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  1. I didn't even think of that. Please don't do this Colorado!!!!
  2. I agree for the most part. I don't know if this look is iconic but you are right, this is a simplified jersey and i'd rather than the piping all over the place.
  3. if the part of the collar under the NHL shield was blue (to have the full circle) I think it would look better. Like a lot better.
  4. I think it's black. It's supposed to be a puck, right?
  5. I agree, MLL needs to keep keep it small and focus on those "traditional markets" for the sport. Honestly Toronto/Hamilton games were scarcely populated no matter where they played (like I said, I went to a few games) but they certainly didn't add to the game day experience. In a nutshell it was; walk into an almost empty stadium and just watch. Granted the teams were talented but it felt like going to see a rec league.
  6. Gotcha! Yeah man, I get it. To be honest I don't even know why I never took to field lacrosse. I tried, when Toronto had an MLL team I went and I just couldn't get into. I agree though it is tough to break in, especially in a city like Toronto (sticking to the Nationals as an example) when there are so many entertainment options and not just sport.
  7. I assume you are speaking to field lacrosse? I can't really speak to field, I'm a huge box lacrosse fan but I never got into field. Box lacrosse is not cheaper to play than basketball though, I play both (recreational) and lacrosse costs are comparable to hockey.
  8. Seriously though, great game
  9. I have a feeling that the galaxy will be just fine. They have had a couple down seasons the past 2 years but I'm sure that they will spend some money again with LAFC coming in. admittedly, I'm basing this on nothing.
  10. Quebec Bulldogs/ Quebec Bouledogue Las Vegas Aces (or gamblers maybe?) Milwaukee Badgers Portland Pioneers Utah Argonauts (because there was a development team with that name and it'd be fun to have 2 CFL teams with the same name again)
  11. Maybe i'm reading into the word this being in quotes too much.
  12. Looks like the plain black jersey in the teaser. I recall Winnipeg also used a plain black jersey at the draft the year they moved.
  13. Canadian: Quebec City American: Columbus, OH Oklahoma City, OK Sacramento, CA Salt Lake City, UT
  14. I have the light (baby?) blue Avs jersey that was released as part of these fashion jerseys. It doesn't fit at all anymore To @jmac11281's point it: my 90s Starter's jerseys are the best quality jerseys I have in my collection. I have an old Mighty Ducks home (white) jersey. It would fit me like a tight t-shirt now but it's held up to the test of time. I used to wear it on the ice as a kid (I regret that now because there are a few puck marks) but there's no rips, tears, snags, ect.