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  1. So The Jacksonville Jaguars Have An Indoor Football Team?

    That horse is from, a division II school in Dobbs Ferry, NY.
  2. Worst injuries you ever saw This guy attempted a motorcycle jump at a Monster Jam event in 1997 at the Orange Bowl. He missed the net he was supposed to catch and fell to his death. 10-year-old me was there in person for this.
  3. Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    Didn't UCSD already try to pass an initiative like this, and it got declined?
  4. NCAA Division II Logo Database

    They don't. Only the Northeast-10 sponsors it at that level, with only Stonehill, St. Anselm, SNHU, Assumption, St. Michael's, and Franklin Pierce sponsoring it at this level. Fellow NE-10 members Bentley and AIC (Atlantic Hockey), and Merrimack (Hockey East) sponsor it at the D-1 level. UMass Lowell used to be in the NE-10 and played in Hockey East before they moved all their sports up to Division 1. The teams play each other, in addition to a mix of D-3 and club teams. If I'm not mistaken, there's also no D-2 men's volleyball.
  5. Retro Style Uniforms next?

    I love the stripes being extended onto the undershirt. I think the undershirt can be a way of solving the problem of truncating sleeve stripes inasmuch as jerseys can put the stripes on the undershirts rather than on the jersey themselves. Thus, you create the illusion of a fully-sleeved jersey.
  6. Biggest use of Comic Sans?

    and noted racist Varg Vikernes
  7. What's up with the matte trend?

    FWIW, it's being resurrected. They're going to do a reality show to audition a new set of MythBusters before they resurrect the series. (Total cash grab, IMO, but still worth mentioning.)
  8. "Circle K" Refresh

    I thought Kodak, too, or even RadioShack.
  9. Velocipedia

    I don't get it. What's wrong with this bike?
  10. ORIGINAL (not copied) High School logos

    Ribbed for her pleasure
  11. Northern Michigan University is preparing to unveil new logos in April.

    I could tell right away that it was a Rickabaugh cat. That's not a good thing. Their cats all look the same. See Northwest Missouri State, Abilene Christian, Western Carolina, and now NMU. (And I'm sure there are more I'm not thinking of.)
  12. Frozen Four Poster

    Two things about the poster itself. First of all, the background should be a hockey rink or a picture of the arena. Something other than the logo, because it gets lost in this configuration. Have the Frozen Four logo on the upper center or something. Second, I'd put Thatcher Demko, the goalie for BC, as the player to use for them. He's a second-round pick in the draft, and widely seen as one of the top 3 or 4 goalies in the NCAA. He's the true star of the team, to my knowledge. On another note, as a UMass Lowell alumnus, they picked the worst possible time to lay a stinker, in the second round against Quinnipiac...
  13. New Rochester Rhinos logo?

    Are there even any colleges with this mascot? I can't think of any offhand? Certainly not in Division I...
  14. "Must Own Jerseys"

    Mine is the 2013 USA soccer jersey with the red/white stripes. I've been trying to find it... If someone would help me...?
  15. Anthony Davis

    Let's get two things out of the way. 1) I like the idea ofsleeved jerseys, if they're done right. I know I'm in the VAST minority. That said... 2) They have sleeved jerseys, but a rule disallowing undershirts? How does that make any sense?