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  1. stumpygremlin

    Hockey East refresh

    1) I like colored shoulders, so I'd go with that. 2) Why not use UNH's font for the numbers?
  2. stumpygremlin

    Hockey East refresh

    ::patiently waits for UML:: That said, the Merrimack one has a couple of issues for me. For one, the native imagery has been absent from Merrimack's branding for many years. Also, swiping a Florida State spear logo wouldn't work well here. Also, the yellow numbers with the white drop shadow makes the numbers much harder to read. I like the style of the uniform itself, and can't wait to see what you do with the rest.
  3. stumpygremlin

    Color on Color Matchups in Football

    This, though I don't see why baseball is exempted. I think the home team get first choice.
  4. stumpygremlin

    Alliance of American Football - Team Names and Logos

    I feel like that could open the AAF to a liability. The VICIS has the best performance, according to the NFL. That means that unless the league lets players wear the VICIS without branding, they would prohibit their players from potentially getting the best protection.
  5. stumpygremlin

    Color on Color Matchups in Football

    See, I'm the opposite of Ferdinand. I prefer color vs. color, unless the teams have no contrasting jerseys.
  6. stumpygremlin

    Major League Football

    They have literally $525 in cash in the bank, and over $3 million in current liabilities.
  7. stumpygremlin

    Old Beaver Logo Update

    I'll be honest, I like the original logo better. The addition of the back foot makes the legs look crossed and make the beaver look like he's going to fall over himself. As far as the tail pattern, could go either way.
  8. stumpygremlin

    Miami Marlins Rebrand - Logos

    I'm in love with both of these color options!
  9. stumpygremlin

    Miami Marlins Rebrand - Logos

    Your marlin is gorgeous. My criticisms: 1) I'd change the orange to the new red, or even a pink. 2) You have an awesome "M" in your marlin/M logo. Why not develop the "MIAMI" and the "MARLINS" wordmark from that "M"? 3) The logo with the bats is unnecessary. Very nice, but unnecessary. I want to see uniforms! You've got an absolutely amazing start here.
  10. stumpygremlin

    Same Surname, Same Number, Different Sport

    Thread over. You win.
  11. stumpygremlin

    Old Beaver Logo Update

    You work for the athletic department, you say? Submit it to your AD. It's a tremendous improvement over what your school currently uses.
  12. stumpygremlin

    NFL REDESIGN (Patriots 12/3)

    The logo and wordmark are awesome. I wonder what the jerseys would look like with the numbers using the same font as the wordmark.
  13. stumpygremlin

    Introducing: Grace Football League (Edmond added! 5/8)

    I don't know about anyone else, but I feel like this thread is diminishing returns. That lion logo was fantastic. Then, the OKC logo, while very good, wasn't quite up to the same level. Then, the rest of the logos have been pretty basic "meh" logos. They're not bad logos by any stretch, but nowhere near the pro-level quality of the lion, in my opinion.
  14. stumpygremlin

    New Logo for Regal Cinema

    I agree with Kaz in that it looks like a tool maker, especially with Black & Decker owning the color orange in that world. I think they tried to get too cute in going for a crown, and it got lost. It looks more like a socket wrench bit. Even the wide font screams tools. And @willmorris, I'm sure with a new branding will come a new opener. Sucks. I like that roller coaster.
  15. stumpygremlin

    NFL REDESIGN (Patriots 12/3)

    I was thinking that, too. That said, it's so abstract that it works wonderfully. I love the logo.