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  1. Unique equipment

    Not really unique, except maybie n the NFL. Several Colleges (Including Ohio State, Duke, and BYU used this style of helmet. Back in the 60s MacGregor helmets had that external pad as an option, and several colleges used them. They were discontinued because they found that they caused more head injuries than they prevented. Willie Lanier and either Gene Upshaw or Art Shell (I think it was Shell) continued to have these pads added to their helmets throughout their careers. Great find - I have never seen that. Do you know the story behind it? That one has been on Helmet Hut - Namath had laryngitis so this was an attempt to amplify his voice so he could practice and play. By game day he had recovered enough that it was never used in a game, only in practices so he could rest his voice a bit.
  2. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Sorry, no explanation but after seeing this shot I was searching through Getty Images and did find a shot from the same season of a Warriors player in the navy road uniforms that aslo had the "Warriors" on the bottom of the circle. Maybe Golden State was trying out that look and had one set of uniforms with the "Warriors" on it and multiple sets without it, and they only wore the set with it early in the season.
  3. New Vikings Uniforms

    The bills did get rid of those collars. Where are you getting that info from? When E.J. Manuel was drafted today in the 1st round, both him and Goodell held up that same jersey from last season with the toilet seat collar. I hope you're right and Nike just hasn't manufactured the revised ones yet ... Art - I saw that photo from the draft; they did show the front of the Bills jersey and it looks like they have switched over to the no-flywire/no toilet seat collar that the Patriots use (I suppose it's all knit).
  4. Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    I agree - I also agree with you that 20-team conferences are very awkward, but I think that's where we are heading. I think Big 10 and SEC will remain as conferences with added members, and there will be some kind of consolidation among those left in the PAC 12, ACC and Big 12 leaving only two of those three conferences remaining. How that shakes out will depend on who the SEC and Big 10 select as they expand.
  5. Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    That is about all they can do without absorbing some Big 12 schools - although they would have to get over the "no religious-affiliated schools" stance to accept BYU. Another random thought - if the end game is really 4 20-school conferences what happens to Notre Dame? Do they have to finally join in because they would be reduced to only scheduling mid-majors as I'm sure that teams from the 4 conferences would find their schedules pretty filled. I know their ACC deal gives them scheduling access to 5 games per year from other member schools, but if the ACC collapses under the 4 conference alignment then they are back to square one. I know this has been discussed earlier in this thread, but the situation is fluid enough that its probably worth bringing up again.
  6. Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    Okay - I guess that the power conferences are taking a brief Final Four break from reorganizing and letting the Big East complete it's disintigration into the "new" Big East and the AAC. What's happens next? Do the SEC and BIG 10 stick at 14 for a couple of years, or do they start going after more ACC and Big 12 teams? What about the PAC 12? How where do they go for expansion - picking off better mid-majors like Boise St and San Diego St or trying to also poach from the Big 12 (with the assumption that the 14 SEC and 14 BIG 10 schools are "unpoachable")?
  7. Division 1 College Conference Realignment

    "Metro" doesn't refer to a region, which makes it perfect for this league. Greenville, NC may not be a bustling metropolis, but neither were Blacksburg, VA or Hattiesburg, MS. True, but to kind of prove the point about the name Virginia Tech and Southern Miss were replacements for more "Metro" teams of Georgia Tech and St. Louis.
  8. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Better eye than me on that - I think what they did was to insert Smith's face, facemask, and a bit of his helmet padding (an Air XP) photoshopped it over one of the Chiefs QBs (both wore Revo Speeds last year). Really odd looking photoshop.
  9. Players in the "wrong" uniforms

    Found one. They didn't even bother to change the facemask color..... That looks REALLY out of place with a KC uniform Isn't that a regular style facemask on a Riddell REVO Speed too? No, I think that's one of the Rawlings helmets - they have those Revo-style vents on a more normal shell.
  10. I always wondered about that back in the day but kind of forgot about that (and I even have that CD/DVD reissue of "Trick of the Tail" that has the "Ripples" video on it). Per wikipeida Phil Collins' first wife was from Vancouver - she was in London studying theatre and met Phil in an acting workshop right around the time he joined Genesis (and gave up on the acting for a while); they probably stayed over in Canada when they were touring and picked up the jerseys then. Collins divorced her in 1979; their split-up was the "inspriation" for "Misunderstanding" from Duke and everything off his first two solo albums.
  11. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Their original logo was too close to the logo of the Jaguar car company. I remember them trying two different logos that Jaguar objected to - the full "leaping" jaguar and another logo that kind of cut the cat in half. Probably a modification of this one: That's it - after they the full cat was rejected they tried this version of the cat on the helmet. Jaguar thought that this version was stiil too similar to their trademarked hood ornament they call "the leaper". Of course back then Ford still owned Jaguar as well; none of the current models made since Tata motors bought Jaguar have "the leaper" any more.
  12. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    Their original logo was too close to the logo of the Jaguar car company. I remember them trying two different logos that Jaguar objected to - the full "leaping" jaguar and another logo that kind of cut the cat in half.
  13. Unused Logos and Uniforms

    That always was a fashion jersey like the gold 49ers, yellow Packers, silver Raiders, and navy Dolphins that were all out at various times in the 1990s and 2000s.
  14. 1994 NFL Throwbacks

    Yep - that's what I said 2 years ago: most player cut out that wide middle stripe; whomever did alterations for the Vikings just sewed that bottom cuff/stripe on after they removed the wide middle strip. There were only a couple of players who had the full pattern, most had that 2-stripe (well stripe + cuff) pattern.
  15. Say it ain't so, Joe

    Sorry, you're wrong. It's whichever is the big time program in the area. Please check in with a huge bunch of UCLA, University of Kentucky, Duke, Kansas University, or any other place where basketball is king and football is a Saturday afternoon coctail hour event and you'll find the same thing. I was in Lexington when the Sutton era came undone thanks to an assistant coach sending overnight envelopes full of cash to Chris Mill's father. I bet there are still some "Send the Herald to Knoxville" (the Herald-Leader being the Lexington newspaper which broke the story) bumper stickers on some cars there, and I remember Billy Packer getting on CBS (or maybe it was only an SEC game)and crying that the newpaper shouldn't undermine the "program". And this was 1988. So basically the same bat reactions for something that was nowhere as egregeous as what went on at Penn State. To some I'm sure it seems like "retconning" to wipe Paterno's record, but to me that sends a very powerful statement to not cover up what you know is wrong so you can profit from it. The man's action completely trashed his "legacy" to most people, now the NCAA has simply formalized it by removing his name from their recordbooks.