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  1. nyratk1

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Was with Juventus for 17 years and still playing at a high level at age 40, moved to Paris St. Germain. Both clubs are the among the best in their respective country's leagues and compete in the Champions League most years.
  2. nyratk1

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Tottenham Hotspur star Harry Kane on loan to Leicester in 2013. There's also apparently pics of him from his youth during his one year stay at Arsenal's academy but I don't want to anger Spurs fans.
  3. nyratk1

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Seaver looks so weird with the racing stripes but that's why he was in the "right team, wrong uniform" thread.
  4. nyratk1

    MLB changes 2018?

    It could work as an All Star Game HR Derby uniform at best.
  5. nyratk1

    Searching for your 'whale'

    My white whales: - Mets 1976 pillbox hat - Rangers white Lady Liberty for a reasonable price in my size (I'm 3xl ) - Newcastle United 1990s era jerseys, particularly any years where they had the Newcastle Brown Ale blue star sponsor. Also those rad sublimated city skyline keeper jerseys.
  6. nyratk1

    Thrift Store Gems 2017

    Not quite a thrift store find but picked up a 16-17 Manchester United Jersey for $10.40 with free international shipping on Kitbag. Got it within a week. https://imgur.com/a/ZjZQA
  7. He was in that jersey longer than I remember (almost 5 years!). Unfortunately, that's when they sank like a rock.
  8. nyratk1

    Alternate SPORTS! History Thread

    The 98 team was good. But they had a better chance of doing 99-00-01 instead.
  9. nyratk1

    Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    The wrongest.
  10. David Cone in his 2003 Mets stint. If you didn't remember it, I don't blame ya.
  11. nyratk1

    MLB Changes 2017

    Especially pink and black. Bret Hart proved that's a rad color combo. Mets' original concept was in pink/black and it works - http://toddradom.com/all-hail-the-pink-black-new-york-mets/
  12. nyratk1

    Did the Dodgers actually wear this?

    Is it wrong if I'd like a white Dodgers cap with a blue brim/squatchee
  13. nyratk1

    MLB Changes 2017

    And if they do, hopefully it's just limited to the White Sox and Rockies.
  14. nyratk1

    More Atlanta Area Soccer Clubs Possible

    Atlanta Vibes: If There's Grass On The Pitch...