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  1. stumpygremlin

    Grace College Lancers - New Logo

    From what they had, it's a huge improvement. Good on them. FWIW, the full name of the school is Grace College & Seminary. They're located in Winona Lake, Indiana, and they're part of the NAIA Crossroads League.
  2. stumpygremlin

    Crossover Series - NBA Hockey

    This Pelicans logo is better than the one with the basketball!
  3. stumpygremlin

    Trying a MLB Hockey Uniform Series

    Apples and oranges. You're showing a sponsorship logo and comparing that to the main crest of a hockey sweater.
  4. stumpygremlin

    NFL Redesign (2/32 Atlanta Falcons 1.0)

    I like the second version a lot. Something that's throwing me off about the logo is the sharp 90-degree angle at the bottom left of the logo. That could be rounded off some, as it feels like none of the rest of the logo's lines are quite that sharp. Other than that, I love the logo.
  5. stumpygremlin

    Winnipeg Blues (MJHL) rebrand concept

    Here's one where I have to say that this idea sounded better on paper than it could ever have been executed. What you could do is to take a single 32nd-note (that has three flags), with the note head on top facing to the right. The flags would then come from the bottom and face left. Those flags could somehow be converted to a "W".
  6. stumpygremlin

    MLB: Tampa Bay Rays Redesign // Solar Powered

    Going off of update v2, here are my thoughts: You've got a bangin' idea here. I like it better than what they actually use. That said, I'd change a couple of things: 1) I'd match the number font to the wordmark font. Personal preference, but I like to have some congruency between the two. 2) Instead of the medium blue alternate, why not a yellow one? No need for three blues.
  7. stumpygremlin

    Canadian Elite Basketball League

    I can’t place it, but I feel like I’ve seen that lion in the Niagara logo.
  8. Gronk's face in this picture... he's clearly...shall we say...interested
  9. stumpygremlin

    ECHL Newfoundland Growlers Unveil Name, Logo, Colours

    I like the logo, but I agree that it needs some pupils, and why does it have that little tiny wisp of white by the nose?
  10. stumpygremlin

    Stetson University Unveils New Athletic Logo

    I think it's recognizable as an "S" and a "hat" because you know that that's what's supposed to be there. Think of it like when you read what "Stairway To Heaven" is supposed to say when you listen to it backwards. You don't hear it at first, but when you read the lyrics and listen after having read it, you hear it more easily because you're expecting to hear that. I think that they should've worked off of the logo from two logos ago and updated that. The previous logo was too "Phoenix Design Works" over-detailed, and this one is trying way too hard to be clever and misses the mark.
  11. stumpygremlin

    College Hockey Redesign

    Well let me say that I like what you did, for the most part here. I'm partial to using Impact as the number font, so I'd have done that. I'd also put the hawk head on the shoulders of all the uniforms. Other than that, you're golden here!
  12. stumpygremlin

    College Hockey Redesign

    Honestly, you've got some good uniforms here. Some things I'd do: Add the Colonial's head to the shoulders of the main RMU jerseys. For Canisius, the uniform with the chest stripe seems unnecessary, as it's otherwise not overall much different than the main jerseys. Other than that, I've got nothing. Looking forward to what you do with my UML River Hawks!
  13. stumpygremlin

    Elephant Logo-Need Feedback

    First off, that new logo is MILES better than the old one. If it were me, I'd not turn the tusks inward quite so much, but other than that, huge improvement.
  14. He had more than enough to eat at home...