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  1. NLL Expansion 2018

    The National Lacrosse League announced this morning that they will be expanding to San Diego for the 2018-19 season. The team will play out of the Valley View Casino Center (home to the AHL's Gulls). This will bring the league up to 10 teams for the first time since 2011. My 2 cents: I'm usually pretty opinionated about where this league expands to but I'm taking a wait and see approach on this one. The owner has deep pockets (worth almost 5 billion) and apparently has aspirations to get into the NBA as well so you'd think he'd want to put his best foot forward with this.
  2. NLL Expansion 2018

    Continuing on @monkeypower thought: There really was no big reveal this year for new uniforms (well expect the San Diego one). So here's a quick recap of what's changed (besides Calgary as @monkeypower has pointed out) Rochester: as per the picture above, they had a teal jersey with diagonal text as their away jersey. This year (as @sohiosportsfreak had alluded to) they changed to purple with the logo on the front Vancouver: slight changes to the home and away this year. The main difference being the shoulder patches on the black and the Inuit art style design on the bottom of both jerseys Finally Saskatchewan has a whole new set. All 3 have a different look. The black jersey kind of reminds me of Buffalo's look. The white jersey is basically a green/black version of the Winnipeg Jets jersey with the side panels that the black jersey has. Finally, a green 3rd (which I really like but would prefer the use the regular logo instead of just the "R"). Funny side note: New England doesn't even sell jerseys in their team store online. WTF?
  3. 2018 MLS Kits

    Wouldn't it be kind of funny if LAFC just didn't have an unveiling? They just walk onto the pitch and we see the look for the first time? I donno why but that idea amuses me.
  4. First thing I thought when I saw the new Concords uniforms was: ......Which happened to debut in 2002 so the timing seem just about right
  5. The XFL may be making a comeback

    I know you are kidding but with the Universal championship and the "WWE Universe" and "NXT universe"...ect, ect. I wouldn't be surprised at all if that ends up being the name.
  6. NHL 2017-18

    Wonder what style of Pizza they sold at Chotchkie's
  7. 72Freebie's NLL Redesign (Calgary and Philadelphia added 11/11)

    Go back a page, it's there As for Vancouver: I really like this one, it's my new second favorite.
  8. NHL 2017-18

    A million times yes! I used to visit London a lot (friends who went to university there) and no trip would be complete without a slice from Stobie's. .......they are the king of the big slice after all
  9. NLL Expansion 2018

    Yeah, it's nice to see the derricks and rivets in the numbers back on the jersey. When Reebok took over and removed them, it really made their uniforms plain. For a while there, I felt like Colorado and Calgary looked very similar. I like that teams have these unique little elements to set them apart. The helmet thing, on the other hand, I do not like. Rochester being the worst of the bunch (especially considering their very "hockey like" jerseys).
  10. NHL 2018-19

    I'll echo @Gothamite's sentiments. Slight changes are fine and, to be honest, expected. The only thing I'll add is this; Never add silver. The Leafs did it in 2001 and, speaking of the Sabres, we all remember how stupid the silver piping was.
  11. NHL 2017-18

    100% agreed on the pizza. When I saw the picture of the jerseys last night I said almost the exact same thing to my buddy. In my opinion, the all star game jerseys are were you go a little crazy with colours or design. I'd love to see them use 4 different colours (no white) one year too.
  12. 72Freebie's NLL Redesign (Calgary and Philadelphia added 11/11)

    Love this one. Second favorite (after the Rock). The mountain design works very well.
  13. 72Freebie's NLL Redesign (Calgary and Philadelphia added 11/11)

    This reminds me a lot of the reebok versions of the NLL jerseys. I never really liked when they did the gradient on just a portion (in this case, the sides) of the jersey. I think that it'd look better if the pattern was applied to the whole jersey. That said, I think the wolf on the back is unique but not "too out there", it's a nice touch!
  14. NFL 2018 changes

    Let's put this into context for a second though; that is a very recent development. One that was decided on this year, well past the mid way point. I agree it will probably lessen the chances of CTE but it hasn't been in play long enough to determine anything at this point.
  15. NHL 2018-19

    I think the idea here is simply "it's a heritage look so it's better". At least, that's the impression I'm getting. But, as the above 2 posts point out, usually there is some type of success (a championship or a prolonged period of time in which the team was winning) tied to a look to make it have that nostalgia and consider it a "heritage look". I don't know if 1 playoff run and throwing some plastic rats on the ice are enough. Should the Leafs go back to their first edge uniform set because they made the playoffs once (in a lockout shortened season) in them and people were throwing waffles on the ice for that season? .....and then there's this point. Even if they could be considered a "heritage look" do they even need one? Maybe not. Frankly, I think the original Panthers set is the best they've worn and I really don't prefer what they wear now (For some reason, It just seems like it would fit a team from Halifax better to me. Can't explain why. I just do, lol.) That said, I don't believe there is enough positive history behind the originals to suggest that they are a "a heritage look".
  16. NHL 2017-18

    I went to the Centennial Classic? Whatever the outdoor one was last year in Toronto. I know it wasn't a baseball stadium but I sat in my usual corner for TFC games and still thought the rink felt far away, I can only image what it would be like in a baseball or large football stadium.
  17. 2018 MLS Kits

    I'd like that, I think the traditional red/black stripes look is way too close to Atlanta, this is would be a unique look.
  18. NBA 2017-2018 City Uniforms

    :censored:ing hate the Raptors jersey. Enough with this black and gold :censored: already. I really like Miami and Chicago. I like OKC too, their primary uniforms are just so bland that it's hard not to improve, imo.
  19. NHL 2018-19

    I never considered that but now I really hope they do!
  20. 72Freebie's NLL Redesign (Calgary and Philadelphia added 11/11)

    Another good one @72freebie!
  21. Quirkiest Jersey Elements

    Nope, those plaid helmets never came to be. Something about not being able to get the pattern to line up correctly.
  22. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    There was logic behind it, the idea was that it made it easier to see the shore through inclement weather but it's just look so cool, doesn't it? I've been to St. John's a number of times, staying at the Delta right beside the Mile One Centre and I always ask for a room looking north-west to get the view of all the houses.
  23. 72Freebie's NLL Redesign (Calgary and Philadelphia added 11/11)

    Much better than what they came out with. Very nice!
  24. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    While I understand where you are coming from, personally, I don't think it will make a difference. Call them "Atlantic", "Nova Scotia" or, "Halifax". Either way, I'm sure that the name is one of the least important factors in drawing attendance. I lived in Brampton, Ont almost all my life. That didn't deter me from going to Toronto FC games. Or, because the distance is further, Buffalo Bills games.
  25. CFL in Halifax coming soon?

    You are not. I get the "Atlantic" thing because of that being associated with the Atlantic Schooners name (and I can live with that) but I'd rather just see the Halifax Schooners. Done.