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  1. Here's a different idea. Do concepts for non-football schools. I'd love to see what you come up with, as all these helmets are awesome!
  2. I wonder why Boise missed the cut. They'd be competitive in football and basketball.
  3. I'm confused about your proposal... I will piggyback about the road course and say what I've said before: NASCAR doesn't need to visit the same track twice in a year, unless it's different layouts (as in using the road course versions of Daytona or Indianapolis). They could add road courses easily that they don't go to. The Xfinity Series uses Mid-Ohio and Road America. NASCAR also happens to own Panoz Motorsports Group, through which they own two tracks Road Atlanta and Sebring Int'l Raceway.
  4. That looks like the back of the chair
  5. I grew up in Miami, and moved to Massachusetts at age 20. I spent my first two collegiate years at FIU. Having said that, here's one: Mike Lowell - College: FIU - Marlins - Red Sox So who can beat a three-team deal?
  6. He had a couple of different masks while at my alma mater, UMass Lowell. First, from '06, featuring Eddie, Iron Maiden's mascot: Next, his final UML mask: (He wore it when he was an emergency one-day call-up to the Flyers.)
  7. That's true. They also use an Under Armour catalog font and template, though. (And unfortunately, the school has phased in that font for all its sports.)
  8. That's not a good idea if you want to preserve the Chase and incentivize winning. Right now, only Keselowski and Ky. Busch have 3+ wins. If you implement this, you'll essentially make it damn near impossible to guarantee spots into the Chase via wins. You'll see more cautious points racing, as it'd actually be easier to get in that way. The only thing you'd really achieve by doing that is eliminating Chris Buescher from it, and he may not even get in anyway. Even so, he's been the only full-time guy that's won a race and had trouble being in the top 30 anyway, so you'd be overreacting to one case. Let's face it, Front Row Motorsports is a small-time team anyway, so even if they get in, they'll promptly be eliminated the way 16-seed Hampton was when they lost to 1-seed UVA in the first round of the NCAA Tournament. My ideas for more excitement: - No Chase. Instead, to incentivize winning, create the points system with a much larger premium on winning than any points system has ever had. - More variety in courses. Road courses, for one, are exciting as hell, and it's cool to see the ringers get in there. (See Alex Tagliani who would probably have won Saturday's Road America race if McDowell didn't punt him, but that's another story for another day.) We don't need to go to the same tracks 2x per year, unless we use different layouts - as in the infield road courses in Daytona and/or Indianapolis.
  9. I agree. These are all very cool, even if the tigers for LSU/Clemson both look surprised. I think the solution would have been to avoid the game all together, though. But hey, I guess that made too much sense for the suits!
  10. They probably should have just avoided FSU/Miss. They would either have to depict an old white guy fighting a native American, or a bear fighting a native American (Ole Miss's new mascot). The former would be rife to be picked apart as offensive. The latter would call to attention the lack of a rebel and cause an uproar. They went with Plan C, which was abstract. All that does is say, "We had to do something for this game, but didn't want to offend."
  11. I can tell you who it isn't, and it makes me sad: my alma mater UMass Lowell
  12. I also think that if he hadn't won the sperm lottery, as it were, by being Earnhardt's kid, he'd have been demoted to a smaller team long ago. He'd be riding Michael McDowell equipment and not Hendrick stuff if he weren't Earnhardt's kid.
  13. Has Jr. been an above-average driver? Yes. He's won races and done well for himself. However, he's not a hall of famer.
  14. Call me crazy, but after watching that race, I wonder something. Why doesn't NASCAR go to more road courses? There are plenty of them in the USA that they could use. Meanwhile, do they really have to go to Daytona, Phoenix, Martinsville, New Hampshire, Talladega, or any other track twice? Why not, instead of having those second races at a track, spread out to more road courses? Use tracks like Road America, Sebring, Laguna Seca, Mid-Ohio, and even the road course versions of Daytona and Indianapolis.
  15. It's close, but not the best. See Amur Khabarovsk. Amur Khabarovsk