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  1. ^ and then they moved to Saint John's......well sorta. I tried to explain this to one of my closest friends. She's from Burlington (just outside of Hamilton) and didn't get how one year her local team was in the AHL and the next in the OHL (if you ask her it's the OHA, I don't wanna be that guy,,,, but I kind of also do.
  2. Quick note (late to the party) but Ottawa is going to the CPL. The ownership is the same as the REDBLACKS and the CFL is heavily involved with the CPL. moving on....... @DG_Now is right. Renovations over a new facility. There is nothing wrong with their stadium. That said, BMO is not the best example. It was a affordable stadium built by the city that never expected that a soccer team could draw well. They've been playing catch up ever since. But the point stands. Upgrade, don't replace.
  3. ^ wouldn't that be fitting? I mean, I won't pretend I'm an Als expert but isn't that what they are named after? (I mean I guess technically this "edition" of the team is named after the original Alouettes.) You know what I mean.
  4. It's the guy. he's turned himself in. Adding to the story (which I think is hilarious) is that he works for post-media. The company that owns the Toronto Sun aka the newspaper that offered a $1,000 reward for helping to identify the beer thrower. Guess someone is getting a bonus.
  5. .....speaking of Montreal. I think we can all agree this look needs to go. On the other hand, the Argos are wearing my fave combo in the league. Not that we haven't said it before but I'll say it again, time for the Argos to just make this white helmet thier only helmet. (Tried to post a pic on phone, won't work. Im referring to the signature series Montreal uniform)
  6. So encredibly frustrating. That said, play like that on a more consitant basis and maybe you wouldn't have to rely on another team to help you qualify.
  7. haha, just came here to post the same picture and say almost the exact same thing
  8. I read something online bout this recently, apparently Madden was going to include players from the CFL as free agents in the game. There's also a rumor (take that for what it's worth) out there that EA made a CFL add on once upon a time but they couldn't get the NFL to agree to sharing a game. Apparently a small Canadian company is trying to make a game now:
  9. I assume because it is a primarily Canadian league?
  10. Let's be honest. When Drake says that he's just lieing.
  11. A lot of this has spilled over to the Jay and Dan weekly podcast as well as Taggart shows up on that very often. It's a great combo of "pods".
  12. FINALLY 10 long years and we're finally on top! Just stay healthy and keep the points coming. Looking forward to the first home playoff game.
  13. Just going to give this a little bump as the dealine is Friday. Thanks!
  14. Sadly it's a CFL thing. Edmonton has them too
  15. Yeah, that would be the simple way and I bet it would look great!