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  1. Being from the area, I agree. I don't like the color guy, Remy, for the Sox. Nor do I like the color guy for the Bruins. Maybe it's because these networks feel like they MUST have a guy with an over-the-top New England accent on the broadcast team, I don't know. That said, Dave O'Brien is fantastic. I liked him when I lived in Miami and he did Marlins games, and it continues now.
  2. FIU fired Ron Turner as well. Can we put Les Miles to FIU? (A guy can dream, can't he?) Truthfully, AD Pete Garcia will botch this next hire as well. Watch him dig up the corpse of someone like Ron Zook, Turner Gill, or Ty WIllingham next. He never should've fired Cristobal.
  3. Let's be honest for a second. Was there any doubt that it wouldn't be a good chase for the underfunded Front Row Motorsports Chris Buescher team?
  4. Those yellow jerseys are the exact same fonts as the white Valpo ones. Why are Division I college programs just picking out of a catalog? Can't they work custom designs into their uniforms?
  5. That's pretty cool, actually. It'd be a neat idea for them to do some tours to show off the art. I hope beyond hope that they don't get vandalized...
  6. Good for Bowman. He's been in underfunded teams in Cup. It shows he can compete if he gets in good stuff. He deserves a shot somewhere.
  7. I wonder if NDSU will crack the AP top 25 after today. FCS teams are eligible, and have gotten votes before. I think NDSU has the respect enough to be the first.
  8. And my favorite: the cover for Regurgitate's "Carnivorous Erection"
  9. I don't get it... what's the gem here?
  10. I was looking at the list of things listed. One of them is the "Telephone Trophy," which is a trophy for the game that used to happen between Missouri and Iowa State. Per Wikipedia: "Before the 1959 match-up between the two schools, which took place in Ames, Iowa, field testing showed that the telephones the two schools used to communicate with their coaches in the coaches box were wired so that either school could hear what was happening on the other sideline. The problem was fixed before the game, but neither of the two coaches knew that. Northwestern Bell Telephone Company of Ames then decided to have a trophy made to commemorate the incident, and thus the Telephone Trophy was born."
  11. That keg is supposed to represent Dartmouth. It's drawn in Vermont, though. Other than the seemingly haphazard choices of which Group of Five schools (I noticed he didn't include FIU, FAU, Old Dominion, and likely others), this map is insanely well-done.
  12. The cream and grey versions do look very similar in that photo. There's no reason they couldn't have gone with a green label for regular, with a gold horse.
  13. You and me both. I am of the opinion that teams, excepting those that have had roughly the same uniforms forever (Oakland Raiders, GB Packers, Indy Colts, Dallas Cowboys), should use their own number fonts, or something other than standard block.
  14. Might I nitpick something I just noticed. First off, these helmets generally kick ass. However, if you're going to do a mirror finish, it would be even cooler to mirror something on the campus or stadium of the school in question, rather than a stock photo that you've used for most of them.
  15. The broadcasters were talking about a time penalty that was given to someone that pinned an opponent against the wall back in 1991. They should have done that this time, too. If Custer doesn't get into his Chase because of this, he has every right to be furious, and to punt Nemechek every race during the Chase to make up for it to make sure he doesn't win. For the record, I was pretty mad at Michael McDowell for spinning Alex Tagliani at the road race in Road America as well.