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  1. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    For whom? I couldn't find any info on which team(s) she would race with.
  2. Massachusetts Pirates - National Arena League

    I'm normally against putting text on helmets, but that P-sword is damn good. They should've developed a wordmark using that P-sword. The pirate head, while good on its own, I think should be scrapped because the P-sword is that good.
  3. 2017 college football postseason: lower divisions

    It’s a shame that A&T isn’t competing in the playoffs. I wonder how they’d do.
  4. strange NY Jets cap from 1974

    That might be a logo that they could bring back in some capacity. It's a sweet logo.
  5. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    I just kind of tuned out when Truex took the lead until Harvick made the pass. This season has been kinda boring with Truex being so dominant. In my ideal world, I'd love for there to be about 24 different winners (this year, has had 14) and about 37 drivers with a top 10 (this year has had 33). That way, you can go into a race and feel like at least 35 of the 40 cars have a real legitimate shot of winning each week. I don't like going into a race knowing that, say, McDowell, Whitt, DiBenedetto, Buescher, Allmendinger, Almirola, Ragan, Cassill, Gaulding, LaJoie, Cope, Sorenson, J. Earnhardt, Long (when he runs), Hill (when he runs), Gase (when he runs), McLeod (when he runs), and T. Dillon have no real shot of winning a given race. That's 18 drivers that could compete in a given race that have no shot. Call me crazy, but I'd love to know that any car on the track has a real shot at winning.
  6. Psychic Spies Band Logo

    The logo is a good one. That said, not knowing what they sound like, I can't comment on how good the logo actually is in its proper context. Do you have a link so that we can check 'em out?
  7. New Flying VT, but not for Athletic Dept.

    I get that, but a school's sports programs are part of the school, and in almost all cases funded by the school. Not to mention that to most people, in most cases, the athletic identity is the most visible and recognized brand of a school. I'm not saying that, for example, UMass Lowell has to put the River Hawk on everything. But, they could put the wordmark on things, and possibly incorporate the academic UMass Lowell into the athletic gear (as a hip logo or something). FIU does this by putting the "FIU" text that they use for athletics on everything, but not necessarily the panther. (Yes I chose those two because I went to them.)
  8. New Flying VT, but not for Athletic Dept.

    Why not just use one VT for the whole shebang? The U. of Miami uses the U for everything...
  9. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    I'm guessing, and this is only a guess, was that Butler purchased catalog Nike uniforms and didn't have custom apparel deals like the other schools. This is an uninformed, uneducated hunch, but the only thing that makes sense to me.
  10. LA Kings Redesign

    I would actually make the stick on the "L" taller so that it reads more like an "L". Right now, it looks like a lowercase i. Another criticism is that I'd make the primary sweater be purple. No need to have two black ones. (I hate that about the Bruins, too.) Other than that, spot on, man. Good :censored: here.
  11. Patriots/Falcons fog game - Camera view

    Agreed. I remember one specific play that I saw that makes that point. It was one of those 3467562374985 Brady passes that he does about 10 yards deep over the middle. I saw the receiver crossing across the screen and said to myself, "he's open." Not a half-second later, Brady hit that guy. That's not something I'd likely notice in the traditional view.
  12. Pardon if the subject is a bit vague, but I'm curious as to everybody's thoughts. I watched the Patriots/Falcons game last Sunday, and due to the fog, the late portion of the game had to be shown via the camera above the field. Once I got used to that view, I rather liked it. I would love to see games broadcast that way all the time. Of course, the shot would have to likely be wider than this to be able to show receivers split out wide, but overall I like this.
  13. Washington State Cougars Logo

    I hadn't noticed this, and now I do and can't unsee it. That should definitely be fixed. That said, this logo is a good big cat logo. I like it a lot. Can it replace WSU's logo? No. I think that's because WSU's logo has been around for so long that any change to it would feel weird unless it's an Arizona Cardinals/Seattle Seahawks-style update. But, for some other team with that name, it's a great logo.
  14. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    I can't say that I like that really light-colored wood as a main component of the court. I'd prefer if they flipped the light- and dark-stained elements.
  15. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    It is a huge accomplishment. However, I'd couch the "driving the most famous car" bit. He's not driving the 43 as it was in Petty's prime. The 43, as it stands now, is hardly the most famous car on today's circuit (see 88, 78, or 48). I'd argue that the most famous car of all time is the STP-branded 43 Dodge that was driven by Petty in his prime. It's not that car that Bubba's driving.