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  1. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread At 34, Shane Sieg, older brother of Ryan Sieg, and owner of three top tens in the Truck series, has passed away. He was suspended indefinitely in 2011 for violating the substance abuse policy. Let's hope the two aren't related.
  2. Winston-Salem State Univ. NEW LOGOS

    It's a Division II HBCU. It had a cup of coffee in the MEAC in 2008-2010. Basketball HOF Earl Monroe went there.
  3. Winston-Salem State Univ. NEW LOGOS

    Unpopular opinion: I like the old ram better. I feel like this is just another generic ram logo. Nothing unique or special about it. The wordmark font is also repeated many times in collegiate circles: Jacksonville State, UMass Lowell, Bridgewater State, Rhode Island College (D3), and it moves up to the Portland Trailblazers.
  4. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Speaking of the sweep, Matt Kenseth won State 2 of the Cup race. Other than that, Kyle Busch won every other stage of the weekend.
  5. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    The team is seemingly progressing this year with him. It might continue to do so.
  6. Griffins Contest Entry

    This. I'd have the "G" loop through the hole of the "R", if that makes sense.
  7. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Stupid question. With the win today at Mid-Ohio, Sam Hornish is now 37th in Xfinity points. Could he, if he were to find a way to run the rest of the year and get into the top 30, get into the playoffs?
  8. Pink Uniforms

    Ya know, I didn't think I'd like hot pink on a uniform, but I do, as long as it's paired with a really dark color--black or navy or a forest green, and that the pink is a hot pink and not a pale one.
  9. Lil' Vikings NFL Youth Logo Concept

    This is fantastic. Why not try a little boy to go with the girl? Otherwise, you could use this logo for a women's team of some sort. It's that good.
  10. ESPN 8 The Ocho Becomes a reality for one day

    I forgot that this was happening. That said, I'd watch this channel a lot more if it were regular. I always like seeing different things.
  11. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Can I float something interesting? I wouldn't be surprised if RCR makes some kind of deal with Circle Sport to swap the 27 for the 33. Ty runs the 3 in the Xfinity series. I think there would be some kind of symmetry to have RCR have Austin in the 3, and Ty in the 33. Just a thought I just had.
  12. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    The only officially open cars are the 5, 27 (since Menard is going to the 21), and the 77 (with Jones going to the 20), as far as I know. SHR hasn't announced anything, to my knowledge, of not continuing with Patrick of Busch, nor has Germain said anything about Ty Dillon.
  13. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    Good point. He is the son of the VP of SHR (and CEO of the Haas F1 team). Again though, that brings the same issue. Does Gene Haas want to keep putting his logo on a cup car, which is basically tantamount to running it unsponsored.
  14. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    I have a feeling that unless a driver come in packaged with full sponsorship already, then they will shrink. Remember that the 41 spends about half the season with the Haas logo on it already. Who that would be, I don't know.
  15. 2017 NASCAR Season Thread

    I had a feeling that BK was not a good organization, but the article makes it look like a total dumpster fire. It's a shame that Whitt, Cassill, and now Gaulding have had issues. Also, notice that DiBenedetto is out of there and making a home at GO FAS. That said, this article also shows a major problem in that the competitors have to find sponsor money, and that can be really hard to come by if you don't have success. After seeing this, and knowing ratings are down and attendance is down, I'm not surprised that NASCAR is having trouble filling out 40-car fields (and even 30-car truck fields) and had to go to charter models. I wouldn't be surprised to eventually see the fields shrink to about 20-25 cars each week in a few years.