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  1. GeauxColonels

    College Football uniforms- 2018

    Georgia Tech isn't on any LSU schedule for the foreseeable future according to
  2. GeauxColonels

    MLS: Our Similar Logo is Just a Coincidence

    I think if it were just the use of a maple leaf and star, it could be deemed as "coincidence." However, given the manner and style in which the two elements were combined, I think it HAS to be taken as much more than that.
  3. GeauxColonels

    Major League RUGBY

    I casually follow NOLA Gold (I hate that name). I wanted to make it out to a match or 2 this season but it just flew by. I'm hoping the first season was successful enough that the franchise keeps going.
  4. GeauxColonels

    What’s the worst mlb logo

    They have a GOLD drop shadow....but the point was that neither the NOB or numbers have the second drop shadow (which is navy) that the wordmark does on the front of the jersey. So, why does the wordmark have it?
  5. GeauxColonels

    New Amarillo baseball team announces name finalists

    That's exactly my opinion as well.
  6. Because, you know, we can't have more that one company offering these things at a time.
  7. GeauxColonels

    Circular Brackets

    Missing the games won for the Warriors/Pelicans series.
  8. GeauxColonels

    Regional Bank Merger Logo Redesign - Hancock Whitney

    Snapped a couple of these pics in downtown NOLA. Still not a fan.
  9. GeauxColonels

    Regional Bank Merger Logo Redesign - Hancock Whitney

    I think that's what so jarring about it. Walking around downtown New Orleans yesterday and this morning, I've already seen the logo on the various Hancock Whitney buildings around my office....and it just doesn't look any better with practical applications, IMO. I'll try and grab some photos at lunch to post.
  10. GeauxColonels

    Regional Bank Merger Logo Redesign - Hancock Whitney

    Absolutely. My gripe really isn't with the HW logo in the middle, but just the loss of that classic charm. Plus, the roundel style just doesn't work for a bank, IMO. I work in banking, and this logo really sticks out...which may be what they were going for. I just think it falls flat.
  11. Back in 2011, regional player Hancock Bank (MS, LA, AL) purchased another regional bank in Whitney National Bank (LA, FL, TX). Hancock was based out of Gulfport, MS while Whitney was an old-school New Orleans banking institution. Whitney fell on some hard times and Hancock swooped in to the rescue. Both had fairly distinct regional brands at the time as seen below. Whitney's logo was based on the clock found at their original New Orleans office (seen below) which had since been duplicated many times at other branch locations. Hancock used a lighthouse logo given that their base of operations is on the Mississippi Gulf coast. After the merger, the Company stated that the Whitney brand would be used in Louisiana & Texas while the Hancock brand would be used in Mississippi and states eastward. Both logos went through slight redesigns with the most drastic change being that the Whitney logo would be recolored in Hancock blue: More recently it was announced that the brands would be blended together under the "Hancock Whitney Bank" banner. This morning, the new logo was unveiled and will begin taking its place at bank branches across the Gulf South over the next several months. I, for one, absolutely hate this new logo.
  12. GeauxColonels

    Circular Brackets

    I disagree. The block for the team that moved on to the 2nd round spans the width of the 2 teams that paired up in the prior round.
  13. GeauxColonels

    Circular Brackets

    I would suggest moving the arrows to center on the team that won from the prior round instead of it centering between the teams from the prior round.
  14. GeauxColonels

    Old 3930 - wash or locate replacement

    It doesn't really mess up the bill. I've washed plenty of hats in the washing machine with the "cage" and the bills are fine. You may need to do a bit of reshaping after it's out. But that's easy.
  15. GeauxColonels

    The World (League) According to Neo (2004 WLAF Week 3)

    Those shades are much more in-line with traditional Mardi Gras hue of green & gold.