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  1. College football is a thing in Mexico. In fact, to my knowledge, there have been a couple of games that have been played vs. NCAA teams in the past few years: Incarnate Word's first ever football game in 2009 was against Monterey Tech (UIW won 42-29) San Diego played Universidad De Las Americas Puebla this year and won 49-25. I'm surprised pro football took so long to become a thing in Mexico.
  2. Speaking of: what's his status?
  3. I think the only way a minor football league will truly succeed is if it has the NFL machine behind it. It'd have to be a true farm-team scenario, where each team has an affiliated farm team that they can call up and send players down at will, and you'd have one- and two-way contracts just like the NHL. Further, each farm team would have to be located close to the major-league team. As far as television, you could have regional cable networks air the games on a night like Tuesday, and the tickets would have to be cheap. The absolute important thing is that the NFL would have to back it fully, and probably have to own it outright and be willing to lose money on it.
  4. Their numbers are terrible, true. However, if they're going to use them in their brand, they might as well take it to the field, too. Just one man's opinion.
  5. I'm curious if anyone knows what the original Toronto Huskies wore in 1946-47? I'm asking because I'm watching the Raptors/Celtics game, and Toronto is throwing back to the blue Huskies uniforms. I find it odd that a team from 1947 would use the modern dark-letters-on-dark-jersey look. Were they that far ahead of their time? Edit: on further research, I guess they were that far ahead of their time...
  6. I've always wondered why most teams, except the Vikings that I know of offhand, don't use their own custom number fines for field numbers. It'd be cool to see custom numbers for each team on the fields.
  7. Does TAMU regularly refer to themselves as the "Texas Aggies?" That seems wholly unnecessary to me...
  8. On a white background, the gold outline is unnecessary. That said, the update is stellar. The removal of the black is awesome. Even better is the addition of the gold on the "headpiece" of the crown, as it accentuates it even more. The new wordmarks, though, are boring as hell.
  9. The wording confuses me. Go FAS is leasing its charter to the 21. Who is leasing the 44 charter?
  10. Thank you!
  11. More Lane Kiffin rumors: Now, he's slated to be taking over Florida Atlantic
  12. Boo... Well... I'm sure you could wrangle up some volunteers to help with the project (points to self). Also, I hate to say it, but I think it's actually worse to add the conference logos and not the schools than it would be to not add anything in D2.
  13. And USCAA and NCCAA and NJCAA as well! But let's take wins where we can get them!
  14. I noticed that logos for the Division II conferences were just added to the mothership. Does that mean logos for the schools themselves are forthcoming? This excites me greatly if that's the case!
  15. That may be true, but if ratings stay down, the next TV deal won't be worth as much.