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  1. Vegas just posted this pic on their twitter. Player on the right has the alternate logo on his shorts. Could be a hint, could be nothing though...
  2. I would assume that teams will take this opportunity to fix the RBK piping if they haven't already (Colorado, Calgary, Nashville, Buffalo).
  3. Yea Ajax is really good. And the Chevrolet logo really is terrible. I don't understand why it has to be a gold gradient logo like that. It draws all the attention. Why can't it just be a white logo?
  4. Barca could've easily used that Inter template
  5. Crystal Palace kit is amazing. Barcelona take notes...
  6. Although it would be better without raglan sleeves, that still looks to be possibly the best Puma Arsenal kit
  7. The most cartoony part about the Ducks mask logo is the sticks IMO. If they updated the sticks it would look even better.
  8. SKC/SEA was hard to watch. Makes no sense why Seattle wouldn't just wear green.
  9. I actually think that Orioles jersey looks better than I would have expected.
  10. Nothing new on the Devils. We just know they are keeping the logo and making "changes to the design" of the jerseys.
  11. Oh that Barca training kit is really nice. I would buy that.
  12. ^ Maybe the Celtics should use that as an alternate as homage to Brooklyn for giving all of these draft picks
  13. For the Brighton kit, I still hate the material that shoulder material that Nike has been using. It makes the blue look like a different color. And I don't like the change in color for Roma. It looks too yellowish, but I guess we will have to see pics of the actual kit before judging.
  14. Lol who is going to buy that stuff?
  15. Have any players ever complained about the teams wearing similar jerseys? Obviously it usually doesn't matter in baseball, but I could see scenarios where it would. If an outfielder is fielding a ball and looks up to throw it may take an extra .5 second to distinguish if a player is a cut off man or a base runner, something like that.