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  1. Hugh Weber could not be less in touch with the Devils fans. He has consistently done things that get negative reaction from fans and he doesn't care. He really has no idea what he is doing. If you want to see something funny, look at all of the responses to his tweet that you mention (@hughweber1). How could you not see those reactions and immediately know that you :censored:ed up?
  2. You basically sum up how us Devils fans feel. I never realized how good we had it with Lou until he has left. He was more than just a GM. He ran the team perfectly. Especially when it came to uniforms. He was only been gone for a few years and it seems like almost every aspect of our tradition is gone now. Yes, we expected to get a black alternate jersey or something after Lou left, but nobody expected this...
  3. @upperV03 @aawagner011 What is the difference between this "t shirt" and the actual kit? I can't tell at first glance.
  4. Still in disbelief over the Devils jerseys? Why???
  5. Pretty sad that Lacatoni can produce a better kit for Braga than Puma can for Arsenal
  6. Cant believe Calgary didn't remove those vertical stripes.
  7. How long is the NHL's deal with Adidas? Trying to figure out how long we have to wait until the Devils change their uniform back.
  8. :censored: Hahahahahaha. Newark Bulldogs. Hahahahaha
  9. I thought someone posted a Rangers draft hat and it also hat that texture, I may be wrong tho
  10. That looks like ite the front of the jersey sticking out. You can see the stick from the SJ logo
  11. I see .... VAN, LA, SJ, EDM, VGK, NSH, DAL, CHI
  12. Yep it looks like most people's predictions for the Devils were true. Minor changes that downgrade the uniform, just for change sake. So disappointing, especially for a team that has had the exact same jersey for 25 years
  13. My rough concept of what the Devils will look like based on these details. Maybe the stripes will be even thicker? I added a black hem line as my own prediction, I believe i saw rumors of that somewhere
  14. That is actually really good news. Makes a huge difference IMO. Even if all stripes are a bit thicker/same size, its still way better than just a thick red stripe and a thick black stripe
  15. From hendocfc description, it seems the Devils uniforms will look like this (sub black for blue)