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  1. This x 1141352954127594120734175460127456012746120746749802473012754
  2. HAHAHAHAHA not going to disagree with you there!
  3. Yes. The song actually went platinum in the USA thanks to downloads that were inspired by that car commercial. The song hit the top five on the alternative charts in the USA, and had a cup of coffee in the top 40 on pop radio as well. Fun fact: Buzzy Cohen, a champion on Jeopardy!, works for the company that brokered the deal between Honda and EOTS to get that song in the commercial.
  4. First off, good for you! That's pretty damn cool! As far as cheerleading or marching band competitions, I agree that they aren't sports in the same way that gymnastics and figure skating aren't sports. They're highly athletic endeavors. I'm not denying that. I couldn't do any of those. That said, they have no quantitative and objective scoring system. They're rated by judges in a subjective fashion. That's why they're not "sports", per se, in my book.
  5. I see it as anything that involves physical exertion, competition between individuals or teams, and features a quantitative and objective scoring system (i.e. points, goals, time, pins, runs, etc.). So this includes things like track and field, bowling, golf, any of the stick-and-ball sports, swimming, wrestling, and even NASCAR (since that's pretty demanding). It wouldn't include things like figure skating, gymnastics, the "extreme sports" (BMX, half-pipe, skateboarding, etc.), diving, synchronized swimming, spelling bee, poker, or things like that. Where I'm torn is on boxing and MMA. On the one hand, knockouts and submissions are objective and definite. However, absent that, it comes down to somewhat subjective judging. I don't know enough about the judging systems to know how objective vs. subjective they actually are.
  6. I like the font. I think that teams should strive to have relatively unique number fonts, or at the very least, something that doesn't come out of a catalog or isn't straight standard block. (Unpopular opinion, I know.)
  7. Seattle is an option (no NHL, NBA - you could update the Sonics) Cleveland (has no NHL) Charlotte (has no NHL, MLB) Toronto (has no NFL) Vancouver (has no NFL, MLB, NBA) Montreal (has no NFL, MLB, NBA) Baltimore (has no NHL, NBA) Memphis (has no NFL, NBA, NHL) Oakland (has no NHL) Pittsburgh (has no NBA)
  8. Dude, you nailed it. 'Nuff said.
  9. That's not a bad idea for them, but there are already other shops that fill that need: everything from Newbury Comics to Hot Topic. Heck, my local mall's FYE was taken over by Newbury Comics.
  10. Could someone enlighten me? I heard somewhere that there was a significance for the Naval Academy and that striping design. What would that be?
  11. I mentioned the USPS before mafiaman did, stating that that was what came to mind in the first 3 seconds of seeing the logo.
  12. Like I said when I posted that, I understand that they're very different. It's just the first impression I got when I saw it.
  13. The Arizona one made me chuckle
  14. Honestly, the read I get is that it's a knock-off of the US Postal Service logo. Don't get me wrong, I know they're very different. That's just the feel I got when I first took a glance at the logo.