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  1. AT&T Park and Oakland Coliseum advice

    Candlestick does not offer tours. Also, you are ten minutes from SFO, but in which direction? South, West, or North? Reason being is that BART is the main regional mass transit system. MUNI is for the city/county of San Francisco, SamTrans is for San Mateo County, where the airport is, and CalTrain is the regional train system which can get you from where you may be staying into the city as opposed to BART. Uhhh... good question. I'm not sure, my friend has the room booked and he told me I can access BART from nearby, but now you have me questioning him lol. I'm stoked for the A's, the prices seem almost too good to be true for great seats. Any must eat places at either Stadium or within the city of San Fran?
  2. AT&T Park and Oakland Coliseum advice

    That's really good to know! Is it worth it to go on a stadium tour of Candlestick Park?
  3. AT&T Park and Oakland Coliseum advice

    I'll be crashing at a hotel that's apparently 10 minutes from the airport... so I'm not sure if it's easy or possible to take BART from there to the park, but I'll be looking into it. I really have not yet had the chance to scope the geography of the area but I've been told I'll need to take BART in order to get downtown and that it's a 30 minute ride? Sound about right? I was REALLY hoping to see a Sharks' game, but, I'm 99% certain the pre-season games won't be occurring so I'm not worrying about that.
  4. Once again, I have the opportunity to knock two more ballparks off my MLB list and I couldn't be more excited! I've never been to Northern California before (only the South and primarily around LA) and really have no idea what I'm getting into. I'm hoping that some of you may have some advice on these parks, what's around them and where I should be looking to get seats to provide the best experience (like behind home plate at PNC... which was fantastic!). Additionally, I'd enjoy hearing about some must visit places in San Fran, San Jose and possibly Oakland... even though I don't intend on spending much time in the latter. Thanks in advance for any help feedback you can provide!
  5. Celebrities in NHL Apparel

    Forgot about this gem: It isn't complete without an awesome video!
  6. Celebrities in NHL Apparel

    Yup, all to get back at the Canucks. And for further reading: - Jake Gardiner is a huge Biebs fan, too.
  7. Celebrities in NHL Apparel

    One of my favourites and local talents Will Arnett is a huge Leafs' fan, as per various articles I've read over the years and this screen cap from an episode of "Up All Night." I don't think I need to mention anything about Mike Myers being the biggest fan of them all... (side note... I happened to be at this game and they were thanking Myers' after a summer of shooting "The Love Guru." If only they knew how much it would suck...)
  8. Dunedin/Clearwater/Tampa Bay/Orlando/St. Petersburg

    The Taco Bus sounds like the greatest thing ever placed on 4 wheels! hah! Thanks guys for the input, helps a lot! If there is any other places you can think of that would be worth checking out and add to the FLA experience please let me know, the more the merrier!
  9. Dunedin/Clearwater/Tampa Bay/Orlando/St. Petersburg

    Won't be catching a game... just there right before all position players are required to report, so I'll just get to see a LOT of catch! Hence all the free time in the afternoons, workouts apparently end around noon and then that's it for the day.
  10. Dunedin/Clearwater/Tampa Bay/Orlando/St. Petersburg

    I'll have to note some of those places, sounds great! I'm big into the local fares, I try to avoid an experience or taste I can have just about anywhere else. Ybor City sounds great, as does the Tampa Bay Brewing Company. To the Lightning... whoops, I always associate the name of the arena with the location... I'll make sure to amend it then. Guess Tampa Bay is on Tuesday then and St. Petersburg another day! How about sports stores in those areas... with good jersey/merch finds?
  11. Dunedin/Clearwater/Tampa Bay/Orlando/St. Petersburg

    How about places to eat, like, a must visit location in any of those cities? Food is going to be a big target as well! May try and check out Tropicana... see if they're offering tours or just go there to say I've seen it lol. Orlando Monday afternoon/evening, Tuesday will be St. Petersburgh, Weds is open, Thurs is also open.
  12. Hey gang, So, once again I'm doing a little traveling in the US. Next week I'll be primarily in Dunedin to watch the Jays' reporting to camp. However, that will only fill the mornings. So, my question to you is what is there to do/see in the afternoons within a two hour drive? Apart from going to St. Petersburg on Tuesday night to watch the Lightning/Ducks, the rest of the week is open for adventure. Additionally, arriving at the Orlando airport on Monday, there will be no rush to drive to Dunedin, so recommendations (that don't include Universal Studios) would be fantastic. Any input or insight would be much appreciated as I really have no clue about that region or what to do there. Thanks in advance!!
  13. NFL T-Shirt Malfunction

    As someone who works for an international Apparel company, I can admit to you, that 90% of the time, Reebok doesn't make shirts. A manufacturer of blanks makes those shirts, with "tear away" tagging, and then a Heat Transfer Reebok neck label is heat pressed onto the blank... It seems what you have is simply Reebok's artwork printed on a Gilden blank, that wasn't appropriately tagged and labeled. It's almost certainly not a knock off, just simply, as already mentioned one that didn't make it through the correct process... Depending on the turnaround they won't always remove the original tag. Doesn't mean his shirt is a fake, it means they REALLY rushed the shirt to get it out to retail.
  14. NFL T-Shirt Malfunction

    They've done the same with Stnaley Cup Champions' shirts... I *think* they license out the printing of the shirts to other companies in order to produce them quickly and distribute them as fast and to as many places as possible. I think my '07 Ducks is from something LEE, '08 Wings is Gildan and I think the rest are Reebok... I'll have to check, though.
  15. Tampa Bay Lightning- One Year Later

    Nash61 found the best way to sum it up with this: