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  1. wow. At least he'll have Owens to throw to.
  2. One of the all time great games
  3. Fair enough, you are thinking more "in spirit" as opposed the the literal definition. I can appreciate that. Like @Gothamite said "agree to disagree".
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you are thinking that a change in ownership is what we see as the issue here. That's not the case. I won't speak for anyone else (though I believe this is the point that most see) is that there was no team fielded in any league for periods of time. I.E. there was no Timbers in 1983 & 1984 then again from 1991 to 2001. Be it NASL, USL, NASL2, A-league, MLS, ect
  6. So did I. Didn't even try to make Ray Kroc have a redeeming quality. He was just ruthless AF. Refreshing.
  7. Nice find! just bought a place in the hammer this week so I hope that I get to see that one in action a bunch as I expect to attend a good chuck of Bulldogs games.
  8. Just my 2 cents but I think it's just a case of how many teams these companies are the suppliers for. As Nike got more is seems they lost that originality (I'm not sure I'm saying that correctly) while Adidas has found it.
  9. I was very confused by that question too. I really didn't know how to answer so I also answered "about the same".
  10. Funny enough, I was wearing it when I saw that picture posted yesterday and I didn't even clue in that it was that template.
  11. It's a name that has been used before in the QMJHL The name is in reference to Maurice Richard, not an actual rocket.
  12. Yeah, Kia seems to be all over TFC the last few years as well. I've heard the same about BMO but I suspect that with the Impact and TFC going deep this year they will continue to go year to year with TFC until they decide to drop both teams.
  13. That's right. Every year TFC uses a different version of their logo (or, as is the case here, an element from their logo) and make it their "theme" on social media and the season tickets for the season. They treat each year like a chapter almost. Nothing to read into here. Though I do love that academy logo and wish they would adopt a logo similar to it for the senior squad. I know you and I chatted about this before @nas1787 (last year? maybe 2 years ago?) but I heard another rumor that Pizza Pizza is in the running for the jersey sponsorship again as technically the BMO deal has expired again. Wouldn't be surprised if BMO antis up again after last season.
  14. You aren't kidding man! I saw one that was a coaster with the entrance line in a building that also had stores in the building. I want to try doing that but I can't even imagine it at this time, lol.
  15. With the CPL potentially coming into the fold in 2018, maybe this break will be a chance to figure out how to get those teams involved in the Canadian Championship?