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  1. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

  2. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

  3. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    Looks like we just might see a tenth team in the CFL soon. I would love to see that. If it happens, do they revive the Atlantic Schooners name again or go with something else? Oh the possibilities! https://www.cfl.ca/2017/11/16/cfl-responds-report-potential-future-expansion-halifax/
  4. 2017/18 Schedule Posters

    Idaho Vandals official 2017 poster released today. Interesting comic book feel with the words to the fight song. I like it.
  5. 2017/18 Schedule Posters

    Didn't see a new thread this year for schedule posters so I thought I would create one. Be sure to post what you find. The Idaho Vandals have released their last FBS football posters! They also released a very cool Marvel themed TV ad. Very cool!
  6. CFL Division & Playoff logo updates

    And the first ever CFL Week logo.
  7. CFL Division & Playoff logo updates

    They are just like the new Draft logo they released this year. Seems pretty boring to me.
  8. CFL Division & Playoff logo updates

    Here are the logos that G-tron was talking about. I found them in the 2016 Montreal media guide as well.
  9. CFL Division & Playoff logo updates

    Thanks G-tron, I kind of forgot about these. I will go back and take a look at adding some more black/charcoal. I also saw the division logos on the trophies. Here is the West trophy. I'll try to recreate those division logos too.
  10. "The Spring League"

  11. Arena Football League

    And I found this Arena Bowl History page. Pretty cool. No Arena Bowl XXX logo yet that I have seen though. http://www.afldigital.com/index.cfm?view=arenabowl
  12. Arena Football League

    Here is the new 30 season logo.
  13. Pac Pro Football League

    We have another developmental football league starting up next year called the Pac Pro Football League. Basically this is an alternative option instead of going to the NCAA. Very interesting to see if this gets going or not. We will see. http://www.pacprofootball.com/
  14. "The Spring League"

    Well, not so great on the game uniforms. 4 teams - North, East, South and West team names. Two uniforms - Orange and Black jerseys but same black pants and helmet for everyone. Helmets have Spring League logo as helmet stripe. Well at least they are keeping it cheap so maybe they will be back again next year. Apparently there were NFL scouts at the games though so that is what they were hoping for. Now will anyone make an NFL roster? That will be what makes this a success or not.