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  1. I'd be furious if Western Michigan had such a good year, finishing undefeated, and their reward was a bowl game against a 5-7 North Texas team out of CUSA. UNT's best win is against Army.
  2. I'd like to see what the hood, roof, trunk lid, and rear of the car look like. That said, the side looks nice. If you want to get it on a car, you may have slightly better luck contacting the sponsor, Lowe's. They're likely the ones that design the car, since it's a marketing vehicle for their brand.
  3. I get why the Ivy abstains, because of "academics," but why do the MEAC and SWAC champions abstain? (I don't like it, and I think they should compete in the tournament, just like the other sports.)
  4. I remember reading that the races were limited and that Chase races were verboten for the Sprint Cup guys
  5. They won't starting next year
  6. According to the video, the dot stems from a promotional t-shirt that the school had that Nike made. It said "SAM NOT STAN." They liked the period, and used that, apparently.
  7. If I'm not mistaken, only jerseys sold at the teams' pro shops MIGHT have sponsor patches, at the teams' discretion. Jerseys sold elsewhere won't have them. (Can somebody confirm or deny if I'm remembering that right?)
  8. UMass Lowell just beat Wagner today. So by the transitive property, UMass Lowell is better than UConn.
  9. 1) The font is a huge downgrade. They should've kept that font. 2) You're probably right that. Sister brand Pizza Hut is going with "The Hut" now, for the second time.
  10. According to ESPN, Butch Davis has accepted a deal to coach FIU.
  11. I was rooting for him today. I thought that with him being in second with the first green-white-checkered, that he'd end up winning. I hope, for his sake, that he does get a full time ride. That said, I hope that those teams aren't lower-level teams. He's been there, done that, with BK and Tommy Baldwin. Now that he's shown that he can succeed and get progressively better with top-notch equipment, he deserves a full-time ride with the best stuff. What is the Hendrick situation? I know they've got Johnson, Elliott, and Jr. if he is able to continue. What about Kahne? Also, if Jr. can't continue due to the concussions, do you think Bowman would take over the ride permanently? What about other top-notch teams, like Roush, JGR, Stewart-Haas, Chip-Ganassi, RCR?
  12. Speaking of Cal State, here's the CSU San Bernardino Coyotes
  13. Thank you for that explanation. I'm wondering if there's something that can be done to level the playing field for the smaller teams, be it limiting the off track testing technology or some type of revenue sharing or what not. There's nothing really analogous to Butler and VCU going to the Final Four or the Rays winning the AL East in NASCAR.
  14. So call me naive, but I enjoy NASCAR on a casual basis. I have one question that you die-hard fans can answer: I get that your Hendrick teams and Gibbs teams and Penske teams have better equipment than, say, BK Racing or Go FAS, and that funding has a lot to do with it. My question is, what, specifically, allows the large teams to dominate? I don't know, for example, how much better a guy like Ryan Newman would do versus a guy like Matt DiBenedetto in the same equipment.
  15. For the Armed Forces Classic, while these are pandering uniforms, they look fine. I abhor, though, the "COURAGE," "HONOR," and other platitudes instead of the name-on-back that these military uniforms tend to have.