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  1. Would that make any difference to his results, though?
  2. He's worked with Dr Pepper. They're not a small-time company. As for Hendrick, they just locked up Byron as a developmental guy, likely with the intent to put him in the 5 at some point. They'll probably run the same four as this year, unless they buy Kahne out, who is locked up for two more years. I do think Bowman would do better than Kahne has at this point.
  3. I think Bowman, in a short stint, has shown that he deserves a one-year shot with a good team. In short duty, his average finish is 21st, and 17.4th when you take away the race he wrecked in. Two top tens and three top 15s in his last 4 starts. Not to mention top tens in EVERY start he's had in Xfinity, with 3 out of 6 of his races finishing top 5. Dude's definitely improving quickly. The problem is that I don't think there are any major teams could give him that kind of shot. If he did get one, he'd be stuck at a level he was in '14 and '15, on lower-tier teams.
  4. I think Jeffrey racing most of the year for an underfunded GO FAS team should show his dedication, though...
  5. WSU has two losses. They lost to FCS Eastern Washington as well as Boise.
  6. At this point, remember that Houston needs help to win their division of the AAC. They share a division with Navy, so they'd need Navy to lose two games for UH to even play for the conference championship. Also remember that the Group of Five's guaranteed New Year's Six slot goes to the highest-ranked conference champion. Houston, as of right now, may not even make the New Year's Six. That's how huge that loss was for them.
  7. UC Davis has a football program in the Big Sky. I'd love to see what you do with my alma mater, UMass Lowell, who dropped football in about 2002.
  8. Two for the price of one!
  9. Surprised nobody mentioned this one
  10. I love the idea. I have a few questions about the execution. How large are the stadiums that you would want to put these teams in? I ask because you have a team in Lowell, MA, but I can tell you that there really is no spot to put it outside of an existing high school field. UMass Lowell got rid of their football field in about 2010 and replaced it with their blue field hockey field. If you wanted to put a team in New England, there are a few places to put it. You could put it in Boston itself, either at Boston College's field or at Harvard's field. If a 30K stadium is too big, you could put it in Durham, NH at UNH's field that seats 11K.
  11. "Award-winning" logo? What awards could that monstrosity have won?
  12. Better yet, this school is the reigning D-2 champion in men's basketball. They even beat Iowa in an exhibition last season.
  13. 1) I would think -- and someone can correct me if I'm wrong -- that any joining of two sections would be done with thread that's colored the same as the patches, so the seams wouldn't be visible 2) Do we know if it was fixed for their Georgia State game?
  14. These are awesome. For Detroit, you don't need an outline. What you need to do is either widen the stripe to fit the numbers, or shrink the numbers to fit the stripe.
  15. Doesn't the NFL know that Belichick guys don't become successful head coaches? The only reasonably-successful head coaches that have come out from any Belichick staff have been Kirk Ferentz and Nick Saban, at the college level. Both were on his Cleveland staffs. NFL head coaches that have come from Belichick since he became HC of New England: Romeo Crennel Josh McDaniels in Denver Eric Mangini Bill O'Brien None have done well.