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  1. Alternate Super Bowl Logos

    Haven't they already said that they're going back to roman numerals next year?
  2. Eastern Illinois Univ. Hockey Concept

    You're 99% of the way there. My only complaint is the numbers on the third jersey would be difficult to read at a distance because they're the same color as the chest stripes. The only option I can think of is to make them grey, but that takes away the retro feel you're going for. I can't think of any other solution, though...
  3. Return of the Quebec Nordiques - A CrownCorvus Redesign

    I agree. I get airline from this.
  4. Teams named for Brands

    That insane reason is that Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley are co-owners of the team.
  5. Mason Patriots (GMU) University Athletics Rebrand

    I concur about the neck, as Mr. Mason himself didn't have such a long neck. In fact, the figure depicted in the logo really doesn't look that much like George Mason himself. (See below.) That said, the logo is fantastic, and changing up the neck, and making the face look more like G.M. would be awesome. I'd love to see some uniform concepts to go with the presentation.
  6. Socks That Ruined NFL Looks

    Why do teams wear white socks in the first place?
  7. U. of North Dakota nickname - Have they announced one yet?

    I think they approved Carthage because red is the primary school color, and the teams wear red, making them "Red Men". Another school for you: In 1991, the University of Lowell became part of the UMass System, and became UMass Lowell. Their nickname changed from the Chiefs to the River Hawks. Another one: In 2006, Northeastern Oklahoma State changed from the Redmen to the RiverHawks. (Both schools use Rowdy as their mascot, and the web URLs are remarkably similar: for UML, for NSU.)
  8. Bigred's NFL (20/32 Jets update, Dolphins added)

    I like the stripes on the jerseys. I'd like to see that thin-thick-thin pattern carry over to the rest of the uniform, from the pant striping to the helmet striping. (A front view of the helmet would work wonders to show what the striping actually would look like.) The Ny logo works wonderfully with the GIANTS wordmark. I'd be curious to see a custom numeral font to go with those two things.
  9. UMass-Amherst

    I'll bring up something interesting here. She wants to change "Minutemen" because of colonization. Funnily enough, when Univ. of Lowell became part of the UMass system in 1991 (to become UMass Lowell), they changed from the Chiefs to the River Hawks, in a fit of avoiding offense to natives. (Note: I'm not making a value assessment of that change, but just noting that it happened.)
  10. Redesigning my HS

    I actually like the half devil face. I concur with the idea to stylize the tail into an MHS wordmark, or even into just an "M". As for the football helmet, try incorporating the full half face logo into the front of the helmet somehow. It would work really well on the front of the helmet, as if opponents are looking directly into those "devil eyes".
  11. One thing that hasn't been said: Why not try to make the "A" in "Cadets" a two-tiered letter, like the one below. That'll help differentiate it from a letter "o"
  12. Denver Broncos new logo for 2016-17?

    This. Or text on helmets, for that matter.
  13. The Worst Sports Logo Ever

    This team's Wikipedia page features a similar logo, but one that rips off of the Philly Eagles...
  14. The Best of College Nicknames and Mascots logos

    You left out the Valdosta State Blazers and the Southeastern Oklahoma State Savage Storm.
  15. Yet Another Crossover Series: MLB Gridiron | COMPLETE

    I get the "this account has no public images" error...