny‘ and ‘Pašyrajučy Spiektr Suzirańnia Ękstrapaliarnaha Kantynuumu Praz Sakraĺnaje Admaŭlieńnie Tliennaje Ręčaisnaści Naciažęńnie Ęnierhietyčnych Niciej Pranizliwych Prastor Wakuumu Adukawanaha Zastoju, Skroź Pryzmu Časoŭ Dęmatęryalizuje Katęharyčny Impieratyŭ Jak Iliuzornaje Stwaręńnie Bačnasci Ruchu Pa Spirali Žyccia’" As for the original concept art here, it's not bad. I'd look at that and expect either a doom metal band or a depressive black metal band like Xasthur, Leviathan, or Deep-Pression or some :censored:. It does what you want. Your goal should be to create a logo to be on's "Unreadable Band Logo of the Week" contest!
  3. DAMN son! That's awesome! If I had to make one change, I'd put "GCU" on the white jersey instead of "CANYON," but other than that, this is one of the best ones yet.
  4. My one thing on Chicago State is... on the fronts, bump everything more towards the top. It looks too low. Other than that, I got nothing!
  5. I agree. I definitely got a Harley Quinn vibe here. It's very well-done art, so I can't fault her there. I just think that "girl clown" is Harley, and any other character that goes down that road will be compared to her.
  6. I have loved every concept, but Portland has a couple of issues that I think need fixing. The numeral font, if you're going to have it be inspired by the wordmark, should probably be in Impact or some other similar font. What you have now looks nothing like the wordmark. The wave stripes feel off. They don't fit together as cleanly as they should. The placement of the waves need to be more cohesive, as it feels like the waves diverge from each other the longer the stripes go on. That said, the ideas are great here, if the execution needs work. Clean it up, and this will be on the level of your other amazing works.
  7. I want more cars on the track with "out there" designs like this! I like this car! Just no Carrot Top
  8. I like this one...
  9. I'd have put in Illinois State over Vandy, but that's me. Other than that, there really weren't any, I agree.
  10. I don't follow this stuff closely enough. Kyle claimed that "that's how he races." Is this a common thing with Logano? Also, if NASCAR were to determine that Logano dumped Busch intentionally (I don't think he necessarily did), could NASCAR put Busch in 3rd, which was where he was when spun?
  11. The only two states where the flagship state institutions (UVM and UAF) don't have football. In fact, neither Alaskan school has football. In Vermont, there are only 3 Division III football schools, one of which (Castleton) is public. (Middlebury and Norwich are private.) I love the idea of UVM and UAA/UAF.
  12. That said, I honestly thought I'd hate the stage racing before the season started. Now, count me as a fan. I'd make one change, and that is to not count the yellow-flag laps in between stages, or any yellow-flag laps, for that matter.
  13. FWIW, I happen to like road course racing, and am a huge proponent of more variety in the style of tracks that the drivers have to race. I also don't like the idea of any one track getting more than one race, unless they use different layouts--as in Daytona's road course for one and the oval for another. I happen to like NASCAR racing versus, say, the WeatherTech series for a couple of reasons. 1) The fact that there is only one class of car on the track at the same time makes the race easy to follow Along those lines, the liveries with the large numbers make it easy to identify cars on the track. Also, the cars on the track are much more similar in ability to each other than, say, an LMP and a GT3 in the WeatherTech series. 2) NASCAR's TV product is still better than any other series, despite D. Waltrip's best efforts to "Larry The Cable Guy" the proceedings. I just happen to want to improve it, and by increasing the variety of tracks, you can increase the pool of talent. You can bring in more international talent, such as Max Papis or Jacques Villeneuve or guys like that. That might get more foreign eyes into the series, which would make up for the declining viewership in the States.
  14. I would fully expect random props to be thrown out by the driver of this car mid-race
  15. Is the left side of that car going to be white with Lenox logos?