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  1. His role in the awesome movie "Crank" as the tweaker who told Statham's character to use nasal spray for a small ephedrine dose shall not be forgotten. I'm not the biggest fan of their music, but "Hybrid Theory," for what it was, was a damn good record. The rock world is hurting for sure. First Chris Cornell, then Adrenaline Mob bassist David Z, and now this. My heart hurts for all of them.
  2. I have FBN. I don't have FS2.
  3. Well, to that I say that it doesn't matter that much. Look at Austin Peay State University. On the left is a picture of the actual Austin Peay. On the right is their current athletic logo. Mr. Peay clearly wasn't the Monopoly guy, but that didn't matter. An extra propeller blade wouldn't make the biggest difference. I think if you want historical accuracy, use the actual wordmark from the plane (just an extra "s" for "Spirits").
  4. Now that this was mentioned, I agree here. Also, propellers don't come to a point. They have rounded tips (see the picture below). Speaking of this picture, using a three-bladed propeller will help it look more like a propeller as opposed to a golden snitch.
  5. All I see is "The image you are requesting does not exist or is no longer available."
  6. Also the name of that conference is bad. It makes it sound like a competitor to the NCAA as a whole--a la the NAIA or USCAA.
  7. Also, not gonna lie, it was nice to have a race without the cartoon character named Darrell Waltrip in the booth.
  8. It wasn't a bad race. I definitely noticed that the leader at a given time, for the most part, would run away and hide. The only time that didn't happen was at the end, with Larson gaining on Hamlin at the end. I genuinely thought that Larson was going to win that race. Good on Hamlin for holding him off, and good on Kenseth for holding Larson off long enough to allow Hamlin to build a large enough buffer. Another lap or two and Larson would've caught him.
  9. That'd be interesting, and I think Bowman would slide into the 88 as he did last year.
  10. For the record, here are the teams in the conference: Alfred State College Pioneers SUNY Canton Kangaroos Finlandia Lions Mills Cyclones Pine Manor Gators Maine-Presque Isle Owls Valley Forge Patriots
  11. Or Impact.
  12. I knew about the red flag bit. Thanks for clarifying the competition caution for me.
  13. Also I'm watching the NH race right now. Why is there a competition caution on lap 38?
  14. These are old Penske Dodges that were sold to a couple of small teams like MBM Motorsports and Mike Harmon. They have no factory support, and their presence has no impact on the company's plans to reenter the sport.
  15. I agree with you here. I'm of the opinion that if guys like McDowell, DiBenedetto, Buescher, Allmendinger, or Ragan had that ride, they'd do better than Menard has.