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  1. I have two things I'd fix on this: 1) The helmet logo should be the "LB". I'm normally not a fan of text on helmets, but interlocking letters work (they did for UCSB as well as now LBSU). 2) The white uniform should have black numbers only with no outline, so as to be consistent with the rest of the set. The rest: another stone cold stunner.
  2. That's exactly what I thought. Papa Emeritus and Skeletor. I'd wear the :censored: out of that shirt, but I'd like it if it were just a frontal design, so I could wear it all year long.
  3. They play in the non-scholarship Pioneer Football League, with U. of San Diego, Marist, Davidson, Butler, Valparaiso, Dayton, Drake, Morehead State, Stetson, and Campbell (departing for the Big South after 2017).
  4. Butler does have football. Not saying he would or wouldn't do them, but they do have a team in the non-scholarship FCS Pioneer Football League.
  5. Jacksonville won't do it. That's a big reason why Kerwin Bell isn't the coach there anymore. He claims they told him they'd start to offer scholarships and reneged on that.
  6. Dude! UML! These are awesome! My one complaint about these is not on you, but it's one I've had with the school itself since the all-sports move to D1, and that is the use of the Under Armour catalog font for the numbers rather than Impact (the font from their logo). Those helmets are not what I expected at all, and I love 'em!
  7. This has been my favorite series so far. The USF one, however, could use work. You've created a great fauxback. However, I think with an abstract logo like they have, something out-of-the-box modern would work wonderfully. That U in the USF logo could even work as a helmet wing, with it emanating from the front of the helmet. I'm DAMN EXCITED to see my River Hawks up next!
  8. Be that as it may, would that team have given him any more of an opportunity to consistently win than BK? Yeah, they're a tier above that, but they're not going to compete week-in and week-out for wins. He's probably better off sticking with Hendrick in a development/test driver capacity and, if something should happen to Earnhardt or if they buy Kahne out, he can step in. Trust me, I'm rooting for the guy. I liked seeing him do so well knowing that he'd languished with BK. I also wish there wasn't such a gulf between the likes of Hendrick/JGR/Penske and BK/TMG/Leavine/Go FAS.
  9. hettinger_rl

    That's a perfect general "gophers" concept, and any team with that nickname would be lucky to use that logo.
  10. They're that desperate to be UMass Amherst? As an independent, that's essentially what they'll likely end up being.
  11. Alex Bowman has been down the road of the poorly-funded team. He spent a couple years at BK Racing. I doubt he'd want to drive for another small-time team and languish in the back of the field the way he did for BK.
  12. Unpopular opinion: I like Trajan for KU.
  13. I like the font itself. My question is a general one though: why do MLS and the EPL have the same font across all teams, instead of unique fonts for each one?
  14. Not a logo but a theme. I present FIU's "beach" court.
  15. For GWU's blue helmet, I'd treat the text the way it is in this picture. The way you have it, it looks like a light blob. Other than that, you're 100% on point here! LOVE 'EM! This has been my favorite series to follow for quite some time!