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  1. Just going to give this a little bump as the dealine is Friday. Thanks!
  2. Sadly it's a CFL thing. Edmonton has them too
  3. Yeah, that would be the simple way and I bet it would look great!
  4. They sure have: Not the best lay-out ever but the Argos have a site that show it here. They've actually had 2 and a white jersey with light blue numbers. Yeah, that white helmet with all blue doesn't look great. I'm sure white pants would solve that. Or (as @DiePerske said) striping on the blue helmet (with a larger logo).
  5. know....all of Liberty Village, lol. My favorite area of the city, hands down.
  6. ^ Why?
  7. Another week with the white helmet for Montreal. I think it's just a "we wear what we want" thing right now. I don't recall it ever being officially released either. Hopefully they just drop the silver version.
  8. I legitimatly laughed out loud when I read this. Growing up we always had milk in a bag, it's hard for me to verbalize, but that container that holds the bag kind of squishes it a little, thus making the bag a little stiffer. (phrasing, I know). There was always the odd time when someone tilted the bag a little to slowly while pouring or the bag wasn't sitting properly in the container and then I swear, half the bag would spill out. I haven't bought milk this way in years. I prefer the carboard carton with the plastic twist off lid. I don't know why the bag thing was ever even an option but it really is popular in my area.
  9. Hello CCSLCers! The United Lacrosse League is looking for a new owner. If you are a fan of the National Lacrosse League, box lacrosse or, just a lacrosse fan in general and have at least six months membership on the boards and no less than 300-500 quality posts then we would welcome you to apply. Applications thread is here
  10. I'm a customs broker. This UPS crap where they charge "brokerage" is 90% of the time not the full truth. While yes, all goods entering Canada are subject to GST and potentially duty based on where the product is made (as oposed to where it's shipped from when you order it online) what happens is the company that ships to you will select to ship with UPS and tell UPS to charged you, the receiver of the goods, for the delivery. So what essentially happens is they just tell UPS to send it to you. You end up paying the frieght, GST and, brokerage. An almost unknown fact is that you can tell UPS not to clear it and do it yourself at the local Canada Customs (CBSA) office. Might take a little longer and be a bit of a learning curve but it will save you some money. That's why UPS wants the money before they deliver, because they've already moved the goods from point A to point B and haven't been paid anything. Anyways: That's not really the point of this topic but I just wanted to throw it out there. I could probably start a topic in the lounge on this, lol.
  11. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that the Icecaps were told from the get go that this was a temporary solution. The problem is getting to St. John's. I've been once and I live about 20 mins away from Pearson airport. Even then it was hard to get a flight. My buddy from Winnipeg came with me on that trip and he had to fly in the day before and join me on the flight the next day. If I recall Air Canada didn't even have a flight in the 3 day frame we were looking to get there. That at least gives you an idea why Toronto and Winnipeg backed out. I image it'd be easier because there'd be more flights from/ to Montreal due to proximity but I can't say for certain.
  12. I don't play but have always wanted to (I know we have the TNFF here on the boards as well) but I don't know enough people who are into the CFL that much to get a league going.
  13. I believe they are alternates.
  14. Honestly. Just drop the blue helmets.