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  1. Right.... Exactly what I was trying to say.
  2. I think you nailed the colours for both Victoria and Calgary. I love both secondary logos. Gotta have a horse with Calgary...that whole stampeded tie in, love that too. My only criticism is that the wildrose in the Calgary badge kind of looks out of place. It's just kind of "there". Not that I can think of a better way to apply it.
  3. Re: The Matthews discussion. I agree with what you guys are saying, 100%. Do you guys think that his unusual path to the NHL (through the Swiss league instead of the juniors {I know you guys know this, just for those who don't know}) may be the reason he is already so adept to the NHL game? I understand that you can't discount the fact that he he's got a ton of "natural talent" (I hate using those phrases) but maybe someone of that level should be skipping the juniors to play in a lower level pro league going forward to better prep them for the NHL? Just a topic of conversation I had with a friend recently and seeing as it was brought up on the pod I thought I'd throw it out there.
  4. I'd actually prefer just a Stanley Cup championship banner, but I can live with a conference championship. The rest are silly. Don't even get me started on that stupid Bon Jovi banner in the ACC.
  5. Well done! I doubt the real Halifax club (should it be Halifax FC as rumored or anything else) will look as good as yours. The reasoning behind the name and colours makes perfect sense. There are a number of different ties in to the community but none of it is "over designed" or over stated, if that makes sense. I know i'm gushing a bit but man, I really like it a lot!
  6. Awesome, excited for this. Seems like we'll see 6 teams next year. Halifax and Hamilton seem to be a lock. Haven't heard anything further but I suspect there will not be a team in an MLS city right away. I know Toronto FC is opposed to it (they want TFC 2 to be the team but this isn't going to be a league for "farm teams"). That's not the point of this thread though so I digress...... I love the CPL logo you have created. Really looking forward to your takes on all the teams. Do you plan on using 1 uniform supplier?
  7. I tried the black can once just for :censored:s and giggles. Just tastes like any regular Rockstar energy drink.
  8. I have a feeling that if the Sens go with the "heritage jersey" look they will not officially make the =O= their primary logo (even if that is what is featured on the front of the jersey). I'd expect they'd keep some form (potentially what you suggest) of the Roman senator as their official primary logo. Granted.....I have literally nothing to base that on, lol.
  9. Chris Creamer's Sports Logo Community...... Missed @chcarlson23 posting that.... My bad.
  10. I know i'm not the first one to say this but opinion, which this is all about, is not fact. That's about the only fact that can be said. For example, over the years I've been on this board (about 10) I found there are a number of posters who's opinions I generally agree with. For the purpose of this post, @Ice_Cap is one that I generally agree with when it comes to hockey aesthetics. In this particular round of opinions, I disagree with his opinion on the Avalanche. I prefer their original look and logo. Does that mean that if I said "Hey they got it right in 1!" that I'm right because "I say so"? No. Of course not. If he thinks it's time the Avs move on? That's cool by me. Frankly I like their 3rds now too. I'd rather they stay 3rds but again, that's just me. Just the same, as I agree with @Morgo that the =O= logo itself is kind of dull as a primary logo. Let's face it. It's just an "O". That said, I think it is still very cool because of it's nod to hockey history in Ottawa and, I like the jerseys that they are on. I also think they should leave the vintage white on those jerseys. So I've got a mix of all sorts of opinions when it comes to Ottawa. Does it mean I'm wrong or right? naw, just means that's what I like. To add my 2 cents? My second favorite Ottawa jersey is this one: I'll even admit it makes no sense that I really like the "really traditional" look just as much as I like their most gimmicky jersey ever. Whatever. I guess I like shiny things. I mean, that's part of the fun. I've seen jerseys that I've liked and come here and read people's opinions (and their reasoning as to why they have formed that opinion) and, as a result, have changed my opinions too. Frankly, when Tampa released their current uniform set, I didn't pick up right away that they looked like the "maple wings" as the joke was going around on the boards. Once I couldn't un-see that, I disliked them. But before that I like it. I felt like, after a number of changes over the years, they finally had one they could stick with. There's a great example of my opinion changing due to reading other thoughts and because of that, changing my mind. I'm rambling now. I guess all I'm saying it's cool to have opinions and share them. It's cool to explain why. It's even cool to say "hey, I disagree with you because _____". But once you start getting mad and making statements of "you're wrong" or "I'm right" or....anything besides for "hey, ok we've talked about this for some time and we just don't share the same opinion". Then it's time to just step back. End of day: this world would be a very boring place if we all agreed on the same thing all the time. ....We'd have a lot more teams like Tampa then, right?
  11. Good question. I assumed the home teams would only play in their home country when reading the article. Don't know why. It didn't say so.
  12. Agreed 100%. But that may be the reason I prefer it.
  13. Ok. So I'm an Avs fan (living in the Toronto area if that matters) who doesn't love the idea of adopting the Rockie logo.....assuming that's what is going to happen. Personally I think the "A" logo is way better. I'd like to ask you this, and I'm not trying to be rude or make a point. I actually am curious. You mentioned that "those teams were just starting up". So when does "just starting up" stop and the logo can't be changed anymore? Is it years or is it 'cause the Avs have won 2 cups? this thread has gotten a little hostile so, just to reiterate, I'm just curious. Not judging, just asking.
  14. I wish it did though. That still looks weird to me.
  15. I think the point trying to be made is that while they are the same colours, they are different shades of those colours. When you throw in the fact that they are placed in different parts of the jersey (The Canadiens red jersey has a blue stripe, Florida's red jersey has a white stripe for example) plus Florida's use of that gold/sand (whatever that colour is officially called) I think @McCarthy is saying he feels that those elements are enough to distinguish the 2 teams. I can't speak for him of course. My personal opinion? I see what you are saying in terms of the blue helmet/red shirt/blue pants/red socks being very similar. I also think that the shades of red and blue are different enough but more so than that; the gold/sand is what really makes it different enough for me. It's still weird to see the Panthers in this look for me but I'm sure that's due to how "new" it is still.