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  1. bslcommish

    Larry o'brien trophy

    that would be perfect if it didn't have the buildings in the background. i don't have any kind of program to take them out. thanks for trying though
  2. bslcommish

    Larry o'brien trophy

    Does anyone know of a web site that has a picture of the Larry O'Brien Trophy (NBA Championship). I need just a picture of the trophy, not one with players holding it or anything like that. Thanks in advance
  3. bslcommish

    Old baseball logo

    thanks guys. i'm running an AL only league this year and we are going to use old teams for our teams (brookly dodger, washington sens, etc) and a guy wanted the spiders and i've looked all over the place for a logo....thanks again
  4. bslcommish

    Old baseball logo

    I'm looking for a logo for the Old Cleveland Spiders baseball team. They were around in the late 1800's. If anyone knows where I can find one, please lmk. Thanks a lot