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  1. fair points...I think I was focusing more on football uniforms, that have more stretch fabric than dazzle gym shorts and crappy replice jerseys where I believe the poly is used because it's cheaper. I still find it hard to believe that at least one apparel manufacturer has not created a shiny modern athletic fabric simply out of differentiation and fashion trends cycling through the 90's at the moment.
  2. Well the counter example is the bears. While they don't have 3 wrap around stripes, the placement is by far superior. For the 9ers they have a long history of messed up stripes going back to the late 80's when players started to have their sleeves customized tailored for tightness which removed the stripes entirely in the process.
  3. Can you help me understand if it's just a chemical treatment and has nothing to do with the type of textile used, why all the manufactures switched over to 100% poly or a 90/10 poly/stretch nylon from the old nylon/spandex construction? Is it a weight thing? Purely fashion? Keep in mind it's not just football uniforms that have made the switch just about every sport and training gear made this switch to matte fabrics.
  4. Teasing a color scheme with practice uniforms and creating a frankenuniform for game days are not the same thing. This is a botched attempt at trying to make their change to blue/white as quickly as possible. For the time being at least. They are clearly attempting to create a LA look and are going about it the wrong way.
  5. I have heard the same thing that the new pants wick away much more moisture than the dazzle nylon/spandex. That is obviously a big difference. I also believe that there is a comfort benefit with features like the lighter mesh wrapping around to the back of the knee. While the packers definitely have stayed away from nike jerseys I think their pants may actually be a ripon/reebok model that is similar to the nike version: matte yellow moisture wicking polyester and mesh insert pant stripes. At this point I think the panthers are the only team that wears both jerseys and pants with the old construction and materials, which has been around since the mid 80's.
  6. aren't those a hybrid where the striping is the modern mesh insert and the pant material is the old nylon/spandex?
  7. The cynic in me thinks that they did this to effectively market a throwback look and gin up what little demand there is for their current white jersey. I also speculate that it allows them to better integrate selling other merch that is navy/white, especially with the helmet logo.
  8. It has to be the opposite case...I can't imagine anyone that would want to buy the regular jersey at this point...the throwback has to outsell it by a wide margin at this point. As I have said a few times they could have easily swapped the tan for yellow/white or simply made a white throwback,...that would be zero design effort and could have been an expedited manufacturing suspicion still is that goodell was pissed that stan forced his way into LA so the league was absolutely not going to do him any favors.
  9. If VF sold all the assets that would include the rights so the new owner inherits the old deal and had the new deal. Win/win for both parties and VF is not hurting financially at all based on their financials. 50% gross margin and 11% operating margins are stellar returns. Selling off non-core assets for cash is good business.
  10. I'm not trying to be snarky but I have to think that people suggesting that any of these teams change their identity have to be on the younger side or very naive about the NFL. On field success aside, these are 3 of the most visually iconic NFL franchises. Their uniforms especially their helmets are or have been amongst the most iconic in league history. Why on earth would you ever change these identies? No way anything new would have the staying power. Like many have said the absolute best options would be for both la teams to revert back to older looks.
  11. Players have learned to weaponize themselves with modern equipment. When rigid/braced, the area from the crown of the helmet to the end of the shoulder ends up acting as a battering ram or a projectile when airborne. Modern equipment has made things worse because materials are lighter and stronger so they inflict more damage and the players feel less impact which makes the situation exponentially worse. Lastly combine modern traning and strength you've created a negative feedback loop where the level of safety and the risk of catastrophic injury rivals that of the early 20th century when the sport was on the verge of becoming outlawed. I honestly think somebody may die from a hit in the near future. Much like other sports (e.g. auto racing) the league and ncaa may have to detune equipment and enact some rules like prohibiting launching and mandating wrap tackles.
  12. mod edit
  13. If it's easier logistically it stays. This is a private organization that uses a cartel business model. They make their own rules, there is nothing binding at all. If the owners are ok with the exception they make the exception. The rule makes no sense anyway.
  14. I was debating the uniqueness. Personally I think you're overplaying the uniqueness aspect to a degree and the value that you are giving them. Off the top of my head don't michigan and minnesota have sublimated brick patterns now? Even the whole sublimated patters already feel like a cheap fad. point is that. When nike does do something really unique in recent days they end up looking like total garbage and illegible like arizona with the 1970's computer font or syracuse with their 44 degree angle/skyscraper monstrosity. Michigan's new font also feels very forced with the 2 & 4 feeling like they belong to entirely separate font families. The traditional russell block font they used in the 90's was perfect for them.
  15. What made zero sense that they tried to outfit the whole team at once as opposed to piloting with a few players in regular season conditions.