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  1. NEW.ERA

    2018/19 Soccer Kits

    These beauties. The 2018/19 Newcastle United change kit, a throwback to 95/96.
  2. NEW.ERA

    2016 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Back for Playoffs Raiders Seahawks Steelers Packers
  3. NEW.ERA

    2017 sports predictions

    CFB Nat'l Title - Alabama Super Bowl - Green Bay Daytona 500 - Dale Jr. (The Return) CBB Nat'l Title - UCLA Premier League - Chelsea Stanley Cup - Montreal Canadiens NBA Finals - Cleveland Cavaliers World Series - Cleveland Indians NASCAR Monster Cup - Chase Elliott Grey Cup - Winnipeg Blue Bombers Homer picks for Football
  4. NEW.ERA

    2016 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Titans Bengals Chiefs Bucs Saints Lions Browns Pats Panthers Broncos Packers Cowboys Vikings
  5. NEW.ERA

    2016 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Packers Giants Chiefs Colts Vikings Bengals Skins Raiders Bills Ravens Bucs Falcons Patriots Seahawks Broncos
  6. NEW.ERA

    2016 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Missed Thursday Bills Eagles Browns Giants Panthers Bears Rams Steelers Patriots Raiders Seahawks Packers Colts Cardinals
  7. NEW.ERA

    2016 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

  8. NEW.ERA

    2016 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Bengals Colts Titans Browns Seahawks Patriots Panthers Raiders Lions Broncos Cardinals Saints Cowboys Steelers Vikings
  9. NEW.ERA

    2016 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Houston Arizona Oakland Cleveland Jacksonville Green Bay Denver Carolina NY Giants Tampa Bay Seattle Kansas City Indianapolis Pittsburgh Dallas New Orleans
  10. NEW.ERA

    2016 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Jets Steelers Titans Browns Redskins Giants Panthers Patriots Chiefs Seahawks Cardinals Jaguars Raiders Colts Packers Eagles
  11. NEW.ERA

    2016 NFL Weekly Picks Contest

    Broncos Packers Ravens Texans Eagles Falcons Vikings Jets Saints Chiefs Seahawks Colts Giants Cardinals Steelers Rams
  12. NEW.ERA

    NFL 2016: The Regular Season Thread

    Oh I know.... Just with Favre vs. Bledsoe Now just with Rodgers vs. Brady for I think only the 2nd time ever. As Rodgers was hurt in 2010
  13. NEW.ERA

    NFL 2016: The Regular Season Thread

    As a Packer fan. Even I respect the hell out of that Bears tattoo @CS85 Anyways...... Don't know how I got here. But just here... AFC 1 New England 13-3 2 Oakland 11-5 3 Pittsburgh 11-5 4 Jacksonville 10-6 5 Kansas City 11-5 6 NY Jets 9-7 NFC 1 Arizona 14-2 2 Green Bay 13-3 3 Carolina 12-4 4 NY Giants 9-7 5 Seattle 12-4 6 Minnesota 10-6 Wild Card Jacksonville over Kansas City Pittsburgh over NY Jets Minnesota over Carolina NY Giants over Seattle Divisional New England over Pittsburgh Oakland over Jacksonville Green Bay over NY Giants Arizona over Minnesota Conf Championships New England over Oakland Green Bay over Arizona And for the 1000x Super Bowl 51 Green Bay over New England - One year this will happen, and it will be epic!
  14. NEW.ERA

    UEFA Euro 2016 Thread

    Can I just say how awful that roof at the Velodrome is? This is the Velodrome I know. I get it's logistics and keeping the fans out of the hot ass Marseille sun, but I don't know it looked wrong.
  15. NEW.ERA

    UEFA Euro 2016 Thread

    Predictions. No Dutch, that blows. But there's France! A - FRA SUI ROU* ALB B - ENG RUS WAL* SLO C - GER POL NIR UKR D - ESP CRO CZE* TUR E - BEL ITA SWE IRE F - AUT POR ISL* HUN Knockout Stages Ro16 Poland over Switzerland Spain over Iceland Germany over Wales Belgium over Croatia England over Romania Austria over Italy France over Czech Republic Russia over Portugal Quarters Spain over Poland Belgium over Germany England over Austria France over Russia Semis Spain over England in the most typical, hearbreaking, English way, to lose a game France over Belgium Finals France over Spain - France WC1998 all over this tournament, ushering in the next golden age of French Football