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  1. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    I agree with this statement but the sport of football was heavily influenced by the military post WW2. The sheer influx of vets into the coaching ranks brought over many organizational, training, and tactical elements that they were exposed to during service and incorporated into how the game was played. This was not just confined to football though as many large corporations formed and grew in similar fashion. It's quite fascinating really.
  2. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    It's the commissioner's job to interfere with relocation. An owner cannot simply pick up and move their franchise without consent from the league and the remaining owners without enduring a protracted legal battle. While Goodell bungles nearly all of his media facing activity he's obligated to act on the collective owners' interests so his opposition to the plan was clearly also a position held by other owners. I'm completely indifferent to the toupee sporting billionaire. His wife's connections got him the land for the stadium and he forced the league's hand using the parcel as leverage. That's how big business works but to say the league and the other owners are better off for this move is very debatable. In this instance the best financial path for the league and owners could have been to hold out for an expansion team ($$$) or simply "do nothing" as tv ratings continued to grow on par with the other top media markets. As in most situations defining success and what's good depends on who benefits. If you like big shiny football stadia and middling football franchises Stan's plan makes sense, especially for him as this is all a play to sell once the stadium is completed. Given the tepid reception that the team is receiving in season 2, and the headwinds that pro football is facing in the coming years it will be interesting to see how many $200k psl's will be sold at the 80k seat palace. So Stan wins, the league probably breaks even and the residents of Inglewood lose out desperately needed housing stock and property taxes.
  3. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Well too bad he opted to purchase a nfl franchise which places significant restrictions on how he can operate and locate his business. The burden is on Stan to make a case to the league and fellow owners that he should be able move the franchise to the LA market. He does not get to dictate those terms especially as a very strong case can be made that tv ratings are now potentially worse off in the long run having to broadcast the rams on a weekly basis. If he wanted to be in LA on his terms, he could have started his own team and league with all of his disposable income. Lastly, despite owning several pro franchises Stan's reputation is that of an absentee when it comes to the actual sports part of the ownership hence my claim that he cares more about real estate than wins and losses.
  4. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Yeah that's not how it works though. When you own a franchise there are bylaws and protocol that are followed (also subject to change at a moment's notice) to ensure that major changes like relocation are done in a manner that's a net positive for the collective ownership. It was painfully obvious to Goodell and others that Kroenke set up the stl negotiations to fail several years in advance. Even if the move was inevitable for the sake of optics the league realized the importance of attempting to negotiate in good faith to keep their public funding grift going. What has been going on for the last 3 years or so is a very public power struggle between 2 factions in the nfl. You have the big money owners led by Jones, Kraft et al against everyone else. Goodell's biggest failures are his constant publicizing of the inner workings of the league office and his idiotic insistence to interject himself into player discipline, but he is absolutely stuck in the middle of the sh-it show that Jones has created. Side Note: The Inglewood parcel was given to Stan in a sweetheart deal as his wife's company owned the land for about a decade. Don't forget he's a commercial real estate investor first and foremost and could give a rat's ass about pro sports. Having to wait an extra year is a small inconvenience for him.
  5. Los Angeles Rams Brand Discussion

    Back of napkin very high level and generic NFL franchise P&L: Operating costs/expenses (non-player salary) are offset via local revenues (tickets, local advertising and stadium revenues, etc.) to essentially a break even. Player salaries are covered via the TV contract and other shared revenue. The difference between the salaries and shared revenues is the annual gross profit. To the best of my knowledge league fines are deducted from annual revenue sharing payout. In the case of paying fines the monetary hit to a franchise is negligible with relation to revenue. Nobody in the marketing department is going to lose their job even after $500k in fines. What we don't know is whether or not a cost/benefit analysis was done to determine if the additional merch sales could offset the fines which also may have escalated as well. My guess is that you could make a case but the team simply chose not to put forward the effort or rock the boat after Rog & co said no. Lastly one only needs to look to Al Davis to see how you can still run a franchise and be a complete adversary with the league. It can be done but in the end the Raiders are one of the most cash poor franchises in the league because Al wanted to do things his way and never thought about the long term.
  6. NFL 2017 changes?

    Please articulate this brand strategy and the changes that have been made that I am not aware of. I really do want to hear your insights and want to see what I am missing here.
  7. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Ripon's magic formula is using the generic late 90's jersey template which was the basis for 90% of college and pro jerseys and is still used by the packers, panthers, cfl and select others. When Ucla went back to their traditional stripe they literally went back to an older template that was worn before techfit came on the scene. It all comes down to $ and who has the leverage. If Ucla has the clout to mandate a certain uniform style in their contract language then it's up to the supplier to provide that product or they have to source an acceptable alternative that meets the contractual obligation. The crux of the issue is that 95% of the parties on the client side only care about the financial aspects of the supplier deals. Most decision makers either aren't detail oriented in such a matter or simply don't care. You'd be surprised how close enough is the norm.
  8. NFL 2017 changes?

    You were explicitly referring to the dolphins rebooting their brand yet you only used their visual identity to support your argument. Unless you can show something definitive in how the company is being viewed in the marketplace other than aqua/orange/dolphins/nfl football, nothing has changed with the brand. Also you need to provide some data with your 47% statement. Correlation is not causation and there are a variety of mechanisms to drive revenue like changing the season ticket pricing structure that can give you those results. You also then have to compare their revenues to the rest of the league to determine if that rate is on par. You're attributing way too much design with the overall concept of brand marketing and overestimating the effects of changing packaging/graphics on the bottom line IMO.
  9. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    Beat me to it. Additionally that ripon template has got to be going on 20 years at this point. The tech/russell example is a total anomaly,there's definitely more fabric underneath than a traditional cap sleeve which allows the braid/stripe to run under the ribcage. Unfortunately I don't see that style catching on.
  10. NFL 2017 changes?

    I disagree 100% with this assessment. This was nothing more than a modern repackaging of the same dolphins brand. Same white dominant, aqua, and orange. Same leaping dolphin in front of a sun ring. This is no different than an airline updating its livery or pepsi refreshing their graphics package and marketing message every 5 years. Nothing has remotely changed with the essence of the brand, it just became trendy and sterile devoid of any real character. The look has already become forgettable and is why the fans are clamoring for throwbacks because they didn't realize they already had a classic brand right in front of them. The dolphins' fundamental issue is the inferior product that they are putting on the field but when you're in marketing it's easier to hire a design firm to change your package than do the hard work to improve the contents inside it.
  11. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    The crux of the issue is that the traditional Ucla stripe was an insert into the seam between the sleeve and torso. The way it wrapped all the way around was that it connected under the armpit. Modern jerseys have no armpits, they are either cap sleeves or significantly pulled in. Given that that the material to complete the loop no longer exists, how is it possible to replicate the traditional stripe/loop? You either do what lsu/miss did the last few seasons, or you wrap the stripe under the arms across the ribs giving you a houston rockets look. There just isn't an easy fix for this one.
  12. New Helmet enters the NFL

    You've demonstrated that you're not qualified to speak on the matter given that all of your rationale is based on unproven hypotheses, wild ass assumptions/guesses, and "common sense". There's a reason the brain injury studies are run by neuroscientists, kinesiologists, and engineers that apply actual scientific principles and collect extensive amounts of data on the subject matter as opposed to leaving it to a bunch of equipment managers to solve.
  13. New Helmet enters the NFL

    Statements like this exemplify why the service department manager at my local dealership is not the lead R&D engineer running the vehicle safety and crash testing program back at HQ.
  14. College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season

    the athletics program is in dire need of a brand unification project...considering the school's brand is a top 10 or top 5 college property globally their overall identity is horrible. Sure football and hoops have classic uniforms in general but they are in dire need of refinement...across the board you have navy, multiple shades of light blue, royal, tan, metallic gold, yellow using a hodgepodge of unrelated logos and marks...templates are an issue for sure but they have a lot of work to do.
  15. New Helmet enters the NFL

    The first statement is 100% false. You can try to distribute the energy of the impact all you want but you cannot stop the brain surrounded by fluid, to not hit the inside of a skull when intense blunt forces the head to either come to a complete halt or an immediate change of direction.