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  1. Nelson Cruz wore LeBron cleats and high socks a few weeks ago in Detroit
  2. Re: Mariners blue/gold throwback alts not being in the game, I read an interview with one of the devs, said the reason its not in is because there are a specific number of slots, and they think the fans like using the pilots/70s/80s throwbacks and don't want to sacrifice one for the new sunday alt. It's garbage but thats what I've seen.
  3. It's the design of the Florida flag in OCSC colors. I'd seen it around once or twice.
  4. Posted this over at dribbble already but figured y'all would like a chance to tear it apart
  5. In. (I legit forgot what my login here was...)
  6. How come the environment here at CCSLC has turned into "gimme, gimme, gimme"? Doug did this for a project he's been a part of for a long time, and was gracious enough to record it and show everyone a look inside his process. It's not an easy thing to do at all, and I'm not sure why you feel you have earned the right to ask him to spend about an hour of his time just because you want to see something? Learn to do it yourself or ask for tips! We have no problem trying to help people learn, but too many people get way too ask happy and don't realize that alot of time goes into doing alot of this stuff and we're not just doing it because you want us too. Sorry for the rant, just saying. Love it, Doug. It's fun to frankenstein pieces together, even if it isn't always easy. Did a great job here!
  7. goforbroke, it's meant to symbolize this uniform on the left.
  8. Someone suggested on twitter that I take a stab at a NE Revs crest, who obviously need an update. I went through a bunch of concepts and ideas, none of which really fit the simplicity of a crest and also the revolutionary war's imagery. I finally came to this, which includes uniform and artillery imagery in what i think is a memorable and iconic way. BOOM. Tear it apart. Go.
  9. Yep, the original was definitely the GWB and I went with the BB due to what people here were saying. Being from the area, I thought the GWB made more sense but PEEER PRESSSSUREEEEEEEEE. I'll probably make one more version of it.
  10. 1. when it was just a circle it was supposed to be a sun/ball combo, depending on what you saw. Now its just the sun. 2. I thought that too, but remember that the BB's suspension wires go all the way down to the road, so while it looks strange, it's technically correct.
  11. HEY LOOK IM TAKING SUGGESTIONS. I think there is too much detail, but I also think in soccer crests that detail = elegance so deal with it.
  12. I like the other two better, but just wanted to try out some of your guys' ideas.
  13. More Brooklyn Bridge style. Sun! Less egg! (but I love eggs)
  14. So I've been working on this one for a while, and finally like where its at. I think the design is pretty straight forward, but it took me a while to find a balance between the colors, elements, and shapes. I know it still comes off a bit vertical, but its NYC...THERES ALOT OF TALL STUFF. Thoughts? Go.