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  1. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Right, similar to how Cingular and Alltel were grandfathered in when Sprint took over title sponsorship. Apparently, there was a big controversy when Cingular merged with AT&T, as NASCAR didn't want RCR to put AT&T logos on Robby Gordon's car. They settled.
  2. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Didn't 5-Hour Energy have to stay with FRR if they wanted to stay in the sport at all, by rule? I remember reading that since the sport's title sponsor is a competitor.
  3. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    I like 'em, except for the mismatched numbers.
  4. NCAA Basketball 2017-18 New Uniforms

    Ya know, that WSU number font is nice, but I wish that they'd use the left-side font for all the numbers. It's weird seeing two different twos, for example. (Same with the Minnesota Vikings.)
  5. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread Also officially confirmed was what was long suspected: no 77 team for 2018.
  6. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread Landon Cassill out of the 34 (Front Row Motorsports) after this year.
  7. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    I'm rooting for chaos. The most chaotic "champion" would be J. McMurray. Especially if he points his way into each successive round and then wins a championship without winning a race.
  8. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    They could go with the old 25 that Craven or Vickers used to drive. Or, if you REALLY wanted to start fresh, get rid of the 5 as well and renumber everything but the 48. Have, say, 9 for Elliott, 48 for Johnson, an unused number for Bowman, and another unused number for Byron.
  9. VA Tech's new academic logo.

    Why not carry this over into athletics? Hell, fellow ACC school U. of Miami uses the U on everything. The wordmark font is good and unique enough that it could work as well.
  10. NHL Soccer Crossover

    1) I have no complaints about these. I like them much better than I thought I would. I'd buy a sponsorless version of that Bruins shirt immediately. 2) The Columbus concept is EXACTLY what the US Men's National team should be using for their jerseys. Full stop. 3) Minor nitpick, but TD Banknorth hasn't existed for nine years. They merged with NJ-based Commerce Bank and changed their name to just TD Bank.
  11. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    So Kahne has a ride for 2018. He'll go to Leavine Family and the 95, meaning McDowell will be a free agent. Wonder where McDowell will end up. He won for RCR in the Xfinity last year at a road course, and the 27 is free.
  12. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Exactly. What happens if Jamie McMurray does just enough each round to advance, and then gets lucky in Homestead and wins it all? You'd have the (I think) 9th-best car winning the championship.
  13. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Oh, I root for chaos like that all the time. I was hoping that Sam Hornish would complete the Xfinity year after he won his road race, as he likely would've gotten enough points to get into the top 30 and qualify for those playoffs. I was also rooting for Billy Johnson to win in the 43 at the road course there so that Petty would have to consider keeping him and making the playoffs with him.
  14. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    That's the problem with the "playoff" scenario. He's clearly been the best car all season long. However, if he should blow a tire or get caught in a wreck or just plain have a bad day in the Homestead race, he won't win the Cup. I get that the sport wants to manufacture excitement in the last race, but it comes at the expense of cheapening the championship. I mean think of it this way. Look what happened to Truex at Richmond. He was leading by 3 seconds until Derrike Cope crashed. That brought the field back together for a restart, then it ended up with Truex being wrecked by simple racing contact with Hamlin. Now, take that same set of circumstances and move it to Homestead. Would it be fair to take the championship away from Truex because of a restart caused by a guy 16 laps down wrecking?