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  1. Much better, dude. The lack of the white strokes make it easier to reproduce at small sizes. Those white strokes would've been lost at small sizes, like on a polo shirt or baseball cap, for example.
  2. I like this Purdue logo a lot. You don't need the white strokes inside the dude's face, but other than that, you're golden. You could probably get away without the white strokes in the hat. Either way, love it.
  3. That African-American is replacing a Cuban.
  4. That being a really small-time team, probably the smallest-time team in the circuit, it somehow doesn't surprise me.
  5. Larson's car was good almost all day. Good on him. I've got a couple of questions. 1) Anyone know what's up with Gray Gaulding? He was replaced by Ryan Sieg today, and will be replaced by Alon Day next week at Sonoma. (Fun fact, Alon Day will be the first Nascar Whelen Euro Series driver to race in the Monster Energy Cup Series.) 2) Speaking of Euro, does anyone know how I can stream the Euro, Canadian, and Mexican series online? Those series are much more road-course heavy, which interests me.
  6. I'd have never figured out that that's what that was if you hadn't said anything. The idea is clever but the execution is awful.
  7. I just learned something
  8. You'd think that NASCAR would test that at the tracks. Maybe they'll start to do that now?
  9. I legit misremembered Butch Davis, who's coaching FIU this year. I thought he'd won one national title, but he didn't. UM only won one title in the late 90s/early 00s, and that was with Larry Coker as coach.
  10. I didn't realize that Ross Chastain put together Premium Motorsports's best non-restictor plate finish ever. Good for him, and good for them. I wonder if he'll get more shots at the top level. (If you haven't noticed, I root for the low-funding teams to do well.)
  11. These logos are damn good. The one thing that concerns me is the hook nose on Duke's logo. I'd be sure to tone that down to avoid the potential racial connotation. That's, unfortunately, the first thing I saw. I'll emphasize that I know that you didn't mean it, but that I'd fix it. I also noticed the downward-looking eyes on Sparky. I'd love to see what you do with my UMass Lowell River Hawks, if you're taking requests!
  12. OK Thanks. I separated them because my question wasn't a 2017 question, per se, but more of a general one. My bad for committing a faux pas.
  13. Good for him. I'd like to see him do well. I think he's either close to being, or already is, ready to compete at the top flight. I'll root for him.
  14. That makes some sense. I get that Kurt Busch did decently well for his 3/4 of a year at Phoenix, but had a lot of DNF's. He then helped Furniture Row become relevant, probably setting the stage for Martin Truex's dominance with that team. The ultimate question I have isn't whether Kurt Busch is a good driver. We know he is. It's whether Michael McDowell or Matt DiBenedetto or Cole Whitt or others like them are good drivers. Alex Bowman was non-competitive for BK Racing, but then ran top tens for Hendrick and almost won a race for them. Would that sort of thing happen for those other guys?
  15. I'm trying to compare across organizations, though. I've got a gut feeling that Chad Knaus running the 32 or the 33 team wouldn't result in them being that much better, and that's because of the lack of funds. So again I posit, would a guy like Michael McDowell or Matt DiBenedetto be at or near Johnson's level if they were driving the 48?