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  1. That D logo is not a looker, but I like the interlocking DP. I personally don't think of the LAC logo when I see it. However, if it was the primary, I'd probably have a reaction to it like the Clips (throwing up in my mouth). I think a return to the "classic" primary look makes the secondaries more likable. Would probably feel the same about LA if they went back to a more traditional primary and used the CLA as a secondary.
  2. Good to know. That's a sharp look.
  3. Looks like an American football jersey. Pumas playing up the university angle? Like it
  4. I kinda hate myself for liking the Hustle look.
  5. Watching it on the tube, though going to the brickyard one day would be a check off the bucket list. I grew up with Indycar. We watched every race growing up, and went to the races at Laguna Seca, Portland, and sometimes Long Beach. I would watch the 500, but avoided all other IRL events (got involved in grown man soap opera drama/bull :censored:). I tried to just stick with F1 when the "merger" happened, but kinda fell out of racing all together. My son is getting to an age where he likes watching the races, and I found myself getting back into Indycar. Helps the faces are more or less still the same. It was kind of silly holding that particular grudge, but some things die hard.
  6. This will be the first Indy 500 I've seen in a long time. I finally let myself get back into Indycar since the demise of CART. I hold long grudges.
  7. I don't be believe we will see the Braves or Indian monikers go away anytime soon. I think Atlanta will at most completely phase out the tomohawk, like the Indian phase out of Wahoo. The yelling brave has already gone the way of Wahoo.
  8. Lol! I actually agree. The Kings colors look off with the logo. On a serious note, I wouldn't be surprised if the Kings move the Bucks closer to home in the near future (Reno is only about a two hour drive away). Stockton has a nice arena, and if my alma mater, Sac State, ever builds the event center they keep teasing us with, they could move within spitting distance and rebrand. They could even do what the Warriors did and move it to a surrounding community in a temporary arena. A lot of local media have speculated Ranadive wants to have them closer.
  9. I do not care for the uniform. I feel their regular home uniform is far more aesthetically pleasing.
  10. Meh
  11. Can't say I disagree.
  12. I like it. Yes it's a roundel, yes the wolf is reminiscent of the yotes, but I don't care. Like that it's a bit of a faux back, the wolf looks less like the wolf man and the North Star is a nice touch. Should look good on a court and uniform. Excited to see the rest of the look.
  13. I was a kid/teen when RHI existed, but I remember loving the idea, and was sad when I learned it was dying/dead. Sharks games were too pricy for us growing up, and Rhino games were dirt cheap. They'd also give lots of tickets away to the local schools so we could go for free. Never really noticed the difference in the level of play when I was young. I thought it was a cool way for the warm weather markets, like where I was from, to grow the game and get kids and adults interested in hockey.
  14. As a San Jose native, I cannot explain the amount of frustration seeing them using the South Bay moniker. Yes, they have their own South Bay, but my inner hometown punk can't stand it. That being said, I'm actually a fan of what they did with it.
  15. It looks like he's kicking the puck