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  1. I'm going off the top of my head, so I am sure i'm not right but I believe that the original deal was announced as "extended" about 2 years ago (for 5 years) . I don't know exactly what extended means in this case: was it a case of "let's just keep this going as is" or otherwise?
  2. With the added stands (which I'm sure they will keep up) I'd guess a couple thousand. Either way, there won't be many, you are correct. Thank goodness for presales
  3. That's funny because they haven't even been sold yet. Dec 5th is the "on sale" date for general public. This has been something I've been seeing online the last few days, scalpers are assuming they will gets seats and are listing them already.
  4. Honestly, and this is going to sound cheesy, but it's too bad that one of these teams have to loose. Both clubs have great supporters but teams that just haven't been able to get to the cup (granted Seattle has fielded much better teams than TFC has over the years) and both supporter's group deserve this win. I think you are spot on @DG_Now if TFC can get the scoring going, they win. If they can't Seattle goes home champs. Either way, I'm still excited to be at BMO on the 10th, can't come soon enough.
  5. Excuse my ramble here. I'm wet and sufficiently buzzed but what a night tonight was. I can't tell you how many texts I got from people who aren't even fans but realize how awesome it is that TFC made the finals (also asking me for tickets....but that's another story). I said it when they finally won a playoff game and I'm saying it again now; all that money and time spent, it's all worth it. I cant wait for Dec 10.
  6. 10 long years. FINALLY We're going to the cup!
  7. @Ice_Cap My buddy posted this on facebook and I pictured you (with Jack riding shotgun) in one of these
  8. Really enjoyed that show as a different "one off" kind of show. I'd like to hear these questions answered for all of the big 4 leagues.
  9. Please.
  10. I'm afraid you might be correct.
  11. This is what I mean. The Impact just always find a way to with TFC when it counts. This is need to be turned around fast.
  12. Sounds like that may be something the USSF is thinking too:
  13. I could talk about this all day as I love the CFL (second to soccer for me). Long story short, the move to BMO was supposed to save the Argos and instead attendance dropped. Even with the city allowing people to tail gate. I honestly think (and I don't like that it's true) that the Argos are pretty much a lost cause. Outside of maybe moving up to Downsview/York University area in a smaller stadium and hoping that will work (close to 2 major highways but still on the subway line plus, if the tickets were priced right {they could make ticket packages for the university's football team and Argos}) they might get something going. ....back to soccer part though, a TFC MLS cup win (or appearance, especially if it is hosting), followed up by another successful season (please don't sell Bradley) and I think TFC can finally break out of that "second tier" status. As has been seen with the Jays and Raptors this city loves supporting their teams when they are winning. I'll stop there before this turn into a long post about Toronto sports, which is not the point of the thread.
  14. Or not chocking in a game that would see them advance to the hex. I can't take another one.
  15. I'm still nervous as can be about playing Montreal but man that was great. Cant wait to head to Montreal.